The casino playlist to hit 777

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

The casino playlist to hit 777

Finding great music for your casino session is quite hard. We know, we tried! That’s why we thought that making our own was a better idea.

We have more than 21 playlists that can boost your gambling session.

You will see that they are filtered according to the game type, and each one comes with some prospects.

Interested? Give them a listen!

Top playlists for 6 casino games

Top Playlists for 6 casino games

We thought that making this selection will help you find your favourite faster. You can give it a go too. Have a look at this ultimate casino playlist and discover the best tune! These songs are tested and approved by us, so they must be good.

Music for slots players

Is playing slots your thing? We prepared some of the best 5 playlists we could find online to accompany you during the gambling session. You probably know the mechanism of the game and the fact that you can use the bars for bet/coin value to customize your stake.

A quick reminder: make sure you check the paytable before starting.

So, for the fun part now, give a go to these playlists!

  • Dubstep gaming music 2021

This will make your headbang and coins fall in a cascade! It is full of adrenaline, coming with high-pitched sounds that motivate you to hit that Spin button. It fits perfectly with the mechanism of the slot where you need fast movements to raise, decrease, hit Spin or choose a card in the gambling feature. It’s the perfect sound that will boost your excitement. Are you ready?

  • Uptempo music for concentrating

In case you are that slot player who takes some time before the next move, this will help you focus more. No lyrics, with a linear sound in some cases, this one-hour compilation may be perfect. Even though it decreases in tempo in some parts, the faster beats will make your blood pumping and keep you spinning. Also, it lets you have some in-depth moments to think about your next bet. It’s clearly for a focused gambling session!

  • Music for that adrenaline rush

Are you ready to score winnings? While you play the best slots on the market at top NetEnt casinos, this playlist will do wonders for your session. Due to the dubstep rhythm that combines with softer tones, this is the perfect casino music playlist for a slots fan because it kind of resembles the slot machine. As the slot walks you through different states, this playlist will do the same. The strong musical accents will highlight all your winnings.

  • Spin along these house beats

This tune may seem more moderate than the dubstep audios. Just open your slot and see what it can do for you. Not only you will feel that the reels rotate according to the sounds, but it may urge you to hit that spin button. Take your time to check the bets’ value when the tempo decreases to make sure you stay on the right track.

  • Top 100 hits to hit that jackpot

For all those radio listeners, this is just for you! You are ready to go for a spin as soon as you consult the paytable. Make sure you keep an eye on those Wilds because they can really change your balance. This compilation does not have any WOW factor; just like you listen to the radio while driving, it will not bother you in any way while playing. However, it can make your gambling experience quite enjoyable.

Learn from our experience

We are slot amateurs too, so we give them a try while playing. For us, the dubstep playlist worked best due to the high-speed tempo. And not to mention that we scored some special features while listening. That happened in Starburst first during the bonus round that offers respins, and in Jungle Jim (an addition to any Microgaming casino) the beat dropped when we received the multiplier. So that’s a win!

But since taste belongs to everyone, you may want to try each of them to see what fits your preferences.

What we recommend: Open the slot, turn off all sounds, and enjoy these playlists to the fullest!

Playlist for all Blackjack gamblers

Playlist for all Blackjack gamblers

Blackjack can seem nothing in rules but wait until you sit at the table. The advantage is you can choose the free play version before you are fully committed to this game of cards. The perks of playing free are:

  1. You don’t lose your own money.
  2. You can train without any hassle and try all kinds of strategies.
  3. You can listen to our carefully selected sounds for the ultimate experience.

Ready for some Blackjack tunes? Here there are!

  • Nu jazz to stimulate your brain

These types of sounds combine classical jazz with electronic music. You can really concentrate on your bet type, while listening to this playlist. Either you play for free or choose to join a real money gambling site (these come with various games), you will discover that this music will stimulate your brain. There is a nice transition from the soft double bass to hip-hop insertions. It’s barely noticeable, so you will be able to maintain your focus.

  • Deep sounds for intense bets

You already know that Blackjack is a strategy game. While it is more difficult to apply certain tips when you play for free, you can exercise your hand. Make sure you closely follow your moves and understand them. For that process, you need a deep playlist to allow you to think everything through. Even though there are lyrics, you won’t notice them at all. You shall be so focused on your bet so you can indulge in this music without too much effort.

  • Jazz for every Blackjack session

Blackjack titles come with sounds within the game. This compilation is like that music, but better. The fact that you hear smooth jazz notes will offer you a relaxed vibe. While listening to this, you can read the rules and try some hands. The major perk is that it helps you really concentrate on your game. There are no sharp sounds that can startle you while you try to decide your next move.

Get some insights

We really enjoyed listening to these playlists while betting. Unlike slots, Blackjack is a game where decisions can weigh as much as your luck. So, you need low-paced music that will help you choose the best option for your play. Since there are no high-beat sounds, you can concentrate on your bet more. Music without lyrics is probably the best, but if you listen to songs that have them, you will not find them disturbing. Blackjack is an analytical casino game, and we were able to notice that while playing at Casumo where you can try all sorts of games. You may use strategies, so you need a relaxing vibe for your game session.

Top Roulette songs

Top Roulette Songs

A famous Roulette line is ‘No more bets. Good luck to you all!’ This is what you can hear during a live session. But before reaching that, you may want to stop at some Roulette games. They work on mobile, are easy to play and free!

This is a skill-based game, so any surroundings that can help you show up your skills at their finest are welcomed. This includes some special tunes that can season your gaming session in the best way possible.

We tested them ourselves to make sure we provide only the best from the best.

Want to score some winnings?

Check them out!

  • Play classic Roulette with slow blues

As Blackjack, Roulette imposes a decision-making process. Nothing compares with some blues when you think about the best combinations you can make. You probably know some of the tunes, but what makes it special is that it mimics the background music you usually find in Roulette games. At some point, it can give you the impression of a 1930s casino atmosphere, that kind where a Peaky Blinder would gamble at.

  • Roulette sessions with Paganini

You probably are not a fan of the classics. Count us in. But while playing online Roulette Canada at some casinos we figured that violin is to bet for. The gentle and powerful tunes blend very well together. They lift you up and bring you down, just like Roulette does. At some point, you will feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins while you place a decisive bet and hit ‘Spin’ to see the outcome. Besides that, this Paganini playlist can imply an elitist vibe (Roulette was invented in France in the 18th century), perfect to kindle some aristocratic moves.

  • Confident stakes and suspense music

We will be honest. This is not a playlist, but just one song. However, there’s always the replay version. What makes us choose this tune is the fact that it really gives you the chills. You place the bets and spin the Roulette. Waiting for the outcome is literally killing you. This song helps you connect with the game on another level and intensify your emotions when you think about what to do next. The Roulette spins, and spins, and spins, and stops! Did you win or lose?

What you can expect

Roulette also implies some well-thought decisions before placing the bet. We experimented that while playing, and for us, the tune that worked best is the suspense music, no matter the type of Roulette we tried. The other two playlists also fit with this game type, so you won’t have any problems concentrating on your session. The best thing is that top online casinos come with various Roulette versions, so you can try these playlists on multiple games. While playing at 888casino, we tried games with stakes that go as high as C$2000.

Best songs for Craps

Best songs for Craps

In case you heard about Craps, great, you already know how it works. In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, here are top things to know:

  1. You can wager on three outcomes.
  2. There are more than 40 bets available.
  3. You can use strategies.

From our experience, Craps is the simplest casino game. Sure, there are plenty of bets, but it is not that complicated like Blackjack and Roulette. The best way to start is to try the demo version and, after that, go for real money sites to play.

Do you know what works best with Craps?

These playlists while rolling the dice!

  • Rock tunes for craps beginners

Once you get the hold of the game, everything is quite easy. The reason why we chose this 70s-90’s rock playlist is that it offers the perfect atmosphere for your game. Do you need time to think about your bet? You got that with some slow tunes. Do you want a more fast-paced vibe? You got that too with some Nirvana and Bon Jovi songs. It is not your typical casino playlist, but the sounds highlight the easy-going mood you may have while playing.

  • Hip-hop tunes for skilled players

Nice transition, don’t you think? We like some old-school music, and we think that these songs will help you get the best of the game. Craps were originally played on the streets, so that’s why this playlist. We think it’s suitable for experienced Canadian players because they already know what the game is about, so they have it easier to concentrate on both the music and the bets. Place your stakes and roll that dice! What did you get?

Get some insights

Craps are that type of casino game that can combine fast movements with in-depth focusing. That is the reason why we consider these tunes suitable for your experience. Even though Craps is not that popular like slots, a new online casino is the best place to find it.  You can have the best of both worlds with rock and hip-hop tunes; we know we did. What do you think? Would you give them a go?

Best songs to listen to while playing Baccarat

This comes with easy gameplay and a relatively low house edge. How do you win? You choose the hand that has the value closest to 9 points. You can select from the Banker, the Player, and the Tie.

Most players prefer these types of bets, even though this game comes with side bets too, but they are not that popular. This game has different versions, and if you do not find anything in the regular version, you can try some live casino sites where you will surely discover something.

We are not huge fans of Baccarat, but we enjoyed the game while listening to these playlists.

Do you want to know what these are about?

Scroll down to listen!

  • Music for smart Baccarat bets

It may sound dramatic, but this playlist offers you the perfect atmosphere to place some Baccarat bets. Since there are no lyrics, you can concentrate on your session. Try some strategies, start with a small bet, and enjoy the entire sound! There are some powerful musical accents that can highlight the whole gambling session. With soft and strong inserts, the sound matches the whole mood of the game.

  • Dark techno to raise your adrenaline

Make sure you lower the volume first. Baccarat can be a game of might, and that is exactly what this playlist offers. The powerful accents can raise your adrenaline and underline the importance of your bets. Yes, you may play for fun, but even so, it can give you the impression that each and every stake you place is crucial for your outcome. We would recommend this playlist to more experienced players in Canada that already know the insights of the game.

What we experiment

Even though it’s not our favourite, we liked playing Baccarat. But what we liked even more is how well these tunes fit with the game. At first, we tried the music with no lyrics to get the hang of it and apply some strategies. After that, we were in need for some adrenaline, so dark techno seemed like the perfect match. You will see for yourself that is quite exhilarating when the strong sounds accentuate that winning bet you just placed.

Tunes for Video poker and scratchcards

Tunes for Video poker and scratchcards

Do you want to join some poker sites? Start with video poker first to exercise your hand.

The game is easy. The machine lays five cards in front of you, and you must choose two which you consider will make a winning combination. After that, you hit the Deal button, decide on two cards you can keep and after that, hit Draw. You win or lose according to the combinations.

For scratchcards, you have it just as easy. You buy the card and start scratching to see what you can win.

Your session could be silent if you choose to stay with the games’ sounds. But we prepared something for you.

Try these playlists and enjoy your session!

  • Pop music for a chill session

You probably know some of these songs, so it will be easier to get transported into a nice atmosphere. Probably this will work best for scratchcards rather than video poker. Since you can find this type of ‘games’ in locations like Walmart, the pop music playlist simulates the same mood. However, if you are a video poker novice, you may prefer a mix that has a more linear sound.

  • Video poker with country rock

What a mix, you may say. Since it combines country and classic rock tunes, we assure you that you will enjoy it. The playlist induces at some point a villainous vibe, which at a level can be the exact trigger you need while playing video poker. If you are a beginner, the lyrics and musical accents will not disturb you when playing. This playlist combines some of Canadians favourites: rock and country music.

Learn from our session

On an honest note, we enjoyed the second playlist more. Probably because video poker is our cup of tea and those songs too. It’s nothing wrong with the pop tunes, especially because they inspire a more relaxed vibe. You will discover that these songs will not alter your focus but the other way around. Almost every online casino in Canada comes with these games, so all you have to do is find the one that suits your preferences.

  • A casino playlist for fortune and luck

This is a linear sound that is associated with relaxed, meditative, and creative states. It is believed to bring fortune and luck, so we tried it too. For us, it worked best with Roulette and Blackjack because it enhanced the level of concentration. We looked at the comments section, and some people expressed their gratitude towards this song because it helped them win while gambling.

Do casino games come with bonuses?

Yes, they do!

Every site can choose what bonus it provides, but from our experience, we discovered that first deposit bonuses are the most popular. These target only new players, come with a general minimum deposit of C$10 and usually works with all the games available.

Another type of bonus you may find is free spins on registration, which works only on slots. It may come with high wagering but will offer you the option to exercise your hand before playing for real.

Songs that can influence your state

Songs that can influence your state

Scientists say that if you are in a neutral state and you listen to a happy song, you are automatically happier. This means that music can change the way you perceive emotions.

By reading an online study, we found out that many of the brain areas which relate to emotions are involved when we listen to music. That explains why suspense music in horror films makes you feel fear.

But, what about the casino?

Studies show that when you gamble, your brain releases dopamine, which makes you feel good about the activity. That is valid for music too, so why not combine both?

Try some music that can influence your state!

  • The perfect playlist for a mood boost

This playlist consists of various hits that can elevate your state of mind. They are enjoyable to listen to no matter the game you play. Did you lose a bet? It doesn’t matter because these songs will keep you going. You will see that even the smallest loss will be nothing compared to your winning bets. While listening, you can experience a boost in your state that can make you more enthusiastic. Make sure you don’t start a dance party.

  • Songs for the ultimate thrill

You already know that playing can enhance your adrenaline. This playlist is the perfect companion in your gambling experience. The high-tempo sounds may make your heart race, and when the beat drops, you may feel like it’s now and never. Start the game and launch these songs to have the ultimate session! This is mainly a dubstep playlist, so it may be appropriate for games where decisions don’t count that much.

  • All gamblers listen to this

For moments where you need maximum focus or for times when you want to enjoy your wins, these tunes are the perfect match. It offers you the impression that you are the main character in your game, the one who decides which card goes where. It also accentuates a feeling of power, which you can experiment while playing.

Why you should listen to music while gambling

Listen to music while gambling

First, because you can choose your own genre. Second, because the presence of music can help gamblers monitor the extent of their session. You listen to a one-hour playlist. This means that you spent one hour gambling, and you decide if you continue or not.

What are the real benefits?

Sure, you can listen to whatever you want while playing. Even in-game slots sound (Play’n Go casinos are popular for their music), or the sound of Roulette can contribute to the atmosphere. But, when you change that for a playlist, you can get some perks out of it.

Classical music improves visual attention

Studies showed that classic music listeners improved their attention on their task, despite of those who made that task in complete silence. This can be a great help, especially if you are a Roulette or Baccarat fan.

Good tunes sharpen your memory performance

This applies to music that lacks the vocal component. This means that when you open that Blackjack game, you may want to go for some playlist where just the sound matters.

Music can enhance your intelligence

We don’t know precisely what kind of music this applies, but what we do know is that those who listen to music learn better than others. Is it your first time playing video poker? Play some music to get the hang of it faster.

Amazing sounds can influence your state

Other statistics concluded that the playlist you listen could have a great impact on how you are feeling. We got that covered, and choose some tunes that can shape your state.

Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere

A suitable choice of music can create the perfect gambling atmosphere. You may need fast tempos for fast games and slow ones for those casino games that imply some decisions. Music can really enhance your mood while playing.

What researchers say

Almost 30 years ago, scholars argued about sound effects contributing to the encouragement of gambling. Recent discoveries show that there is indeed a connection between the type of music you listen to and your gambling session.

In terms of arousal, music can be of two types:

  1. Highly arousing (loud, unpredictable and with a quick tempo);
  2. Low arousing (soft, predictable and with a slower tempo).

According to an empirical pilot study, the more arousal music can produce in a gambler, the more pleasure they feel. Our brain releases more dopamine when we listen to the music we like, and with that release comes the motivation to engage in certain behaviours.

There is a difference between low-tempo and quick-tempo listeners.

Gamblers who play slower tunes displayed a prolonged gambling behaviour by placing more bets. This means that this type of music has a relaxing effect and offers you a feeling of comfort, which encourages players to keep gambling.

Tunes that come with a quick tempo are associated with faster reaction, a skill you may need when playing slots. Also, fast music and red light (this is a surprise) may fit with your expectation of a casino environment, therefore, are associated with pleasure and winning.

What we recommend: Try listening to the proper playlist when you gamble. This can increase your eye-hand coordination or induce a relaxing state. Music comes with certain benefits, such as improving visual attention or sharpen your memory.

Everybody heard about Justin Bieber, Drake, Celine Dion and The Weekend (Yes, he is Canadian). Besides Pop songs, most Canadians prefer genres like alternative rock (21.6%), folk (21.0%) and rock music (13.8%). Other than that, they listen to:

  1. Country – 6.4%
  2. Other music or songs – 4.2%
  3. Adult contemporary – 3.8%

More than 50% of Canadian teens and Millennials use smartphones to listen to music. This method is followed by desktop users, and the last place is occupied by listeners who use a pocket player.

The fastest and most popular way teens and Millenials discover music is through friends or relatives. You probably heard at least once, “Did you listen to the new Bieber song? It’s awesome; check it out!”. Other ways they found out about new releases is through:

  • social media – 30%
  • video games – 16%
  • blogs – 10%

According to some sources, alternative rock and classical are most popular across all ages.

There you have it. The ultimate casino playlist!

We hope that you will give these songs a try before starting your next game. The best part is that you may not have that many commercials since there is a whole playlist.

We regularly post this kind of articles, so make sure you hit that subscribe button.

Have fun and play safe!