A Taste of the Best Restaurants at Casinos in Ontario

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A Taste of the Best Restaurants at Casinos in Ontario

Today, we will look at all of the best restaurants at casinos in Ontario. You can learn about the key elements of each establishment, including the ambiance, menu design, and most importantly, the food. Additionally, we’ll also touch on the gambling element by recommending a signature game at each casino. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

The Joy of Dining at the Casino

Neon restaurant sign

Some Ontario casino restaurants are so good that they are frequented by locals as well as tourists and casino players. As casinos are generally located in small provincial localities, the dining options inside them are often among the best in the area overall.

Getting back to the point, eating and drinking form a core part of the overall casino experience. The casino buffet is a long-standing Las Vegas tradition that has been carried north of the border to Canada and across the world.

The idea is to provide quality food – and plenty of it – to satisfy hungry players and keep them from leaving the casino. Some frequent gamblers are even given complimentary food and drinks – known as getting “comped”.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a high-roller or professional gambler to get comped. As well as getting free food, comped players can also use guest lines to reduce waiting times and even get free drinks.

Nero’s Steakhouse at Caesars, Windsor

Windsor skyline

  • Signature dish: Surf & Turf (8 oz Alberta beef tenderloin, 5-6 oz lobster tail and sautéed asparagus)
  • Signature game: Craps (highest limit in Ontario at C$50,000)

Caesars Resort in Windsor is one of the best casinos in Ontario, thanks to its massive selection of games, affordable rooms and regular casino promotions. Being part of the Caesars family means that you can collect and use your Caesars Rewards Points here.

To add to all of that, this resort probably has some of the top Ontario casino restaurants, the best of which is Neros Steakhouse. This eatery offers a luxurious and smart-casual experience without necessarily requiring you to break the bank.

At the top end, a 16 oz Australian Wagyu Striplion will set you back almost C$150. However, there are plenty of premium cuts and bone-in options that you can get for under C$50. The best prices to be found are on Wednesdays and Sundays, where a set Steak and Seafood three-course menu is available for just C$68.95 per person.

If you’re a seafood fan, the 7-8 oz Atlantic lobster tail is to die for, while our recommended stake cut is the 12 oz bone-in beef tenderloin. You can mix both of these in the surf & turf entree for a slightly pricey (but worth it) C$88.95.

Golden Lotus at Fallsview, Niagara Falls

Niagara skyline

  • Signature dish: Whole-Roasted Peking Duck
  • Signature game: Single Zero Roulette in the Salon Privé

When it comes to location, there truly is no better casino in Canada than Fallsview, which looks onto the iconic Niagara Falls. That being said, this casino resort has so much more to offer than just a stunning view from your hotel room.

The selection of table games and slots is excellent, and the casino is also famed for its poker rooms. Moreover, The Overtime Sports Lounge opened on the games floor in 2023, so you can now enjoy in-person sports wagering and watch the games live with a beer in your hand.

It also stands out when it comes to dining and is home to one of the best restaurants at casinos in Ontario. The Golden Lotus is a Cantonese restaurant with reasonable prices and tasty dishes in a wonderful setting.

Once again, the location plays a huge part in the overall dining experience here. Get a table next to the window, and you can enjoy your stir-fried noodles or Peking duck with a breathtaking view of Niagara Falls. Booked in for the evening? Not to worry as the view is beautifully lit up for your viewing pleasure.

Beyond the food, you’ll find a lot more detail in our full review of Fallsview Casino.

St Germain’s Steakhouse at Casino Rama, Rama

Casino Rama

  • Signature dish: Porterhouse 24 oz, with a veal reduction
  • Signature game: High-limit Blackjack

The Casino Rama resort is known as much for its hotel and spa as it is for its casino. If you’re a high roller, this is the place to be, thanks to its famous High Limits Room, which offers you the chance to play high-stakes blackjack and baccarat in a luxurious setting.

Of course, it wouldn’t be featured in this article if it wasn’t for its dining options, of which there are nine in total. The best of these is St. Germain’s Steakhouse, the second meaty favorite on our list. This is one of the only Ontario casino restaurants that exclusively serves AAA Alberta beef.

This is probably the ideal eatery if you’re a no-nonsense steak fan, as you have the choice of just four quality cuts; Tenderloin, Striploin and Porterhouse. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are some excellent entrees and a fantastic seafood collection, which you can choose directly from the tank.

There’s no set dessert menu at St. Germaain’s Steakhouse, instead a unique selection is offered every evening by the award-winning pastry chef. In terms of setting, you can expect a relaxed and casual feel with a touch of sophistication.

Getaway Restaurant at Gateway Casinos, London

London, Ontario

  • Signature dish: Sesame-Crusted Seared Tuna Steak
  • Signature game: Lucky Ladies Blackjack

If you’re looking for one of the more relaxed Ontario casino restaurants, the Gateway Restaurant is ideal. As the smallest casino in Ontario, there is only one available option when it comes to dining – so it’s a good thing that they’ve made it good!

Being the sole dining option, the Gateway Restaurant strikes a good balance and offers a selection of options within one establishment. If you want to relax with a casual drink and a snack in between games, you can do so. Alternatively, there is a full menu that covers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What’s most staggering about this establishment are the prices, especially given that it has no on-site competition. You can grab a full Canadian Breakfast for just C$13.50 CA, then pop back in for lunch and eat Classic Poutine for C$12.50. Even at the higher end of the menu, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than C$18 – C$30 CA for a main dish.

When it comes to the gaming options, there is a modest but quality selection that covers all bases. There are plenty of slot machines, and the table games are open from 12:00 pm – 4:00 am every day. If you want to play blackjack or baccarat outside of these hours, you can go to the e-tables until they open.

Lev2L Sports Bar at Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls

Aerial view of Niagara Casino and Falls

  • Signature dish: Pizza and Wing Combo (Sundays only)
  • Signature game: High Card Flush

Finally, we get to one of Ontario’s best casinos for sports fans, snacks and comfort food – Casino Niagara, Niagara Falls. This casino boasts 30 tables, 1,300+ slots and 18 tables in the poker room. On top of that, there’s a Sportsbook on level two, where expert ambassadors are on hand to help with your wagers. More importantly, it’s located right next door to the LEV2L Sports Bar!

When looking for the best restaurants at casinos in Ontario, not all of us are looking for a fancy steakhouse or exotic cuisine. Sometimes, it’s nice to kick back with a beer and some wings while watching the game on the big screen. That’s exactly the experience you can get at the LEVL2 Sports Bar at Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls.

Basically, this place is like your favorite sports bar, only bigger. The menu has everything that you could possibly want to eat while watching a ball game. Think of wings, nachos, pizza, burgers and sandwiches and you’ll get the picture. Vegans are well-catered for here as well thanks to the plant-based menu, which includes beyond burgers and wraps.

Lv2l has specials every day besides Saturday, the best of which is the Pizza and Wing Combo for C$34 on Sundays. As you can imagine this is a popular option throughout the NFL season, but fortunately, there are 275 seats and 50 HD screens. Space isn’t exactly at a premium here, but booking is still definitely recommended.

In Conclusion

A 5 star restaurant review

Throughout this article we have covered all bases for the perfect culinary casino journey, going from sophisticated fine dining to chill-out sports bars. You can check out our Canadian casino road trip guide for further help planning your next trip across Canada.

Don’t have the time, money or work holidays to plan a casino-based road trip right now? Not to worry, you can order a takeaway and play at one of the top online casinos in Ontario today.