One of the decisive characteristics of our products is that they are safe for use. They are also defined by their ability to be suitable for a wide range of players. We employ a few strategies to sustain this common and permanent attitude towards our creative and technical process.

Since the beginning of our project, we have made a crucial decision not to fall for common and misleading marketing traps. Considering this, we never buy links from a partner and promote them without our prior multi-person examinations. Instead, we apply a mutual approach. Our affiliate department comes in contact with an online casino representative. After this initial communication, our team of professionals starts the analysis, which we have defined in our Writing Reviews page. It is only after these two-way actions that we promote the platform in question. The promotion comes attached with a comprehensive overview, a rating, and the bonuses available presented accordingly.

For any situation in which you need to contact us, we have provided our official email handle right here: [email protected]. The most common instances are as follows.

1.     Identifying a problem with our platform

Although we are continually checking our IT capabilities, we encourage users to notify us whenever they discover a bug or issue when navigating through CasinoBonusCA. If by chance, they cannot access the bonus links, they cannot leave a reaction, they cannot leave a comment, or have problems following us through our newsletters and socials, they can write us an email. It is preferable that they give us a detailed account of the issue and, whenever possible, attach screenshots as well. In such a manner, we can identify and fix the problem with the utmost urgency.

2.     Sending us personal feedback

A constant open talk with gamblers fuels a better quality of our work. This is the reason we would love to hear from our users. No matter if they are at the beginning of their gambling interest or if they are loyal and stable patrons, we want to read and understand the different perspectives. Suppose there is something that one has been experiencing in relation to our work, and it is worth noting. In that case, we welcome the opinions and testimonials openly. Please note that the messages shall only relate to the pages and texts we create, not the casinos’ own data or marketing. For a comment on a casino’s mishaps, please move forward to our Complaints page, where we instruct players what to do when they have a dispute with a gambling house.

Advertise with us

We are excited to always find new partners. As a short preamble, we desire to collaborate with firms and teams which share our shared values. This is our way of preparing a smooth and unproblematic path for business. Please refer to our Advertise with us page for further details.

Please get to know us better! Any and all messages relating to these topics are more than welcome. Send us messages, and you can be sure to receive our reply in a short amount of time!

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