15 Top-Rated Sports Betting Forums You Should Join

Joseph Havens

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15 Top-Rated Sports Betting Forums You Should Join

Sports betting forums are great spaces to engage in discussions, understand the sports scene better, and inform your staking decisions.

With the guidance you will receive from these forums, all that is left to do is use the explained tips and strategies!

We’ve already prepared a secure database for you!

Indeed, you will leave with insightful knowledge that will help you navigate the world of sports betting forums.

We have analyzed several sports betting forums and came up with a list of the best 15 ones.

1.     SixCrazyMinutes

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


Player transfer rumours              



A Sports Betting Forum for All Discussions

SixCrazyMinute forum

Basic knowledge

You may be required to sign up to view specific discussions.

In addition to the discussions specific to sports betting forums, members of the forum discuss movies and TV shows.

Its Main Purpose

SixCrazyMinutes is most popular as a football betting forum, and it has more than 23,500 discussions.

The platform has received more than 1.33 million messages to date.

Top trending

The top thread among the sports betting forums discusses transfer rumours in 2021 and 2022 in football. It has received more than 3,000 replies.

More than 108,000 people have viewed this particular thread.

You will be able to sort the topics based on:

  • The last message time.
  • The thread creation time.
  • The title.
  • The number of replies.
  • The number of views.

You can also choose to view the threads in descending or ascending order. 

The tips you find here are best coupled with top online casinos, as the big operators allow their bonuses to be used in the sportsbook section.

2.     Forums.eog

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts





The NFL Betting Forum with the Best Layout


This NFL betting forum has a straightforward design, so you will find it easy to locate interesting topics.

Navigate with Ease!

You can use the search function on the top right corner to find specific stories.

Next to the search function, you will see the login and registration buttons, which you have to use before participating in discussions.

What Can You Find Here?

The main discussion forum at EOG has 201.5k threads and 3.8 million messages.

When viewing the threads on the forum, you will be able to sort them using the last update time, the thread type, or the previous message.

You can also choose to view threads started by specific platform users.

The top discussion on the forum deals with the UFC, and it has received 2000 replies. More than 72,000 people have now read the discussion.

When Posting on The Forum

It will automatically be ranked as the first thread since the forum automatically sorts conversations by ‘new.’

This fact means you will have a good chance of getting lots of replies, given that your topic is interesting enough.

3.     TheSpread

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


Football discussions



Football Betting Forum with the Largest Membership


Some features to consider

This website offers statistics on various matches. The platform also includes content and discussions that go beyond football.

Accessible Platforms

  • The MLB Betting Forum
  • The NHL Betting Forum
  • The NBA Betting Forum
  • Many More Threads

The posts are ranked based on the date, but you can use the search function to find specific discussions.

Although you can view the discussions as a guest, you will not be allowed to comment or post without creating an account on the platform.

Become a Member

Thespread.com has more than 507,000 messages, and it features about 63,000 discussions subjects.

The top discussion on the forum deals with the MLB Hoops, which has received 29 replies. 777 punters have viewed the post.

When using the platform, you will see the number of members and guests who currently are online.

4.     PredictEm

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts

MLB discussions



An MLB Betting Forum That Also Features General Discussions


When you register on this platform, you will be able to subscribe to specific posts.

Like other sports betting forums, this one requires sports bettors to sign up before participating in discussions.

New site members are encouraged to first go through the FAQ section.

What Can You Find Here?

This forum has a total of 1567 members, and when you log in, you will be able to see the online users.

The forum has had a total of 360,870 posts, and they cover more than 82,000 topics.

The most discussed topic at PredictEm deals with MLB baseball, and it has had more than 67,800 posts to date. These posts cover more than 20,000 topics regarding MLB baseball.

5.     Letsbet.ie

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


Horse racing



The Best Among Minimalist Design Sports Betting Forums


On the right side of the page, there are links leading to the latest blog posts and Twitter posts.

The forum encourages guests to create accounts to experience all the platform’s features.


Without an account, you will not be able to make posts or reply to the discussions. This forum has 2544 members, and users have created 14,743 threads to date.

The forum has 353,756 posts at the time of writing.

When making posts on the site, you should scroll to the bottom of the page to see the number of users currently viewing the website.

6.     Customcappers

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts





The MLB Betting Forum with the Largest Number of Active Users


You can sort discussions based on the sport type or league on this sports betting strategy forum.

It also allows sports bettors to subscribe to posts, after which they will be able to follow the discussions.

Can you also join?

Yes, Custom Cappers currently has 330 members, and a large fraction of these are active on the platform.

The forum has 377,172 posts, and these cover 29,417 topics.

7.     Sherdog

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts

UFC discussions



The Simplest to Navigte Among Sports Betting Forums


This website used a dark grey background, achieving a sleek and easy to use design.

However unlikely, if you have trouble using the forum, you should consult the website’s support team.

The Perks of Sherdog Platform

Once you access the platform, you will see several forums. In the sports betting forums, you can participate in 9,397 discussions.

These messages currently contain over 33,400 messages. The top thread on the forum deals with wagering, and it has 1011 replies and more than 67,000 views. 

8.     Freaksforum

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


Football discussions


The One-Stop-Shop of the Sports Betting Forums


It Offers Parlay Calculators

You can also use it to find high-quality sportsbooks. Its football betting forum options are the most popular ones on the platform, and in total, they contain 5,106 posts.

The football threads go over 1,880 at the time of writing.

The Special Options You Get

When viewing an NFL betting forum, you will be able to see the last posts and their authors.

If you want to filter out inactive threads, you should click the link labelled ‘active threads’ at the top of the page.

Freaksforum requires punters to sign up before they make posts. 

9.     Everyedge

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


NHL Handicapping



The NHL Betting Forum with the Highest Traffic


This website receives more than a thousand visitors every day. Currently, the NHL betting forum discussions are the most popular.

The platform currently has 3652 registered members and features 215,962 threads.

Members Submitted 1,119 Million Messages

Whenever you sign in to your Everyedge account, you will be able to see the online members, as well as the guests.

10. Cappersmall

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


NFL football



The Largest Number of Posts on a NHL Betting Forum


Cappersmall is one of the biggest sports betting forums.

Most of its pages have hundreds of thousands of posts, and on average, they get 90,000 visitors in a day.

Topics Featured on the Platform

  • NFL betting forum
  • Fantasy sports discussions
  • NBA betting forum
  • NHL bettin forum
  • College football betting forum

This site currently has 133,202 members, and any new members are acknowledged at the bottom of the website.

In total, members of Cappersmall.com have made 8.9 million posts and are engaged in 731,600 threads.

11. Asianbookie.com

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


English football



The Best European Football Betting Forum


Asian Bookie is a little cluttered, making it hard to navigate.

However, it is still one of the most popular sports betting forums available, given that it receives more than 2.5 million visitors every day.

On the Football Betting Forum, Users Discuss:

  • English football leagues;
  • Spanish football leagues;
  • French football leagues
  • UEFA.

Asianbookie has a total of 261,921 registered members, and when you open the forum, you will be able to see the number of active members.

You will be required to sign up in order to submit posts to the football betting forum.

12. Therxforum

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


NFL football



A Well Organized NFL Betting Forum


It has become viral among punters. On the right side of the NFL betting forum, you will see a list of posts that have received lots of replies. You will also be able to view the newer posts.

The main issue with Therxforum is that it takes 1 to 24 hours for registrations to be processed.

It Has Become Viral!

Currently, the forum has 104,816 registered members and the posts on the site number 12,633,917. It has a little over a million threads.

13. Covers

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


NBA Betting



More than 5 million users


This is also ranked among the most popular sports betting forums. It has more than 5 million users.

Most Popular Topic Pages

  • An NFL betting forum;
  • An NBA bettting forum;
  • An NHL betting forum;
  • An MLB betting forum;
  • A college football betting forum.

There is a quick link on the main page to each subsection. You can see the total number of posts for each category. You can additionally browse through the hottest topics currently ardently discussed among site members.

14. Arbitrageguides

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts


Surebet services


The Go-To Site for Arbitrage Betting Discussions


This website has been involved in sports arbitrage betting since 2006 and has steadily grown its membership.

Want to Learn More About Betting on Sports Events?

There are many important details in the blog of the website, and you can use these posts to learn more about sports staking.

In the forum, you will be able to ask questions, share your experience on sports betting, and get updates on sure arbitered bets.

It Will Help You

This forum has proven to be extremely useful, and its membership increases regularly.

Like many other sports betting forums, this one has a search function that you can use to find certain posts.

15. Pickmonitor

Established year Main topics No. of members No. of posts



The Place for Newbiew and Pro Gamblers Alike


Pickmonitor is a popular platform for betting participants. It offers lots of tips for the trade.

New players that are only getting to join the new casinos 2022 are welcome on the platform, as it can prove incredibly instructive.

Requirements to Become a User

You must sign up on the platform to comment in the MLB betting forum or start discussions.

As a platform for sports bettors, it allows members to discuss subjects, such as bankroll management and live betting tips, on various events, such as tennis or football matches. However, many threads discuss related content, like casino gaming.

How to Register

You can sign up for the forum using the registration button on the upper right corner of the site, and after that, you will be allowed to make posts.

If you are new to sports betting, you can go through the threads on the forum to get an idea of what the industry involves.

Make sure you read their FAQ section and blog posts.

Why Sports Betting Forums Are Valuable to Gamblers

Sports betting forums give you a chance to interact with like-minded people, and they can help you make more accurate predictions. The threads are both warnings and reminders regarding possible risks and the guiding light for your process.

However, do not forget that many experienced bettors can still fall into several problematic practices and behaviours. Combine their useful insights with an expert guide on live betting. Gambling specialists often provide more logical reasoning and test their practices more thoroughly.

More accurate predictions can ease your sessions, allowing you to be confident in the stakes you place via a casino app.

You should create accounts on these sports betting forums since that will allow you to create posts and comment on existing threads. Remember to return and read new entries and thread replies. This action will guarantee that you are constantly up to date with current gambling practices and events.


Learning from others is the key to success. Trust us! We’ve already done it. However, success will depend on your personal flair and your contribution to the activity.