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Maximize your winnings using payout percentages from top online slots and casinos. Know the differences between RTP and House Edge, told by casino security experts! Read more

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Best online casino payouts

Best payout online casino Site payout average No of games/No of providers Tested by

JackpotCity Casino








PlayOjo Casino



eCOGRA, iTechLabs












Spin Casino




Spin Samurai




What defines the best online casino payouts?

The combination of fair games that you a real chance for casino profits and fast-paced withdrawals make up the recipe for the success best payout online casino.

Another essential aspect relates to hot bonus opportunities usable on more than one game. All these aspects are carefully examined by our team to create and update a premium list of online casinos for you. There, the analysis is made for you and the only thing left is to chose something that suits your gambling needs.

We focus solely on platform and game payouts, from online slots to table games on this page. For an extended discussion on fast cashouts, please access our separate analysis. Our team explains which websites are quick to payout and how you can choose a secure one.

How to find the best online casino for payouts?

How can you find the best online casino for payouts

First of all, rely on us on spotting the best payout online casino.

We did the groundwork for you by finding, testing, and reviewing hundreds of Canada’s gambling platforms.

Second of all, scan the footer of any online casino.


In over 90% of the cases we’ve seen, that is the place where the respective casino shows you what testing authority has given them their seal of approval. Yes, some institutions deal with just that.

One or more than one seal of approval means that the average payout sum is verified and stays true to your future casino experience.

If you can’t find such an authority, should you move on to another casino?

Not really. Casinos licensed by UKGC or MGA have had their games thoroughly tested to ensure safety and fair gaming. But the more checks a site has, the better the quality. It includes an efficient banking section too.

We test the best payout online casinos and their general game outcomes ourselves over the course of several weeks. So, picking a Canadian online casino from Casinobonusca will guarantee an extra layer of safety.

Top 4 testing facilities for best online casino payouts

Top 4 testing facilities

You should look for any of the following when making your decision:

  • eCOGRA;
  • GLI (Gaming Labs International);
  • iTechLabs;
  • IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association).

Any of the best payout online casinos in Canada have been verified by at least one of these.


Established in 2003, it is undoubtedly one of the most respected authorities in the field of game testing. With two offices in London and Malta, they are transparent with their way of testing and generally handling their business.

eCogra approved payout casinos are fair and give you a legit chance towards profit.

Gaming Labs International

With 32 years of experience since 1989, GLI test both software and hardware in the iGaming industry. They also provide, from their portfolio, consultations for gaming companies or sites on how they can perform better.

They operate in 480 jurisdictions internationally and assess some of the biggest names on the best payout online casino list.


This certification and quality assurance enterprise has been working since 2004. They provide trained expertise and solutions to all situations game related.

International Betting Integrity Association

Focus solely on fair gaming in the sports betting world; they have been functioning since 2005. They have partnered with at least 44 casinos, most of which are accessible to you as a Canadian player.

All highest payout online casino options we list here are safe and have been tested multiple times by our experts!

Invest more significant sums of cash in best payout online casinos tested by both licensing authorities and independent institutions like the ones from our list.

RTP vs House Edge: best online casino payouts factors

The best online gambling sites for payouts are influenced by these two critical concepts, RTP and House Edge.

What’s the deal with them?

Both of them can be checked by casino experts like us or regular Canadian players like you since they are coded in the background software.

Let’s dive into the differences between the two.

Return to Player

House Edge

Varies from one game to another

Varies from one casino to another

Tells you how much you’ll win over time

Tells you how much you’ll lose over time

Affects thousands of game rounds

Affects each game round at a time

Varies from one game category to another

Varies from one gambling site to another.

Each best online casino payout in Canada is mandated to show RTP and Edge when applying for a license or when they are tested. This guarantees that the casino will be honest with their info.

RTP = best online casino payouts?

Not quite.

Even though RTP is your guarantee that you will recuperate, at least in part, some of what you have staked, you need to take into account two things:

  • RTPs are theoretical payout percentages that are calculated over time, within thousands of rounds (so you won’t get your money back right away);
  • Some games require your skills as a gambler (like Poker or Blackjack).

So, just these factors are not sufficient for best payout online casinos.

Best online casino game odds

Just like how lobbies are full of various games, they are also full of various return percentages.

Check to see how your favourite game types fit in!

Game type

Best payout online casino rate


99% or more


94% to 97%


96% to 98%


98% or more


92% to 98%

Video Poker

99% or more


98% or more

This table represents average numbers derived from calculations on all subtypes of the games on the left side. Be careful on the typology when choosing a game or one of our best payout online casinos!

Best online casino payouts on slots

Best payout online casino slots

Name of the provider

RTP average

Popular game titles


97% to 99%

Kings of Chicago, Zombies, Reel Rush


97% to 99%

Tropic Reels, Golden Tour, Diamond Valley


96% to 97%

Lucky Twins, Frozen Diamonds, Lady Earth

Play N GO

94% to 96%

Diamond Vortex, Inferno Star, Crystal Sun

Pragmatic Play

Around 96%

Wolf Gold, Mustang Gold, Great Rhino Megaways

Red Tiger

Around 96%

Wild Spartans, Dragon’s Luck, Fruit Blox

The best payout online casino slots formula

In order to calculate how much you’ll win from online casino slots, on the course of many rounds, you need to extract the percentage written in the game details from your total wagers, like in the examples below.

Example 1. Suppose you are a green player looking to take your first steps in the online wager world. If you make a bet of C$25 cash on a slot game that has 95% as RTP, you need to do the math as follows:

95% of C$25 = → C$23.75 (not immediately, but the average in time).

Example 2.  Suppose you are a high-roller and you are keen on wagering C$500 on your slot play. If your chosen game has a 95% RTP, you need to apply the following calculation:

95% of C$500 = → C$475 (not immediately, but the average in time).

How do the credited facilities test the slot RTP?

Using performant computer software, authorities test a game by playing millions of rounds in a small amount of time, compared to an average player. That way, they can test the authenticity of the best payout online casino slots.

If the game is coded correctly and fairly, the banking outcome should be approximately the same sum as the promised RTP.

As an average Canadian slot player, you are unlikely ever to have the time or funds to test such a thing by yourself.

Thus, you are better off trusting us and our selection of best-paying online casinos. We think of your security as a priority.

  1. The probability survey is done on 10,000 spins or less, the results will be inconclusive. Either the game will “run hot” and pay out more than expected at random, or it will “run cold” and pay out much less than anticipated.
  2. As far as our research on the best payout online casino in Canada has gone, the best results appear after 1 million spins or more.

Jackpot slots will award just a little around 0,4% of the active and engaged players. Because jackpot hits are, by their nature, very rich and very rare, they represent the RTP stated but are quite an uncommon occurrence.

The role of slot volatility in the best online casino payouts

The role of volatility within slot games

Volatility controls how often a winning line is paid, how often the special symbols appear and how much risk is applied to your bet.

A comprehensive expert deep-dive into Canadian slot sites was already created by our team. That’s your chance to understand the technicalities of online slots, what providers are on top of their game, and what are the steps to successful online slot sessions.

Generally, there are three levels to this:

  • High;
  • Medium;
  • Low.

Nonetheless, game providers have become more and more creative over the years and have separated each of the three levels into others. For the sake of simplicity, we will not discuss that aspect here.

The higher on that scale, the fewer chances you have to receive a consistent payout. Still, when it does appear, the sums are considerably large.

Hit frequency of slots

This is again a theoretical approximation of how often your slot game will land on a winning payline.

Example 1: Suppose you have a chosen a fruity game that has a 12% frequency. This means that theoretically, once every 100 spins, 12 of them bring you a smaller or bigger profit, depending on the payline’s configuration.

Slots are casino games; thus, chance plays a huge role in the outcome of your games. A 12% frequency does not guarantee 12 lucky lines out of 100 in order. It could be the case that you spin the reels 200 times and get nothing, and before you reach the 300 spins mark, you win 36 times.

Some Video Poker machines (a combination between the table game as a baseline and the slot machine interface) may have a hit frequency of up to 45%. Most of the winning hits, however, give you your original stake back and no other profit.

LLN: Law of Large Numbers

How it benefits best payout online casinos

In the realm of mathematical probability, LLN states that the more trials performed, the more likely the average results will be accurate.

How does that apply to your daily gambling?

It may be the case that you have a winning streak on slots or Roulette in the short term. If you want to make Roulette deposits, follow our guide for the best Canadian selection, continually updated.

However, casinos will benefit from your uninterrupted wagers in the long run because of the designated RTP and their chosen House Edge.

Listen to the pros!

Even if you feel lucky, we highly recommend you don’t exaggerate when you gamble. Make a budget, play it through, and stick to it. Do not go over your initially set budget. We know it’s tough to resist the urge to play more!

But consider these two things:

  1. Chasing your losses never works!
  2. Playing more may result in you losing your winnings!
  3. Even advantageous payout casinos can’t guarantee all wins.

Online casino games payouts

We know what players want! This is why we devised this section and took all the 6 most popular game types, and analyzed their average payouts.

1.     Blackjack (Vignt-Un or Twenty One)

We have calculated an average of over 99.5% for Blackjack games. This depends on you and your safety strategy, and the game alternative played.

In Blackjack, you play against the dealer. Thus, if they have a pro strategy and have a knack for standing or hitting at the right time, the numbers may be altered.

Did you know that a small number of decks helps you?

Yes, Blackjack games with a few decks make the probability work in your favour. This is why you will seldomly see a game with just one deck, and it is also why Vegas casinos use up to 8.

Every deck added helps the casino with 0.22% in every game. So, while your Vegas land-based Blackjack sessions will have a House Advantage of 0.28%, while online, it is around 0.12%.

Type of Blackjack

How many decks are used

Average RTP




Single Deck MultiHand






European MultiHand



Double Exposure



2.     Roulette (“Little Wheel”)

Roulette (“Little Wheel”)

There are three main types of games available, with varying RTPs:

  1. European;
  2. American;
  3. French.

The difference stands in the number wheel configuration: on the American version, two new squares have been added: 0 and 00, both coloured green.

French Roulette allows you to recuperate a part of your stake if you hit one of the Zeros, totally when it comes to even odds (en prison rule) or partially (la partage rule).

Sometimes, the “00” square can amp up the casino advantage from a general 2.7% to over 5%. Make sure you have read our guide and, later, the casino’s rules and conditions.

Type of Roulette

Additional numbers (versus the classic model)

Average RTP







Double Ball









Long term predictability of Roulette for best online casino payouts

Even if you have a lucky streak at the table, in the long run, casinos are able to predict that you will cumulate more losses than wins; hence, they make a profit of your stakes.

The key is to be temperate with Roulette sessions. Why? We explain the evolution of your chances below!

The key is to be temperate with Roulette sessions

Whatever casino game or bonus you’re playing at one of the best payout online casinos in Canada, keep track of your invested money, winnings and losses. Then, after each couple of months, you will see if it is worth it to continue.

3.     Poker, or the thrill of gaming

With poker, the scenario is a bit different. The outcomes rely on skill and luck in the same measure.

However, we used our genuine poker experience.

We coupled it with mathematical formulas to give you some estimated averages—the lesser the cards in one’s hand in a round, the more accurate the percentage.

Poker type

Accuracy of RTP

Average RTP

Texas Hold’em






Pai Gow






3 Card



5 Card






There are many other poker variations that we have not included for the sake of readability. Both the ones you see and the ones missing have RTP that are subjected to changes depending on the laws of probability and player skills.

4.     Video poker (a poker-slot hybrid)

Video poker (a poker-slot hybrid)

Since these games are constructed on the same basis as slots, you don’t have that many liberties when making your choice.

Nonetheless, you can go and check the game’s settings before wagering. There is where you’ll find the encoded RTP.

Generally, the numbers that interest you are as follows:

  • Classic Video Poker can go between 99% and 100%;
  • Jacks or Better is consistently over 99%.

5.    Baccarat or Punto Banco

In this case, bets are the ones that dictate the RTPs and their general differences:

  • Banker bets land on a 98.9% average;
  • Player wagers go up to 98.7%;
  • Ties can round up to 85.6%.

Banker bets are usually tied to a commission decide by the casino, so make sure you gather information on that aspect before playing.

Usually, the commission task is around 5% or lower on the best payout online casinos or land-based locations.

Expected highest payout online casino Baccarat numbers

Type of Baccarat

Average RTP



Punto Banco




Mini Baccarat


6.     Canadian Slots for best online casino payouts

Most popular Canadian slots

Slot title

Game provider

RTP embedded

Mega Joker



Blood Suckers



Immortal Romance






Book of Dead

Play N GO


Gonzo’s Quest



Age of Gods



Mega Moolah



We know that are many more other slot games that Canadians enjoy, but it would have been impossible to add them all. Our selection was based on popularity, on both the front of players and top online Canadian casinos. When it comes to A-class online casinos for you, we’re experts, so check out our license, support, banking, and game analysis.

Usually, progressive slots have a lower RTP of anywhere between 88% to 90%.

Canadian casinos with rich payouts

A short summary

Payouts are not so easy to estimate by yourself, considering they are complex ways for casinos to retain profits.

You can’t avoid them or ignore them; otherwise, you will produce more losses than wins in the grand scheme of things.

We have researched and presented it to you on our best payout page, alongside genuine player advice. Keep in touch with Casinobonusca for more helpful guidance on best payout online casinos!

References used for the creation of this page:

Canada Flag Canada


  • Ontario
  • Canada


There are 408 Best Payout Casinos

CasiGO logo
Read review

4.4 / 5

Canada Flag



Join CasiGO, validate your account and deposit more than C$5 to get C$101.

If you deposit more than C$10, you can trigger the welcome package that consist of C$2000 + 137 free spins.

Bonus terms:

  • The value per spin is C$0.05
  • You have to wager your deposit and spins’ winnings 35 times
  • The maximum bet allowed in bonus is C$5
  • You can cash out up to C$101
  • If you trigger the welcome package, you will still receive the 101 rounds
19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Power Play Casino logo
Read review

4.3 / 5

Canada Flag



Create an account and take advantage of a welcome pack that consists of:

  • 100% up to $200 for the first deposit;
  • 100% up to $500 for the second deposit;
  • 100% up to $300 for the third deposit;
  • 100 Weekly Free Spins, wager-free.

The maximum amount you may withdraw from these bonuses is C$4000 per deposit. You must complete a wagering requirement of 35x. However, stakes while completing these must not exceed C$25. The offer expires within 30 days.

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Top Rated by Players logo

5 / 5

Canada Flag

New casino


+77,000 users have spoken! Here are their favourite online casino bonuses from January to 2021’s end.

All the offers on this page come from sites that check all the boxes when it comes to quality and usability.

Quick Overview:

  1. Over C$4 Mil. in bonuses given out!
  2. Canadian-friendly payments, like Interac;
  3. Fast-Cashout;
  4. +97% in winning rates;
  5. Popular games, including jackpot slots.

Don’t miss out on Canadian gambler favourites!

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Jackpot Molly Casino logo
Read review

4.2 / 5

Canada Flag


New casino


C$2450 in bonus funds

After joining Jackpot Molly Casino and depositing more than C$20, you may claim a welcome package consisting of the following:

  • 1st deposit: 200% up to C$1150;
  • 2nd deposit: 150% up to C$750;
  • 3rd deposit: 100% up to C$550.

The wagering requirement tied to this offer is 40x the bonus plus the deposited amount. Keep in mind that the wagering should be completed within 7 days. Moreover, the maximum cashout is 5 times the initial bonus amount.

321 bonus spins

The spins will be credited for the first deposit only, over a period of 5 days. You can choose to play them on Starburst, Aloha! Cluster Pays or Finn and the Swirly Spin. Each spin is worth C$0.10, and they are valid for 7 days.

Spin winnings will be granted in bonus funds and must be wagered 40 times before cashing out. The maximum cashout of 5x will also apply to them.

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Best Casinos 2022 logo

5 / 5

Canada Flag

New casino


Our experts hand-picked 13 premium online casinos every Canadian want to join. The editors considered the following:

  • The number of games and providers
  • The overall RTP, which exceeds +97%
  • Winning rates of more than 73%
  • Canadian favourite payment methods
  • Up to 24h to cash out your winnings

Check them out now!

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
PokerStars logo

4.3 / 5

Canada Flag






Up to C$2000

You can claim 4 bonuses, each of them providing 100% up to C$500. Only Interac, Visa, and Mastercard work for this offer. You also must deposit over C$10, and insert the SPECIAL2000 promo code while doing it. These offers come with 40x wagering requirements. The bonus expire within 28 days.

Free spins

Each deposit unlocks bonus rounds, as follows:

  1. 150 free spins;
  2. 50 rounds;
  3. 50 turns;
  4. 50 rotations.

They have no wagering conditions – the winnings will automatically enter your cash credit when you use all of them. Each spin is worth C$0.10. These will expire in 7 days.

For more details and safe play, please also check the online casino’s T&Cs!

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Casino Days logo
Read review

4.3 / 5

Canada Flag



20 registration spins

When you sign up at Casino Days, you’ll receive 20 no deposit spins on Book of Dead. Remember that these will expire within one day of being credited. Moreover, you must wager the winnings 35 times before cashing out.

200% up to C$200

Upon your first deposit, you’ll receive a 200% up to C$200 match. To redeem it, you shall deposit an amount exceeding C$20. The bonus carries a 35x wagering requirement. Also, the maximum bet you can place is C$5 per round. And don’t forget that games contribute differently towards fulfilling the wagering.

50 no wagering spins

As part of the same deposit offer, you’ll also receive 50 no wagering spins. This means that you can cash out the entire sum received in winnings. The rounds must be used within one day of being granted.

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
BluVegas Casino logo

4.4 / 5

Canada Flag


Just added


Bonus funds

When joining BluVegas Casino and depositing more than C$20, you’ll be eligible to claim the following:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$500
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to C$500
  • 3rd deposit 25% up to C$1000

Remember that the bonus plus the initial deposit amount must be wagered 35 times. This requirement should be met in 7 days.

Bonus spins

Upon your first deposit, you will also receive 100 bonus spins, granted as sets of 20 per day, for 5 days. The second and third deposit, come with additional sets of 50 spins each.

The rounds can only be played on Starburst and must be wagered 35 times before cashing out. Moreover, the maximum cashout is C$100. Further information about this offer shall be found in BluVegas Casino’s full terms!

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Wildz logo
Read review

4.4 / 5

Canada Flag


New casino


Free spins

Once you register at Wildz, you’ll be granted 20 no deposit spins. All you have to do to claim them is press our promotional button and create an account. After that, the round will appear in the‘My Rewards’ section. Remember that they carry a 35x wagering requirement and must be used within 24 hours of being granted.

Bonus funds

After funding your account for the first time, with more than C$10, you may redeem the following:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$500;
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to C$500.

The bonus must be wagered 35 times before cashing out any winnings.

Bonus spins

As part of the same promotion, you will receive a set of 25 spins every day, for a period of 8 days. The rounds are linked to your first deposit. They will be granted on a game chosen by the casino. Moreover, any winnings shall be wagered 35 times.

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario
Wheelz logo
Read review

4.5 / 5

Canada Flag


New casino


Spins on registration

Once you sign-up with Wheelz, you may redeem 20 rotations to use on slots. You must claim this offer during your first 24 hours as a member.

Their winnings are subject to 35x wagering requirements.

100% up to C$300

This match bonus will activate when you deposit more than C$20 on the online casino. You must stake the bonus 35 times to withdraw.

100 free spins

When you first fund your account, you’ll also get 100 rounds to use on slots. Be aware that they come in batches of 10 for 10 consecutive days. Each bundle is available for 24 hours. The winnings require 35x wagering before you can take them out.

19+. This offer is not available for players residing in Ontario