Learn How To Win On Penny Slots

Hailey Campbell

Casino expert

How to Win at Penny Slots

Penny slots are a famous playing option among bettors. Let us walk you through insightful tips on how to get the best results playing these slots.

Penny Slots: An Overview

Penny slots are typical spinning games that accept wagers as small as $0.01.

Since they have regular slot mechanics, the fact that you can spend less money on them is decisive when choosing a casino game.

Their low payment requirement makes them seem so attractive to gamblers worldwide.

How Do Penny Slots Work?

How Do Penny Slots Work

A penny slot bet can reach $0.01 per pay line, yet this doesn’t mean the total bet will be $0.01.

This is because penny slots impose a minimum pay line limit for betting, and it’s generally 1 mandatory pay line out of 10.

You’re playing a fixed slot if you’re imposed to place a bet according to this rule.

For instance, if you have a 25-pay line slot, your minimum bet will likely be $0.25.

3 Ways to Optimise Your Penny Slot Play

3 Ways to Optimise Your Penny Slot Play

  1. Play for less than the maximum amount
  2. Pay close attention to RTP levels and the casinos’ house edge
  3. Use casino bonuses

To maximise your winning chances, you first need to optimise your playing decisions.

Play for Less than the Maximum Amount

Most casino walkthroughs will advise players to always bet the maximum amount of coins and pay lines to get the best results when playing slot games.

This advice is closely tied to progressive jackpots requiring players to bet a certain amount to become eligible for significant awards.

However, such rarely apply when it comes to this game.

These games are renowned for allowing players to win any jackpot award, no matter the wagering involved – at least theoretically.

Playing the maximum amount on this casino game would beat the purpose of opting for such slot machines in the first place since their main appeal is allowing gamblers to spend less on their gameplay for the same type of benefits.

Verify the RTP Levels and the Casinos’ House Edge

When it comes to slot machines and their Return to Player (RTP) percentages, penny slots tend to have lower values than regular spinning games.

Several slot tiles in today’s modern casinos will have to return to 96% or higher player levels. However, the situation is mostly different for this game.

For this type of spinning game, a good RTP level ranges between 85 to 90%.

Hence, the casino’s house edge will lean even more in favour of the gambling platform than is often the case for regular slot games.

To get the best results, and stay realistic, do thorough research on the RTP levels of the penny slots you will be playing without expecting them to generate the same earnings as would be the case for higher RTP games.

Use Casino Bonuses

Using online casino bonuses from top online casinos can be one of the best ways of maximising your winning chances.

Ranging from free spins on popular penny slots to cashback bonuses, online casinos will always promote several promotions as a marketing strategy to motivate players to wager more on their platforms.

How to Win on Penny Slots: Tips and Tricks

How to Win on Penny Slots Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t fall for popular casino myths
  • Understand the rules of the game before you start spinning
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Only play in a secure environment

To win, you must consider several factors that may affect your perception of your earnings and the safety of your gameplay.

Don’t Fall for Popular Casino Myths

When playing penny slots, the essential advice is always to remain grounded in reality.

There are numerous myths surrounding casino games, from luck being sparked through different practices to thinking some games are luckier than others with higher RTP levels just by following popular superstitions.

While there is nothing harmful about thinking luck plays its part in your gameplay, make sure you keep it realistic.

Remember that the RTP level is the only and most crucial aspect that can guarantee that one slot will generate a certain level of earnings from the amount you invest in your gameplay over time.

Understand the Rules of the Game Before You Start Spinning

Reading the rules is always vital when playing any type of casino game.

You can easily see the rules for every casino game by accessing the setting options and finding the Rules button.

You will get relevant information on pay lines, wild and scatter symbols, and bonus features like free spins and mini-games options by reading the rules.

Set a Budget and Stick to it

Setting a budget and not exceeding it is an exceptionally relevant step to avoid losing more than one can afford when playing casino games.

This applies to any game, regardless of the casino titles.

Only Play in a Secure Environment

Security and safety are essential aspects every gambler should consider before engaging in wagering.

When playing online, it would be wise always to choose to wager on websites licensed by trustworthy gambling authorities like UKGC, MGA or Gibraltar.

Playing in unlicensed online casinos is always a faux step. Such websites are renowned for luring players with offers that seem too good to be true, only to refuse their withdrawals or delete their accounts afterwards.

Similarly, if you choose to play this game  in land-based establishments, only enter reputable brick-and-mortar sites to guarantee a safe gambling experience.

Penny Slots: Pros and Cons

Penny Slots Pros and Cons

Just like other casino games, there are both upsides and downsides linked to penny slots that you should consider before opting to play. .


  • Several titles available on the market
  • Low minimum bets
  • The possibility of earning significant sums with small bets
  • Same rules as for standard slot games


  • Low RTPs
  • $0.01 minimum bet per pay line, not spin

Our final advice for penny slots adepts

Penny slots can be a good variant for bettors that want to make smaller bets to preserve their budgets.

Fortunately, this type of casino game is popular among online gamblers, prompting many gambling sites to provide a variety of game options to draw in new players.

To maximise your winning chances, make sure you only play on licensed casinos and try to find casino rewards that can be applied on penny slots with higher RTPs than the industry standard.