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Casino Regina Review

We recently visited Casino Regina to perform an in-depth review of every aspect of the casino, and we can now provide you with accurate, up-to-date details on everything from the opening times to the types of slots and much more.

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Rating and Review Process for Casino Regina

We never rely on second-hand information. Everything you read in this Casino Regina review comes from direct experience with the venue. That means a combination of research on their website (not third-party sites) and, mainly, from physically playing at the venue.

Our team naturally enjoys their time at the casino, but the main purpose of the visit is research. We’re able to speak to staff one-on-one and get answers to the tricky questions you won’t find elsewhere. It’s also vital to visit the casino in order to see what level of enjoyment players are experiencing, as individual customer complaints or compliments aren’t 100% reliable in this age of bots and social media manipulation. That’s why we made sure to check out Casino Regina with our own eyes.

How we inspected Casino Regina

  • Date of visit: 14/06/2023
  • Time of visit: 10h-12h
  • Initial bankroll: C$100
  • What we played: Slots, poker
  • Final bankroll: C$0
  • Next visit: 01/06/2024

What we looked at

Our first step is always to check out the casino’s website, and that’s exactly what we did at the beginning of our Casino Regina review. This gives us a chance to see what information is easily available, so that we know the blind spots to find out about when we actually visit the casino.

With that segment of the review completed, we headed to Casino Regina and spent around 11 hours in the venue. We played slots and, on this occasion, jumped into a poker tournament too. We also had a bite to eat on a makeshift train, looked at their box office to see what level of entertainment they had to offer, and spoke to both staff and players to get a feel for the levels of satisfaction around Casino Regina.

What we found


1880 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 0B2

Open hours

Sunday: 12:00am – 4:00am

Monday: 9:00am – 4:00am

Tuesday: 9:00am – 4:00am

Wednesday: 9:00am – 4:00am

Thursday: 9:00am – 4:00am

Friday – Saturday: 24 hrs


Required (free to join)

Minimum age


ID checks


Game types

Slots, table games, poker



Slot machines


Gaming terminals



Cash, card

Average betting range

C$5 – C$100

Free drinks

Yes (Silver Members)





Poker tournaments


Slot Machines – 4/5

Not only does Casino Regina pack in over 800 slots, but they have a massive rarity…natural light!

Most of the casinos we review in Canada are very closed off in the sense that there are just rows upon rows of slots, but here you can enjoy views of the outside area from quite a few of the slot machines, with stakes ranging from one cent to C$5 per spin. This is something that immediately caught our eye when we went to review Casino Regina.

How many slot machines does Casino Regina have?

You can take your pick from more than 800 slots at Casino Regina with plenty of tourneys and promos running all week.

Do the slot machines accept coins?

Slot machines can be played using a ticket system, and we saw lots of ticket machines all over the casino floor. Alternatively, you can head to the cashier’s desk to cash in.

Slot machine providers

Aristocrat slots dominate the casino floor, and there are plenty of exciting titles from other providers to provide some variety.

Local progressive jackpots

Casino Regina is big on jackpots. At the time of our review, they had a Powerbucks jackpot running which was approaching the C$1.2 million range.

They also run cool promos in which you are entered into prize draws, and the more you play, the higher your odds of winning. You can choose from things like fishing excursions and football season tickets loaded with thousands of bucks in spending money on top.

Casino Games – 3/5

We’d place this in the medium range when it comes to game selection based on our reviews of the best Canadian casinos, which means there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Over 800 slots are housed on the casino floor, and although Casino Regina doesn’t go out of its way to attract high rollers, we did spot slots going as high as C$5 per spin, which will cover most people’s interests. There are only 20 tables, but that’s still enough for you to enjoy the most popular casino games around.

One of the standout features when it comes to Casino Regina games is the fact that staff are so eager to explain the basics – even on slots, which are essentially potluck. They also have some video guides on their website.

Can anyone bet the highest limits or do you need special VIP access?

Casino Regina has slots at stakes of up to C$5 which are available to all players. With around 20 table games total, it’s not really feasible for Casino Regina to set up VIP tables at this point in time.

Casino Regina poker tournaments

We rarely bother playing poker when reviewing casinos as it can be a lengthy process, but we were drawn in at Casino Regina due to the buzzing atmosphere. Not only that, but there’s a live ticker which is genuinely updated in real time on the website. You can check your phone and see precisely how many tables are open and how many seats are free.

There are also tournaments, and you can hire the area for a private game – though the manager told us they need at least four days’ notice for something like that.

Staff & Service – 4/5

Staff stood out as a highlight almost immediately upon our arrival at Casino Regina. Our review can only be based on what we experienced, and maybe we got lucky, but they seemed super friendly with a few rather eccentric characters who certainly gave Casino Regina a unique charm that we don’t commonly see at every Canadian casino we review.

Food & Drinks

There are three main places to eat at Casino Regina: Union Station Restaurant, Crossroads, and The Midway Bar.

Union Station Restaurant was built as a dedication to Union Station which was created in 1911, and is kitted out with long, carriage-like interiors which blend modern with vintage. Before we even tried the food, we decided this was our favorite restaurant, as it really does look unique!

Crossroads is the spot for a quick bite and a beer; fries, soup and a drink can be picked up at the bargain price of C$4, and the bar staff will no doubt tell you all about their local craft ales available on half of their eight taps.

The Midway Bar is very small and best suited to grabbing a drink and moving on. However, if it’s quiet, you can grab one of the handful of bar seats where there are also table-top slots.

Union Station Restaurant:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9am-10:30pm
  • Friday: 9am-1am
  • Saturday: 8am-1am
  • Sunday: 8am-10:30pm


  • Sunday – Thursday: 9am-2:30am
  • Friday & Saturday – 24 hrs
  • Bar service only available midday until 2am

The Midway Bar:

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 6pm – 2am

How much do you tip at Casino Regina?

The staff are friendly at Casino Regina, so we tipped in the 15-20% range.

Does Casino Regina offer free drinks?

Yes, but you need to be at least a Silver Member of the Players Club Membership to enjoy free drinks and other perks.

Is there a buffet at Casino Regina?

The buffet at Casino Regina is only open on Sundays, running from 11am – 2pm at Union Station Restaurant. We checked, and this means you can’t order a la carte during these hours.


All members are eligible for free parking. Fees only apply at sister venue Casino Moose Jaw.


You can’t stay in the casino as there’s no on-site hotel, but there are lots of very nearby options such as Delta Hotels by Marriott Regina and Wingate by Wyndham Regina, which are both right on the doorstep of Casino Regina.

Are there smoking areas?

You’re not permitted to smoke, vape, or even chew tobacco in Casino Regina. But there are designated outdoor smoking areas.


Casino Regina take casino etiquette seriously, but also try to make sure everyone has a great time.

You’ll need I.D. upon entry, and will be monitored via video throughout the casino, but there’s nothing we noticed which felt like the security were going overboard.

Loyalty & Rewards – 4/5

A lucrative loyalty scheme at Casino Regina can help you earn everything from free drinks to access to exclusive promotions and up to C$150 food and beverage credit per month.

How does the Casino Regina rewards program work?

Make sure you sign up to the Players Club Membership for the chance to unlock cool perks plus C$10 when you first join.

One thing that we couldn’t believe was that you can earn points across all games. We were even awarded 160 points for playing an hour of poker. With many casinos in Canada focusing their rewards points around slots only, this is a huge benefit – especially if you’re a strong poker player or know how to play optimal blackjack.

What you get

  • C$10 free play on sign up
  • Free parking
  • Food discounts
  • Access to presale tickets
  • Player Club-only promotions
  • Bonus points
  • Food & drink credit
  • Free soft drinks

How to claim rewards

  1. Enter Casino Regina and look for the Players Club desk
  2. Ask to join the Players Club
  3. Fill out the form and present your I.D.
  4. Get C$10 in free play and a membership card
  5. Points can be earned on slots by inserting your card into the machine
  6. Points can be earned at tables (including poker tables) by handing your card to the dealer

Casino Atmosphere – 4/5

As we mentioned earlier in our Casino Regina review, the atmosphere is top notch, with a lively poker room, restaurants with unique aesthetics that gets diners interested, and really friendly staff.

View from the inside

Like we said, the slots actually have real windows next to them, so you can see what’s going on outside! This is very rare for a lot of casinos because they want to keep you focused on their services inside, and so this was very refreshing.

Design experience

Casino Regina really leans into the railway theme, and the exterior matches this as it looks like a vintage entrance to a grand railway station. An eye-catching start which is a solid reflection of the experience you’ll have inside.

Are you allowed to take photos in Casino Regina?

Most casinos in Canada are very strict on camera use, but Casino Regina allows it. You just can’t take pictures at live tables or near the cashier’s desk.

Location and surroundings

You’ll be in the heart of downtown, next to Regina’s Market Square, so there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, shops and bars all around Casino Regina.

If you’re staying a bit further away, you’ll be happy to hear that we saw they were running free shuttle buses at the time of our Casino Regina review.

Do you need a passport to visit Casino Regina?

You don’t specifically need a passport, but you will need a piece of government-issued I.D. which proves you’re at least 19 years old to play at Casino Regina.


On-site entertainment is held in the Show Lounge, which is a breathtaking space with curved seating around the stage. Immaculately clean and ultra-modern, it’s worth checking out even if you can’t stop for a show.

If you can, book ahead. Some shows are free, while all sorts of headliners from Nelly to Michael Bublé have performed, with some seats fetching over C$100.

House Rules (T&Cs) – 5/5

We’re awarding full marks for the house rules at Casino Regina. They very much follow ‘etiquette’ over ‘rules’, which makes you feel much more welcome. You can’t take bags into the main room but they’re as relaxed as they can be across the board – including letting you take photos on the main casino floor, which is rare.

When is Casino Regina open?

Strangely, the website states 24/7 – but this isn’t true. Casino Regina is only open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays it’s midday until 4am, and weekdays Casino Regina is open from 9am until 4am. On holidays, they operate reduced hours of midday until 09:30pm.

Does Casino Regina charge entry?

There is no entry fee to Casino Regina, and you can also join the membership program for free.

Do you always need a reservation to play at Casino Regina?

There’s no need to reserve a place at Casino Regina unless you want to hire out the poker room for a private party. This will require at least four days’ notice.

Casino Regina membership details

In order to play at Casino Regina you will need to produce a piece of government-issued I.D. showing that you are aged 19 or above.

Dress code

Again, there’s no strict dress code at Casino Regina, which is good news if you don’t want to put on a full suit to check out the venue. The dress code simply states you must be ‘dressed appropriately’, and that you can’t wear anything that depicts violence or is gang related.

Standout rules at Casino Regina

  • No bags on the main floor
  • No smoking

Player Feedback – 4/5

Player reviews of Casino Regina are generally positive, with players praising the staff and ambiance of the casino as a whole.

Casino Regina player reviews

Google – 4.1/5

Everybody loves the way the casino has managed to preserve the train station décor, and reviews are positive even from people who don’t consider themselves big gamblers.

TripAdvisor – 4/5

On the gaming side, poker gets quite a few positive mentions alongside slots, but there’s also lots of praise for the highly rated Show Lounge. Many players report attending more than one show while in the vicinity.

Most common issues

None; the few complaints we’ve seen are mainly about experiencing a losing session.

Operator – 3/5

As a Crown corporation owned by the government, operator Sask Gaming is very trustworthy. It must be said that their experience in running casinos is not as extensive as some of the larger operators, but they seem to be doing an excellent job at Casino Regina.

Who owns Casino Regina?

Sask Gaming is the owner of Casino Regina. They also run Casino Moose Jaw, which is located in the same province.

Other casinos by the same operator

  • Casino Moose Jaw

Contact info


Email address

[email protected]

Telephone number




Who Are the Top Competitors of Casino Regina?

If you want to have a look at a casino in the region other than Casino Regina, you have quite a few decent options. Here a couple of the better ones:

Casino Regina vs Casino Moose Jaw

About an hour’s drive to the west of Casino Regina is Casino Moose Jaw, which is run by the same operator. It only has a quarter of the number of slots but is a popular option with locals.

Casino Moose Jaw is best for intimate gaming

Some players prefer big venues with more options, but if you like a smaller environment with a more intimate vibe, Casino Moose Jaw could be your best bet.

Casino Regina vs Painted Hand Casino

With horse-riding Indian warrior statues out front, the Painted Hand Casino grabs your attention and draws you into a small but interesting casino with plenty of slots from a range of providers.

Painted Hand Casino is the best for good value food

If you want to eat well and cheaply, the chefs at Pained Hand Casino have you covered with tasty dishes like borsht soup and bannock taco.

What sets Casino Regina apart from its competitors?

We haven’t come across another casino which utilizes the train station theme in the way Casino Regina does. Without seeing it, it might not sound super interesting, but just take a look at the front of the Casino Regina building or the Union Station Restaurant and you’ll see the appeal. Windows by the slots and a relaxed policy on cameras and phones are also key USPs of Casino Regina.

Casino Regina Pros and Cons


  • C$10 free play sign up bonus
  • Excellent poker room
  • Free drinks for Silver Members
  • Friendly staff


  • Less games than some other Canadian casinos

Is Casino Regina Worth a Visit?

With friendly staff, promos aplenty, and an awe-inspiring entertainment venue, Casino Regina is the complete package. It has appeal to both experienced gamblers and those who just want to check out the restaurants and shows, which means there’s a high chance you’ll find something you enjoy at Casino Regina.