Blackjack Strategies – The Blackjack Basic Strategy & Beyond

Ana-Maria Ciobanu

Casino expert

Blackjack Strategies – The Blackjack Basic Strategy & Beyond

We have checked and compiled the best blackjack strategy that you can employ at the game tables. This is how you find the perfect blackjack strategy.

Steps to a Blackjack Basic Strategy

We will start with the blackjack basic strategy and then move on to more intricate approaches.

Essential Game Rules

The main goal for the player is getting a better hand than the dealer’s that doesn’t exceed the value of 21.

Exceeding 21 is referred to as busting. If your hand total lands on 21, that is a black jack.

The round starts with each player placing their bets. Then, all participants receive two cards each. While you can see both of your cards, only one of the dealer’s cards is visible. This one is referred to as the upcard, while the turned one is the hole card.

Live Blackjack basic strategy

Essentially, a blackjack basic strategy requires you to know the actions you can take at the table and the value of each card.

Player Actions

  • Hit – You draw an additional card.
  • Stand – You keep your cards without additional draws.
  • Split – If you are holding a pair, you can create two separate hands. You must add one more bet.
  • Double – Your bet value is doubled, but you are allowed to pull only one more card.
  • Surrender – You give up before the game completion and recover half of the bet.

Rule Variations

Hitting and standing are universal. Splits and doubles may not be present in some games, but you will frequently encounter them.

The surrender feature is not available at many live casinos because it reduces the house edge. However, surrendering is part of the best blackjack strategy. Hence, look for a blackjack casino that provides surrender games.

Starting Steps in All Blackjack Strategies

As a starting point with your blackjack basic strategy, consider simple rules of thumb. If your initial cards have lower values, it is safe to hit. Conversely, if your hand’s value is close to 21. you should better stand.

Nonetheless, the best blackjack strategy has set rules for all the possible actions and card variations.

Further Advice for Using Blackjack Strategies

Advanced tips and strategies for playing live Blackjack

The blackjack strategies we present are theoretically based on probabilistic results. There is no perfect blackjack strategy, per se, meaning one that guarantees constant success.

The idea behind the close to perfect blackjack strategy is reducing the house edge considerably. This will translate into smaller overall risks and a possibility to capitalize on opportunities.

We will start with some initial elements that are necessary for all worthwhile blackjack strategies.

Pick Tables Whose Bet Minimums Do Not Exceed 5% of Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is an important prerequisite for the best blackjack strategy. Ideally, you should not place wagers that exceed 1% of your designated gambling funds.

This approach will allow you to have a longer play session and control your spending. Table games generally have higher stake minimums, and thus 5% is a good compromise.

The Game Versions Will Affect Blackjack Strategies

We hinted at the importance of rule variations for the best blackjack strategy outcome. While many aspects play into the game version choice, there is an easy way of summarizing them into one result: the house edge.

These are some house edge variations, depending on the game titles.

House Edge Examples

Type Software Provider House Edge







Double Attack



21 Duel



Never go for the Insurance Bet

The insurance is a side bet that you can place if the dealer’s first card is an Ace. It protects your stake if the dealer’s hand amounts to 21.

While the insurance bet can come in handy if you’re using card counting techniques, blackjack basic strategy users do not require it in their play.

As it stands, the odds provided by the insurance bet are low. Your odds for the insurance are 9 to 4 if the dealer is showing an Ace. This fact means that, in the long run, for every $90 you wager on the insurance bet, you only receive $40.

Generally, Play One Hand at a Time

Several game options allow you to join several tables at a time. The volume of play does not help your payout amount and may in turn hinder the best blackjack strategy application.

We say generally because you can end up playing with several hands when splitting pairs. The best blackjack strategy does account for splits and the option proves worthwhile in some situations.

However, if the blackjack basic strategy does not require it, stick with only one table.

Table Placement Does Not Matter

Gamblers have their myths and faux blackjack strategies that imply table placement. Note that, once you get a grasp of the game and essential decision-making, being the first to get the cards will not matter as much.

Instead of attending to irrelevant aspects, take your time to work through the best blackjack strategy approach.

Know all the Game Rules

Your online blackjack strategy will amount to nothing if you do not know the full set of rules at the table you are playing. More essentially, the rule variations will considerably affect the house edge. Take the time to assess the following:

Essential Game Rules

  • Whether the dealer hits or stands on a soft seventeen.
  • The number of used decks of cards.
  • If the dealer peeks for black jack.
  • Whether splitting, doubling, and surrendering are allowed.
  • What the payout for a 21 hand is.
  • Splitting may also be restricted to 10-cards or aces.

The “dealer stands on soft 17” is the standard and most advantageous to the player. The rule is also known as the fighting chance.

21 payouts are also crucial. The standard used to be that a 21 hand attracts a 3 to 2 payout. However, online versions started opting to the 6 to 5 payout which is worse. 7 to 5 is average, while the rare 2 to 1 is the best for your online blackjack strategy. 1 to 1 is just the worst, if you see it, run.

Charts Provide You with The Best Blackjack Strategy

If the perfect blackjack strategy is a mathematical model that covers all possible game situations, then the game strategy charts describe it wholly.

These are decision-making guides that only consider the game rules and your current hand. As such, the blackjack basic strategy charts are a fact-based way of guaranteeing the best odds in the game.

Thus, using the charts in your gameplay will lower the house edge to a meagre 0.5%, irrelevant of any other outside decisions, thus turning the game into one of the fairest casino options.

Maximize your odds by using strategy charts

Further Work Toward the Best Blackjack Strategy

It is difficult to come closer to a perfect blackjack strategy than with charts, but it is possible.

Still, their utilisation is essential. The best approach for a beginner is to learn the decisions by heart and employ them as such.

Once you get a grasp of the game, you may further inform your play decisions by studying deviations. These are additional rules that you may apply in certain situations and obtain an even better probability of success.

Pros & Cons for Live Casino Games

Pros and cons of live Blackjack games


  • Authenticity – Live games are quite like a real casino experience, allowing you to follow the actions of the dealer.
  • Availability – You can partake in your favourite live tables from anywhere, if you have a strong Internet connection.
  • Security – Recent technological solutions allow casinos to offer advanced encryption to their customers.
  • Sociability – You can use the chat to interact with the other players and the dealer, enhancing the level of interactivity.
  • Accessibility – live casino games load up within seconds, provide a maintained experience to all online gamblers.


  • Varying Quality – The live games’ quality will vary depending on the provider, setting, and implemented functionalities.
  • Higher Requirements – live casino participants must have a good set-up, be familiar with the interface, and provide their funds through online deposits.
  • Limited Benefits – As a remote casino user, you do not get the secondary benefits of land-based casino customers.

Pick the Best Site for Your Blackjack Basic Strategy

We have provided the starting steps for your perfect blackjack strategy. While you still may not be there, we will further give you the guidelines for trying and devising your blackjack strategies.

Steps to Picking a Platform and Using Blackjack Strategies

  1. Navigate to our dedicated live casino page and see where the best game options are
  2. Choose a suitable promotion from the list; our Evolution Gaming casinos page could be a good starting point to begin your live dealer bonus research.
  3. Register onto the platform of choice and follow all verification steps
  4. Make a qualifying deposit if the chosen promotion requires it
  5. Browse the catalogue and choose a table based on our guidelines
  6. Start your gambling using the blackjack basic strategy charts

Can You Play on Mobile Devices?

Practice makes perfect, and practice requires you to participate and use your blackjack strategies in several instances. The best way to guarantee continued access is via mobile apps.

Thus, it is worthwhile to browse and select from the list of mobile casinos that are available nowadays. With advancements in tech implementation and connectivity methods, mobile gambling has become as user-friendly as possible. Use it to develop and rehearse the best blackjack strategy that you may devise.

Bonuses Will Help Your Blackjack Strategies

If you find a blackjack casino bonus you may essentially test out your blackjack basic strategy with promotional credit, instead of your funds. This is the best scenario, especially since these offers are meant to give you a trial of available facilities.

When you use blackjack strategies with bonus money or bets, you should beware of specific restrictions. The promotional policies of a platform will describe how you are and aren’t allowed to use your received items.

For instance, some gamblers implement the martingale into their blackjack basic strategy, for added effectiveness. However, most online casinos will prohibit the betting system when using bonus funds, or real funds, at that, in some cases.

Bonuses remain a solid way for beginners to try our blackjack strategies, but insofar as they always proceed with full knowledge of their limitations.

Next Steps

We have covered the starting steps, prerequisites, and platform requirements for learning and using the blackjack basic strategy. While you may have all the theoretical baggage as of now, playing at a table will certainly be anything but like a simple discussion around the subject.

The perfect blackjack strategy does not hinge on the game choice, blackjack basic strategy charts, or the use of bonuses, as much as it does on the person applying it. Once you master all the highlighted steps, your contribution will be the magic ingredient that turns any systemic approach into the best blackjack strategy.