The Ultimate Guide to Baccarat Betting

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

Baccarat Bets

If you want to engage in Baccarat betting, you should first learn all the available Baccarat bets. Explore our guide to find what you can bet on and how to do it correctly!

Baccarat Player Bet


When you make a Player wager in Baccarat, you are wagering that the player will win the round. For that to happen, the player’s hand must be closest to 9. This is one of the basic rules you should know when learning how to play Baccarat.

If the gambler’s two face-up cards total any score over ten, the first figure or ten will be removed to get the correct total. So, a hand total of 17 will give 7 points.

You receive a payout of 1:1 for winning your stake. For instance, in case you wager C$20 and win, you will get another C$20 in winnings. With your initial stake, your total payout would be C$40.

This bet is the second-best bet option available in Baccarat. Its house edge is better than the ‘Tie’ bet but higher than the ‘Banker’ hand.

Baccarat Banker Bet


According to the Baccarat odds, this type of wager is the best option in a game. It’s a bet on the possibility that the banker will win the hand. Due to the game’s structure, the banker usually wins more hands than the player.

This is the main reason why the Baccarat banker bet has the best winning odds. The hand features a very low house advantage of 1.06%.

This wager also pays 1:1. However, the casino deducts a 5% commission on your winnings. Let’s say you stake C$20 and win. In this case, you will get C$19 in winnings and a total payout of C$39. The house shall deduct C$1 as its commission fee.

Baccarat Tie Bet


You make the tie wager on the outcome that the next hand between the player and the banker will end a tie. This stake pays 8:1 or 9:1, depending on the casino you play.

So, if you stake C$20 and win, you can either get C$160 or C$180 in winnings. While the payout is promising, the Baccarat tie wager is highly considered by players to be a sucker bet.

The reason is not far from its very high house edge of almost 15%. The chances of a tie happening are not appealing. Some statistics put its occurrence at once in every 11 hands. To a Baccarat player, these are not very appealing odds. Hence, avoiding the Tie bet is considered a reliable Baccarat strategy.

Other Types of Baccarat Bets


The Pair Bet

Also known as ‘Baccarat Pairs’, this is a wager you place on the dealer or player receiving a pair. Cards must be of the same symbol or number to win. For instance, two Jacks or 10,10.

This bet pays 11 to 1, meaning if you wager C$10, your winnings would be C$110. However, it features a 10.36% house advantage if you are playing with six decks. For eight-deck variations, the edge increases to 11.25%.

With this side bet, you can stake on player, banker, or both to be dealt a tie. However, it doesn’t stop you from wagering the game’s main options (Player, Banker, Tie).

Dragon Bonus

This side wager pays you if your hand is a natural winner or wins by a certain large amount. The returns you get from taking this option depend on your winning margin. However, the highest payout you can get is 30:1 for a non-natural nine points win.

Other winning hands and returns include:

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This wager is just like the other main Baccarat bets but with a higher payout. You can wager on banker or player. Whichever one wins with the highest score secured you a payout.

For instance, if you place a player bet and his hand has five points, and the dealer has one, the former wins the side wager by a margin of four points. However, if the hand ends in a tie or the margin is three points or less, you lose your stake.

The Dragon Bonus Baccarat bets feature 2.65% odds for the player and 9.37% for the banker.

Dragon 7/Panda 8

Dragon 7 side wager is a bet that the Baccarat banker hand will win with three cards and a total point of 7. This bet pays 40:1. But its winning odds are not so promising at 7.6%.

The Panda 8 is very similar to the Dragon 7 in the way it works. You win this stake if the punter wins the hand with three cards and a total of 8. This wager features a house advantage of 10.2%. However, casinos make up for their high edge by pegging their payout at 25:1.

Both types of Baccarat bets are very enticing because of their huge payouts. However, due to their low chances of winning, they do not provide the best way to win real money in Baccarat. Decide what type of bet suits you and make sure you pause the betting pace in different scenarios.