Master the Paroli Roulette Strategy

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli system is a popular betting technique amongst Canadian punters. Here, you will learn how it works, what it implies and the logic behind it. Moreover, we’ll also present the risks involved while using this strategy. Shall we begin?

What is Paroli betting system?


It is a strategy used by players to increase their winning odds and minimize their losses. By exploring Roulette’s general odds, you can determine whether of nor to use the strategy in a particular situation.

Paroli derives from the Latin word par, meaning ‘one who is equal to’. The betting strategy is all about positive progression. It simply means doubling a stake after each win. However, you revert to your original wager when you lose or achieve three consecutive wins.

Players use this system to predict bet outcomes and improve their winning probability. Casino games where the system is applicable include Blackjack and Roulette. Some punters also use it while making sports bets online. There’s no need to be a specialist. You just need the right bookmaker and the right event.

The Paroli betting system originated in the 16th century in an Italian game called Basset. French mathematician Blaise Pascal, the inventor of the Roulette wheel, is also widely believed to be the brain behind this betting model.

How does the Paroli Roulette strategy work?


Paroli’s objective is straightforward: increase your bet every time until you win three consecutive wagers in a row. Here are the steps you shall follow when using the Paroli Roulette strategy:

    1. Select your base wager

First, you need to wager a single unit on even money bets. For instance, you can stake on options like red/black or odd/even.

The amount you bet at the beginning of the round would be your base wager and what you would go back to after losing or winning three times. To get the best out of your bankroll, ensure that the base stake is very low, about 2% of your total betting capital.

    1. Double up after each win

Each time your wager wins, double it on the next stake. For instance, if you start with C$3, your next stake should be C$6. If you win again, you should increase it to C$12.

    1. Revert to the base stake after your third win

After winning three times in a row, stop increasing your bets and start from your first wager. Using our example above, if you win your C$12 stake, your next wager should be C$3.

  1. Base wager after losing

When you use the Paroli Roulette strategy and lose your bet, your next stake should be your base wager. Irrespective of how many times you lose, you should always revert to your original bet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Paroli system



  • Easy to learn and implement

This strategy is very straightforward. You don’t need to spend much time learning it. Newbies will also find it fast and easy to use. All you must do is follow the pattern and laid-down rules. 

  • Good for small, consistent wins

Although the system does not guarantee wins every time, it has the potential to give you constant wins. Wagering on even money can increase your chances of winning at Roulette.

  • Helps prevent large losses

Using the Paroli betting system limits your risk of incurring large losses. By reverting to your initial wager after every three wins, you reduce the chances of losing these winnings quickly.


  • No guarantee of winning

This is perhaps the most significant drawback of the system. Don’t forget that Roulette is a game of chance. So, the outcome is unpredictable. When it comes to online Roulette real money, the game is randomized by an RNG system.

Hence, there is no guarantee of what the result of your next wager would be. You can do well with this strategy with the right sequence of outcomes. But what if you encounter an unfavourable string of results?

  • Doesn’t reduce the house edge

Like other Roulette betting strategies, this technique does not reduce or impact the house edge in any way. It only teaches you how to play with it and get the best out of your bankroll.

  • Restricts other wagering options

While using this system, you will not be able to explore other Roulette betting options like corner bets.

What logic does Paroli system involve?


The Paroli betting system follows the idea that winnings and losses come in successive repeats.

It states that players can increase their profit when they bet a higher amount during winning streaks and reduce their bet to the minimum during losing streaks.

Furthermore, the system assumes that the profit you gain from your winning streaks would be enough to cover any small losses you incur while using it.

Are there any risks when using the Paroli strategy?


Every Roulette betting strategy comes with a certain level of risk, and the Paroli system is not an exception. Risk is an inherent factor that one can’t remove from gambling.

When you use this staking model, you face the possibility of your bets not going the way you planned. You may never have three consecutive wins or even end up on a losing streak. This is mainly because Roulette’s outcomes are neither pre-determined nor based on skills.

However, one reassuring fact is that the risks are lower compared to the Martingale betting strategy. It is still a good way to manage and maximize your bankroll while playing Roulette.