The Best Craps Bets in Online Casinos

Hailey Campbell

Casino expert

Best Craps Bets

Gambling is not entirely a game of chance, especially when it comes to dice games like Craps. Keep reading to know how house edges affect the payout odds.

Main Craps Bets: An introduction

Main Craps Bets An introduction

Craps is a famous gambling game that consists of making wagers on the results of rolling two dice together. As expected, different wagers have different rules.

Due to the advance of technology, gamblers nowadays can play online craps casino titles on top online casinos right from the comfort of their homes.

Pass Line Wagers

You can get earnings on these wagers if the result is a 7 or 11 or lose if it is a 2, 3, or 12.

With another result, you must roll the point before 7 appears to generate earnings.

Don’t Pass Line Wagers

You may get an earning round if the outcome is a 2 or 3, lose if it is 7 or 11, or draw on rolling 12.

A point is established if the come-out roll is any other number, and the point should come first to win these wagers.

Come Wagers and Don’t Come Wagers

Similarly, Come wagers and Don’t Come wagers follow the same rules as Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line wagers, respectively, for winning or losing.

Odds Wagers

Odds wagers can be the combination of the four wagers mentioned above.

The wager can be placed after a point is made, and you earn if you can roll the point before 7.

Place Wagers

It is when you put a wager on any of the point values, i.e., on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, and you win if you can roll any of the values before a 7 appears.

On the other hand, a ‘Place lose wager’ is won when you can receive a 7 before any other.

Hardway Wagers

It is quite straightforward. You must roll the same number on both dice before a 7 appears. A double combination is only allowed for 4(2,2), 6(3,3), 8(4,4), and 10(5,5).

Big 6 or Big 8

You can win a Big 6 if you roll a 6 before a 7; in the case of a Big 8, you must roll an eight before a 7 appears.

Explanation of the odds and payouts for each bet

Explanation of the odds and payouts for each bet

The odds of a game round depend on the number of possible victorious results to the number of loss outcomes. And the payout for the odds of a bet varies.

For a Pass Line wagers, the actual chances of winning are 251:244, having a payout odds of 1:1.

Whereas for a Don’t Pass line bet, the true odds stand at 976:949, having a payout odds of 1:1. This means it gives even payout money.

In ‘pass odds’ or ‘come odds’ wagers, the payout odds can differ.

The odds paid for points are as follows:

  • 4 or 10 – 2:1
  • 5 or 9 – 3:2
  •  6 or 8 – 6:5

Winning odds for points:

  • 4 or 10 – 1:2
  • 5 or 9 – 2:3
  • 6 or 8 – 5:6

In ‘Place’ wagers, the odds paid for points are:

  • 4 or 10 – 9:5
  • 5 or 9 – 7:5
  •  6 or 8 – 7:6

Winning odds for points:

  • 4 or 10 – 2:1
  • 5 or 9 – 3:2
  • 6 or 8 – 6:5

In ‘Hardway’ bets, the true odds of rolling a 4 or 10 is 8:1, and the odds paid are 7:1.

And for rolling 6 or 8, the true odds are 10:1, having payout odds of 9:1.

For the ‘Big 6’ or ‘Big 8’, the odds are paid at even money, which implies if you bet $4 on the bet, you will end up winning or losing $4.

Also, the true odds of rolling a Big 6 or Big 8 is 6:5.

Discussion of the house edge for each bet

Discussion of the house edge for each bet

The ‘house edge’ is a term that refers to the advantage the gambling house has over you in the long run, and it varies from one bet to the other.

A minor house edge maximizes players’ chances to get earnings.

The commonly played ‘Pass Line’ bets have a decent house edge of 1.41%. While the ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bets have a lower house edge of 1.36% than the Pass Line bets.

The odds wagers put after a ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass Line’ wagers are the only Craps wagers with a house edge of 0%, equaling your true and payout odds the same.

The other wagers typically have a higher house edge.

For the Hardway bets, the house edge for 4 or 10 (11.11%) is much higher, and for 6 or 8, it is 9.09%.

The ‘Big 6’ or ‘Big 8’ bets have a house edge of 9.09%, equal to Hardway 6 or 8 bets.

In the case of Place bets, the house edges for Place 4 or 10 and Place 5 or 9 are 6.67% and 4%, respectively, which are higher than Place bets of 6 or 8.

Place 6 or 8 has a lower house edge of 1.52%, higher than Pass or Don’t Pass Line bets.

Analysis of the risk vs. reward of each bet

Analysis of the risk vs. reward of each bet

The chances of earning a bet unlock, the RTP and house edges are vital aspects of the game.

These factors decide the risk and the reward involved in each bet.

The payout is usually better if a casino has a high payout rate.

However, these bets come with high risk, as better odds increase the chances of winning the wager placed.

Though you have a high chance of cashing in big, you can lose big too.

Bets such as ‘Place’ bets and ‘Hardway’ bets have a higher reward for winning as their house edge is high.

Whereas the house edge is comparatively lower for ‘Pass Line’ and ‘Don’t Pass Line’ bets, you won’t incur heavy losses.

The payout odds are even better with ‘Odds bets’ and ‘Pass Line’ bets.

The best strategy on the craps table is to place maximum odds bet on a minimum pass line bet, as it boosts your chances of winning by lowering the house edge.

Accessing casino bonuses may also maximise players’ payout chances. Such promotions include players receiving different incentives, like no wagering bonuses and cashback bonuses.

Final Thoughts

‘Odds’ bets are the best, considering your advantage for making a high profit due to a lower house edge.

Above all, place small bets and gradually increase the maximum wager amount on the table.

Finding the best bet depends on your bankroll and the money you can afford to risk. Only go for the high-risk bet if losing the money won’t make you bankrupt.