What are the worst and best casino game odds?

While gambling never offers a good advantage to the players, there is a mathematical way to determine the best casino game odds, called “the house edge”. It represents the percentage that the house keeps as profit in the long run. Read on to discover the best and worst game odds available.

Best casino game odds

Worst casino game odds

Closing Thoughts

Best casino game odds


Blackjack is a simple table game with a house edge lower than 1% in most casinos that has an element of skill to it. Even though there can be more players at the table, they play against the dealer, not each other. The player with a hand value higher than the dealer’s that doesn’t exceed 21, (commonly called “bust”) wins and his bet will be doubled.


Winning at blackjack takes luck and some skill, but the greatest advantage is that the dealer relies on getting a good hand as much as all the other players, which means there are even chances of winning for every participant.  With an estimated 49 %win rate, blackjack offers the best casino game odds, and experienced players can make good money by applying certain strategies, such as card counting.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks and increase your skill level, you can visit this page where we’ve created a list of the greatest online blackjack deals available.


This dice game has about 50-50 chances of winning. The craps game can be intimidating for newcomers because there are many boxes on the table, but in reality, it’s quite easy to play and it has one of the greatest odds in the casino. After all, you are just betting on the outcome of a dice roll.


There are many bets available in craps, and the simplest of them is to guess if the shooter will win or lose on his roll, called “pass line” bet, which has 50/50 odds. If you make more specific bets, your chances will decrease but the payout will increase significantly.


The Roulette is a simple game that offers great payouts. It features a wheel with 38 numbers on it and all you have to do is bet on your favorite number. If the ball falls on it, you win 36 times your stake. However, this bet is very hard to win and the chances the wheel stops on your number range between 2.63% – 2.70%


While there are more ways to win at the roulette wheel, the most popular is betting on red or black. By using the color strategy you will have an almost 50-50 chance of winning. If the ball lands on the color you chose, your bet is doubled. Although it might seem that you have even chances of winning by betting on the color, there is a catch.

The extra green 0 and 00 positions on the roulette give the house its edge, which decreases your chances of winning on the color bet down to 47.4% for American Roulette, but despite being below 50% it still offers one of the best casino game odds out there.  In the table below you can inspect the odds for all the available roulette bets.

odds for roulette bets

 Check out this page to discover all the online roulette bonus offers available which will extend your playtime and help you find out if this game is for you or not. It takes time to find a high win rate strategy, but it will be worth it in the long run.


Poker is the casino game that offers players the most control over the win rate. Even though the cards are dealt randomly, meaning that there is luck involved, winning is mostly determined by how well you play those cards. Playing poker at a casino table can be tricky because the other players can have different skill levels and you can’t know for sure if you’ll be matched against amateurs or pros.


Therefore, if you want to make money by playing this game, you need to make sure you’ve trained enough before going against real players. Once you feel confident, you can start looking for a table that matches your skill level and budget. Since Poker is played against other players, playing during the night is better, because there are more casual players and the drinks have been flowing for a while.


As one of the oldest games in the world, Baccarat is famous for its relatively low house edge. The gameplay is quite simple – the players first need to place a bet on the player, the banker, or a tie. After all the bets are down, two cards are dealt to the banker and the players. The hand with the highest value wins.


In Baccarat, the Banker’s hand will win 45.8% of the time, which is slightly higher than the 44.6% chance for the player’s hand. Ties occur 9.6% of the time. When we factor out the ties, the Banker wins around 51% of the rounds, which offers him a marginal advantage over the player.

The house edge is set to 1.24% for the player’s hand and 1.06% for the Banker’s hand, which is the second-best next to the ~0.5% odds in Blackjack. But remember that despite the good value offered by Baccarat compared to other games, it is still a game of chance and the house always holds an advantage.

Worst casino game odds

Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel is a common game in land-based casinos, and the winning odds range between 26% and 39%. The gameplay is simple- you bet on whether the wheel will stop on one of the available segments, labeled $1, $5, $10, $20, and the joker. If it stops on your selected number, you win. The maximum payout is 36x the bet for the joker, which has a 24% house edge.

Big Six WheelBig Six Wheel

Although it is one of the easiest casino games out there, Big Six Wheel also offers the worst possible odds. Even if you’re lucky enough to hit your chosen number, the casino is already taking a significant chunk of your earning by the way their payouts are structured.  ‘


Slot machines are the most beloved casino games, mainly because of their simplicity. Just put your money in the slot machine and press the button to spin the reels. Landing a winning combination will reward you with the amount displayed on the paytable. According to statistics, the odds of winning big in slots are around 1 in 49,836,032.


According to the casino reports we’ve examined, the more money you bet on a spin, the higher your chances of winning. Additionally, slot machines have a Return-to-Player percentage, which represents the amount the slot will pay back to the player over time. For instance, if you make a thousand £1 bets on a slot with 90% RTP, you can expect to get back about £900 in wins.

The higher the RTP is, the lower the house edge, which means increased chances for the player. Below we’ve made a list of the slot machines with the highest RTP:

  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) – 99%;
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – 98.5%;
  • Joker Strike (Quickspin) – 98.11%;
  • Bob the Epic Viking Quest (NetEnt) – 98%.
  • BloodSuckers (NetEnt) – 98%;

Despite having worse winning odds compared to table games, slot machines remain the kings of casino games, with thousands of titles to choose from. Casino operators have created various slots bonuses that can be used to try out the games for free.


In a Keno round, the house draws 20 numbers from 1 to 80. The player can pick 1 to 20 number and hope that as many as possible will match the ones drawn. Since it’s a game of pure luck, the odds are pretty poor, but the payouts are huge.


The house edge ranges from less than 4% to 35%. Keno is similar to Bingo or Lottery in terms of both gameplay and probability of winning. The probability of hitting all 20 numbers is 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.

Scratch Cards

This type of casino game is widely popular among casual gamblers that want to win some money quickly. Since there are many types of scratch cards available, there are different winning odds. The number of winners is predetermined, so whenever a player buys a ticket, they are playing from a pool whereby the probability has been set in advance.


Similar to online slots, scratch cards use a Random Number Generator meaning that the probability is not set. The numbers and symbols are determined at random without the use of any formula or algorithm, which makes it difficult to calculate the odds. The chances of winning any prize are approximatively 1 in 3, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you buy three tickets, the third is a winning one.

Closing Thoughts

The tips in this article can help you make better gambling decisions, but you have to remember that the house always has the advantage. Even if you choose to sit at the Blackjack or Baccarat table, which offers the best casino game odds, you can still lose. The math is simple: your chances of losing increase with every additional bet you make.

To make sure you enjoy the time spent at the casino no matter the outcome, you need to walk in with a predetermined budget that you can afford to lose, without allowing yourself to cross that boundary.