Red Hot Tamales Slot for Free

Does the classic slot thematic and look need a twist? How about the fun and lively Mexican atmosphere? Both of these are very well integrated into Red Hot Tamales free slot from IGT. Canadian players are guaranteed to love it, no matter if they’re just starting their slot journey or if they are already professionals. Start spicing up your life today!

Red Hot Tamales

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Game Information

  • Category: Classic slots, For Fun, Mobile slots
  • Provider: IGT
  • Theme: 3-Reel
  • Reels: 3
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 27 Fixed
  • Lines Pay: Left to Right
  • Bet per Spin: 0.27 - 540
  • Return to player: 95,83%

Basic Rules

  • Wild:
  • Multiplier:
  • Gamble:
  • Free Spins:
  • Bonus Round:
  • Progressive Jackpot:
  • Maximum Win: 25.000.000
  • Special Features: Blackout Rounds

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  • A classic slot machine theme;
  • Mobile friendly on all operating systems;
  • Smooth gameplay;
  • Created by a good and trusted provider.


  • Few special features.

IGT is a gaming creator that knows how important diversity is. Players are different and so are their gaming needs, therefore, options need to be just as diverse. This alternative caters to the needs of the users looking for a video game that resembles a machine in a luxurious Vegas hotel.

Themes and Visuals

To match the innovative idea of a classic slot with a Mexican twist, the background is a deep burgundy red and it is mostly smooth with just one flame design at the bottom and a square figure around the edges. Different from the majority of such games, the music, rules, and informational buttons are posted in the upper part of the screen. Here, you can find them over a slim blue strip.

The gameboard is designed to look like a three rowed game behind a glass, mainly looking like the classic 70’s machines in Vegas, Reno, or Atlanta. The spin push is on the right side, near the auto spin button. The left side only has a plate of tamales towards the lower side of the board, while the title and values of the biggest symbols are above. The balance details are posted at the lowest screen’s edge.

There’s a fun and looping soundtrack of Mexican music and a fun fiesta-inspired sound when you spin the reels of this incredible slot machine. Ready for some hot tamales?

Symbols of Red Hot Tamales Online Slot

Options similar to this slot seem to have their wave of popularity. For example, one more IGT product is Double Diamond, another great option reminiscent of Vegas machines. To make sure you know what paylines may appear and how much they will change your balance, we provide you with details on the game’s symbols and their value at a minimum bet option:

Low Win Items:

  • Any Bar – 6;
  • Any 7– 10;
  • Orange Bar – 16;
  • Blue Bar – 20;
  • Yellow Bar – 24.

High Win Items:

  • Green Sevens – 30;
  • Yellow Tamales Sevens – 60;
  • Red Tamales Sevens – 100;
  • Wilds – 200.

Blackout Combinations:

  • Yellow Tamales Sevens all over the board – 1000;
  • Red Tamales Sevens all over the board – 5000.

How to Play Red Hot Tamales Free Slot

Now that you know the advantages and the low points of this game, as well as the values of winning combinations and even super rare lines, it is time to read what we propose for playing. Each of our reviews has this section where we give Canadian players tips on how to play and what to look for when doing so. Thus, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Open the game (using the free version above);
  2. Wait for the load screen to disappear and show you that the game is ready;
  3. Use the lower buttons for changing the bet sums;
  4. Spin by using the button positioned where the lever would be or use the auto-play button;
  5. Have a great time and remember to play and gamble responsibly!


Sure, the fun parts of a gaming experience, such as its imagery and its potential winnings are very attractive, but the technical aspects behind them need to be in the player’s advantage too. This way, you know that there is a balance between the fun and the fair play. You can find a list below of what we consider important for you to know:

  1. This is a video slot that works well across all devices;
  2. It has 3 rows and 3 reels board configuration;
  3. There are 27 fixed paylines, calculated from left to right;
  4. Return to Player can vary between 92.67% to 95.83%;
  5. The possible bets range from 0.27 to 540;
  6. Maximum win available is 25,000,000.

Special Features

There are not many special features inside, because the bet is put on simplicity and hot takes. But that does not mean that the rounds are boring! On the contrary, IGT has embedded some great surprises inside. Know about them beforehand by reading this section!

  • The Wild Symbol – Drawn to look like the “Wild” word in flames, it replaces all the items present on the rows or reels;
  • Blackout rounds – When the reels and rows are filled with 7 symbols exclusively, it amps up the score to great numbers.


Red Hot Tamales free slot is classy, fun, spicy and will induce a party-like atmosphere with every spin. This old-school feeling is brought by the animations, gameboard, and small amount of fancy options. The spins are the best way to enjoy it. It’s simple! It’s entertaining! Are you feeling the red hot excitement yet?

Please Note:

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