CasinoBonusCA Consumer Report: Casino Bonuses Claimed by Percentages

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Casino Bonus Consumer Report

CasinoBonusCA experts surveyed our active site users and the types of bonuses they use. What are the most common behaviours of online gamblers?

More than 80% of CasinoBonusCA users claim a casino bonus

Type of action Percentage of users

Claimed a bonus


Did not claim a bonus


How did we measure how many users claim a casino bonus?

Users data subtracted from CasinoBonusCA’s survey shows the number of users exceeds 80%, while the percentage of users who did not claim a bonus when visiting the website is 11.60%.

According to CasinoBonusCA’s experts, the number of users that claim a casino bonus is higher than expected.

With over 88% of active users claiming a casino bonus when visiting the website, the number of players that do not claim these special offers is less than 12%.

No deposit bonuses are the most commonly claimed CasinoBonusCA’s offers

Types of claimed bonuses Percentage of users

No deposit bonuses


First deposit bonuses


Both bonuses


The two main types of no deposit bonuses analysed by our survey

The data subtracted from CasinoBonusCA’s survey reveals the frequently claimed bonuses, with no deposit bonuses topping the charts.

Casino bonuses offer multiple types of promotional deals, but among the most searched and claimed casino offers are no deposit bonuses and first deposit bonuses.

What are no deposit bonuses?

A no deposit bonus means that an online casino offers a certain amount of money when a newly-registered user creates an account so that they do not have to deposit real money before playing the first rounds.

Types of first deposit bonuses claimed by CasinoBonusCA users

Type of first deposit bonuses Percentage of users

Minimum deposit ($1 or $5) bonuses


200% deposit bonuses (or higher match percentages)


No wagering bonuses


Cashback bonuses


Other types of bonuses


Our data review of casino bonuses claimed by Canadian users

The data subtracted from CasinoBonusCA’s survey reveals the types of first deposit bonuses claimed most frequently.

There are multiple types of first deposit bonuses, and among them, the following are the most used by Canadian players.

The 4 most popular types of casino bonuses in our userbase:

  • A minimum deposit bonus is a bonus that a user can claim after they deposit a minimum or above the required amount of credit.
  • A 200% casino bonus refers to a type of promotion where the casino will offer the player a bonus equal to 200% of their first deposit amount.
  • No wagering bonuses are offered by online casinos that do not imply an obligation for the player to wager the derived real-money bets.
  • Cashback bonuses are a type of promotion offered by CasinoBonusCA to their customers to mitigate losses. With a cashback bonus, the casino will return a percentage of the player’s net losses over a certain period of time, typically a week or a month.

Among other types of bonuses, CasinoBonusCA offers different kinds of promotions such as free spins no deposit bonuses and  percentage match offers.

Over 50% of users claim free spins bonuses

Types of no deposit bonuses Percentage of users

No deposit cash bonuses


Free spins no deposit bonuses


No deposit bonuses & their types

CasinoBonusCA’s survey reveals the popularity of free spins, no deposit bonuses over no deposit cash bonuses.

Free spins no deposit bonuses remain one of the most searched casino offers among online gamblers.

Users receive from the online casino free rounds instead of money so that they continue playing without making deposits.

CasinoBonusCA reveals the top casino bonuses

Total claims on specific bonuses Percentage of users

Free spins no deposit bonuses


No deposit cash bonuses


Standard first deposit bonuses


Minimum deposit ($1 and $5) bonuses


200% and above bonuses


No wagering bonuses


Cashback bonuses


Most claimed casino bonuses by type, according to our survey

CasinoBonusCA’s survey reveals the highest to lowest percentage of claiming the most popular casino bonuses. At the top of our chart, CasinoBonusCA’s most popular bonuses are free spins no deposit bonuses.

Our take on the consumer’s casino promotion preferences

CasinoBonusCA’s survey also revealed clear statistics on customers’ preferences regarding casino bonuses.

From the most popular bonuses, free spins, to the least popular bonuses, cashback bonuses, CasinoBonusCA’s users claim multiple bonuses frequently depending on their needs.

How many CasinoBonusCA users deposit after claiming free spins no deposit bonus?

Lastly, CasinoBonusCA’s survey suggests that only 11% of online gamblers make deposits after claiming free spins no deposit bonuses.

This data shows that most players are driven by promotions and other special offers when gambling online.

Why are casino bonuses so popular among Canadian players?

  1. Casino bonuses are a method through which players, not only Canadians, obtain more chances of winning by also extending their playtime.
  2. Most reliable gambling operators offer different types of casino bonuses so that they enhance their users’ experience and allow them to succeed and try out other games.

CasinoBonusCA’s bonuses make a mark on the gambling industry

CasinoBonusCA is among the most reliable reviewers in the Canadian gambling industry, offering their users profitable promotions and other deals and providing security when gambling through reliable gaming operators.