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By Magda Olbea on 01/18/2018

We’ve all encountered difficulties when it comes to gambling given that it’s based mostly on chance. This industry is growing as we speak and changing its rules along the way. That’s why it’s important to have a third-party system that strives to solve all problems.

If history has taught us something is that disputes between online casinos and players are a continuous battle of forces. The quarrel comes as a result of frustration from the players that feel like they’ve been cheated. Mainly because there is not enough information and advice regarding ways to approach a certain situation when it occurs. The good part is there’s a solution to every problem. To come in help, Casinobonusca.com delivers a well-packed guide. This will help you elucidate these disputes.

You will come across important details like ways to test the customer support, how to look through terms and conditions correctly, how to pick the most appropriate ADR or what are your rights according to the law.  

Ways to Avoid Disputes

When it comes down to choosing a reputed casino the most important part is to make an effort and avoid the frustration of arguing with online gambling websites. There are several ways to do this. You can check forums for the casino’s reputation, reviews, or see whether or not it has been blacklisted.

Try checking the responsiveness of the customer support and ask other gamers that have played before, about certain details like payouts or limits. Another great method is to test the demo for each game as it is free of charge. Don’t forget to read carefully the terms and conditions because they tend to vary from one casino to another.

The best way to keep away from unnecessary situations is to always read the terms and conditions to any online casino. This will offer you a better understanding of what you’re going for. Please note that once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, all problems will be resolved according to the specifications found on the website.        

Keep in mind that all offers, VIP promotions, and tournaments have their own set of rules. Most of the times, they come in addition to the general terms. 

What Should I Do in Such Situations?

In the unfortunate case, you do experience an unpleasant dispute, the most important step is to contact the support team. It is in their interest to resolve all types of problems that might occur. Remember that all casinos want to avoid having a bad reputation. So before becoming a member, do your homework and examine each and every aspect as all details are important in dealing with a certain issue.

In order to make things work, make sure you collect all the necessary information about any payments, such as dates and amounts. Send them to the support team and ask for advice on ways to handle the problem.  

Online gambling websites take pride in their integrity as honesty maintains a long-lasting collaboration between an online casino and its members. This can only mean that a gambling website will be likely to start off the necessary procedures, rather than risking its name.

Unfortunately, there can be times when the outcome of an investigation will not satisfy your needs. Such cases ask for a further examination. Don’t hesitate to contact alternative dispute resolution institutions such as ADR Institute of Ontario and Canada Game Association (CGA), to manage your case.

Be one step ahead and go directly to a third-party organization so justice can be made. The law enforces casinos to provide all players with at least one dispute resolution system.  

Keep in mind that such sensitive matters can take up to 90 days to be solved. But this can vary depending on the complexity of each case.

The good news is that you will not have to spend any money when initiating a complaint via ADR. On the other hand, a further investigation might imply certain expenses.

Another important move in case the result of the ADR investigation did not come out as planned would be to take your case to court. The first step is to keep yourself informed and know your rights before suing the online casino. 

Any Canadian Gambling Commission has two fundamental demands when it comes to licensing an online casino. The first would be honesty and the second, transparency, to ensure that everything is fair and safe.

This implies that a casino should always be on guard and have different tactics when dealing with disputes of all sorts. It also needs to have the capacity to provide players with an impartial solution to any problem.

Being transparent means that casinos need to simplify this process and provide players with a user-friendly interface with all the necessary information. This can be attained through updated terms and conditions and overall accurate information. It is crucial to have a trustworthy option to turn to in times of need.

We advise you to seek assistance from the Citizens Advice for objective guidance. You can also find out what your chances of winning are prior to going to court.

ADR Ontario

This non-profit organization provides state-of-the-art resources and services. It’s one of the seven affiliates of The ADR Institute of Canada. It strives to deliver accurate information, promote ideas, and maintain high professional standards.  

This organization aims at assisting the public, business, and also non-profit communities on all levels. They implement and administer alternative dispute resolution strategies, programmes, and processes.

Head Office and Mailing Address:

ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc.

234 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 405

Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1K5

Phone Number: (416) 487-4447;

Fax Number: (416) 487-4429.

CPGCP (Canadian Problem Gambling Certification Board)

This is a non-profit agency dedicated to ensuring that individuals in need of assistance for gambling problems have access to professional help. The Board offers everyone the chance to work with certified Canadian Problem Gambling Counsellors.


PO Box 37055 Bella Vista Plaza PO

Windsor, Ontario,

N9H 2N8

Toll-Free:  1-877-421-1181

Telephone: 519-739-2465

Fax: 519-739-0315

Email: info@cpgcb.ca

CGA (Canada Game Association)

As a non-profit organization that aims at creating a balance in the public dialogue regarding gaming in Canada, it strives to achieve a better understanding of this industry.  It does that by bringing facts to the general public and essential decision makers through education and advocacy. The CGA is a fundamental source of information that provides accurate gaming data, ready to assist critical issues. 


Address: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 503

                Toronto, Ontario  M5S 1P7

Telephone: 416.304.7800

Email: info@canadiangaming.ca

For Media Enquiries Please Contact: 

Paul Burns, Vice President

Telephone: 416.304.6870

Email: pburns@canadiangaming.ca

Keep in mind that there’s a solution to every problem and plenty of options to choose from. Therefore, make sure you are always well informed prior to making any move.

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