How we make money

CasinoBonusCA is free of charge independent advertising company and not a financial counsellor. We are committed to helping Canadian users make an informed financial decision regarding their gambling activities by providing educational pages, transparent and precise information.

The information provided on the site is based on CasinoBonusCA principles, expressed from an analytical point of view. Therefore, the casino and bonuses reviews are created with objectivity, independent, based on actual life experiences of our experts, straightforward, and most importantly, free of costs. Our implemented reviews system is transparent and clearly explained so that our customers understand how the process impacts the final product.

However, we must point out that the advice given regarding gambling addiction must be used for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee applicability for each customer’s circumstances. The problem gambling educational pages are provided to raise awareness regarding the matter, and we encourage our users to seek professional help from qualified professionals.

Casino & Bonus Terms & Conditions Statement

The casino reviews and casino bonuses listed on our website are presented with the T&Cs applied when analyzing the operators and creating the reviews. In case of differences regarding the applied conditions between the casino and us, we inform our customers that updates will be made to state precise requirements. Suppose a casino bonus is no longer valid. In that case, we will set that specific promotion as an expired one to not mislead you.  

We invite our users to get in contact with our experts to inform them about inaccurate information.

How we make money?

Note that CasinoBonusCA works with casino operators from which it receives money compensations when users apply for their products offered on our website and by clicking on certain links. Therefore, the placement and listing of products may be influenced by our financial relationships.

Even though we reservice compensation, the strict review system based on which we realize our analysis is honest and accurate. The research we make about their casino bonuses and casino reviews are unbiased, factual, objective, and is not influenced by our financial partnerships.

We must draw attention to the fact that we do not create partnerships with all the casino operators in the iGaming niche. We select only those who share our core values and are willing to comply with our strict requirements, as exemplified in our Advertise with us. In addition to this, we only partner with operators who work with respect to the licence-granting authorities’ rules. Under no circumstance do we create a financial relationship with companies that have not been granted at least one gambling licence and do not raise awareness regarding gambling addiction.

We believe that transparency is the necessary key to maintaining a relationship based on trust. Therefore,  you can trust CasinoBonusCA that it will offer support to make the right financial decision.