James Bond Roulette Strategy: How It Can Help You Win

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

James Bond Roulette Strategy

When you think about James Bond, it automatically comes to your mind the tuxedos, high stakes and attractive ladies. But, did you know that there is such a thing as James Bond roulette strategy?

In this article you will find out how effective is 007’s system when playing and winning at roulette. Is it as sleek and achieving as the character it is named after or the strategy is not as effective as the character itself? Let’s find out below!

What is James Bond Roulette Strategy?


This strategy is a combination bet where you make three different wagers on each spin. This system requires at least $200 to start with. However, since we aren’t all employed by the British government, you can play with lesser amounts when you get the hang of the game.

You can try betting on lower stakes at Canadian online casinos Roulette, since most of them offer live games with low stakes. Keep in mind that in Pragmatic lobbies you can find games with C$0.2 as the lowest stake.

Suppose your bankroll is $200, you distribute it on three bets as follows:

  • C$140 on high numbers (19 to 36);
  • C$50 on six numbers or a Six Line or Double Street (13-18);
  • C$10 on single number 0 as insurance.

Whether you win or lose, the system expects you to keep repeating the same combination bets each time you wager till you win or your bankroll finishes.

How Does James Bond Strategy Work?


The goal of playing the James Bond roulette with this predefined scheme is to cover more possible outcomes and secure a big payout. The plan is based on the premise that you are playing on a European roulette table.

However, if your game is an American variation, your last $10 bet would be on the split between 0 and 00 pockets. You should know that the return to player is different between those two; the European has 97% while the American only 94%. So, another reason why you must try this roulette strategy on European version.

Let’s say your bankroll is $20.All you need to do is place $14 on the high numbers, wager $5 on a six-line and put the last $1 on the zero pockets or split between the 0 and 00.

The 007 system is a flat betting system meaning you wager the same amount for every bet. Note that you can also implement this plan with $2000 or $20000 or more, as long as you follow the proportions.

Outcomes of the James Bond Roulette Strategy


When you use the 007 betting system, you either smile to the bank or go bankrupt. Although the strategy can give you a substantial payout, you can’t win all the bets on a single play. It’s impossible since they are contrasting bets.

For instance, if one of your groups of six-line bets wins, you will lose the 0 number or the 19-36 bet. Likewise. If the green pocket lands, you cannot win your double street bet or the high numbers 19-36.

 The Logic Behind the Strategy Explained


 By now, you are probably wondering why the bets are apportioned that way. The answer is in the expected outcomes of the spin. Let’s say you bet $20 on the 007 roulette plan.

  • If 1-12 comes in, you lose all your bet, a $20 loss (if your bet is $20)
  • If 13-18 wins  at 5/1, you receive $25, a $5 profit
  • If 19-36 wins at 1/1, your payout is $28, an $8 gain
  • If the 0 lands at 35/1, you win $36, a $16 profit

From the above, you need to avoid numbers 1-12 to secure a payout using this strategy. Also, winning the 0 pockets can significantly boost your profits. However, it can be quickly cleaned out if your next spin is 1-12.

Make sure you do your math before start playing. We don’t want to harm your ego but not doing the calculus when you have the chance is one of the most common Roulette mistakes. Calculate the possibilities and place your bet accordingly.

Can This Strategy Turn the Odds in Your Favor?

The reality is that no strategy can beat the house in the long run. If such a system existed, both land-based and online casinos would have been out of business a long time ago.

Let’s say we spin the wheel 37 times, and we use the 007 betting system on each round. You may end up losing $20 per every 37 spins.

Remember that we are talking about a game of chance here, and you may end up winning or losing more. In summary, this roulette strategy is not an ideal long-term system for playing roulette. But still, you can give it a try if you don’t have to break the bank to place the bets.

Best Way to Implement the James Bond Strategy


The best way to use this system is by following the footsteps of the sly spy himself- Get in quickly and smartly, get the job done and leave as fast as you can.

Place your bets using the James Bond betting strategy, and the moment you make your profit, walk away. Don’t push your luck or be greedy for more wins. Stick to your budget like the way Bond sticks to his martini cocktail- shaken, not stirred.

In addition, you should also have a substantial payroll to weather a losing streak. For example, you can’t use this plan if your bankroll is $20 even though it is the least required amount. Imagine you lose the bet? That would mean the end of your game and your bankroll. You can use online Roulette bonuses since there are many online casinos that offer them. This way, you can start playing with bonus funds, not your own. Make sure you check the offer’s terms and conditions first.