Crack the Code of Wagering Requirements

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

How the wagering requirement works

Wagering requirements impact your winnings significantly. Our expert guide shows you the key to cracking bonus playthroughs and optimizing your bonus play.

Remember How Wagering Requirements Work

Wagering requirements are essential conditions you must follow when playing your bonus.

They show how many times you need to stake the bonus amount, your deposit or both before you’re allowed to cash out your winnings.

Wagering requirements are also known as playthrough or rollover requirements. Casinos use such conditions to ensure that you use the bonus to play on their website for a sufficient amount of time so that they also make a profit.

Understanding how playthrough works and how to use it smartly will help you increase your chances of getting a substantial profit when playing with casino bonuses.

How to find wagering info in the Terms and Conditions

Click on the bonus terms link and look for the bonus wagering there by pressing the Ctrl and F keys and typing in the word “wager.”

If you don’t find any related information there, you can check the casino’s bonus policy which usually appears in the casino’s main page footer.

Otherwise, look for the words “bonus” or “promotion” in the casino’s general T&Cs.

Don’t underestimate looking for bonus conditions such as the wagering requirements, game restrictions and time limits. Knowing these key terms before you pick a bonus can save you valuable money and time.

For instance, if you pick a bonus that looks promising without checking the terms, you might:

  • Have to use your winnings to complete high wagering requirements and get nothing at the end of your play;
  • Be required to use your bonus only on a specific game with a low RTP and, in consequence, low winning chances;
  • A short time span for completing the playthrough, which adds pressure and prevents you from playing strategically.

Identify Bonuses with Reasonable Wagering Requirements

  • Check if the wagering requirements are lower than 50 times the bonus amount. Anything higher than that will prevent likely prevent you from cashing out your winnings.
  • Check if the wagering requirements apply to bonus funds, to your deposit, or both, so you can estimate correctly how much you have to wager.
  • Avoid bonuses with playthrough conditions that apply to your bonus funds and deposit, as these require you to stake high sums.
  • Research different bonuses to get a wide range of options that allows you to set your own standards for bonus rollover.
  • Compare the terms and conditions of different promotions side-by-side. This helps you get a better understanding of which bonus has the most convenient rules.

Play Games that Contribute to Wagering Requirements

Playing games that contribute to meeting your wagering requirements significantly improves your game strategy.

What Games Contribute to Wagering Requirements?

Slots contribute 100% to meeting wagering requirements in most cases. However, you should read the promotional terms, as some bonuses apply to a specific title or to a specific game category.

By not checking the game contributions before wagering your bonus you risk having to wager more than you calculated at first, which decreases your bonus value.

These are the most common game categories and how they usually contribute to wagering requirements:

  • Slots: 100%
  • Live dealer games: 50%-10%
  • Table games: 10%
  • Keno, Bingo, VideoPoker: 5%-0%.

How to Choose Games with High Contribution Rates

To choose games with high contribution rates, you should click on the bonus terms, press the Ctrl + F keys, and search for the word “contribute”.

You can also find this information in the casino’s bonus policy. If not, make sure you contact the live chat operators, give them the full details of your bonus, and ask for game contribution.

Many bonuses apply to games from one renowned provider or to one specific title. Some of the most popular games with 100% contribution to casino bonuses are:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Starburst
  • Big Bass Bonanza
  • Wolf Gold
  • Book of Dead

Place Your Bets Strategically

Our experts explain practical ways of placing strategic bets when gambling. Keep reading to get quick professional tips.

What is strategic gambling?

Strategic gambling is a way of playing in which you use specific techniques to maximize your odds of winning.

The most effective strategy to complete your wagering requirements optimally is managing your budget.

Tips for effective bankroll management

Manage your casino funds easily with a few simple guidelines:

  • Decide on your budget before you claim your bonus. This will help you get a good idea of the stakes you can meet safely and which wagering requirements are most convenient for you.
  • Don’t chase losses while completing the playthrough, as you will likely lose your accumulated winnings. Stick to the bets you decided to make.
  • Choose high payout percentage games, to improve your odds of getting bonus profits even when the wagering requirements are high.
  • In the case of live casino bonuses, research renowned approaches, such as live roulette strategies or live blackjack strategies that help you manage your risks.
  • Set self-limits on your wager to make sure you don’t bet more than you can afford per day, week or month.
  • Set a deposit limit to ensure you don’t disregard the budget you set before you claimed your bonus.
  • Cash out as soon as you meet the playthrough.
  • Keep track of your bankroll and remaining wagering requirements. Use time and budget management to stay ahead of the playthrough.
  • Don’t let your emotions guide your betting decisions! Take a break or choose another game if you are feeling frustrated or when you feel that you cannot stop wagering even when you’ve met your budget.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Let’s give you a brief overview of why staying in touch with your progress is important and what tools to use for a quick and secure approach.

Why Keeping Track of Your Progress is Important

Keeping a close eye on your progress while wagering a bonus is the most efficient way of choosing and adapting your playthrough strategy because:

  • When you stay in touch with how much you wagered, you won’t end up cashing out before you complete the playthrough and losing your bonus;
  • Knowing how much you’ve lost or won gives you a clear idea if your strategy is working;
  • Seeing your bets and game history informs you on how to play and what to play next to improve your chances.

Tools and Tips for Tracking Your Wagering Requirements

  • Check the betting history in your account to see how much you’ve wagered so far;
  • Use the Financial Monitoring tool (if the online casino provides it) to identify how much you’ve won and lost so far. Use it to decide if you should make lower bets or continue in the same way.
  • Create a spreadsheet with your total gambling budget, the total amount you must wager, the amount you have staked so far, and the remaining budget according to your wins and losses. Update the remaining budget section constantly, to ensure you have an accurate overview.
  • Set daily reminders for your wagering and respect them. If you wager less, you will need to make up for it the next day and might struggle.

Make sure you don’t wager more than your daily limit to avoid developing a gambling addiction.

Meet the Wager Before the Deadline

  1. Determine the total amount you need to wager by multiplying the wagering requirements with your bonus funds (and/or deposit, depending on the promotion).
  2. Consider the deadline and how much time you have to wager the amount you determined at the previous point.
  3. According to your budget and time availability for gambling, break down the total playthrough sum into daily wagering goals that you can manage.
  4. Have a plan in case you do not meet a daily goal. For example, you can make sure that you add your remaining wagering goal to the next day on your spreadsheet.

Bonus Tip: Cash Out Your Bonus Balance

Cashing out your bonus balance immediately after you’ve met the wagering requirements is essential because it prevents you from placing further bets and risking your winnings.

Our bonus tips for smart payouts include choosing bonuses with no maximum cash-out limits, picking offers from casinos with fast payouts and no withdrawal fees, and choosing secure Canadian withdrawal methods, such as Interac, Visa, or Skrill Moneybookers.