Keep Your Identity Safe: A Guide in 11 Parts

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

Keep Your Identity Safe: A Guide in 11 Parts

Are you fearful that someone may leak and misuse your data?

There’s no need to worry now!

Listen to the CasinoBonusCA experts, and your safety is guaranteed!

We have found 11 proven pieces of advice that will maintain your data safe. The only thing left to do is play your games of choice and have a blast!

1.    Look for two-factor authentication

Look for two-factor authentication

The name sounds intimidating, but the reality of it is much simpler than you’d think!

Just pick casinos that ask for two things whenever you log in:

  1. Your password;
  2. A unique code (sent via e-mail or SMS) that expires within a few minutes.

What other names you’ll encounter for two-factor authentication?

This technology is used in many industries, and it is sometimes called 2 FA.

Technology has evolved past just a PIN code, though!

In some advanced cases, the unique code is replaced with a biometric parameter, like your fingerprint. Alternatively, the string of digits may be replaced with a QR code.

The authenticity of your unique code is 99% guaranteed!

Softwares that deal just with that rotate between millions of combinations daily. The change of identity or fund theft while using them is close to 0.

For an extra layer of security, you can store the password for your casino profile in a password management platform.

How does that help you?

Simply, it puts an obstacle between your data and bad actors that might want to hack into your casino profile.

If you have this system set up, a hacker would need to access your e-mail or phone, a challenging task in itself.

2.    Stick to good licensing

You ought to be careful when choosing a casino. We recommend you try one of these options.

UKGC casinos

The UK authority currently leads the industry by imposing the strictest rules.

It never actually stops looking into the casinos. Even after they grant them approval, they come up with impromptu checks here and there to assure safe quality when it comes to your data.

MGA casino sites

Malta Gaming Authority is an EU champion of taking care of players, Canadians included.

It focuses on the safekeeping of data, GDPR policies, and industry-standard encryptions.

You’ll find a multitude of options with the MGA seal on our site! There’s no need to look any further!

Kahnawake-checked websites

This local Canadian authority is in business since 1996, checking both land-based and web-based casino places.

It never shies away from imposing procedures that ensure your data is kept safely away from hackers and never shared without your consent to commercial databases.

Curacao Gaming Control Board

This is an honourable mention on our list, not as strict as the others.

Casinos checked by them do not have to pay taxes, so it is so popular among operators.

4 distinct places can grant a Curacao license. The main Board grants authorisation powers to other subcontractors.

3.    Your password should be encrypted

Your password should be encrypted

Your profile data is kept in the casino servers.

If stored as a scrambled line of code rather than in plain English, safety points increase.

The 4 types of encryptions are:

  • Symmetric key

  • It presupposes the existence of a key that randomizes and then pieces together your password.

    Only the ones with access to that key can tamper with your account.

  • Public key

  • There are two sides to this: a public code and a private one.

    Only people who know both can access your profile and funds.

  • Hashed types

  • Your data is stored and used only after a software algorithm transforms it into a nonsensical string.

    Unknown people need to access the algorithm to make sense of your data.

    • Salted types

    Your data is not completely transformed into a new thing, but a few random symbols are indexed on your password.

    These are less complex procedures than hashed.

    What is the key to creating a strong password?

    You have to make sure that your password is unique, easy to remember for you, and contains many symbols other than letters or numbers.

    4.    Complete the KYC

    Complete the KYC

    Know your client procedures are put in place, among other things, to ensure that nobody but yourself uses the casino service.

    How is this attained?

    You send in the paperwork that belongs to you, like:

    • Personal IDs;
    • Proof of address;
    • Recent utility bills you have paid.

    Online casinos will also ask you for pictures of your bank cards if you choose that payment route.

    Why are these checks necessary?

    Firstly, it proves that you are over 18 or 19, so you can legally use a gambling service.

    Secondly, it prevents your inner circle from playing in your name. That also combats the options for them to use your data and funds to access games.

    5.    Lean on CasinoBonusCA to do the groundwork

    Lean on CasinoBonusCA to do the groundwork

    We know! You don’t want to do a lot of homework. You want to wager money on online games, without stress.

    This is why we come to your aid!

    We work non-stop to freshen up our collection of Canadian online casinos with the best reviews on the market. In each of these, we signal to you essential facts about your data.

    We never, under any circumstance, promote a casino that would put your details in jeopardy!

    In fact, the concept of casino legitimacy and legality is on our priority podium.

    We focus first and foremost on legal forms of play, fair outcomes, and Canadian-specific details.

    Navigating CasinoBonusCA simply!

    Use the lefthand-side filters and pick a casino that fits your game or payment choice; no need to worry about data leaks when it comes to our partners!

    6.    Examination from third-party auditors!

    If a casino employs external check-ups on its procedures, you can be sure that they know how to handle sensitive data.

    Let’s briefly take you through 4 seals that matter:


    If your casino passed this test, it could only mean a few things:

    • The games are fair and have little to no glitches;
    • The support team is well-trained, especially in regards to problem gambling;
    • Casino and company staff know the legislation of the gaming industry.

    Gaming Labs

    A mark from them entails that your data and bets are handled legally and with integrity.

    How are we sure this helps you?

    The vast majority of players in the Canadian gaming industry and beyond use Gaming Labs to improve their products and services.

    They primarily focus on the mathematical and engineering side of gambling software, but their expertise rises beyond that.


    This 2004 establishment is a testing hub for online casinos worldwide, with thousands of completed products and satisfied customers.

    Their testing focuses on compliance with the legislation of the region in question.

    What does that mean?

    Your data is protected by Canadian legislation, so Canadian-operational gambling websites verified by them comply with these rules.

    Norton Website Security

    Norton Website Security

    You might have heard of them already; maybe even better, you have used their antivirus for your devices!

    But just as they protect individual Internet users, they also check the integrity and smooth running of casino software.

    Identifying Norton Security in casinos

    If your chose casino has the Norton seal icon in its footer, you are benefiting from a large-scale cleanse of bugs, malware, and hacking attacks!

    7.    Private movement of funds

    Some Canadian gamblers don’t want any obvious trace of your online play on your bank or e-wallet statements.

    To avoid something unwanted, look through the casino terms and conditions to see the owning company or the company that handles funds.

    That name will be the one that will appear on your transaction logs.

    Unsure if you can use your credit or debit card to fund your online gambling sessions?

    We’ve compiled a full list of gambling-friendly Canadian banks for you to read and use its tricks!

    8.    Be aware of public WiFi and outdated devices

    We never recommend you play while connected to a public or shared network connection.

    Non-password-protected WiFi connections are the most vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and Trojan viruses. Thus, you are putting your casino profile at risk.

    2 arguments support this!

    • Non-password-protected WiFi connections are the most vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and Trojan viruses. Thus, you are putting your casino profile at risk.
    • Online casinos have a policy that allows just one account per IP address. Thus, if you use a common one for your flat, dorm, or public institution, you might risk having your profile suspended.

    The same vulnerabilities appear when you have an old laptop or mobile device.

    Old devices stop updating their software; this includes the antivirus programs embedded within them. So, you have to be careful when choosing when and from where you place your bets!

    CasinoBonusCA’s opinion on old casino apps

    The problem of running software age applies to mobile casino gambling apps too. The good news is that we teach you how to handle these amazingly, no matter your game preference, budget or device!

    9.    The lock icon is your best friend

    If you spend a decent time online, you probably already noticed that websites have a lock icon next to the URL bar.

    Google searches prefer this type of site!

    Search engines recognize that a site has up-to-date, proactive SSL encryption, meaning that if servers work as expected, you are safe to use that site.

    That protects you from two potential harmful aspects

    1. There is no vulnerability for your personal details and device.
    2. An intruder cannot subtract your funds.

    Are you playing on mobile?

    In the case of in-browser play, the lock icon should be in the same place, next to the URL bar.

    In the case of apps, the information is not so obviously placed. But you can still find it in the app description on the store or in its general about/settings sections.

    10.     Dive even deeper into the Privacy Policy

    We can’t possibly cover all the cases with one single guide.

    That is why we recommend that you take some time aside before you start betting to read the casino’s Privacy Policy.

    It is where the company states how they:

    • Gather;
    • Keep;
    • Manage;
    • Use the data.

    In Canada, these statements have to be following PIPEDA, an official act we have covered when discussing you’re gambler rights & obligations.

    11.     Stay away from VPN software

    VPN usage when it comes to bets is harmful.

    It is not the case that VPNs expose your data to additional risks, but you will lose your account and the funds sent/won there.

    Why such a drastic measure?

    Gambling is regulated by each local or federal government. Pretending to be from a different location than your current one messes up the whole system.

    Keep in mind these facts!

    Protecting yourself on online casinos is a much easier task than before!

    However, you have to be educated on 11 aspects to ensure that you have done all you could to be stress-free when you play.

    The gambling websites we present to you have been scanned in terms of security by our experts and rated accordingly.