43 Gambling myths debunked

Iasmina Bunea

Casino expert

43 Gambling myths debunked

There are many myths revolving around the activity of gambling. Many have been around since the beginning, while others have only recently surfaced. However, most of them are not based on truth, so we are here to debunk the most popular 43 gambling myths. Let’s get to it!

General gambling myths

    1. Gambling can be a source of consistent income</strong.

Gambling source of income

This is probably one of the most popular myths about gambling. It is inspired by the success of professional players who win tournaments of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of that, regular players think they can gamble for a living, but it is not true in reality. Professional players occasionally win large amounts of money, but they then invest in different businesses and create stable and consistent income sources.

    1. You can win back the money you’ve lost on a losing streak</strong.

You can win back the money you've lost

Although this may happen sometimes, it is not a rule. On the contrary, most often, players lose more than they win, which actually keeps casinos in business. Therefore, if you had a losing streak, it is better to take a break than chase your losses.

    1. The myth of “hot” and “cold” slots

The Myth of Hot and Cold Slots

In land-based casinos, you may hear other players say a slot machine is either hot or cold. A hot slot is one that paid out more recently, while the cold one is the one that paid out little. In reality, there is no such thing because all slot machines function in the same way, using algorithms to give out completely random results for each spin.

All slots are programmed to operate on a principle known as Loss Disguised as a Win (LDW). This means the slot gives out fewer credits than the wager, making you think you are winning while actually losing. Therefore, all slots are, in fact, cold.

    1. Bookmakers know the events’ outcomes beforehand

Bookmakers know upcoming events

While this may sound utterly insane for some people, some gamblers believe this is true. Bookmakers have no way of knowing the outcome of an event beforehand, as there are many factors that can influence that outcome.

If they could know, these businesses would be much more profitable. Bookmaking is a lot like the stock market, and the lines are adjusted according to the trends before the event.

  1. Casino games are rigged

    Casino games are rigged

    The idea that casino games are rigged has been around for a long time, and we can see why. Players lose more than they win, so the only valid explanation would be that the games are rigged. Well, they are not, at least not in the way you think.

    All casino games have a house edge, meaning that the house always wins. This is what keeps the casinos winning, as they cannot arbitrarily choose the outcome of a game.

  2. Land-based casinos keep you alert by pumping oxygen into the air

  3. Land-based casinos keep you alert by pumping oxygen

    A land-based casino is a place with an entertaining vibe and a lot of energy. Everyone is playing, drinking, laughing or talking. It may seem to some that people are especially active in the casino, and there is a myth that says this is because casinos are pumping oxygen into the air to keep players alert and gambling.

    This is not true, as that would pose a huge risk of fire, given that oxygen is an oxidizer, meaning that it helps the process of combustion. A higher concentration of oxygen in the air would make things more flammable. However, the source of this myth may be a fictional novel by Mario Puzo called Fools Die, in which this situation was depicted.  

  4. Casinos can change a game’s outcome if you’ve been winning too much

  5. Casinos can change a game’s outcome

    Casinos cannot choose a specific outcome for any of their games. All casino games are created and programmed to run complex algorithms and give random and unpredictable results every time. The algorithms have a mathematical house edge which keeps the casino winning in the long term while also giving you enough rewards to keep you interested.

  6. Some Roulette dealers can choose when to stop the wheel

  7. Roulette dealers can stop the wheel

    Similar to the myth of the rigged games, some players believe in the theory that Roulette dealers can make spins predictable. This is only a myth as well, and not only because it would be completely impossible, but because it simply does not happen and here is why.

    First of all, croupiers have no interest in making players lose and most times, they are actually rooting for players to win. Second, being able to create such strict conditions in order to predict or select a number for the ball to land on is almost impossible. It would require a lot of exercise, precision, and attention. It may happen in movies, but in real life, croupiers are regular employees who do not have a hidden agenda.

  8. Online casinos are created for money laundering

  9. This myth is actually based on some truth. Some online casinos in the industry are not licensed by any regulating authority, so they may be laundering money. However, a variety of online casinos go through strict verifications in order to be licensed, and they are legit and safe to play at. The idea that ALL online casinos are created for money laundering purposes is false.

  10. Online casinos steal customers from land-based ones

  11. Online casinos steal customers from land-based

    Many online casinos are web versions of the land-based gaming halls, so they are owned by the same company. Therefore, the online casino is merely an extension of the land-based one. And even in the case of those that are exclusively online, they are simply catering to players that cannot or will not go to a physical gaming hall. Land-based casinos still have many customers, and most of them also play online.

  12. You can count cards when playing at online casinos

  13. You can count cards at online casinos

    Card counting is a technique so famous that many Blackjack players wanted to try it at least once. However, this does not work when playing online because the eight decks are reshuffled every hand by the computer.

  14. Online games freeze if you win too much

  15. Online games freeze if you win

    Online casinos cannot freeze a game on demand, and if they could, it would not be in their interest. If you’ve been winning too much, they would want you to continue playing so you can lose some of that money.

    Your game may sometimes freeze, however, due to technical problems or an unstable Internet connection.

  16. Progressive jackpots hit more often during weekends

  17. Progressive jackpots hit more during weekends

    Like any other slot machines, Progressive jackpot slots function on an RNG ( Random Number Generator), and they do not create a predictable pattern. Therefore, the fact that a slot could pay out a jackpot more on a particular day of the week is nothing but a myth.

  18. You cannot hit two jackpots in a row

  19. You cannot hit two jackpots

    Consecutive jackpots happen very rarely, but they can happen. The jackpots, much like any other winnings in the game, are awarded at random, and it’s all about the odds. However, it is definitely not impossible to hit two jackpots in a row.

    Myths about predicting winnings

  20. You can predict the winning lottery numbers

  21. You can predict winning lottery numbers

    The ability to predict lottery numbers has only been attributed to psychics so far, and it still never worked. However, over the years, several lotto winners have elaborated thorough researched strategies on how to tell a winning lottery ticket right after buying it. Still, the accuracy of such theories remains uncertain,

    Lottery numbers are drawn randomly using an algorithm and should be therefore impossible to predict by any human or computer.

  22. You can tell if a coin toss is going to come up heads or tails

  23. Predicting a coin toss

    Predicting a coin toss result may be easier than predicting lottery numbers since chances are 50-50 between the two possible outcomes. However, if the coin is fair, there is no way you can indicate whether it will be heads or tails, you may only make a lucky guess.

  24. You can predict winning spins from slots

  25. You can predict winning spins from slots

    Some players think that they know a slot machine so well that they can predict when it is going to pay out. Based on this, many gamers will decrease their wager after a win, convinced that the machine needs some time to cool off before the next win. Unfortunately, this is never true as the Random Number Generator does not work on a set pattern and winning combinations may be created at any point during gameplay.

  26. The “almost win” myth

  27. The almost win myth

    If you are a slot machine lover, you probably already heard that if you almost got a winning combination, it must mean it is close. This is nothing but wishful thinking, as the “almost win” principle is actually not based on a pattern, but it happens at random, and it does not mean a win or a loss will follow it. Each spin has the same chances to bring you a reward.

  28. Luck changes, so you will eventually start winning

  29. Luck changes start winning

    If you have played a game for a while and have been losing money from your balance, you may think you cannot lose forever, so a win must be around the corner. It would be great if that were true, but it is not. This myth keeps players optimistic during losing streaks, but winnings are still not guaranteed.

  30. You can notice trends to predict future winnings

  31. As you play a game, you may look back at the past results and notice a pattern. Then, you may think that pattern is a fixed one and might want to start betting according to it. This is a mistake, as you can only see the patterns created by Random Number Generators in retrospective, and there is no way of knowing if it does continue. In most cases, it does not, and if it looks like there is a pattern, it was simply a coincidence.

    Myths about your winning chances

  32. Feeling lucky

  33. Feeling lucky

    While some gamblers would play whenever they have the chance or the time, some are picky with the moments they gamble. They think you should gamble when you feel lucky because that is a sure sign that you will win. If you are one of them, we are sorry to tell you that feeling lucky has nothing to do with actually winning. It is, however, good that you play with a positive mindset, but that does not affect your odds of winning.

  34. Lucky charms help you win

  35. Lucky charms

    There are various lucky charms starting with the common ones like the horseshoe or the rabbit foot, to personal ones like your lucky socks or tie. Regardless of what these objects may mean to you, having them on you may only make you feel better but not win more.

  36. You have more chances to win in tournaments or promotions

  37. You have more chances to win in promotions

    You may have been advised by other gamblers to play during promotions or tournaments, as that is when online casinos are allowing players to win more. Casinos never change their mechanics, so there is no better time than others to play a casino. No matter when you decide to gamble or what events are currently happening on the platform, your winning chances remain the same.

  38. Stopping the reels of a slot at the perfect time

  39. Stopping the reels of a slot at perfect time

    When playing slot machines, there are three ways to control the reels: activating the Autoplay feature and the reels spin and stop automatically, pressing spin and waiting for the reels to stop, or pressing the spin button to start and then again to stop the reels from spinning. Some players seem to think that by manually controlling the reels, you can increase your winning chances. You cannot. Nowadays, the reels on slot machines are not physical, so the symbols are selected by the computer for every spin.

  40. Betting on the same lottery numbers

  41. Betting on the same lottery numbers

    What are your favourite lottery numbers? Is it your birthday? Your lucky number? Regardless of which numbers you prefer, betting the same ones each time does not bring you closer to the big win. For each draw, the chances are equal for every number, so you can pick any.

  42. Positive thinking influences winning chances

  43. Positive thinking influences winning chances

    Positive thinking is good and healthy for a variety of reasons. However, it does not affect your gambling results in any way. Still, it is always nice to hit the casino when in a good mood.

  44. Playing more than one game at a time

  45. Playing more than one game at a time

    When playing at an online casino, you have the option to play multiple games at the same time. This may seem like an excellent way to ensure some winnings, but in reality, it is not. Playing more games does not mean you have more chances to win. On the contrary, you will have to split your attention between the two, risking losing more money.

  46. You have more chances to win in a busy casino

  47. More changes to win in a busy casino

    Some players choose the time they go to the casino based on the busiest hours, thinking that the fact that there are more people gambling at the same time means the games will pay out more often. This is wrong, as winning chances are not influenced by the time spent playing or the amount of money wagered.

  48. The more you play a game, the more winning chances you have

  49. More you play a game, more winnings you have

    While this may be true for table games that also rely on skill, when we are talking about luck games such as slots, this is only a myth. Even if you have played your favourite slot for months or years, there is no way of predicting its spin results or getting better at it in any way.

  50. Counting cards is illegal

  51. A very popular myth is that card counting is illegal. Although casinos definitely want you to believe that, it is not true. Casinos discourage card counting, and they have the right to ask you to leave and even ban you if they catch you doing it. However, they cannot take any legal action, and you will not face any charges.

  52. You are less likely to win in Autoplay mode

  53. Many slot machines have the Autoplay feature. This allows you to select a number of times the reels will automatically spin for you, or you can select win or loss limits. While this is a comfortable option for you if you want to simply sit back and relax, some believe it brings fewer winnings than pressing the Spin button yourself. The RNG runs the same regardless of how you choose to play the game, so your chances are equal whether you spin the reels yourself or have the computer do it for you.

  54. Other Blackjack players’ decisions affect your winning odds

  55. This is one of the most common myths related to Blackjack. The belief that someone jumping in and out of the game or using a strategy wrong may affect your winning chances holds no truth. Even more, if the player fails to apply a strategy correctly, their mistakes benefit you and the other players at the table.

  56. You cannot beat the casino in the long run

  57. The house edge of all casino games shows the house always wins and, in the long run, those small wins become large sums of money. However, you can beat the casino. There are table games in which you can decrease the house edge by using a specific strategy and some betting systems created to help you make money in the long run.

  58. Pulling the lever on a slot machine increases winning chances

  59. Physical slot machines come with buttons and a lever, for the old times’ sake. Some players firmly believe that pulling the lever may increase your winning chances. Well, it most certainly does not. Whether you pull the lever or press the Spin button, this action triggers the same algorithm, and the machine does not know the difference.

    Underage gambling and addiction myths

  60. If you can afford it, compulsive gambling is not a problem

  61. Compulsive gambling is a serious problem that has nothing to do with how much money one has. One of the negative consequences of compulsive gambling is financial problems, and they may take longer to appear in some cases, but they are inevitable, even if the player can afford it for a while.

  62. You are only a compulsive gambler if you play every day

  63. There are many different compulsive gamblers. Some gamble every day, but some only gamble occasionally or impulsively. If this becomes a pattern, it is a sign of problem gambling, and even if it never develops into a habit of gambling every day, the problem is still there.

  64. Most teens don’t gamble

  65. Unfortunately, more and more teens pick up gambling. While it is almost impossible for them to join online casinos, they manage to gain access to gambling halls and play there. Statistics from the Gambling Research Exchange Ontario show that up to 80% of teens have participated in gambling activities. Even more, 0.2-12.5% are problem gamblers, and 10-15% are at-risk gamblers.

  66. Teens don’t get addicted

  67. People of all ages are exposed to the risk of becoming addicted to gambling. Teens are even more prone to it because they see this activity as fun, and they do it to be able to integrate different groups or make older friends. They do not realize the danger, which makes it even easier for them to become addicted.

  68. Online casinos enable underage gambling

  69. The fact that online casinos are accessible via mobile and desktop devices at any time and from anywhere may seem like a danger for children and teenagers. However, online casinos run strict verifications on their players to ensure they are all using their own personal information and that they are all of legal age. Therefore, underage gambling happens more in land-based casinos or bars.

  70. Gambling addiction only affects you financially

  71. Gambling addiction only affects financially myth

    Your finances are the first ones affected by gambling addiction, but not the only ones. This serious problem will also negatively impact your social life, work performance, family relationships, and overall wellbeing.

  72. Addicted gamblers resort to criminal behaviour

  73. Addicted gamblers resort to criminal behaviour myth

    There are cases in which people who suffered from gambling addiction resorted to criminal behaviour, but the idea that all addicted gamblers become criminals is wrong. Most of them are working people, and you would not be able to tell them apart from the rest.

  74. You cannot treat problem gambling

  75. Battling any addiction is a lifelong effort, as someone who is addicted to gambling will always have to avoid situations in which they could start gambling again. However, you can treat problem gambling with support from the family, therapy, and even medicine in some cases. There are many options for people dealing with this problem, and there is no reason why they should face it alone.

  76. Gambling addiction is easy to recognize

While some clear signs of gambling addiction are easy to recognize in most people, some are very good at hiding it from friends and family. Typically, symptoms such as excessive gambling, sudden financial problems, irritability can point to gambling addiction. Unfortunately, in some cases, people hide this from close ones, and it only comes out when it has gotten too far.

These are the most common 43 gambling myths, and we made it our mission to debunk them all. We have done the research in order to expose the fallacies and bring you the accurate information behind them. Which gambling myth did you believe was true?