Claim at least 6 casino no deposit bonuses to win once, according to survey data

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Odds of Winning from a No Deposit Bonus

CasinobonusCA has performed a survey on the subject of claiming and using a no deposit bonus in Canada. Here we share and explain the results.

You will find curated data on the claiming rates, win percentages, and the likelihood of converting a no deposit casino bonus.

Your odds of winning from a no deposit bonus

How the calculator works

The data you see is strictly informational. Your results are based on over 390 responses from Canadian gamblers.

Our survey covered the outcomes of claiming and using the promotions. Using the valid responses, we computed a reliable likelihood of winning. The odds depend on the number of no pay promotions you have claimed.

The odds of winning from no payment promotional codes are computed by comparing the claiming rates against the rates of winning and conversion.

Statistics on no deposit bonus activity

Consult the statistics and data on Canadian gamblers’ use of no deposit casino bonuses within the past year.

Claim at least 6 no deposit bonuses to win once, according to survey data - infographic

Claiming rate

Claiming rate

Explanation of data

The presented promotional claim rates are an average of the answer percentages generated according to certain levels of check strictures.

We process the answers according to three levels of verifications. Level 0 represents the survey answers with no modifications. Level 1 checks the first question against the second to eliminate impossible answers. Level 2 introduces an addiction check for the third question. Level 3 includes all four questions and eliminates any series of responses that are not internally coherent.

Variation in survey answers

Verification levels Total answers Have claimed

Level 0 (no checks)



Level 1 (lax rules)



Level 2 (tight rules)



Level 3 (all questions included)






Difference in rates based on level

Difference in rates based on level

Why did we choose to include all levels?

While some answer sets may not be internally coherent, this does not discredit their relevance. We cannot check where the mistake occurred or the survey participant’s intent. Thus, in order to better reflect the actual state of the statistics on promotional use, we averaged the results of all verifications.

Rate of profiting from no deposit bonuses

With an (unchecked) 193 count of respondents claiming to have won from one or more no payment bonus codes, there’s a 61% chance that you win.

Claim-to-win ratio

Verification levels Claim-to-win ratios

No verification


Lax verification


Tight verification




Odds of winning from a no deposit bonus with checked data

Odds of winning from one no deposit bonus or more

Once the answers are checked and weighted for errors, the odds of winning from any no payment promotion fall under 30% for all levels.

The average checked chances that you win at least from one no payment promotion are 26.61(3)%. The odds are poorer than the ones reported by respondents. However, considering that no deposit casino bonuses are available free of charge, winning anything, even with a low probability, is desirable.

The key factor, nonetheless, is the likelihood of actually converting and cashing out the no payment bonus winnings.

Free spins are most common

Free spins and credits for slots make up approximately 95% of all no deposit bonuses. The statistics on casino promotions that require no payment are relevant to free spins on slots, within a 5% margin of error.

Cashout rates from no deposit bonus codes

Cashout rates from no deposit bonus codes

Generally, over 50% of respondents that won anything from one or more no payment bonus codes claimed to have cashed some winnings out.

The verified answers fall following verifications, but the difference between the number of no pay casino bonuses users won from and the ones they cashed out stay relatively the same.

Won-to-cashed-out no deposit bonus ratios

Verification level Win-cashout ratio Claim-cashout ratio

No verification



Lax verification



Tight verification






What are your odds of profiting from a no deposit bonus?

If you have already won and converted funds from one no payment bonus (or more), your odds of withdrawing funds are well over 60%.

However, just by considering the act of claiming casino promotions that do not require a payment, your chances fall below 20% when considering valid answers.

Number of claimed no deposit bonus codes

Number of claimed no deposit bonus codes

According to our study, most gamblers claimed between 1 and 5 no payment casino bonuses within one year, which is the lowest echelon.

What should come as a surprise, however, is that an entire quarter of respondents stated to have claimed over 20 no pay bonus codes.

Claiming rate per echelon

Number of claimed bonuses per year Rate of claimed bonuses per month Rate of claiming one bonus


0.08(3) – 0.41(6)

Less than 1 in two months


0.5 – 0.8(3)

Less than 1 in one month


0.91(6) – 1.(6)

Over 1 per month



Over 1 per month

Breakdown of claimants visualized

Breakdown of claimants visualized

Most claimants (well over a third) opted to claim between 1 and five no deposit casino bonuses. A fourth chose over 20, which may be taken as a sign of irresponsible play.

However, over 50% of respondents played with under 10 no payment casino promotions within one year. This equates to a majority claiming less than one such promotion per month.

Average no deposit bonus value

CasinobonusCA hosts a broad database of over 1200 casino bonuses. Using these entries, we could conclude that the average value for a free of charge bonus is $5.

Thus, 38.92% of respondents played with promotional values ranging between $5 and $25. Over 18% of users played with no payment promotional packages valued between $30 and $50, and 17.41% played with a total promotional balance ranging from $55 to $100.

The remaining quarter of heavy users of such casino offers played with a promotional bankroll that, on average, exceeded $100.

We can only estimate the value used by different groups of players based on our own estimations of the average sign up casino offer value. Since our survey only concerned only the utilization of promotions, we cannot correctly analyze whether players that claimed more offers did so for lower-value ones or not.

The rates of winning among respondents

The rates of winning among respondents

Over 60% of respondents declared to have won a positive balance from 1 to 5 free of charge bonus codes.

Once considering all verifications (see Level 2 verification), the number of players that won only from 1 to 5 promotions reaches 66.2%.

Around 17.5% (with a 0.9% error margin) of gamblers stated they won from 6 to 10 no payment casino promotions.

Winning from over 10 bonuses occurred for 16.2% to 21.8% of winning respondents, with winning form over 20 promotions happening to as few as under 10% of those who have won anything.

We are only considering the share of respondents that claimed to have one at least once in the past year using a casino promotion not requiring a payment. The majority of claimants did not win.

Average rollover required to win

Average rollover required to win

We consulted our database of Canadian online casinos to conclude that the average wagering requirement is 25.2x the amount.

The 25.2x wagering requirement is not necessarily an industry standard but results from analyzing 7000 reports of depositing players.

  • Rollover required to make at least $1 from each bonus

Every no deposit bonus you won a positive balance from would require a 25.2x rollover. Winning $1 from each would mean the gambler wagered each resulting bonus bankroll 25.2 times.

This would result in a $25.2 total wagered bankroll to generate $1 from a promotion.

Total rollover for various player groups
Response groups Average individual rollover Resulting profit


$25.2 – $126

$1 – $5


$151.2 – $252

$6 – $11


$277 – $504

$11 – $20




  • Rollover required to make $5 from each bonus

A player needs to play through $25.2 to convert $1 from a no deposit bonus. Thus, unlocking $5 entails playing through 5 times the amount.

Total rollover for various player groups
Response groups Average individual rollover Resulting profit


$126 – $630

$5 – $25


$756 – $1,260

$30 – $50


$1,385 – $2,520

$55 – $100




Rollover increase in perspective

Rollover increase in perspective

The wagering naturally grows with the number of no deposit casino bonuses you expect to profit from. Since the average rollover is 25.2x the derived amount, the playthrough-to-profit fund ratio will be 25.2:1.

In other words, you will use 25.2 more funds than you will derive. Depending on the on-site promotional policy, the wagering bankroll may be comprised of bonus or real money.

Nonetheless, the profit still depends on other factors, most notably the maximum conversion limit.

Estimated limit on winnings

Our database suggests that $50 is the average maximum conversion amount for no payment bonus codes.

This means that $50 is the most you can make from promotions, no matter your winnings and playthrough.

For instance, if you have winnings amounting to $100, you may wager the entire amount, but only $50 will be awarded. This can become an issue when your options to cash out are blocked by incomplete wagering.

Maximum no deposit bonus winnings

Response groups Average maximum conversion Average wagering for maximum conversion













Data on no deposit bonus cashout

Data on no deposit bonus cashout

Almost 60% of respondents claimed and won from no deposit bonus codes did not manage to cash out any winnings.

Over a fourth managed to cash out the winnings from 1 to 5 no payment casino bonuses. The remaining 13.8% of gamblers managed to convert and withdraw funds from more than 5 promotions.

Promotional cash out figures are similar for all checks

Promotional cash out figures are similar for all checks

The first graph has been created using verified answers, with only valid answers included. While there is variation in response groups that cashed out, the percentage of respondents that did not do so stays the same.

Estimated minimum cashout amounts

We have calculated the average minimum withdrawal amount in Canada to be $20, with some gambling sites going under this limit.

We will consider two cases: each no payment offer was claimed, converted, and cashed out independently, or promotions were converted and cashed out in bulk once the winnings comprised a higher amount.

Case 1: Each bonus cashed out independently

Case 1 Each bonus cashed out independently

Both minimum and maximum cashout limits for singular free of charge bonus codes increase linearly with the number of claimed offers.

While it may seem enticing to claim as many promotions as possible, we remind our readers that each converted value was subject to wagering conditions.

Minimum and maximum limits and estimated rollover

Minimum and maximum limits and estimated rollover

Case 2: Bonuses cashed out together

We consider $20 the average minimum withdrawal amount and $5 the average converted value.

We will consider the number of no payment casino offers required to cash out once and the number of withdrawals performed for different response groups.

Withdrawals based on the number of offers
Answer groups Estimated conversion value Number of possible withdrawals

1-5 offers


0 to 1

6-10 offers


1 to 2

11-20 offers


2 to 5

20+ offers


Over 5

Estimated cashed out amounts per all respondents

Estimated cashed out amounts per all respondents

Most operator funds went to 5,8% of respondents that cashed out over 20+ promotions. The second largest batch was spent on claimants of 1 to 5 bonuses.

Average cashout amount per user

Average cashout amount per user

The average gambler that profited from over 20 no deposit bonus codes made almost five times more money than the lowest echelon.

Reflections on the state of no deposit bonuses

  • No deposit bonus codes are popular, with 87.9% of survey respondents claiming at least one offer in the past year.
  • The chance of winning from at least one no pay bonus when checking for errors falls under 30%. The win-to-claim ratio is around 0.8.
  •  The claim-to-cashout ratio for free of charge casino offers is around 0.17.
  • Over a quarter of respondents claimed more than one bonus per month. Conversely, around 38.9% of gamblers claimed less than one per two months.
  • Most respondents have only won from 1 to 5 no payment casino offers (over 66%).
  •  58.5% of respondents did not manage to cash out any winnings. 27.7% managed to receive their winnings from 1 to 5 free of charge casino offers.
  • Over a quarter of gamblers used 1 to 2 withdrawals to receive their online casino offer winnings.
  • Most operator funds ($9,900,000) went to 5.8% of gamblers that cashed out earnings from over 20 bonuses.
  • The second largest share ($7,095,000) was divided among 27.7% of winning gamblers.
  • Frequent users of free casino offers that managed to convert their promotional funds are estimated to have made over $500.
  • Cases of large winnings are rare, mainly due to limits such as the estimated 25.2x average wagering requirement and $50 conversion limit.
  • Despite their broad appeal, most gamblers do not manage to win from, convert, or cash out any free bonus winnings.


All observations presented in our analysis of promotional codes that do not require payments in Canada are based on our own gambler survey.

The study concerns a sample of 392 individual self-reports from Canadian respondents. The data has been collected by CasinobonusCA and verified for validity. You can consult the data as well as its reliability.

The aim of our study is to review customer attitudes towards free online casino offers, as well as subsequent results. We do not intend to encourage any Canadian reader to participate in casino bonuses.

As we understand that information and transparency are critical factors for a better market, CasinobonusCA provides all available data and the analysis process undertaken in this study.