Your 2021 Gambling Horoscope is Here

By Iasmina Bunea updated:

Is your gambling horoscope on your side this year? Find out what your zodiac sign has in store for you in 2021! Our zodiac predictions reveal the best opportunities and challenges to avoid this year. Let’s dive in!  

Aries (21st of March to 19th  of April)

The zodiac’s youngest can adjust to longer gaming sessions and aim for better wins at online casinos. Mars, their ruler, has no retrograde movement in 2021.

Starting January 3rd, Mars, the War God, enters a normal motion and allows these spring natives to be more energetic and crave more adventure than the slumps of 2020. For casino sessions, this means a positive space for trying new game types and taking more risks when wagering. Between April 4th to the 17th, Mercury, the Messenger, enters their sign, bearing good news.

If you’re an Aries, it’s a good time to aim high with your bets. Jupiter and Saturn move to your Achievement House, bringing you an extra push of luck. The Tenth House is also the place where technology evolves, so trying new online casinos is a good idea now!

Be careful, however!

In May, Saturn will go in retrograde, bringing moments of instability up until the 11th of October. Thus, you need to learn to tone down your fiery temper and be a responsible gambler. Our tip is to try out new strategies and not get too stuck on patterns that served you well in the past.

The stars have flourishing financial opportunities and new properties, so maybe you can try out online casino tournaments that grant you physical prizes.

Lucky colours: Red, Off-white.

Lucky numbers: 55, 45.

Recommended games: Jackpot slots.

Best days to gamble: Tuesdays.


Taurus (20th of April to 20th of May)

Taureans have adventurous Uranus on their side until 2026, so playing casino games is highly appropriate this year. The slumps of 2020 are long gone in casinos.

This year, you will have high ambition from the interaction of Jupiter and Saturn in their tenth house. They also amp up your tenacity, so we believe that you can experiment with strategic card games. The stars also make you inclined to meet VIPs in your winner circle. Why not try a casino with a well-organized Loyalty Scheme.

Have patience in your casino play, and don’t give up after a few tries. Money may stack up when you least expect it, and your knowledge of budgeting will go a long way when you’re gambling.

After the lunar eclipse of November 19th, you may expect pleasant surprises in the games you invested the most time in.

In December, Venus, your ruler, enters a retrograde in Capricorn. Don’t take big risks then!

Lucky colours: Green, Seafoam.

Lucky numbers: 69, 48.

Recommended games: Classic slots.

Best days to gamble: Fridays.


Gemini (21st of May to 20th of June)

The Twins can make productive, calculated risks this year with their bets. If a smart plan is devised, the wins are almost guaranteed. Roulette is a good choice.

Luck and perseverance are accentuated all throughout 2021 in your Ninth House, the place where you derive your life philosophy and education.

We recommend you don’t gamble in the times when Mercury, your ruling planet, enters the Retrograde motion. Geminis should not gamble between:

  • January 30th to February 21st;
  • May 29th to June 22nd;
  • September 27th to October 23rd.

The stars have big changes in store for you! Jupiter, the planet ruling wealth, among other things, will enter your Tenth House between the last half of May and July 28th.  You might witness big amounts of cash entering your purse from casino games you are already familiar with!

Our casino advice for you this year is to be self-reliant. The Moon’s Nodes, the one’s responsible for karmic lessons, allows you to make great decisions and awesome choices all throughout. Expect great solitary achievements in the second part of this year, up until the end of January 2022.

Lucky colours: Yellow, Light Grey.

Lucky numbers: 3, 84.

Recommended games: Roulette.

Best days to gamble: Wednesdays.


Cancer (21st of June to 22nd of July)

The beneficial influence of Jupiter gives you a good boost for money-making using technology, so you’ll shine in online casino play all through this new year.

Cancers are among the luckiest signs this year, as their Eight House is about to bring them big lumps of cash. Money will flow from tech-savvy decisions, so you might want to try out comfortable bets on your smartphone or tablet.

Since technology is on your side, even in Mercury retrograde times, you might want to try VR-casino experiences or even Live Dealer games.

Even so, we recommend that you keep a balance between your risks and your tame approach to gambling. Funds can easily slip away when you go head-first before thinking it through.

Even though there may be challenges to face in the upcoming months, a calculated risk will prevail.

Be aware that the following times might be risky, so we recommend caution in:

  • April 4th;
  • June 30th;
  • November 12th;
  • December 21st.

On these dates, there are power-filled conjunctions that might disturb the flow of gambling. In spring, Pluto, the Darkness bearer, appears to bring you reminders to pace yourself.

Lucky colours: White, Forrest Green.

Lucky numbers: 71, 2.

Recommended games: Blackjack.

Best days to gamble: Mondays.


Leo (23rd of July to 22nd of August)

Your characteristic leader position will help you win big this year if you rely on yourself and your aptitudes. Betting while the Sun in Leo is the best time!

Besides the appropriate conditions given to you between July and August, you also receive lucky streaks from March to April and between the last half of November and the end of the year. Your charisma is coupled with these positive influences, so you might want to try multi-player games, like poker.

You got a three-way advantage from Uranus, Saturn and your Taurus positions to open up doors of success and advancement. During the Lunar eclipse of the 19th of July, the energies will conspire with your royal aura to allow you to advance in player competitions and other gambling, social events.

Because Saturn will have a forward motion until 2023, so you will be clear-minded and ready to focus on your tasks, even if they are related to making bets.

Saturn on your side can mean that your life will have satisfying turning points, including hitting the jackpot!

Leos are lucky as their ruler, The Sun never goes in Retrograde. However, you should see if your Rising Sign has any backward motion and stay clear from casinos in such times.

Lucky colours: Gold, Blood Orange.

Lucky numbers: 87, 94.

Recommended games: Texas Hold ‘Em.

Best days to gamble: Sundays.


Virgo (23rd of August to 22nd of September)

The stars project a steady upwards increase of casino wins, as long as you balance your gamble with other priorities. Use your sharp skills to win and rejoice.

Jupiter, the ones that gives Virgos an atypical sense of adventure, will pump them between January and May and then later, between July and December, with an insatiable desire to explore and risk. To balance this desire to take leaps, we recommend you find your casino rituals that bring you good luck and help you stay balanced.

Have you ever considered working in the casino industry?

The Lunar eclipse of June 10th in Gemini, another Mercury-child, will open unexpected career opportunities that you might want to take advantage of.

As opposed to 2020, it will be easier for Virgos to keep a set budget for their casino play. This will be backed up even more until 2023, considering Saturn’s straight-line journey.

This discipline transit will affect both the people born with their Sun in Virgo but also the ones with their Rising in Virgo. The rising aspect of our charts is the way we present ourselves in society, the “mask we put on”.

Lucky colours: Jade, Deep brown.

Lucky numbers: 38, 17.

Recommended games: Omaha Poker.

Best days to gamble: Thursdays.


Libra (23rd of September to 22nd of October)

Libras, ruled by the glamorous Venus, are attracted to luxury in 2021. High-roller tables and VIP clubs are the places that will feel like home.

Even if you are inclined to spend more, your cautious nature will prevail, and you will be able to contain your casino spending on a comfortable budget.

For your balanced-loving air sign, the best times to bet are when the world is at a standstill at the Lunar eclipse phases, so try your luck in the following days (or nights):

  • May 26th;
  • June 10th;
  • November 18th;
  • December 4th.

Particularly in the last two months of the year, you will be presented with money opportunities, so you might want to look into smart casino strategies before the Moon hides.

Generally, you will keep a lucky streak all twelve months, with a couple of maleficent effects coming to you on May 13th and July 28th. Also, the Moon and Mercury collide energies in February, and you might feel caught in the middle. But these pass after just one day, so you can resume your jolly approach.

Lucky colours: Light Blue, Baby Pink.

Lucky numbers: 49, 80.

Recommended games: Baccarat.

Best days to gamble: Fridays.


Scorpio (23rd of October to 21st of November)

Scorpios’ best ally in 2021 is The Moon with her phases. During eclipses, your Mars energy will prevail and bring you to success while gambling!

The eclipses from May, June and December will boost your money axis, allowing the investments you have made to come back two-fold or even bigger. This is when we recommend you try out table games like Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack.

The stars suggest that between May and July when Jupiter moves through Pisces, Scorpios will have access to fame and fortune. Are you ready to be a jackpot winner or a casino legend? It might happen sooner than you think!

Your modern influence from Pluto is quiet this year, so you can expect more positive and future-oriented casino sessions, rather than gloom and tiring ones. Also, your Ancient Ruler, Mars, moves on normal routes all year, so you’ll have no drawbacks.

Try out chancy casino moves between the end of October and the 12th of December since you have protection from Mars.

Lucky colours: Black, Honey Yellow.

Lucky numbers: 55, 5.

Recommended games: Pai Gow Poker.

Best days to gamble: Tuesdays.


Sagittarius (22nd of November to 21st of December)

Archers will benefit from playing multiple casino games in 2021, as variety is the key to their satisfaction. Keep an eye out for expenses at the year’s end!

In 2021, Sagittarius folks will want to pay back all their lost opportunities from the previous year. The stars will lend you opportunities for great social events in casinos, and competitions too.

When Venus starts its Retrograde in December all the way to January 2022, you have to expect spending and losses, so it will be wise to ease up on gambling between those times.

There might be changes in your income flow, so you might want to work towards a more grounded sense of security. We advise for small bets and limiting your sessions, particularly in online casinos.

When your ruling planet Jupiter enters its natural Retrograde between June 20th and October 18th, it is wise to think well how much you want to gamble. Make your general budget and keep a sum just for your play.

If you want to socialize while living comfortably, try out the casinos that have Live Dealers that mimic the authentic experience with quality streams and designs.

Lucky colours: Purple, Deep red.

Lucky numbers: 38, 35.

Recommended games: Live Casino Table Games.

Best days to gamble: Wednesdays.


Capricorn (22nd of December to 19th of January)

Luck and opportunities will mark the first half of 2021 for the Sea Goats. Their ambition and hard work will pay off at the casino tables.

If you have had experiences with money in 2020 that dissatisfied you, then you can expect positive changes in 2021. Jupiter and Saturn will work together in your Second House, taking care of your purse and belongings.

Your toned-down nature will help you make smart bets that will eventually turn into great profits. If you feel inclined to make more purchases, remember the big picture and the way it will play in your favour.

Pisces season (between February and March) will be extremely lucky for you. Don’t miss out!

Keep your head focused on table games that include mathematical strategies, like poker or blackjack. Your demeanour and lucky streaks will combine in amazing ways; stay focused on your goals and limit what you can spend.

Lucky colours: Green, Neutral brown.

Lucky numbers: 71, 67.

Recommended games: Craps.

Best days to gamble: Saturdays.


Aquarius (20th of January to 18th of February)

You’re about to enter a new life phase, with the Universe gracing you with great casino plays. Futuristic scenarios will become a reality.

These natives are about to enter a decade that is theirs completely. It is time to shine, build, and win from now on until the 2030s. Great changes brought by Saturn and Jupiter in your sign will bring you lucky opportunities. This translatesinto great gambling results.

Jupiter allows you to raise your bets and permit yourself to try out high stakes; this includes high-roller games and rooms. For great times to make your bets, try these dates:

  • May 13th to July 28th;
  • December 4th.

You’re not immune to the Moon moves either. During the 2 partial and 2 full eclipses, you can take time and reflect on your past gambling sessions, calculate your wins and losses, and move forward with a better plan.

You will learn many important karmic lessons in 2021, so it will be wise to free yourself from negativity and inadequacy. The Universe will stay by your side whether you are gambling online or in a glitzy brick-and-mortar casino.

Lucky colours: Purple, Algae green.

Lucky numbers: 77, 14.

Recommended games: Video Poker.

Best days to gamble: Saturday.


Pisces (19th of February to 20th of March)

Don’t get discouraged by the mixed signals you get in the first half of the year. Keep your bets low and your hopes high for optimal results.

You have to keep pushing forward through the trials of the powerful energy of your Eleventh House. After June, starting mid-July, you will see more results for your bets and casino investments. But there’s a sign of good luck following you year-round, even in the tough spots.

2021 will bring you more gambling gains than what 2020 turned out to be.

Even if the first half is troublesome in some aspects, high boosts of energy will be on your side, especially until the end of April 2021. During November and December, you will meet income from outside sources that would be beneficial to reinvest in gambling.

Be aware that from June 25th to the 1st of December, Neptune, the Sea God, will be in Retrograde. This is a great time to assess how you’ve been playing so far and move on from strategies and games that do not benefit you in the long run.

Lucky colours: Pink, Orange.

Lucky numbers: 45, 18.

Recommended games: Bingo.

Best days to gamble: Thursdays.


The finish line of our gambling horoscope

All in all, the twelve signs have a high chance of success when playing any casino games. The rarity of retrogrades puts forward powerful energy and, maleficent transits are scarce.

Remember to be wise when you gamble, have your head clear and your money ready and separated from other expenses. Be sure to check out advice before proceeding and avoid gambling if your ruling planet is not in a forward mention. Good luck!


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