How to Play Shot Roulette

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Shot Roulette

Drinking isn’t recommended before any activity, except for Shot Roulette.

Liquor is actually required in this drinking Roulette game.

Find out everything you should know about the Shot Roulette game on this page!

What is Shot Roulette?

What is shot roulette

Shot Roulette is a Roulette drinking game where players take turns and drink shots.

It features a drinking Roulette game wheel with several shot glasses fixed on the edges of the wheel.

Each of the shot glasses has two numbers that align with the numbers found on the wheel.

What do you need to play the Roulette shot game?

What do you need to play the roulette shot game

Thankfully, this is not Russian Roulette, where you need a gun and bullets to play. The Roulette shot game requirements are pretty much non-lethal.

Besides a Roulette wheel, you also need

  • Alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, or water
  • Sixteen shot glasses
  • Two metal balls

However, if you don’t have a Roulette wheel, you could use a spinning bottle or even cards and dice. As long as it fits the gameplay, you are good to go.

If you don’t want to go through the stress of finding all these, you can purchase ready-made drinking Roulette game sets.

Shot Roulette vs Classic Roulette

  • While both involve having fun, Classic Roulette is a game played by people who want to gamble
  • Classic Roulette is also available as Live Roulette, which can be played in online Live casinos Canada
  • The drinking version is played for the sake of socializing, while Classic Roulette players are more focused on the game rather than who they’re playing with

Shot Roulette rules explained

Shot roulette rules explained

You don’t need to learn many rules to enjoy a game of Shots Roulette.

Sometimes, the rules even depend on what you and the other players decide. However, here are the basic rules associated with a standard drinking Roulette game.

Players shouldn’t smell the contents of the glasses

The point gets defeated if players sniff the content of the glasses.

Leave everyone guessing when you drink the shot glass you landed on.

Alternate the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Another way to maintain the element of surprise in this game is to alternate the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks when filling the glasses.

Also, if you’re using water as your non-alcoholic beverage, it’s advisable to go for clear spirits like vodka. This way, players won’t be able to distinguish between them.

Establish an order right from the start

You have to decide the order in which participants are going to play from the very beginning of the game.

Here’s how it should go

  • Select the first player to spin the Roulette wheel by spinning the reel and putting the ball inside
  • Spin the wheel. After it lands on a number, the player with the corresponding shot drinks it
  • The other players can sit or stand in a circle around the shots to watch the wheel spin (or any other prop you have used in place of the wheel)

Don’t touch the Roulette wheel before the ball lands on a number

The rule is to wait after spinning the Roulette wheel to see where it lands.

It’s this movement that lays the foundation for the suspense of the game.

Any attempt to touch the wheel during this period will definitely impact the outcome of the spin.

If the ball lands on 0, the designated person must drink all the shots

Another interesting rule that you can introduce to your drinking Roulette game is if the ball lands on 0, the designated person that spins the wheel must drink all the shots.

However, if you feel like that would be too much, you can make everyone drink a shot instead.

How is the winner crowned?

The way each game ends depends on you and the other players.

You can play this game until no shots are left, or you can keep refilling the glasses until one player manages to drink a specific number of shots, for instance.

How to play Shot Roulette step-by-step

How to play shot roulette step-by-step

  1. Fill your glasses with your preferred beverage (alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks)
  2. Each player selects a glass for themselves, and they will keep it until the end of the game
  3. Select the player that goes first by spinning the wheel and putting the ball inside
  4. When the ball stops on a number, the player with the designated shot drinks it and puts the empty glass back
  5. The next player spins the wheel
  6. If the ball falls on 0, the person that spins the wheel drinks all shots or everyone drinks
  7. The game usually ends when all shots are empty
  8. You can refill them to continue playing

As you may have noticed, this isn’t a strategy game. If you’d rather play a table game that requires more technique, try Classic Roulette on one of the many Canadian online casinos.

Play Shot Roulette safely

Drink responsibly Shots to get tipsy Shots to get drunk Too many shots

Adult Male




Adult Woman




Drinking limits

The table above shows the standard alcohol tolerance of an adult male and female.

However, take these estimations with a grain of salt: they are theoretical and may not relate to your case.

Alcohol tolerance varies from one player to another, and it can be influenced by factors such as:

  • Height
  • Mass
  • Medication
  • Illnesses

While drinking Roulette allows you to take a drink or two, you shouldn’t leave everything aside and get drunk.

Whether it’s a game or not, excessive alcohol can damage your health.

Drink safely and play the game responsibly. More specifically, drink only the amount of liquid your body can tolerate.

If you start feeling tipsy and you’re unsure of what’s next, then it’s time to end the game. The fun never stops; you can always play later.

Shot Roulette variations

Shot roulette variations

There are several variations of the Roulette shot game.

Many people have found diverse ways to make this drinking game exciting. Below, we covered the basic rules of popular Roulette game variations.

Spin and Drink

  • It’s the most basic way of playing this Roulette drinking game
  • A player will have to drink whatever is in the shot glass
  • If a player lands an empty shot glass, they are free from drinking in that particular round
  • This continues until all shot glasses are empty

Pick the Glass variation

  • This version is best for those who don’t want to get overly drunk
  • Players have more than one designated shot glass
  • The number of glasses allotted depends on the number of participants. For instance, if five people are playing, five-shot glasses will be given to each player
  • Wherever the ball lands, the owner of the glass will have to drink what’s in their shot glass
  • In this game, a player can drink several shots till their shot glasses are empty
  • The Pick the Glass variation requires more props than others

Mix & Match

  • The unique rule of this variation is that you fill your shot glasses with different alcoholic beverages. The more varieties you add, the more fun it is, as players won’t know what they might be drinking next
  • Place the shot glasses in their designated positions and spin the wheel
  • Keep in mind that you are highly liable to get drunk faster when you drink different kinds of spirits in one go

Russian Shot Roulette

The Russian Roulette drinking game is divided into Turbo Shot Roulette and No Wheel Shot Roulette.

Here is how to play the first Russian Roulette drinking game:

  • This is the fastest form of the Roulette drinking game
  • It’s ideal for a quick drinking party
  • Fill the glasses with your preferred alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • You don’t need the Roulette wheel; instead, you and the other players will pick a shot glass at random and drink what’s inside it
  • Repeat the process after the glasses are empty

No-Wheel Shot Roulette

  • This is ideal for players who are interested in playing drinking Roulette but don’t have a wheel
  • You can use an empty bottle
  • All the glasses will be in a circle on a flat surface
  • Place the bottle in the middle
  • Spin it
  • The designated player drinks the content in their shot glass and drops the empty glass on the surface
  • This goes on until all the shot glasses are empty

Practice your gambling

Practice your gambling and have fun with Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette brings real craziness, thrill, and fun to playing Roulette, especially since it doesn’t require any real money.

By playing the mini-shot Roulette variation, you even get to learn about how a real Roulette wheel works.

If it sparks your curiosity about the real casino game, you’ll be able to practice it with reliable platforms on CasinoBonusCA.

However, it’s still a fact that gambling and alcohol don’t mix very well. To keep it fun, make sure to impose healthy limits and drink responsibly!