Outsmart Slots: Win & Keep The Profit

Iasmina Bunea

Casino expert

Outsmart Slots: Win & Keep The Profit

We know you don’t always win from slots. We, as players, understand your frustration. To change that, we devised a simple and efficient slots-playing strategy.

By their nature, slots are widely guided by chance. Thus, the game itself does not allow for complex strategies to be used by Canadian players. However, our guide tells you how to handle your money and move them towards online slot profits.

Set aside a budget for your slot play

Budget for slot play

Money discipline in gambling is the hardest task. However, only by using it will you be able to play responsibly and truly enjoy the thrill of online wagering.

You need a fixed sum, decided beforehand, any time you gamble, online or offline. This sum has to fit your usual spending and your passion for slot games.

How can you do that on a Canadian online casino?

The vast majority of online casinos in Canada have a “Set a limit” feature. That means that, by default, you cannot deposit big sums of money. To minimize your spending even further, you can also set time limits or loss limits, whichever is available, as not all casinos have all options active.

Do you want to play slots? Here’s our first guidance!

If you are a slots fan, you can dedicate a bigger chunk of money towards spinning the reels out of your gambling budget.

If you have varied tastes, create a balance between the money you dedicate for slots and the cash you want to keep for table games or lottery-type games.

Be aware: The team of experts at Casinobonusca truly believes in the importance of an efficient and respected gambling budget, especially in the online world. Whenever you’re wagering, think about how much you’re comfortable spending before playing.

So, before opening your favourite slots on your trusted online casinos, set aside a sum for the next steps to come.

Organize and wager

We know that slots make everything more enticing, and your first instinct is to wager a lot of money. But this method is not profitable.

After you have set up your money in a satisfactory way, you need to make a few adjustments before playing.

    1. Divide your budget

Your slots budget needs to be further divided into minor fractions. This will be useful when you do the math and aim for profit.

But the advantages do not stop here!

Smaller sums for you to wager will make it easier to control how much money you will spend for your online wagering.

For example: You have set aside C$100 for your slots, you can divide those into 10 groups of C$10. With each individual set of C$10, you will go to your preferred slot game on the casino you’re already a member of.

This division of money for gambling is nothing new

Many high rollers or professional table game players have this strategy in place already. This is how they know how to keep everything balanced and stay on top of their game month after month.

You probably have never heard about it!

If you haven’t until now, don’t worry! This why you have us, the team at Casinobonusca, by your side. We tell you inside knowledge that we know you need. We’ve been in your shoes before!

Tips: Pick sums that are easy to divide, so you won’t have to deal with the headaches related to complicated math equations every time you want to spend time gambling.

    1. Use the small chunks as deposits

Small chunks as deposits

Now it’s time you can start and play! Take each small sum and make a deposit that you later wager on slot games of your choice.

Ideally, you will play each set of C$10 on a different game. This way, it will be easier for you to keep what you have won and leave your winnings untouched. You can also try various game providers each time, so you keep the thrill of uncovering the special features.

Important: Within these C$10, you need to play at least 50 to 60 rounds, to stand a real chance of making profits. You need to read the site’s terms and see how much a spin is worth. On average, their value is at around C$0.2 to C$0.5.

Looking for popular games and exciting experiences?

Tips: If you are undecided on what game to play, look for popular titles from trusted providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech or Play N GO.

You must remember to be logged in on the site of your choice, make your deposit and wait for it to process, and open your game and have fun!

Recommendation: Bored of the slot games that you already know? Browse through our free spins bonus page to find new picks, tested by us and popular on the Canadian market.

Of course, your budget and its respective slices depend on your finances, preferences, and opportunities. However, we strongly advise keeping your gambling spending small.

A small heads up: the next step involves percentages and math!

    1. Cash-out after you make small profits

Cash-out after small profits

Cashing out responsibly is tough. It requires patience, control, and a clear overview of long-term profits, versus short-term pleasures.

Hard right? We are aware this is the case. But our method will be worth it!

Whenever you win small, around 20% to 25% of your original small deposit, you have to stop the reels’ spinning and cash out as soon as you can.

This is the profit that you get to keep and bank. As any type of profit, you can enjoy the money and use it for whatever you like!

For example: Once you have derived over C$5 from a game, keep them in your account. Once your 10 mini sessions are done, take the full sum and withdraw it to your preferred method.


Spin bonuses usually have turnover requirements, that if incomplete, will not allow smooth cash out. On the contrary, early cash outs will void your bonuses.

You have to be careful if the online casino allows users to make small withdrawals; some platforms cap the minimum cash-out to certain sums outside the reach of your small profits.

Resist the urge to keep playing after a few lucky rounds!

We know it’s counterintuitive to stop playing after you have landed on lucky lines. However, trying to keep pushing your luck will most likely end in losing your previously made profits.

Why is this efficient?

All slot games are volatile by nature, even the low volatility ones. Keeping the small sums, you have won is a sure way to protect your funds.

    1. Play your slots budget

This is the fun part of this extended strategy plan. Here, you will experience the fun of gambling, while at the same time working towards profits.

For a pleasing session, we recommend you keep depositing, playing, and cashing out until you finish your initial budget. You can change games whenever.

Fun fact: In Canada, slot games reign supreme in player preferences. We know that players crave them, so we are here to make the experience memorable and positive!

This method allows variety in your games!

We believe that many games in the same session make the entire experience more satisfactory, especially for experienced players. But that does not mean that just one game will be profitable with this method. 

We know that self-control means discipline!

We have explained the importance of this aspect earlier and in our other guides in pages but remember! Do not go over your initially set budget!

Canadians can use the resources we have gathered over the years to help them and guide them to responsible gaming advice.

Does the type of slot matter?

In short, no. Whether you are playing a classic fruity game or a progressive slot with lots of features and unique technical aspects, our method has the same success rate.

Pick your game by what attracts you the most!

Features of classic slots Features of progressive slots

Hit the feeling of nostalgia

They have complex animated features

It has a simple gameplay

The images and sounds are engaging

The winnings lines are simple

They have lots of special features

Tips: Try out different games to acquire a taste of your own.

Once you have made up your mind on what you’re looking for, you can start playing right away on any casino we promote.

Tips: The slot game’s level of volatility will make it more likely for the special features to appear. You can find this feature in the slot game rules (embedded in-game) and pick the one you like. The higher the volatility, the higher chance of triggering special features.

Put your winnings in a safe place

Keep safe your slot winnings

This is where you have to be your best ally! Instead of not enjoying your wins because you wagered them further, keep the safe!

After you have made your small profits, once or twice, you have to stop your gambling for a while, so you won’t feel attracted to play them further.

The reason is simple!

This slots-playing method’s central concept is keeping your funds safe and spending less while aiming to win more. If you transfer your wins somewhere challenging to access, you will be less tempted to use them further.

We recommend you keep your winnings in a safe place, preferably outside your casino wallet.

There are two usual cases in which you can sent the money won, towards a personal account. We detail each one.

        1. The case of banking accounts

Your winnings are safe if your default withdrawal method is bank-related because it takes at least 2 working days for the money to get to you, maybe even more. Also, be cautious that there is also a processing time-frame of the casino, set in the terms.

        1. The case of  e-wallets or crypto-accounts

Most e-wallets or crypto-currencies are password protected. Thus, you need to complete extra steps to engage them in any way.

Most virtual wallets work on blockchain technology.

What does this mean?

It means that to enter, you need your unique wallet ID, your pre-set password (chosen by you when you first created your online banking account). You have to complete a two-factor authentication each time you log in.

This means that there is a distance between you and your withdrawn slot winnings, so you can’t stay away from the temptation of playing more.

Remember your banking service passwords!

The safest places to keep your passwords are in Cloud service or your Password Management in Google Chrome.

Fun fact: The feeling associated with casino wins is the same as the one given by stimulant narcotics such as cocaine. Typically, the post-high or withdrawal symptoms behave the same way.

Stop your gambling after the budget runs out

Stop gambling after the budget runs out

The most difficult task of any gambler is to resist the temptation of going over the set budget. We know it’s difficult, but you can do it!

The simplest way to stay balanced in your gambling is to thoroughly plan your sessions and put a cap on them immediately after you have reached your goal.

We have efficient advice when you stop.

To be sure that you step away from gambling temporarily, you should have another leisure activity ready to start. You can do social or family events or consume some sort of media, like a movie, music, or a podcast.

Our expert opinion is that gambling is most enjoyed and most satisfying when done in short and sweet doses.

The summary of the strategy: cash in, play, win a little, and cash out.

You can use this method multiple times

You can always employ this method in future gambling sessions. Be sure to leave a healthy dose of pause between your sessions, as a few days.

We have experienced the feelings of gambling first-hand. We know how tough it is to face losses and how incredible the feeling of hitting the jackpot is.

Using this method, if you’re lucky and hit the jackpot, cash it out as soon as possible and don’t immediately spend it on other gambling activities.

The team of experts at Casinobonusca is adamant and passionate about its users’ safety and mental well-being. We encourage you to use our texts and pages as resources on a balanced gambling approach. One of the fundamental rules is to take frequent and long breaks between the times you spend gambling.

Recommendation: Players with a lot of experience should also look at the Return To Player percentage, feature unique for every slot game, so they can calculate the average they will win back in time. Note that this sum is theoretical, and casino terms may affect it.

Chasing your losses is never the answer! Instead, focus on getting small portioned profits and send them to your bank account right away.

Final thoughts on our slots strategy

Our casino experts, real-life gamblers, have used their experiences to your benefit: over-come the terrible feeling of slots losses.

We can’t fully guarantee that your casino and chosen game will bring you small profits that are yours to keep. Still, in the worst-case scenario, you can only lose your limited budget, which in our case was C$100.

As established, this gambling approach, winning, and keeping your winnings immediately is not a breakthrough in the gambling world. We have transformed this veteran strategy into something for each Canadian slot enthusiast through our profoundly player-focused research.

If slots are not your go-to preference, check out our updated pages of online Roulette bonuses or Blackjack bonuses.