How to Bet on Hockey and Win

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

How to bet on hockey

Hockey betting has never been clearer.

Find all about how to bet on hockey at online sportsbooks in simple and effective terms. Our online casinos CA experts created this article just for you.

Hockey betting – what you’ll learn about today

Hockey betting - what you’ll learn about today

  • How to bet on hockey 
  • Hockey betting markets
  • Hockey bet types
  • How hockey betting odds are displayed
  • A few bankroll management tips
  • Key starting points for a healthy betting strategy and more. 

Betting for fun vs. betting long-term

There are two different types of bettors at an online sportsbook: the ones looking for fun and those who take betting as a serious business, and are willing to learn strategies to develop their skills. 

This guide is specifically designed for the latter, respectively for Canadian bettors that want to enhance their skills and devise their own long-term betting strategies.

Why using a strategy is crucial

Why using a strategy is crucial

You are prone to make mistakes when you only bet for fun or entertainment. This is because you don’t pay enough attention to your returns. However, wagering strategically helps you have fun, avoid simple mistakes, maximize your bets, and win more. 

Don’t forget to bet responsibly

Improving your betting skills doesn’t mean you should throw caution away and wager carelessly. Follow these responsible betting steps to learn how to bet on hockey the right way:

  • Pick the best CA online casinos
  • Don’t chase your losses
  • Keep your stake size fixed
  • Implement your online bookie’s responsible gambling tools
  • Add limits to your account
  • Don’t bet based on emotions
  • Don’t drink and bet

Step 1: Keep your hockey betting Canada markets

Market Meaning Options 


Who will win

Team A vs Team B

Point Spread


Team A -1.5/ Team B +1.5


Total goals in a match

Over/Under 1.5 – 8.5 goals


Winner/runner-up in a league

Best-rated teams in the season

60-minute line

Result after three periods (adds the draw possibility)

Team A / Draw / Team B

Grand salami

Total goals in a matchday (per league)

Over/Under expected tally 

Picking winners – Moneyline betting 

Picking winners - Moneyline betting

This is only a bet on who will win the hockey match. It is the most encountered method of betting on the National Hockey League.

Most sportsbooks in Northern America display Moneyline odds using the American hockey betting odds format. 

American odds

Moneyline betting involves Moneyline (American) odds. 

To better understand how to bet on hockey matches, let’s say you come across a Moneyline bet featuring the Boston Bruins at +250 and the New York Rangers at -150: 

  • It means the New York Rangers are the team most likely to win, and you should wager $150 to win $100;
  • In this match, the Boston Bruins are the underdogs. The team less likely to win the game is referred to as an underdog, and displayed with a (+) in front of their names;
  • An odd of +250 means you will win $250 for the bet if you stake $100 and the bet wins. With your initial stake of $100, it means you will get a total return of $350; 
  • However, you don’t need to have $100 to wager this match; it’s just the simplest way of explaining American odds in terms of +250. 

The point spread

The point spread

Also known as handicapping, the point spread is a line that sets a goal difference to fill the gap between the favourite and underdog.

In the NHL, point spread or puck line refers to the number of goals the favourite is expected to win by. It is usually displayed as Team-X with goal numbers. 

How much is the point spread in hockey?

How much is the point spread in hockey

In a hockey game, the point spread is usually around -1.5 goals for the favourite and +1.5 for the underdog.