Top 25 Worst Hotels in Vegas which should be avoided

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

Top 25 Worst Hotels in Vegas which should be avoided

Whether it is a weekend away, a vacation, or any other reason that has taken you to Vegas, you will want to spend your night in a comfortable room. You will need to know what are the worst hotels in Las Vegas before you set out on your journey. Look on our will list of the 25 hotels to avoid in Las Vegas.

1. Hotel Galaxy


Hotel Galaxy is a horrible business that’s included on the bed bugs Las Vegas hotels list. According to Yelp reviews, this place is a 1.5-star location.

Before you book a room with them, you should know that security is almost nonexistent. Somehow, random people seem to gain access to the property. You can’t tell apart whether one is a customer or not.

Other complaints about Hotel Galaxy

  • The hotel’s surroundings and the property itself isn’t appealing to the eye
  • In case the business fails to fulfill its responsibilities, the management does not give out refunds
  • Uncomfortable beds
  • Dirty rooms

2. Desert Hills Motel


Desert Hill is undoubtedly a relevant answer when someone asks: what are the worst hotels in Las Vegas? This spot is a 1-star rated business, making it one of the hotels to avoid in Las Vegas.

The Yelp reviews indicate that drug addicts and hookers frequent this joint. It reduces the security level since addicts are usually willing and ready to steal anything to score another dose.

Other negative reviews about Desert Hills Motel

  • Long-term residents are common
  • The business has unprofessional and rude employees
  • The staff doesn’t respond to clients’ phone calls
  • Poorly maintained rooms.

3. Wyndham Vacation Ownership


Wyndham is one of the worst hotels in Vegas. Several clients accuse the employees of illegally interfering with their finances.

Customers have reported cases where credit cards were open in their name. Online gambling is no stranger to situations like this; that’s why Canadian players always must distinguish scams platforms from legit ones.  

Other Wyndham Vacation shortcomings

  • Wyndham’s sales officers lie about the quality of services Wyndham offers
  • The joint is not BBB accredited

4. Aviation Inn


Aviation Inn is an unpleasant establishment that has a 2-star rating. Customers have been recently complaining that the accommodation does not offer blankets as usually required.

In addition, some concerned customers have indicated that the location does not comply with health standards and regulations. Also, some rooms are infested with mould.

Other negative comments about Aviation Inn

  • Sketchy neighbourhood
  • Customers keep getting creepy calls in their rooms. The managers do not address the issue after complaints.
  • The showers do not work sometimes

5. City Centre Motel


The City Centre Motel is among the worst accommodations in Vegas. This is a 2-star location. Recently customers have complained that the establishment plays loud music past midnight hours.  

Other complaints customers have about City Center Motel

  • Misrepresentation of the appearance by displaying attractive room pictures for appealing to customers
  • Outdated and unkempt property with little to no maintenance
  • Problems regarding booked rooms

6. Siegel Select Convention Centre


Due to customers’ reviews, Siegel’s select convention centre is a 2-star establishment. It has achieved this low rating and made it to the list of hotels to avoid in Las Vegas because of its poor organization skills and inadequate services.

Other reasons contributing to Siegel Select’s the low rating

  • Customers commented that the rooms are not worth the money the establishment charges for a night
  • The joint does not clean beddings regularly.

7. Oyo Hotel gateway Las Vegas


This establishment is one of the worst hotels in Vegas. It is poorly rated (1.5 stars) because the staff and management do not meet their clients’ wishes and needs.

Several customers have complained about cigarette smoke smell after requesting a non-smoking room.

Extra complaints about Oyo

According to Yelp, the following are the additional complaints that customers made about Oyo gateway Las Vegas:

  • The location hosts drug addicts and other illicit activates
  • The establishment is notorious for throwing parties that extend late into the night

8. Mardi Gras Vegas


This accommodation has two reviews rating it at a 1 star. The main reason for the ratings is the poor customer service, especially when it comes to cleaning services. It also has a tiny gambling house with fewer slots than most online casinos sites from the Canadian market.

Other complaints about Mardi Gras Vegas

  • Slow check-in and overall services
  • Frequented by call girls

9. Sterling Gardens


Sterling Gardens is rated as one of the hotels to avoid in Las Vegas that has a rating of 2 stars. The location is notorious for asking customers to deposit even after paying for the room. Management is usually reluctant to refund the amount when leaving.

This would never happen on legit online casinos from the Canadian market or any other professional business establishment.

Other reasons why Sterling Gardens has a low rating

  • Management does not give customers feedback whenever they are following up on a concerning issue
  • The business requires filling paperwork when checking in.

10. Crossland Economy Studios


Crossland Economy Studios is the answer to what are the worst hotels in Vegas based on reviews. A customer stated that one of their receptionists is racist. The place also does not clean up the rooms once the previous occupier checks out.

Other reasons the Crossland Economy studios are rated low

  • Rudeness and negative attitude of staff members
  • Overcharged room fee
  • The accommodations do not have AC units.

11. A Fisher’s Inn Motel


This location must be one of the most terrible hotels on Vegas strip. The place seems to have employed staff who possess no hospitality training. Its overall performance rating is 1 star.

Other complaints about the Fisher’s Inn

  • The receptionist is rude to customers
  • The staff is unwilling to help customers out.

12. The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod


It is another establishment that can easily be called one of the worst hotels on Vegas strip. The location has poor security with no follow-up for solving theft-related issues.

Other complaints about the STRAT Hotel

  • Lack of regular room cleaning
  • A prolonged check-in processes
  • Lazy and rude staff.

13. Shalimar Hotel


Shalimar Hotel is among the worst hotels on Vegas strip. The rooms lack a bathtub mat and trash can. There is a bug infestation that indicates a lack of proper cleaning.

Other reasons why Shalimar hotel rates lowly

  • Dirty rooms
  • Misrepresentation of the hotel’s appearance
  • The establishment advertises itself as a 3-star hotel when it isn’t.

14. Days Inn


Days Inn is another addition to the most unpleasant hotels on Vegas strip. This hotel has its reception near the gaming area where smoking occurs. For non-smokers, this is a huge turnoff.

Other complaints about Days Inn

  • Rude and inconsiderate receptionist
  • Drunks and homeless frequent the establishment.
  • Limited appliances such as electric extensions.

15. Extended Stay America


This location is featured on the worst hotels on Vegas strip list because of its reduced hygiene. There is an irregular cleaning of rooms and beddings.

Other complaints about the Extended Stay America

  • The hotel hosts call girls  
  • The place is loud and noisy where couples argue about infidelity related reasons

16. La Quinta Inn


It is among the worst accommodations on the Vegas strip. Many describe La Quinta inn as dirty and with unprofessional staff members. The carpets are not cleaned and will trigger dust allergies.

Other complaints about La Quinta inn

  • Lack of a covered parking
  • There is limited transportation from the hotel to different airports
  • The transfer to airports does not do morning rounds

17. Super 8 hotel


This place should come to your head when someone asks about the worst hotels in Vegas. It overcharges clients who are not aware of the actual prices.

It would be easier to stay home and wager on a mobile casino if scams like this are going on.  

Other negative reviews about super 8 hotel

  • There are drug addicts who hang around the location
  • They charge an unnecessary resort fee.

18. On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel


This location does not have a ramp at the walkway exit. For those that have a mobility impairment, this can be a considerable disadvantage. Some customers that rented the handicap room could not get in with their mobility scooters.

More complaints about On the Vegas Boulevard

  • The hotel rarely changes beddings
  • The rooms need to be cleaned and dusted daily

19. Rodeway Inn & Suites Las Vegas strip


The accommodation is facing a strip club, which brings unnecessary noise and quarrels. For some reason, room keys are not opening doors they are supposed to open.

Additional complaints about Rodeway Inn

  • The hotel smells awful
  • The rooms need numerous repairs

20. Howard Johnson


Howard Johnson is an old and stinky establishment. The hotel honestly needs repairs for it to be safe for accommodating. The carpets have soil, and there is no housekeeping available.

Other reasons why the Howard Johnson ranks lowly

  • The smoke-free rooms reek of cigarettes and detergent scent
  • The check-in process is long
  • Customer service is poor
  • The hotel allows pets, yet it has no pet area

21. El Mirador Motel


The motel has a quiet environment. Unfortunately, the staff is unfriendly, and some are racist. Past midnight there is no staff available.

Other reasons the El Mirador Motel scores lowly:

  • No security
  • The motel needs repairs
  • Poorly trained

22. Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel and Casino


This hotel has received reviews that say it has cleaning issues that cause a bad smell. The hospitality establishment does not clean their rooms and beddings daily.

Other complaints against the Circus Circus Hotel

  • The services of this hotel is of low quality
  • The staff are not hospitable

23. Luxor Hotel & Casino


This hotel is old and needs renovations. Customers who visited the establishment two decades ago can attest that nothing has changed. The rooms also need some repairs and maintenance.

Other reasons why the Luxor hotel has low ratings

  • The hotel’s parking is very far from its entrance
  • The check-in process is quite long and hectic
  • The rooms need fumigation to kill the bugs.

24. Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino


The reviews are low, mostly because of their lack of proper hygiene. The carpets in the rooms are dusty and need steaming. The rooms, showers, and beddings need a thorough cleaning to make the hotel accommodating.

Additional criticisms

  • The establishment needs to add some amenities
  • The rooms are pricy for their appearance and the minimal comfort they provide
  • The hotel’s staff need training in customer service

25. Excalibur hotel


This location is a broken shell of what it used to be. If you ask yourself why is this establishment is a good answer to the question: What are the worst hotels in Vegas? Well, rooms do not have charge ports.

In addition to that, the entire place needs a refurbishment due to the worn-out appearance.

Additional complaints related to Excalibur Hotel

  • Bed bugs infestation
  • There’s no difference between their smoke-free and smoking rooms


The article shines a light on the most terrible hotels on the Vegas strip. After doing the research for the worst places to stay in Las Vegas list, we concluded that the most common issues are:

  • Poor staff attitude and low hospitality
  • Issues regarding racism
  • Security problems
  • Poor hygiene
  • Misrepresentation of the hotels’ actual physical appearance and condition