Poker Hands: Learn To Master The Art Of Poker

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Poker Hands Explained

Navigating the complex world of Poker hands can be tricky, but the right guidance will ensure success. Keep reading to uncover all the secrets of Poker.

How Do Poker Hands Work?

Maybe you have already heard about a Poker hand, but you didn’t know what it meant.

The notion is very simple to understand:

It relates to what cards you, as a player, have.

Each card has its own rank, which refers to ordering the possible card combinations through patterns that indicate a hand’s strength.

What is poker hand strength?

To find a hand’s strength, you must calculate the number of hands better than yours, the number of hands equal to yours, and the number of hands worse than yours.

This equation is called “Hand Strength calculation,” and it will help you determine whether you should fold or call.

Below, we delve more into which are the Poker hands and what cards you need to make them.

3-Card Hands in Poker

This is an alternative version of Poker for those who do not like the classic game.

The rules are simple: all you need to do is make sure a have a better hand of three cards than the one possessed by the dealer.

This is how the game proceeds.

  • First, It’s time to ante up! Everyone starts off by placing their bet at the start of the game
  • After that, each player is dealt three cards, and the choice is yours – you can either make a play or fold
  • If you decide to play, you’ll have to place another bet, but if you fold, you’ll lose your initial bet
  • The final showdown is when the dealer reveals their cards – if they have a Queen or higher, they qualify. If they don’t, you’ll be rewarded with your Ante and Play bets

In this version of the game, there is also an additional wager you can make that will grant you a bonus payout. You will be eligible to receive it even if the dealer bets all hands or he doesn’t qualify. All you need to do is have either a Three-of-a-King, a Straight Flush or a simple Straight.

Dreaming of striking it big with a huge win in 3-Card Poker?

Your best bet is a mini-Royal Flush consisting of AKQ. Coming in a close second, a Straight Flush is also nothing to scoff at.

While these hands may be the optimal way to win big, the odds of you being dealt a mini-Royal Flush are an astounding 5,525 to 1.

So, let the cards fall where they may, and good luck!

5-Card Hands in Poker

5-Card Hands in Poker

The classic version of Poker that everybody has heard of is, of course, one of the most popular games around.

Additionally, variation is the perfect entry point for beginners.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  • First, decide the value of the Ante and the wagering limits
  • Then, each player is dealt five cards face-down
  • After examining their cards, the betting round begins, and players can choose from “Raise,” “Fold,” or “Call”
  • After the first round of betting, players can discard up to three cards and replace them with random cards from the pack.
  • Next is a new session of bettings. Once the wagering is done, players must show their hands and the player with the best hand, according to poker hand ranks, takes home the winnings

Please note that these are only the basic rules of Poker, but their variations (and additional rules) are endless.

Consult the correct poker guides when learning a specific game’s progress in detail.

For example, top Canadian online casinos with promotions like no wagering bonuses and no deposit bonuses are perfect for helping you learn all about the game of Poker.

The highest hand you can get in a game of classic Poker?

A Royal Flush or Straight Flush. Out of the 52-card deck, you’re looking at a 0.000154% probability of drawing one of these beauties, which works out to about 649,739:1 odds.

For a Straight one, your odds stand at 72193: 1.

How’s that for a long shot?

7 Card Hands in Poker Games

If you are looking for more thrill, then you need to try 7 Card Poker. In this exciting twist of the classic game, each player is dealt seven cards, three face-down and four face-up.

So, sharpen your skills and get ready to prove your Poker prowess!

  • Once the Antes have been placed, the game begins with each player being dealt two cards face-down and one face-up, referred to as “The Door”
  • At this point, a betting round begins with players able to Call, Fold, or Raise
  • This is followed by four more rounds of dealings, as the dealer takes out the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th cards (the last card is face-down and is known as the “River”).
  • Each card that is revealed is followed by another betting round
  • After the final betting round has concluded, all the players remaining have to show their final cards. The player with the best hand comprising five cards will win the pot of bets

The odds of winning a Royal Flush in 7 Card Poker may be slim – a paltry 0.0032% – but the grand prize of this variation is still the same as its 3 and 5-card draw counterparts.

So, if you are feeling lucky, you could be one lucky hand away from claiming the top prize!

Before we begin talking about the famous hands in Poker, remember that you must practice safe gambling. Therefore, please learn how to tell the signs of gambling addiction to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Can a Royal Flush be the Ultimate Strongest Poker Hands?

The highest possible hand in all Poker games is undeniably the Royal Flush. The cards within this hand are the Jack, Ten from the same suit, Queen, Ace, or King.

As this is a scarce combination, your probability of finding it is 0.000154%. At the same time, the odds are very low – only 649.739 to 1.

Can a Royal Flush be the Ultimate Strongest Poker Hands

Why is it rare to get it? Royal Flush consists only of a single combination of cards, and the frequency you can get it with is minor since there are only four suits.

This hand is generally so rare it can happen once every 40.000 approximately, but in variants like Texas Hold ’em, it’s much more precious.

Why does that happen?

This is because, in Texas Hold ’em, you must form the Royal Flush from only two cards in your hand and three community cards.

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush is a powerful hand in Poker, second only to the unbeatable Royal Flush.

It’s a five-card sequence from the same suit, offering players a chance to win big – no matter which sequence those five cards make.

A Royal Flush is the ultimate Straight Flush, and 5-4-3-2-A is the least powerful. Royal always trumps a Straight Flush. So if you want to learn more about Live Poker Strategies, don’t forget to watch Professional Poker Players at work and take your Poker game to the next level in no time!

Straight flush facts:

  • The frequency of getting a Straight Flush is more significant than with the highest hand.
  • Due to there being four different suits, there are 36 straight flushes in a standard pack.
  • Using this number, we find that the probability of getting this hand is 0.0014%, with odds of 72193: 1.

One Pair

The thrill of being dealt One Pair is unmatched.

Two cards, with the same rank, alongside three unremarkable cards, can take your breath away.

Such a hand is better than simply having a High Card but still falls short of any other hand possible.

One Pair

To identify a One Pair hand, two out of the five cards must be of the same rank (or same value).

So, if you have two Aces, one seven, one three, and a Jack, you have a One Pair hand due to the Aces.

You can easily have a One Pair hand since the probability a player will get it is 50%.

The chance drops significantly when searching for a specific pair

Even though it’s very probable you’ll get this hand, remember that its strength is second to last. Therefore, make sure you don’t overspend on a One Pair hand.

You may want to make sure your adversaries have, at best, a High Card before investing in this hand.

Two Pair

In Poker, the Two Pair hand contains two cards of one rank (ex: both are 10s) and another two cards of another rank (ex: two Queens).

This hand ranks higher than the previous One Pair but lands lower than Three-of-a-Kind.

Two Pair

This hand can be played assertively in variations of Poker like Texas Hold ’em and Omaha. This happens when the player has two pairs of high ranks.

Since there are lower possibilities of getting a Four-of-a-Kind (0.0256%) than a Two Pair (0.0475%), many players aggressively choose to play a Two Pair of high rank.

For games like Texas Hold ’em and Omaha, make sure that there are not enough cards that could make a Straight, Flush, or Full House before deciding to raise on your Two Pair of high rank.

To give you a more accurate description of the Two Pair hand’s fate, know that this is the most common hand to beat in Texas Hold ’em.

This happens because when multiple players get two pairs, only one player with the highest-ranked pairs dominates.

Therefore, ensuring you have a dominant hand is critical.

Three-of-a-Kind Poker Hand

Three-of-a-Kind is a hand that is pretty straightforward with its name.

If you have exactly three cards with the exact same ranking, you’ve hit the jackpot – you’ve got a Three-of-a-Kind hand!

These cards beat Two Pairs, but they’re not quite as strong as Straight.

Three-of-a-Kind Poker Hand

If two or more players possess the same Three-of-a-Kind hand, the victor is decided by the grade of the triad of matching cards. Topping the chart is a Three-of-a-Kind with Aces, guaranteeing a surefire win!

As happens with the Two Pair hand, the Tree-of-a-Kind hand is also played aggressively by some players toward the end of the match.

This hand is also less likely to have than a Two Pair; its probability of happening is only 2.1128%.

When watching international tournaments, know that the denomination “Three-of-a-Kind” is not very used. Instead, commentators will refer to this hand according to the rank of the cards owned by the player.

For example, a Three-of-a-kind with Kings will simply be called “Kings,” while a Three-of-a-Kind with Twos is called “Trips.”

Four-of-A-Kind Poker Hand

Four-of-a-Kind consists of four cards of the same rank, such as four Aces or four Sevens.

This hand ranks higher than Three-of-a-Kind but lower than a Straight Flush.

Four-of-A-Kind Poker Hand

Poker players often play this hand aggressively due to its power over other hands. Players usually bet or repeatedly raise to ensure building a big pot and protect their hand.

When deciding to play Four-of-a-Kind, always keep an eye out for other combinations players may make with the cards on the board.

The riskiest hands other players could get are Straight Flush and Full House.

An interesting fact about this hand is that it’s often referred to as “Quads.” This nickname is used to tell a Four-of-a-Kind apart from other hands with four cards.

In addition, this nickname is used to emphasise the hand’s rank, as it is one of the highest-ranking hands in Poker.

Poker’s High Card hand is the meekest of them all, only called upon to break ties between players who can’t muster other hands.

Just like the Two Pair, the High Card depends on rank, so an Ace will always be better than a Jack.

Most players play the High Card passively, especially at the beginning of the rounds.

Although a High Card is very weak, you may be able to score Two Pairs or even a Three-of-a-Kind if you keep looking.

High Card - A Weak Link in Poker

In Poker, this hand is sometimes called the “No Pair” to emphasise that it does not contain any matching ranks or sequences. However, this hand has one of the best probabilities – 50.1177% – so you will likely have it at least once.

Although this is the weakest hand in the game, the High Card can still be valid in situations where a player has a High Card that is unlikely to be taken out by the other players.

Full House – The Golden Lottery Ticket in Poker

If you have a Three-of-aKind and, at the same time, another two cards with the same rank, you will form a Pull House.

This specific hand is ranked higher than Three-of-a-Kind and Straight but lower than Four-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush.

Full House Poker hand facts

Full House is considered a mighty hand in Poker and often contributes to winning the pots.

When playing this hand, players often bet or raise within the game to increase both the pot and their chances of winning.

Full House - The Golden Lottery Ticket in Poker

To form a Full House Poker hand, you must have three cards of the same rank (ex: three Kings) and two cards of another rank (ex: two Aces).

When two or more players with Full House hands battle, the winner is established as the one having the highest rank within their hand.

Even though this hand is one of the best, you could possibly hope to get, know that its probability is even lower than what we’ve seen so far – 0.00144%.

7 2 Poker Hand: Lucky or Not?

The 7 2 Poker hand is not necessarily unlucky, but it is regarded as one of the weakest hands in Poker.

As mentioned multiple times in this article, rank and sequences are essential when forming a potentially winning hand.

In this aspect, the 7 2 Poker hand is terrible because it’s unlikely to create a ranking pair or sequence during the game.

7 2 Poker Hand Lucky or Not

However, even if the 7 2 Poker hand isn’t strong, you can still play it. How? Besides playing your cards right, Poker is also a game of tricks. Therefore, you can try to bluff your way out of a bad round and even steal the pot.

Remember that bluffing is not everything when trying to play a bad hand. Your position at the table also matters when trying to succeed with a bad hand.

If you are last, for example, this position can ease decisions like bet, raise, or fold through the information you gather about the players before you.

Key ideas

  • Always remember the correct order of the essential Poker hands
  • Make sure to identify the correct type of Poker game you’re playing to make sure what rules apply
  • All players’ hands will be hierarchized in games where multiple players have Two Pairs. In this case, ensure you have at least one pair formed with the highest card on the table
  • When trying to bluff, you must gather as much information about your opponents’ hands as possible
  • Before playing, make sure that you know what you expect. If you play with professionals, know that you must be at the top of your game to have a chance at the pot
  • Ensure that you don’t overspend. In these situations, it’s better to create a budget before playing and stick to it
  • Try out free online video poker with no download required to get to know the game.


What are the top 10 poker hands?

The top 10 Poker hands are One Pair, Two Pairs, High Crad, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Full House, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Flush and Royal Flush.

Does a flush beat straight?

The Flush is above a Straight hand in Poker rankings, so yes – Flush beats Straight.

What is the strongest hand in poker?

The strongest hand in Poker is undoubtedly Royal Flush.