101 ways to win at gambling

Iasmina Bunea

Casino expert

101 ways to win at gambling

If you are a passionate gambler or merely a beginner, but you want to increase your chances to win at gambling, you’ve come to the right place. We have researched and tested various theories and strategies and created this list of the best 101 ways to win when gambling. Discover them all and start combining them to get the desired results! Let’s dive in!

Ways to win on online casinos

There are multiple ways you can make sure you win more when gambling on an online casino. Online gambling has become more popular over the years, and today, most players prefer to gamble from the comfort of their home or on the go. Here’s what you need to do to increase your winning chances if you like to play online as well.

1.     Research and find the perfect gambling site

Always do your research before picking an online casino! You may be eager to start playing but going for the first one you see is not a good idea. Take your time and look at what it has to offer, read reviews, read other players’ opinions and discover their experiences with the site. These will help you decide if it is what you were looking for and if it can keep you entertained and happy for as long as you need it to.

2.     Pick a trustworthy gaming site

Trustworthy casino site

It is vital to pick a trustworthy gambling website in order to be able to make any money. This means the site must be fully licensed and regulated by a reliable authority such as the MGA or the UKGC.

3.     Use casino bonuses

You can increase your winning chances by using a casino bonus. Why would you play with an amount of money when you can play with double the amount? Even if the bonus you decide to claim does not double your deposit, whatever extra money it brings will help you play longer and have more shots at winning.

There are many types you can claim. You can start from a no deposit promotion and then continue with a welcome package covering your first payments. This is going to be very helpful, as you will be able to play with more money than you actually deposit.

4.     Pay attention to the bonus rules and requirements

Never forget to read the bonus rules and requirements for any offer you decide to claim from any online casino. Look for the wagering requirement, as that is the most important. This will tell you exactly what amount you need to wager, so you know when to stop. Knowing when to stop saves you more money that you can later cash out.

Other important information you will find in the rules and requirements section are the maximum cashout from the offer, in which conditions you may withdraw your money from it, and how to use it properly.

5.     Become a VIP user

Become a VIP user of an online casino and see your benefits increase. Casinos have different VIP programs, but many have advantageous ones. Go for one of these platforms, and as soon as you become a VIP, you will receive bigger promotions, better perks, and you will have an overall better experience. With the exclusive promotions and occasional rewards, you can win even more when playing.

6.     Go for the jackpots


If you are looking for a big win, go for online casinos and games that come with jackpots. Yes, you read that right. Some online casinos have their own jackpot, and anyone playing on the website can win it at any moment. Pay attention, as some may have a selection of games that this applies to, so make sure you pick the right titles to play.

Also, there are progressive slot machines. These have from one to four different jackpots that any player can win at any time. However, make sure you pay attention to your balance, as these games can have relatively high volatility, and they can eat up your entire budget for the gaming session!

7.     Learn and apply strategies

You can use strategies for table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, and even Poker. For some gambling variants, such as lotteries, winners have developed thorough-researched strategies for telling a winning lotto ticket.

You should do your own research and see the various systems that have been developed and tested by professional players. Then, try them yourself or start from a strategy that already exists and build your own as you go!

Keep in mind that these do not guarantee immediate wins. Instead, some of them promise that you will make a profit in the long term. The best thing to do is analyze each one and find the one that best fits your style.

8.     Play more with less money

Make smaller bets so you can make the most out of your money. You may be tempted to start big, on the hunt for those massive wins. However, if you have C$50 and you make 10 C$5 bets, chances are you will walk away with your hands empty. Yet, if you make 50 C$1 bets, you have 50 chances to win. Of course, the winnings will be much smaller than those obtained with the C$10 bet, but you can slowly build your account balance up and go from one small win to the other.

9.     Pick low variance games

Low variance slot machines pay out more often, but the winnings are smaller than the high variance ones. These allow you to not burn through your budget within minutes and give you more chances to actually profit from the gaming session.

10.  Choose high RTP games

Games with a higher Return to Player will give you back more money in the long run. This is calculated over a huge number of spins, so you may not notice a difference if you plan to only spin the reels of a slot a couple of times. However, if you have a favourite game that you always come back to, make sure it is one with a high RTP, this being over 90%. That way, you know you have more chances to win than on games with a lower RTP value.

11.  Participate in tournaments and wager races

Online casinos often hold competitions for their customers, and if you are the competitive type, you should join them. These may have a variety of prizes for the first players on the leaderboard. They can range from casino bonuses to real money and even real-life prizes such as gadgets, cruises, and more.

While the real rewards are indeed a delight, the casino bonuses are not to be overlooked either. They often are better than the ones the platform regularly offers, so you can take advantage of them and improve your gaming sessions and winning chances.

How to win in land-based casinos

There are many ways to make sure you win as much as possible when gambling in a land-based casino. While the online ones have gained popularity over the past years, many players still love the atmosphere of a real-life casino. However, without the bonuses the online gaming sites offer, winning here may be more difficult, but not impossible. Here’s what to do to walk out of a casino with a profit.

12.  Visit the casino during the day and learn its layout

Discover the casino and everything it has to offer with a relaxed mood during the daytime when the place is not packed with customers. You can learn the layout, see where the critical spots are or the ones that may interest you. Also, since the place is not too busy during the day, you may even play a game at one of the tables and get a breakdown of the game’s technical aspects from the dealer.

Walking into a new land-based casino in the evening when it is full may be disorienting for most players. It is better to come back to gamble with a sense of security and be familiar with the place.

13.  Take the casino’s free classes on games

Some land-based casinos offer free classes for players who wish to play a game but do not know its rules. This is a fast way of becoming familiar with the game and see if it sparks your interest. However, keep in mind that the casino’s goal is not to turn you into an expert, so expect to walk out of the class with only base knowledge. You can start from there and learn more from other sources.

14.  Wear a watch to keep track of the time

You should always have a watch or a phone with you when gambling. Casinos do not have windows or clocks so that the players may be completely immersed in the atmosphere and lose track of time. That is something you do not want to do because if that happens, you may only realize how much time has passed based on how much money you’ve lost.

Check the time every now and then and make sure you do not spend your entire night there. If you do, chances are you are going back home empty-handed.

15.  Do not consume much alcohol

Drinking and gambling may sound fun, but they are not a good match. Alcohol makes you feel more relaxed and careless, and you may get distracted a lot easier. You may start paying less attention to the game, and that means you can begin to lose. Always be on your toes and stay sober. If everyone else at the table is getting drunk, you have the upper hand.

16.  Pay attention and learn not to get easily distracted

Focus on the game you are playing, and you will definitely increase your winning chances. A brick-and-mortar casino in the evening is filled with people, there is music, chatter, people at the table may be cracking jokes. While this sounds fun, if you are there to win, you should completely ignore them.

Enjoy the atmosphere in between games or stay for a drink after you are done playing. But when you are at the table, do not let any distractions get to you. The more focused you are, the more chances you have to win.

17.  Leave while you are ahead

When you have won enough money, stop playing and go home. You may be tempted to play more as you may feel you are on a winning streak but do not forget that luck does run out. If you are ahead, it is time to go with a profit. The more time you spend in the casino past this point, the more prone you are to lose some or all the money you have made.

18.  Pick your table based on its players

Take your time picking your table and pay attention to the players at the table. You may want to start playing as soon as you walk into the casino, but it is not a good idea. You should order a non-alcoholic drink and take in the atmosphere, watch the people. Analyze the tables you may be interested in and pick the one with the least skilled players. You will get better at reading people the more you do this.

19.  Go for Video Poker and Blackjack instead of slot machines

Video Poker and Blackjack give you the best odds to win. Slot machines, on the other hand, as fun as they may be, rely solely on luck, and they can drain your budget quite fast.

How to win at slot machines

If you love playing slot machines, you should know there are things you can do to win more money at them. Slot machines are some of the most popular games in the gambling world. They are fun, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, with different themes and features to suit every player’s tastes. But here is what you need to do to maximize the amount you win from them.

20.  Choose a slot machine with fewer paylines

Slot Machine 777

Slot machines with fewer paylines usually have a higher payback percentage. While thinking that more paylines mean more chances to win, you might actually notice you win way less often and maybe even smaller amounts. The classic games are the best choice in this case.

21.  Avoid the feature-packed slots

The more complicated the slot machine is, the less often you will win. Same as for the paylines, features are a lot of fun. However, if you play to win instead of having fun, you are better off with a simple game. These will payout more, and you will not be distracted by chasing the activation of the feature.

22.  Play a slot machine with a higher denomination

High denomination slot machines have a higher payback percentage, so whenever possible, go for these games! They can bring you more money than the low denomination ones.

23.  Choose the games that come with a casino bonus

If you are playing online, pick games that have a casino promotion attached to them. This is like hitting two birds with one bullet. Bonuses allow you to play more, whether they come in the form of money or free spins. Regardless of their form, you can increase your winning chances and not leave empty-handed with their help.

24.  Do not play the slot machines in bars or airports

Slot machines that you can find in airports or bars are not the ones you should play, as they have low payback percentages. Players rarely win, and the better choice would be to go to a casino. You have more chances of winning there.

25.  Choose slots with a Wild symbol

The Wild symbol helps you create winning combinations by replacing any other symbol on the gameboard. It can be very useful, and it will bring you more winnings.

26.  Start with small bets but keep an eye on the jackpots

Start with small bets when playing slot machines, as they can burn through your budget quite fast. However, make sure you make the minimum bet to qualify for the jackpot if there is one. This way, you get to play for longer, and more spins mean more chances to hit the jackpot.

Ways to win at Poker

Win at Poker

Poker is a game that combines both luck and skill, meaning there are ways you can actually win when playing this famous game. Loves by so many players, Poker is a classic, and it will most likely never go out of style. It gives you the chance to be part of the action, unlike slot machines which require you to do nothing more than press the spin button. Here, you get to create and apply strategies and also pay attention to your opponents.

27.  Learn Poker odds

You have to learn the Poker odds and decide based on them, not on your gut feeling. This is where the skill part in the Poker game lies. The concept is a rather complex one that you need to study, but once you understand how to figure out the odds of your hand, it will help you know when it’s time to fold and when the win is guaranteed.

28.  Know when it’s time to fold

Learning when to fold is an essential part of Poker. Most times, players hold one hand for too long, and they end up losing more money. If you figure out when it’s the best time to fold, you will be saving more money for the lucky hands.

You have to pay attention to your opponents, and when the passive ones start calling and raising more, it may be time for you to fold. You can do so even if you have a good hand, which may be challenging to do at first. But in the long run, you will discover that is best. On the other hand, if you have aggressive opponents that continuously raise, you should not fold.

29.  Raise more often

Players who raise more often and play more aggressively win more often because their opponents tend to fold. However, you should always also take into account the hand you were dealt. If it is worth it, raise and play aggressively to get more money into the pot.

30.  Learn the math behind Poker

Learning the math behind Poker may be difficult and time-consuming, but it is worth it. Aside from being a luck and skill game, Poker is also a game of mathematics and probability and the more of that you understand, the better you become at the game. You can use multiple resources, from online articles and guides to books written on this subject by professional players.

31.  Play free Poker online for practice

Practice makes perfect even when it comes to Poker, and the best way to learn in a safe environment is by playing for free. Many online websites offer you free Poker games you can use to polish your skills.

32.  Learn to play Texas Hold’em

Learn to play Texas Hold’em as it is the most popular of Poker games. It is the game many players want to learn, so you get the chance to play against beginners more often. This means that you get to take their money.

33.  Learn to read your opponents

Poker Strategy learn to read your opponents

Reading your opponents is crucial in Poker games. Beginners will have a hard time dissimulating and, sometimes, the more experienced players will overdo it. Establish their baseline in between games, and when the game starts, notice how their behaviour and mimic change. You will get better at it as you do keep on analyzing them.

34.  Let your opponents clash

Play tight and give your opponents the chance to clash. This will keep you in the game for longer, as you do not seem like a threat to them. The fewer players left at the table, the more winning chances you have.

35.  Always be the best player at the table

Pick a Poker table with less experienced players for more chances to win. Do not rush into sitting at the first table you see when you walk into the casino. Watch a game or two and see where the rookies are. On the same note, if a couple of skilled veteran players come and play at your table, it is time for you to switch. This way, you will not be losing money to them.

36.  Pay attention to your position at the table

Your position at the Poker table is crucial. The best position is the Button (also called Buck or Dealer Button). This is the last player who acts on the deal or, in games without a house dealer, the player who deals the cards. The positions change for every game, but when you are the Button, you are at an advantage because you saw every other player’s move, and you can make yours based on theirs.

37.  Stick to playing one table

Playing one table is especially effective if you are new to this game. Learning the specifics will be much easier when you stick to a single table. You may try multi-tabling later when you are more confident, and you have absorbed all the information you needed to succeed.

38.  Think about your opponents’ cards

More important than your cards in Poker are the cards of your opponents. If you play enough Poker, you will start figuring out what cards your players may have in their hands based on their decisions at the table. Also, reading them plays a crucial role here. Always think about what cards they may have and how their hands may stack up against yours.

39.  Do not make rushed decisions

Take your time when making any decision during a Poker game. Sometimes, you will be playing with less patient people, and they may even try to rush you into making your decisions. Do not allow them to get to you because rushed decisions are most often bad ones. Take your time, think it through, and only make a move when you have taken into consideration all the details.

40.  Keep bluffing to a minimum

Bluffing is a powerful skill Poker players develop over time, but overdoing it is not a good idea, especially in the beginning. Save this for when you are skilled enough, and you will be playing for higher stakes.

41.  Play Poker in land-based casinos rather than online

Choose to play Poker in real-life casinos rather than online whenever possible. This allows you to interact with your opponents, see them, analyze their behaviour. This is impossible at online Poker tables, and it is a very important part of the game.

Ways to win at Roulette

There are ways to win at Roulette, even if it is a game based on luck. Thinking your bets through and trying betting systems work and they may help you leave the casino with your pockets full of winnings.

42.  Always choose European Roulette

European Roulette

Look for European Roulette every time you want to play, as it offers better winning odds. The American Roulette has two zero pockets, while the European only has one. This means that the European Roulette only has a 2.7% house edge, while the American one has 5.26%.

43.  Make even money bets

Even money bets allow you to manage your finances better as you play. Betting on a single number only gives you 3% winning chances.

44.  Try a betting strategy or develop your own

There are many betting strategies for Roulette that you can try. Many have been developed and tested by professional players, but you can start from one and develop your own. Do your own research and find the one that best suits you and start from there.

45.  Pick a table that offers En Prison and La Partage options

A Roulette table with En Prison and La Partage options is the best one you can go for if it is available at the casino you are playing at. The En Prison feature allows the lost money of a round to be put “in prison,” giving the players a chance to win it on the next round. If you lose the following round too, the money is lost. However, you still have one more opportunity to get the money back and keep on playing.

La Partage is an option some tables offer that consists of the house splitting the win with the player. If you bet C$20 on a number or colour and the house wins, you each get C$10.

46.  Play at the more crowded tables

When you play at a more crowded Roulette table, you place fewer bets. This extends your playing time as you can better manage your budget, meaning you can have more winning chances. Instead, if you bet all your money in the first 20 minutes, you may walk out empty-handed.

47.  Stick to outside bets

Make outside bets when playing Roulette. Even if they do not bring huge wins, they are low-risk bets. They can contribute to a slow but steady building of your profits at the table.

48.  Avoid using the Martingale betting system

Stay away from the Martingale betting system as it is a high-risk strategy. There are many others you can look into, analyze, and even apply to your gaming sessions. However, this strategy implies that you bet the same amount until you lose, and when you lose, you double the bet and so on.

This may be a good strategy if you are a high roller and have a big budget to play with, but if you are looking to make a profit on a small budget, the system is not for you.

How to win at Blackjack

If you love playing Blackjack, you should take a look at these ways to win more money while you enjoy it. Blackjack is a very popular game, and it can bring you consistent winnings if played the right way. Here’s how to make the most out of it.

49.  Have your own strategy

Gambling strategy

It is best if you have a basic strategy when you play Blackjack. Whether you use one recommended by other experienced players or create your own, you can increase your winning odds by using it.

50.  Pick a table with suitable stakes

Choose a table that has lower stakes to start with. This allows you to play more with less money and slowly raise a big enough amount of money to move to the high-stakes tables.

51.  Know when to surrender

Knowing when to surrender in Blackjack can save you a lot of money you can later use and win with. Using this option reduces the house edge by 0.07%, which may not sound like much, but it is always a good idea to reduce the house edge whenever possible. As you play more, you will start seeing which card combinations offer the best opportunity to surrender.

You may either surrender a hard total of 16 against the 9,10 or Ace of the dealer, and a hard total of 15 against 10 or Ace.

52.  Split your Eights and Aces

We recommend you always split your Eights and Aces. Even though some players may feel like splitting the Eights is a bad move, it is the option that gives you more chances to win.

53.  Stand when you have a weak hand

When the dealer has a face-up card of four, five or six, the best move for you is to stand if you have a weak hand. This gives the dealer the chance to bust. A hand of a two and a ten provides you with 70% chances to improve it and only 30% chances to bust.

54.  Go for a table with the double down option

The double-down option is essential when playing Blackjack. Some casinos allow you to only double down on a 10 or 11, but others allow it on any two cards you prefer. If done right, this move can reduce the house edge and help you swell your bankroll.

55.  Choose a table where the dealer stands on Soft 17

Blackjack table Soft 17

If the casino of your choice has a Blackjack table where the dealer stands on a Soft 17, join it. This can help significantly reduce the house edge, and you can walk out with more money.

56.  Play at tables with liberal playing rules

Blackjack tables have different rules, but some have more liberal ones. These are the ones you should go for while avoiding the games where a blackjack pays 6 to 5 or where the payoff is even money.  Other liberal rules include the ones above, such as standing on soft 17 and doubling down and surrender are accepted.

57.  Steer clear of the insurance wager

Avoid making the insurance wager, as most times it is a sure loss. The insurance wager means you bet on the dealer having a ten-value card along with their Ace upcard, giving them a blackjack. The bet pays 2-1, but the odds are really against the player.

58.  Double down with an Ace against the dealer’s six

If you choose a table that offers the double-down option, this is the perfect time to use it. Double down with any ace when the dealer’s upcard is a six. You may also double down when the dealer has a 5 unless you have a soft 19 or 20.

59.  Avoid tables with a continuous card shuffler

You should not play at tables that come with a continuous shuffling machine, also known as a CMS. This is a device that shuffles the cards after every round. This increases the number of hands dealt by players per hour, thus making the game more profitable for the casino.

Instead, go for tables with a mechanical shuffler or where the dealer shuffles the cards himself.

Ways to win at Baccarat

Baccarat is a very entertaining game, and we’re about to present you with ways to win more than ever at it. Apply these on your next gaming session and see your bankroll skyrocket!

60.  Avoid the tie bet

The tie bet is very dangerous in Baccarat. It comes with a 14.4% house edge and would not be a good choice under any circumstances.

61.  Bet on the Banker or the Player

Baccarat bet on the Banker

Make bets on the Banker, as it is the bet with the lowest house edge, standing at only 1.06%. This gives you the most winning chances. The second best bet you can make is on the Player hand, which stands at 1.24% house edge.

62.  Do not make all-in bets

Making all-in bets is a bad idea in any game, but especially in Baccarat. The game is so simple that some players feel like they cannot lose, so they go all in. That is undoubtedly something you should avoid since the game is based on luck. You can see your entire budget vanish in a second.

63.  Wait and analyze before you make your decision

If you lose your Banker bet and the Player wins, wait for the next decision before you make yours. You may be tempted to play fast, but it is best to sit back and analyze.

64.  Stay away from Mini-Baccarat

Mini-Baccarat is a very dangerous game, especially for inexperienced players. It is so fast-paced that the dealer will get between 150 to 200 decisions an hour. That is a lot, and at that pace, your bankroll may start to go down rapidly.

How to win at Craps

Craps is an excellent choice of game since it comes with a low house edge on its best bets. If you like this game, go over how you can win big at it before you play next time. Here’s what you should do to get more money out of Craps.

65.  Learn the bets

Craps learn the bets

As fun as it is, Craps comes with a wide range of bets that may be difficult to understand at first. Make sure you take your time and see what each bet is about before you start playing! Not knowing what you are betting on can cause you to lose money.

66.  Lower the house edge with the odds bet

The odds bet is the best one at the table, so really take advantage of it when playing. It gives you the highest winning chances by lowering the house edge.

67.  Keep initial bets at table minimum

Split your intended bet amount between initial wagers and odds. Place the minimum amount accepted in pass or come bets, and with the remaining money, place an odds bet. This combination decreases the house edge, giving you more winning chances.

68.  Don’t make hedge bets

Casinos try and teach players to make hedge bets in order to have some sort of safety net. However, this is never a good idea since it benefits the casino more than it does the player. Avoid them altogether.

69.  Steer clear of complicated bets

Craps has many complicated bets you can make, but you are better off without them. Stick with the simple ones for a fruitful gaming session!

70.  Look into dice control techniques

Dice control means that the shooter holds the dice in a specific position then tries to control the speed of the throw, in order to decrease the odds of losing. This is not guaranteed to work, and it is a skill that takes hours and hours of training with a professional to develop. However, you may find a couple of tips and tricks you can quickly implement.

Ways to win at sports betting

Sports betting can bring you lots of money if done right. Loved by many casino games enthusiasts, sports betting has been around for a long time. Unlike casino games, however, this does not rely on luck as much as it does on measurable factors. Let’s see how you can make sure you win at sports betting!

71.  Learn all about the sport you bet on

Knowing all the rules of the sport you bet on is utterly important in sports betting. Also, you need to stay up to date with any news, modifications, leaderboards, and pretty much any information that can affect your bets. This may be time-consuming, but if you pick a sport you love, it will be fun and rewarding at the same time.

72.  Do not have a favourite team

Sport Betting do not have favourite team

Having a favourite team may make it difficult to think objectively when trying to think of the right bet to make. Always take into consideration the facts and the actual performance of every team up to that point. Forget about which team you like the most, think about what money you will make if you make objective bets!

73.  Base all bets on research

Making bets on assumptions is not uncommon in sports betting, but the smart way is to only bet after research. Base all your bets on facts and information for the most winning odds.

74.  Look into arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting means placing two or more bets on a single event, covering all possible outcomes. This way, you make a profit in either situation. With this strategy, you should take advantage of the pricing discrepancies and odds differences in the betting markets.

75.  Choose your sportsbook wisely

When looking for the best sportsbook to bet at, look for the line and the vigs. The line represents how much a team is expected to win by, and when you find a significantly different one, it may be an excellent opportunity for you. Also, the vig is the commission the sportsbook keeps, so the lower, the better.

76.  Go for online betting sites

Comparing sportsbooks is easier online, and betting is also more comfortable since you can do it whenever you desire. You do not have to leave your house, and you can make last-minute bets by merely using your phone.

77.  Read betting books to get even better at it

If you love sports betting and are determined to make more money out of it, a good idea would be to read books about it. There are multiple out there, but a great choice would be Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong. It is one of the best ones, and it will give you plenty of useful insights.

78.  Make bets against the public

Keep an eye on the bets and see what the public is betting on. Most times, it is better to choose the other option and bet against them.

How to improve your gaming style and win

There are ways in which you can improve and organize your gaming style and habits so that they lead to more winnings. It is not always about the game you play. Sometimes it is about how you play. Here are some ways you can maximize your winnings from any gambling session.

79.  Set a budget and stick to it

Always set a budget and think of it as the amount of money you would be comfortable losing. There is no guarantee you will make a profit if you play games of luck, so you must be prepared to lose it. If you end up losing that money after all, it’s time for you to leave and come back some other time.

Do not go over your budget! This may cause more problems than it fixes.

80.  Set a win limit and walk out when you reach it

Improve your gaming style set a win limit

Setting a win limit is a great idea, even if it may sound counterintuitive. Some players may ask why should there be a limit on how much to win since winning is the ultimate goal. Well, most games are very unpredictable, and in your attempts to make even more money, you may end up losing all the winnings.

81.  Use your Club Card when in land-based casinos

Many land-based casinos offer Club Cards, and you should definitely take advantage of them. Being the equivalent of the VIP status in online casinos, this Card may bring you perks in real-life casinos, especially some useful for table games.

82.  Maintain your focus during games

Focus is crucial when gambling, and you need to stay alert at all times. It may be challenging to do so in the evening when the place is packed or if you go with your friends for a fun night. If you go to the casino to have fun, keep gambling at a minimum. If you go to win, you have to focus and ignore all distractions.

83.  Keep track of your wins and losses

Keep track of the changes suffered by your bankroll during your gaming sessions. Pay attention to both winnings and losses, as they may reveal a pattern. Go over them and see where you’ve won more and where you’ve lost. This should show you what games you need to avoid or which play strategies need revisiting.

84.  Have a time limit for any gaming session

A time limit can do wonders for you when gambling. You may avoid the budget and win or loss limits you set for hours. If you do not go all-in in any game, your bankroll may fluctuate significantly during a gaming session. This means that you can spend hours playing without losing all your money and also without reaching your win limit.

This is where the time limit comes into action. This limit can help you cut down on losses and use the remaining money to play some other time.

85.  Research and practice the game you play most

Make sure you truly understand the game that you play the most and that you know all the rules. Play it online, read about it, try it for free, and see which strategies work best with it. Practice really helps to gain more confidence and make better decisions while also knowing what not to do.

86.  Choose classic games

Pick the classic version of games instead of the new feature-packed variants. These come with features meant to entertain and even distract you, while the payout ratio is drastically lowered. Stick with the classic games as they are easier to understand, play, and offer better payout ratios.

87.  Start with small bets

Playing with small bets may be slow, but it is an effective way to increase your winning chances and extend your playtime. It can help you build a nice balance, and you will make the most out of your gambling budget.

88.  Claim no deposit promotions whenever possible

Online casinos offer no deposit promotions to attract players, and players use them to test the casino and its games. This type of bonus is great for both parties, especially for the player who does not have to spend any money. Claim these whenever you have the chance, and you may even get to cash out some winnings.

89.  Always read the Terms and Conditions on online casinos

Read the Terms and Conditions as well as the Bonus Rules section on any online casino you decide to join. Knowing what their rules and requirements are will allow you to better manage your bonus and account balance while knowing what to avoid.

90.  Pick no wagering bonuses

No wagering bonuses are the royalty of bonuses. These allow you to cash out your winnings as soon as you are done using the bonus. You do not have to wager a certain amount of money, so all you’ve won using the bonus is yours to keep. They are quite difficult to come across, but when you find one, do not miss it!

91.  Choose bonuses and casinos with high cashout limits

When talking about bonuses, the cashout limit represents the amount you will be allowed to withdraw from the bonus. If this is low, you may be losing money since everything above that amount is forfeited.

The casino’s maximum cashout represents the maximum amount the casino can pay you in a specific timeframe. Some have a maximum per day, week, and month. If the amount you wish to cash out exceeds that, it will be split in monthly increments.

What to avoid in order to win at gambling

There are some things you should always avoid when gambling if you want to win. Some players get carried away by the atmosphere and forget about the things they should be paying attention to. This is when they risk losing most of their money. Let’s see what you should avoid doing in order to make a profit every time you gamble.

92.  Never drink alcohol and gamble

If your goal is to win, drinking and gambling do not go hand in hand. If you are intoxicated, you may lose focus and start making bad decisions. Get a light drink instead, and after you are done playing, you can celebrate with your favourite beverages. However, make sure you are only gambling when sober.

93.  Do not play against more experienced players

Do not play against experienced players unless you want to be the loser at the table. You may think there are things you can learn from them, but you do not have to lose your bankroll to learn all that. Instead, seek tables with new players or players that came to have fun. They will be easily distracted, and you’ll have real winning chances.

94.  Don’t play in a rush

The adrenaline that comes from gambling may push you to start making rushed decisions, and you should fight that or take a break when you see it happen. Rushing when gambling only leads to wrong moves, and you may end up losing if you do not slow down and think every move through.

95.  Stay away from the high-roller games

Avoid High-roller games

High-roller games are designed for people who love to bet large amounts of money and also do not care about losing it, if so happens. Your goal is to win as much as possible with the budget you have, so spending it all on a couple of bets at a high-roller table significantly decreases your winning odds.

It is better to make the most out of the amount you decided to gamble.

96.  Do not chase losses

All casino games are based on luck, some more than others. This being said, the possibility of losing is always just around the corner. If you had a bad gaming session and you’ve lost most of your budget, do not chase the losses. Simply accept it was an unlucky day and come back some other time. Chasing losses almost always attracts even more losses. It is never a good idea.

97.  Never gamble when stressed or angry

Avoid gambling if you are not in a good state of mind. If you are dealing with negative feelings, anger, or stress, it would be best not to gamble right then and there. These are a distraction, and you will not be able to make the best choices, and it also increases the possibility you will develop a gambling problem in time.

98.  Do not play at unlicensed online casinos

Online casinos are an excellent alternative for when you do not want to leave your house, but always pay attention to their license. If you cannot find any information about the authority that licenses the casino, it probably does not own a license. This means you should not be playing there, as some such platforms have turned out to be scams, and the players were left unpaid.

Only gamble at fully licensed and regulated online casinos to ensure your data and money are safe.

99.  Do not rely on superstition

Superstition is very present in the gambling world, and pretty much everywhere luck is involved. Some gamblers develop rituals they have before every gaming session, hand of cards, or dice throw. Do not allow such things to distract you, and do not rely on superstition to guess the outcome of a game or a decision.

You can master casino games through knowledge of math and probability, not superstitions.

100. Avoid playing Keno

Keno may be a fun game for some players, but it is not a great choice if your goal is to win big. The game has a 20% house edge or even higher in some cases. This means that for every C$100 bet on Keno, you lose at least C$20. The disadvantage is too large, and it is not worth risking your money.

101. Do not claim bonuses with high wagering requirements

Always look for promotions with a low wagering requirement because the higher this value is, the more time it takes to meet the requirement. This means that you have to wager more money to unlock cashouts, thus leaving you with less funds to withdraw.

Use all these ways to win in your next gambling sessions or trips to the casino, and you will see significant improvements. You will be able to make decisions based on facts, you will learn to analyze your opponents and focus on the game, and also how to make the most out of your budget. Enjoy the fun of gambling and the thrill of winning!