Quora Gambling Topics and Spaces – The Definitive Guide

Magda Olbea

Casino expert

Quora Gambling Topics and Spaces – The Definitive Guide

Got a specific gambling question, but you can’t find your answer anywhere?

We’ve got a quick fix!

You can use Quora, a platform where you can ask anything casino-related, and other users will provide a solution.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the main features of Quora, tips for asking questions, and the best spaces and topics dedicated to gambling.

If you want to get the most out of your Quora experience, this article is for you.

Let’s jump right in.

How to use Quora to ask efficient questions

Quora is a question-and-answer site where people search for information. The main advantage of the platform is that all the content is user-generated. Essentially, everything on Quora is created, edited and sorted by the same people that use the site.

After reading this brief description of Quora, you might be wondering, “Why don’t I simply use Quora as my main search engine?”

We’ll tell you why.

We’ve spent some time reading and answering questions on Quora and identified three qualities that differentiate this platform from other research tools available online:

  • It allows you to join social networks and follow topics that interest you;
  • It features a voting system developed to sort out the high-quality content;
  • The filtering algorithm focuses on delivering the most relevant questions and answers.

While these features can help you research a wide range of topics, Quora can come in handy, especially when looking for gambling information.

Before you start using it, let’s have a quick look at Quora’s key features and what you should know when joining the site.

Start by creating an account

Creating an Quora account

Joining Quora is simple and straightforward.

During your first visit to the site, you will have to sign up for an account. You can choose to create an account with Google or Facebook or use your e-mail address.

Once you log in, the platform will ask you to follow topics that interest you. Since Quora is a combination between social media and a search engine, you will be able to configure the feed based on your interests.

Quora interests

With this step out of the way, you can start asking or answering questions and use all the site’s features. In the upcoming section, we will go over the exact process you need to follow to efficiently navigate Quora and how to use the filters and search feature to maximize your chances of finding the correct answer.

Key Quora features

Before you can use Quora as a source for gambling information, you need to overview the platform’s main features and how you can use them to your advantage.

Topics and Spaces

Quora Topics and Spaces

 Quora initially filtered the content based on Topics, where you can find questions related to a specific category of interest. Recently, the platform implemented Spaces, a community-oriented feature that allows users to create a place where they can talk about shared interests.

You can join or create Spaces by tapping the icon with three people located in the header, as seen in the picture below:

Once you’ve found one or more suitable spaces, you can follow them and start asking questions related to the subject.

According to Quora officials, the Spaces feature can serve three purposes:

  • Organize the answers of an individual writer that focus on a specific topic;
  • Create a place for users where they can discuss a common interest;
  • Offer users a place where they can cultivate and discuss the best answers about a particular topic.

But what is the real difference between a regular Topic and Spaces?

It’s pretty simple – think of a Topic as a large circle with multiple smaller circles inside of it.

The small circles represent Spaces that are the niche communities related to the main topic, but with narrower expectations and goals.

That’s all you need to know about Spaces and Topics for now.

Later in this article, we will explore the most popular Canadian and international gambling communities on Quora and discover how you can use them to expand your knowledge about casinos.

Asking a question

Quora asking a question

Once you’ve signed up and selected some topics to follow, you can start asking Quora questions.

Tap the red “Add Question” button located on the top right of the site, and a pop up like this will be displayed:

To post on Quora, all you need to do is type your inquiry, include any necessary links and press the “Add Question” button. The website has a recommendation feature that will help you find out if somebody has already answered your question.

If your question isn’t in the database, Quora will suggest some related topics to your question. Feel free to add and exclude any of them based on your needs. Here’s an example of the topic editor:

Quora edit topics

Press “Done,” and your question will be instantly posted in the selected topics. If you need an answer quickly, you can also request it from the top writers from the issues related to your question.

Quora’s Request Answer feature is highly intuitive. Its interface will display how many answers they have, which is a good indicator of their content writing capabilities.

Be aware: Not all the replies you get on Quora will be entirely accurate. Make sure that the information provided is validated or that the writer has expertise in that particular field.

How to answer questions

Quora how to answer questions

If you have a high degree of expertise in any field, you have the option to help other users by answering their questions. 

Before we explain how you can answer on Quora, there’s a catch – you should only post your response if you have a high-quality, honest and expert answer.

Ideally, you want to avoid vague and nonsense answers. That’s because the content on Quora is curated by its users. The platform’s primary goal is to deliver accurate and actionable responses.

Now that you understand the Quora community guidelines, the process of posting an answer is simple and intuitive. All you need to do is find a question that you know the answer to and tap “Answer” to write a response.

The great thing about the Quora algorithm is that once you’ve selected the topics and spaces that interest you, the feed will automatically display relevant questions that you’re more likely to know the answer to.

Just make sure that the responses you provide are helpful and will benefit other users.  Doing this will ensure that you use Quora to its maximum capabilities and quickly gain popularity on the platform.

Tips: Your answers need to be unique and not inspired by the responses of other users.

Be aware: Don’t answer questions if you have materialistic reasons in mind (likes, followers or upvotes). Users will quickly figure this out and downvote or report your replies.

Recommendation: The Quora community will more likely appreciate answers that are grammatically correct and have proper formatting (paragraphs, bold text, bullet-point lists). Make sure you write an effective response and take into consideration the edits suggested by other users.

Quora feeds

The site has a highly intuitive user interface created to help users quickly find questions related to their main interests.

Quora has three primary feeds:

  • Home – the primary feed consisting of questions based on the topics you follow and suggestions based on your activity on the platform;
  • Following – you can follow spaces and see all the content from them in a separate feed, which will make it easier for you to filter relevant questions;
  • Answer – this feed contains recommended questions that weren’t answered yet on topics related to your area of activity.

Using the Search bar

Like other search engines, you can find particular questions, users and topics on Quora by typing your keywords into the search bar located in the website’s header. The results will vary depending on your query, but you will generally find content relevant to your search.

Tips: If you’re looking for a specific question, make sure you use descriptive keywords to help the Quora algorithm display the correct results.

Canadian Quora spaces and topics about gambling

Canadian Quora Gambling

Right now, there aren’t any Spaces or Topics on Quora dedicated to Canadian gambling. Still, we managed to identify three communities where you can find fellow gamblers from Canada who can help you with casino-related information:

    1. Canada

This topic is dedicated to questions related to people living on Canadian soil and those planning to move there. Canada on Quora currently has 666.200 followers, meaning that you will indeed find an answer to any questions related to the country.

We’ve searched the topic for gambling-related questions. We found a lot of individuals with curiosities regarding the Canadian casino industry.

Here are some examples:

“Is online gambling legal in Ontario, Canada?”

Based on the community’s responses, the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming) is the legal online gambling crown corporation where people from Ontario can gamble freely.

But that’s not entirely true.

Our years of experience as iGaming specialists have taught us that online gambling in Canada is more accessible than you expect. There are hundreds of international operators holding a license and can provide online casino platformsto citizens from all over Canada.

“Would gambling affect me getting a mortgage or my credit score in Canada?”

No. According to finance specialists on Quora, the credit score is mainly based on what is known about your financial standing and not directly influenced by what you regard as impacting your credit.

Obviously, if you’re a problem gambler that doesn’t sleep at night and uses your Credit Card to deposit at the casino, defaulting on those would influence your credit score.

    1. Canada, eh?

“Canada, eh?” is a Quora space with 75.800 followers dedicated to daily highlights of Canada’s best. Here, Canadians ask questions about living in specific areas of the country or local news and announcements.

It is the ideal place to ask a question about which land-based casinos are better and the main differences between them.

For instance, a user asked:

“Are there casinos like Vegas in Canada?”

According to Steven Haddock, the most appreciated writer on the topic, you can visit several land-based casinos in Canada. Still, there is no concentration of them like in Las Vegas.

The only location that has two casinos in Niagara Falls, but the establishments are blocks apart from one another.

  1. Canada in real-time

For the most up-to-date news about everything in the country, the “Canada in real-time” space is your go-to destination. With 35.300 followers, this community is a great place to start if you’re new to Canada and want to learn more about their legislation, immigration process and touristic destinations.

Here’s a quick example of the type of gambling-related questions you will find:

“How difficult is it to get a license to run a casino in Canada?”

A fellow Canadian gambler answered this question. He explained in great detail how operators could get a local license depending on the territory they want to operate in.

However, Canadian casino owners can also become regulated by an international authority like the MGA. Holding a license will allow them to operate in any Canadian region, as long as they adhere to the laws and regulations.

International gambling topics and spaces

International gambling topics and spaces

Finding specific Canadian gambling Topics on Quora proved to be a difficult task.

During our research, we realized something:

Most reputable online gambling platforms in the world operate similarly, no matter what country they’re coming from.

Thus, we decided to create a list of good international gambling Topics and Spaces. Here you will find everything from basic online casino features to advanced strategies.

If you want to expand your gambling knowledge, join the following Quora communities:

    1. Online Gambling

Curious to learn more about the depths of internet-based casinos?

If your answer is yes, then the “Online Gambling” Topic on Quora is an ideal destination during your research. The most active members of this community are iGaming experts or professional gamblers.

These are some prime examples of the type of questions you will find in this category:

“What are the perks of playing online casinos?”

According to gamblers on Quora, the advantages of joining an online casino are that you can use tools to track your spending, avoid crowds, and convenience.

Agreed. Playing online will cut your transportation costs, and you will avoid paying for expensive drinks and food while playing.

However, there are additional perks of playing online that aren’t covered in the answer.

These include having access to any game at any time from the comfort of your house. Not to mention the abundance of online casino bonuses that allow you to expand your bankroll and engage in extended gambling sessions.

“Do max bets usually pay off with slot machines?”

Based on the answers we found, it seems that gamblers consider that max bets offer huge payouts. Since the odds of winning a C$1 and a C$100 are precisely the same, it would make more sense to go with the larger bet. This way, you will be able to leave the casino as soon as possible.

Here’s the deal:

The more time you spend in the casino, the higher your chances of losing will be. Gambling systems are designed to always win in the long run, so the ideal solution is to get in, win some cash and withdraw.

    1. Casinos

“Casinos” is the topic where you can ask anything related to land-based and online casinos. While some questions are more generic, we were able to identify some queries that are more specific and focused on the psychology behind gambling.

Take this one for example:

“How do people that live in Las Vegas avoid the temptation of the casinos and keep hold of their money?”

That’s an interesting question. But you won’t know the answer unless you lived in Vegas in the past.

According to a Las Vegas inhabitant, if you live there even for a short time, you will most likely witness devastating gambling addiction stories.

For instance, a guy who recently moved to Nevada with C$60,000 in his bank account, a flashy car and a successful business lost everything he had within a few weeks. His peers claim that he showed signs of gambling addiction but didn’t think it is that serious.

Well, if you know that you have impulsive gambling behaviour, locals recommend that you avoid moving to Las Vegas. The temptations of Sin City make it easy for any vulnerable individual to lose everything.

    1. Gambling business tips

Gambling business tips on Quora

If you’re interested in learning more about the iGaming business industry, we recommend looking for “Gambling business tips” on Quora.

Andrew Price, the 2WinPower expert, created this space to share information regarding the necessary steps you need to follow for starting an online casino business.

The administrator of “Gambling business tips” constantly shares valuable videos and resources that will improve your entrepreneurial skills—reading this space will teach you how to thrive as an online casino operator in such a competitive environment.

  1. Poker and Blackjack

Table games fans will love these Quora topics.

 With a large and active follower count, the Poker and Blackjack communities have a common goal – cracking the casino’s code.

From the essential tips that will help you get on the right track to advanced card counting techniques for blackjack, the members of these topics have a vast knowledge of the game, and they are giving it away for free.

All you need to do is ask!

Some examples of applicable content that you can find about Poker and Blackjack on Quora include:

“Could a professional poker player win against an amateur player, no matter what cards he has, or do professionals also need luck?”

That’s a very controversial topic. Many people tend to believe that if you’re a poker pro, you automatically defeat everyone in your way.

That’s not true.

The honest answer to the question above is – It depends.

Former professional poker player, David Ramsay explains that many casual players are self-entitled professionals because they make small amounts like C$1.000 a month.

 He claims that being a professional means that you walk into a casino or join an online poker session, and you know that you’re better than 75% of the players. The other gamers will fear your presence, but an amateur player can get lucky and outsmart you at any time.

Unless the pro player has the proper distribution of hands, an amateur can easily defeat him.

Curious to learn more about poker? 

Check out our complete guide on how to play poker like a pro.

“What happens if the dealer has Ace and Six in Blackjack? Does he hit or stand?”

The answer to this question varies, depending on the casino and blackjack variant you’re playing.

In a regular blackjack game, the dealer can hit or stand on a “soft” 17, a hand containing an ace and one or more cards totalling six.

The result of hitting the soft 17 rule is that this move adds 0.22% to the edge. Thus, it’s better when the dealer stands on the soft 17, as your winning odds are slightly higher.

Be aware: Avoid taking for granted people claiming foul-proof strategies for winning at table games. Test them in advance and see if they work.

The bottom line – is Quora worth it?

At Casinobonusca, we constantly use question and answer platforms like Quora to find engaging content and read news about the industry.

 Since we enjoyed our experience on the site, we created this guide to learn how to use this powerful research tool to improve your gambling abilities.

Here are the three main reasons why Quora is a valuable gambling resource:

  • The content is user-generated, so you will most likely get a response from a fellow gambler;
  • Professional gamblers spend time on the platform and provide high-quality answers to your queries;
  • Misleading information is against the rules, and other members will quickly downvote and remove spammy responses.

We consider that Quora is an excellent tool for gambling research. The majority of users from the Topics and Spaces mentioned in this article are former or active casino players.

 While reading through their content, we’ve noticed that they all share a common trait – they gamble responsibly and understand that casino games are created for entertainment, not for long-term material gains.

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