Our review system

Here is a presentation of the review system by CasinoBonusCa. All casino reviews you will read on our website follow these guidelines.

Casino Review Research Elements

The first essential part of any casino review is the thorough research necessary to cover the online casinos you can read about on our website.

Our methods entail checking all primary materials, as well as secondary sources, to create a general overview of the platforms, their services, and the operator behind them.

Platform Terms of Use

The first piece of primary content that our researchers look into is the platform’s self-regulatory material, its terms and use and associated policies. 

All terms and conditions the operator posts on a domain are read and assessed. A considerable part of the final review will be based on the stated policies, as found on the official casino website pages.

Industry Standards

All the terms of a singular domain are cross-compared with the industry standards for Canada. We source these standards through internal research and secondary sources.

Using these comparisons, we can accurately inform our ratings and rankings.

Research of Service Specifics

We utilize data on services related to the functioning of an online casino, such as specifics for online payment methods, essentials on SSL encryption, and other facets.

These expand on the standard assessments of an online casino and inform our final observations. Elements, such as online banking industry specifics, can greatly add to and change our final verdicts on the casino’s performance.

Official and Informative Sources 

We will consult and constantly refer to the guidelines and policies of official bodies and trustable sources on the state and requirements of an online casino.

These bodies offer reliable data on the market and the requirements of any casino in Canada. As such, they are a requirement for any complete and trustable online casino review.

Legal Authority Frameworks

The most important type of official sources that we must consult are the legal authorities in the field of online gambling.

We will prioritize material posted and imposed by authorities, especially by those related to the remote gambling industry. In the case of Ontario casinos, we will perform all reviews in concordance with the specifications of AGCO.

We additionally consult the reports and observations coming from similar sources. These all contribute to our continually improving review framework and legal standards.

Casino Testing Procedures

All casino reviews published by CasinoBonusCa are backed by manual testing and the use of real funds, each done anonymously, to ensure maximum impartiality.

To further ensure the reliability of our testing procedures for online casinos, we employ several distinct verifications for a site’s functioning areas. 

Interface Efficiency & Availability

The first type of testing concerns the interface’s state and technical frameworks as found via various types of access.

In our testing, we will variate the devices used, the access methods and the type of connectivity. All these details are communicated in every review. The most important types of variations are dependent on the used device. 

Since we have a mobile-first approach, we will prioritize the performance on handheld devices, whether casino apps or mobile-friendly websites.

On Mobile

Mobile site performance is measured via multiple browsers and in various connection, states to ensure our ratings are valid for all readers.

We can also assess whether one device is preferable to another for the online casino and which is less desirable.

As Apps

Casino apps can have varying qualities, depending on the implementation and the device you use them on. We will utilize these downloadable options via multiple devices to ensure that all options are just as commendable.

On Desktop

The desktop version is always tested and assessed based on how we can access them in various conditions. All elements, from performance to presentation, are considered for the final ranking.

Bonuses and Promotional Policy

Casino bonuses are promotional objects created by casino operators to attract new customers. Our testers will claim and use these bonuses and rate them according to their desirability.

These systems are often the first aspect of a casino that you will see. Bonuses are thus important as an overview of the platform but can also be misleading.  

Bonus Availability 

Some bonuses require a first deposit, while no deposit bonuses can be claimed directly without monetary additions.

In other cases, first deposit bonuses can only be claimed using specific payment methods or their availability is tied to a device.

This is why we have our testers verify availability and report on such aspects.

Wagering Requirements

The rollover obligations are the central policy of bonuses. Our testers verify if the wagering conditions are respected and upheld as stated.

Using our self-sourced data informed by industry-wide standards allows us to also state if wagering conditions are desirable.

Maximum Cashout Values

Following our manual checks on casino bonuses, we will attempt to cash out any available winnings. This process can inform whether the maximum cashout is reflected and can be claimed.

Additionally, we can correctly reflect on the value’s relation to our standards.

Playing Restrictions

By reading terms and conditions and playing with bonuses directly, we can correctly verify if the bonus use policy is up to par with Candian player expectations.

Our reviews also provide the details for using promotional material and advice for potential claimants.

Game Availability

One key way of checking the functioning of bonuses is by verifying and using the games they are eligible for.

Our online casino reviews contain specifications for the available games, their quality, and the wagering contribution for each title.

Gaming Products

The entirety of the game catalogue is tested during our review process. You will find both technical details pertaining to games and quality of use qualifications.

Game Variety

The first criterion for our online casino reviews is the variety presented in the game selection. You can read our assessments for slots, table games, live dealer games and more.

We will also reflect on game types, such as the presence of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. All casinos are then ranked and rated according to their game offerings.


The providers are essential for a good array of gaming products. The presence of reputable game developers will greatly enhance our final rating.

Betting Variety

The option to place various bets can make or break an online casino for many. We will ensure and highlight whether a platform is for low-rollers, high-rollers, or both.

Rule Variations

The variety of games is insufficient for a platform to be worth recommending. Elements like rule variations are key to a platform’s appeal.

These also affect the technical specifics of game titles, elements that we also pay close attention to.

RTPs & Payout Rates

The payout rate, return to player rate, and house edge are only three technical elements we check for each game and the catalogue in general.

Our practical tests inform our statistical assessments for gaming products and the final rating allotted to them.

Transaction Services and Policy

The banking section of an online casino review covers the option of payment methods and their functionalities, conditions, and associated policies.

Payment Method Availability

The availability of multiple payment methods is a requirement and generally only increases the ranking of a platform, making it more appealing and accessible to a broader customer base.

We will prioritize those platforms that provide sufficient payment methods and variety in their type.

Transaction Limits

The payment limitations are the first central element for rating casinos based on payment methods. Using a $10 current standard, we can accurately assess whether a platform accommodates all types of players on its platform.

You can find the details pertaining to our practical monetary tests within each online casino review.

Transaction Processing Times

The payout processing times will greatly affect your experience with an online casino. This is why we prioritize these policies in our final ratings.

Other Policies

Other banking policies can vary greatly and just as greatly impair your activities. These may include extra fees, transaction limits in some conditions, and bonus-claiming limitations.

All these elements will be checked and presented comprehensively.

Customer Support Services

We can ensure that you will get the aid you require once you become an online casino customer by covering and reporting on the quality of customer services in our reviews.

Availability Times

By testing all support systems manually and checking the policies, we can accurately and transparently provide the real working times of the customer assistance team.

Response Times

We additionally provide the expected waiting times for a response and resolution according to the available contact methods.

Service Quality

By virtue of our practical and manual tests, we can accurately assess the quality of the customer support service in an online casino.

Available Methods

All online casino reviews contain the list of available methods and specifications on whether these options are enough or represent a blind spot of the casino.

Gambling Responsibility

Recommending a safe and pleasant environment is a key concern for our online casino reviews. This is why we check and report on responsible gambling measures.

This also extends our dedication to the current legal standard in Canada since responsible gambling tools and systems are a requirement of most licensors.


We make it a reviewer-side requirement for responsibility measures to be present on each Canadian platform we cover.

Our contributors then test and assess the extent of the measures and their reliability. The details are then provided in online casino reviews.

Available Tools

The tools that are provided to users in need can also vary greatly. Using our own standard informed by current research around safe gambling, we comprehensively assess their reliability. 

You can read more about our standing on the subject of Responsible Gambling on our dedicated page.

Loyalty Programs

Like bonuses, loyalty programs are systems that aim to ensure customer retention and ongoing activity. Since these are accessible once you are a user, our tests provide a helpful resource.


We will attempt to join VIP clubs and try all related functionalities. When it is impossible, we will attempt to cover the entire policy around the VIP systems.

Loyalty Systems

We can accurately evaluate loyalty programs given our experience with the market and the types of policies and conditions existing for such systems.

Our Rating System for Online Casinos

Every online casino review comes with a clear and concise rating system that resumes our final observations and more thorough verifications.

Rating  Explanation 

Look & Feel

We assess the quality of the desktop and mobile platforms and their potential appeal to gamblers.

Slot games

We resume evaluations for the slots catalogue, variety, rules, and payout rates.


It encompasses our verdict related to the promotional systems and their conditions.

Customer Service

We rate the assistance systems and their reliability.

Payout Speed

Here, we will rate the casino based on all payment method specifications, from payout speed to limits and policies.

Live games

The rating concerns the live dealer casino section and its potential appeal to potential customers.


Here, we will assess loyalty systems and VIP club implementations.


The accreditation of the casino is rated and ranked accordingly.

How to Use Our Rating

We will provide you with a best-use guide for the online casino reviews published by CasinoBonusCa.

If you follow these general guidelines, you will quickly understand the state of a platform and find the best option for you.

The Steps to Using the Rating

  1. Read the rating to get an idea of the casino’s quality.
  2. Check the secondary ratings, especially the ones that concern your needs the most.
  3. Use the subsequent content to better understand why we rated the casino.
  4. Use our filters to get in-depth details or a concise presentation.
  5. Try to compare the casino with other potential options.

Comparison Tools

We have created a comprehensive comparison tool where you can select up to three casino options and perform a back-to-back comparison.

Note that all reviews and listing pages contain similar comparisons that are often curated and explained.

The Principles of Our Review System

  1. Justifiability – We ensure that all terms and conditions are justified and fair for customers
  2. Usability Checks – All our tests are performed manually and concern a casino’s usability
  3. Security of Funds – Banking options must perform transactions with user funds correctly 
  4. Transparency – By anonymity and manual testing, we guarantee transparency in reviews
  5. Legal adherence – All reviews are done in accordance with the current Canadian law
  6. Informativity – We aim to inform our readers and provide guidance in all essential areas
  7. Efficient presentation – Our reviews are both comprehensive and approachable
  8. Security for Gamblers – Responsible gambling and customer protection are key for us

The Trustfulness of Our Casino Reviews

Our team has perfected the practices underlying online casino reviews across 7 years of activity, in which over 500 brands have been covered, with 1000+ bonuses claimed.

A trustable research procedure, a reliable publishing policy, and the expertise of our authors back our online casino reviews. Additionally, all our content receives regular updates to ensure that our information is not only correct but also up-to-date and relevant.

As an online casino review service, we provide our content independently and free o charge. Thus, we do not share common interests with any singular operator or third party.

You can read our full statement on our sources of income on our dedicated page.

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