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Casinobonusca.com is a website that provides reviews, offers, and informational texts covering the essentials of the Canadian gambling market. Our primary resources are our over 5-year-old experience and a team of e-gaming experts. Our website can be viewed both in the English and French versions, making it accessible in all provinces. Anyone can access it free of charge and utilize our services as they deem fit.

Our story started in 2018 when we observed a distressing prevalent opacity issue in the virtual gambling world. That was the momentum that pushed us forward to start this project and make bonuses and casinos easier to understand, and the rules easier to follow.

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Our contributing authors

One of the critical facts that guides us is diversity. Similarly, we also value experience. Our authors are very different from one another, their individuality playing a role in the content they deliver. However, the common defining characteristic is their expertise with online and offline gambling. Most of them are ardent casino enthusiasts, so real players and casino experts review and recommend on this platform. From all walks of life, with gambling to unite us in a joint mission, read more about each one of us by clicking through the author’s page.

Our numbers

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There is a titanic number of casino platforms available online. In our mission to present the best picks but also work to keep the list updated, this number will steadily increase. Since we have reached hundreds of partners, we safely say that any kind of individual can find an appropriate casino, both in terms of the rules and the interface it uses.


Each partnered website has to undergo the same analytical procedure which we have devised. We do not just simply write and link the bonuses, but we make a commentary of the platform as a whole. For this reason, the number of reviews will always match the number of distinct partners we have, ever exponentially increasing.

Hours spent writing

Because our scan goes deep, we dedicate much more than just a few hours to one casino. Please refer to our Review writing system to see all the steps we take for further information. This extended time, coupled with a common effort, are the things that power our product quality.

Checks before posting

The line of duty proceeds as follows: the casino expert starts the endeavour through research and writing. Coming after, to add extra layers of safety, we have specialists to verify if the information written is accurate and communicated in an accessible way. It is through team effort that we succeed in maintaining our goals.

Our guiding principles


Even though we have a financial agreement with our partners, we do not let this aspect over-rule our objective scrutiny. We believe that our users have a right to know how we perform our duties to them. That is why, in this sub-section, we present a short description of methods of analysis and then link the reader to a more comprehensive page. We also provide two ways of making their voice heard through our pages, depending on the issue’s scale. Find all these in the following lines.

Used methodology when writing

Our methodology consists of two distinct parts. In the first one, we have compiled definitions, and examples of the type of products we showcase, from short casino bonus offers to comprehensive platform reviews. The ways we construct them are also an available feature that can be consulted; it is our path used for ratings. In longer texts, be them reviews or instructional pages, we also consult a wide variety of sources, some of them even peer-reviewed, to make the texts more sustainable in the long-term. They can range from University studies to stock market commentaries, journalistic endeavours, state reports and many more.

Moreover, every website that we partner with is tested by one or more than one of our gambling experts. This way, we can make sure we understand how the features operate on all devices and how helpful the local support team is. We assure our readers that all our partners operate in terms of legality, following the clear Canadian gaming legislation; this includes having a valid licence. On top of that, we look thoroughly through the site’s terms to see if they are unclear or misleading; such cases are noted and transmitted clearly to our users. In order to do so, we create a unique gaming account and write our reports and opinions following a real-life experience. Based on this evaluation of the terms of use, we create an expert review and give our ratings.

Uncompromising conformity with the Canadian law

Obviously, all of our actions and products fall within the boundaries defined by the Canadian legislative bodies. We take our commitment to the law seriously; thus, none of our actions are done before consulting with legal counsellors. Our users, partners, and future associates can be confident that our actions are clearly green-lighted by the current regulations. Additionally, we check the guidelines of other international gambling authorities.

Leaving comments and writing complaints

On our website, players can share their experience with the casinos through the comment section. Complaints can be highlighted by our bonuses or through the Make a Complaint page. On our contact page, we have created a unit meant to be used as follows: anyone who notices an error or a misstatement in our texts or reviews can point it our to us, and we shall resolve the inaccuracy as fast as possible after we double-check all our sources once more.


Encryptions employed

To prevent any sort of problems relating to any kind of web attacks, we made sure to deliver and maintain a safe website across all devices. We use SSL encryption, and through it, we ensure that all servers are secure. In addition to this, our team updates them constantly to operate in a safe manner.

Personal online traces

Personal and marketing data is kept private, only being used for improving the quality of service we deliver. We shall not delve in too deep into the matter’s technicalities, as anyone can access our Privacy Policy and consult it thoroughly. However, it must be mentioned that we comply with the local Canadian law of data and customer protection. Any and all updates in our terms will be communicated to our subscribers.


We are an independent business. This self-sufficiency further adds to our objectiveness when it comes to what we promote. Since we are not in any way owned by a casino or a casino trust, our opinions and advice spring solely from our gambling know-how.

Advertise with us

Suppose any potential partner wants to add their online wagering business on our website. In that case, they are kindly invited to check our dedicated page. There, they can start to familiarize themselves with the criteria that we use when choosing our partners and further access to other business details. We expect that our future associates share our values so we can use a common ground to work on for our joint venture.

Player Control

Because we are knowledgeable and experienced in the field, we know that gambling can turn from a past time to a vice. Out of care for our users, we provide a series of solutions and consulting materials to prevent and/or resolve the problematic aspects of e-gaming.

Prevention of under-age gambling

Our team of experts holds the concept of child protection very close. We strongly advocate in favour of it. In doing so, we militate against marketing gambling activities to children or teens. Therefore, nothing from our portfolio will be directed to anyone who is underage. On top of this strategy, which we employ, we also work continuously on keeping people informed on the matter, in addition to promoting tools that aid in our common mission. Some tools can be installed in the desktop browsers or mobile devices, which act as blocking filters for any wagering site. One is Betfilter, and the other is Gamblock. We tested these in the same manner we use for casinos.

Keeping control over one’s gambling

Our vision for gambling means never going over the normal past-time gaming limit. We plead for keeping card games, slot spins, and other related acts in the realm of entertainment. If one is unsure where the line between fun and a problem is, they are invited to browse our useful pages. There, our experts summarize studies and theses on excessive gambling and plausible solutions for it. Both our team and most of the casinos found on the website advise players to set limits for their money and time spending. That allows the gambling sessions to be done within specific pre-set rules that satisfy each gambler individually.

Problem gambling and usable solutions

Derived from our implacability on gamblers’ safety, we try to prevent problem gambling through educational resources, software, and a balanced marketing approach. There is always a way out of any kind of excess, and we want players to use our competence in their daily lives. Responsible gambling is one file to be used in such cases. Our training also relies on studying papers about problematic gambling, so we know what to employ for our users’ protection. For example, we recommend using the block filters on phones since a 2017 study of GambleAware states that mobile phones are the most used in excessive gambling. The time limits we mentioned will prevent the expansion of problematic gambling numbers; 28% of problem players spend more than 10 hours wagering.

Read our informational pages

The things that we write not for our partners, but for our readers, can be easily considered guides for gambling. These are user-friendly tools, which we hope are helpful to anyone interacting with them. We talk in-depth about casino products, monetary payment methods, popular game providers, and game strategies. The list is ever-growing, however, so new additions are to be expected.

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