What is the Canadian bet?

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What is a Canadian bet

It is a form of multiple bet, comprising 26 equal bets in five different selections. It is also one of the most common wagers at an online sportsbook.

  • What is a Canadian bet made up of?
  • Yankee vs. Super Yankee
  • The Canadian bet vs. Lucky 31
  • How does a Canadian bet work?
  • The Canadian betting on soccer tournaments
  • What is an each-way Canadian bet?
  • When to place Canadian bets?
  • What is a Canadian bet made up of?

    What is a Canadian bet made up of

    As previously mentioned, this form of betting consists of 26 individual wagers based on five separate events, including ten doubles, ten trebles, 5-four-fold accumulators, and one five-fold accumulator.

    Yankee vs. Super Yankee

    Bet type Yankee Super Yankee

    Selections (Events)



    Number of bets decomposed




    6 doubles, 4 trebles, 1 fourfold parlay

    10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfold parlays, 1 five-fold

    Minimum picks for a return


    2 or more

    Cost per C$1 wager



    Yankee vs. Super Yankee

    Call this wager a Super Yankee, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Similarly, a Yankee Bet is a form of multiple bet where the wagerer could stake across new online casinos which have just launched on different gambling markets.

    However, the Yankee comprises 11 wagers of equal value on selections in four different events:

    • Six doubles
    • Four trebles
    • One four-fold accumulator

    However, in the two bets, at least two selections must win to get a payout.

    The Canadian bet vs. Lucky 31

    The Canadian bet vs Lucky 31

    The primary difference between this betting form and the Lucky 31 is their number of bets. While this wager has 26 stakes in total; 1 five, 5-four-fold, ten trebles, and ten doubles, the Lucky 31 has 31 wagers over five selections.

    The Lucky 31 includes:

    • Five singles
    • Ten doubles
    • Ten trebles
    • Five four-fold accumulators
    • A five-fold accumulator

    A gambler might go for a Lucky 31 over a Canadian if they believe the returns on offer for their chosen selections as single bets are each worth backing with 1x their unit stake.

    How does a Canadian bet work?

    Placing this wager on your favourite sport is simple. Our step-by-step guide below explains the whole process.

    Get an account

    Get an account

    We can assume that you already have an account with an online bookie or a casino with a sports betting platform. If you don’t, look for one that is licensed, safe, and has a positive reputation. You can consult specific sports betting forums to interact with another betting Canadian.

    After that, sign up and log into your betting account. Also, you will have to fund your account. You can do this via the deposit options available on the platform.

    Remember that such wagers significantly increase your stake amount, so ensure you deposit enough cash to meet the wager value.

    Pick your favourite

    Pick your favourite

    You can visit the sports selection on your preferred site and select five selections you wish to add to your betting. You can include the stake per line you want to wager through this betting slip in the selection box.

    Wait for the outcome of your selected matches to see if your wager wins or not. The more results you predict, the higher your payout. However, you need at least two selections to win to make money.

    We have covered more specific examples of staking such wagers below.

    Canadian bet football

    Canadian bet football

    Canadian bet football is one of the most accessible sports to stake a Super Yankee wager on. This is how it works:

    Visit the Canadian or American football section of your chosen bookie. You will find several matches listed at any given time. You need to make five football selections to get the wager feature.

    For instance, if you see a listing of Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns, you can choose a straight win market here and then look for another upcoming event to wager on.

    Keep doing that until you have staked on five different selections on your betting slip. You will see a Multiples tab on the betting slip, click on it and select the Canadian or Super Yankee wager option.

    Don’t forget that when you put your money on one game in this type of wager, you automatically wager the same amount 26 times.

    The total amount is what you will pay. For instance, if you plan to wager $2 each on a Canadian bet football, 26 required wagers for super Yankee will make your total stake $52.

    When you fill in the amount you are willing to wager, the bookie will automatically show you your potential winnings if you are lucky with your Canadian bet football.

    Canadian horse bet

    Canadian horse bet

    The process of placing a Canadian horse bet is similar to the steps in football betting. However, due to the fact that the Canadian horse bet and the way horse racing odds are usually displayed, you may notice some slight changes:

    • Visit the horse racing selection on your sports betting platform.
    • Select five horses you predict have the highest chance of winning across five races.
    • You get to place a Canadian horse bet on five different winners and 2nd placers, and all you need are two horses to win to get a return.

    In horse racing, this seems reasonably achievable. The more horses that win in your selection, the bigger your payout for your Canadian horse bet is.

    The Canadian betting on soccer tournaments

    Event 1

    Sheriff Tiraspol – Real Madrid

    11.00 / 6.00 / 1.25


    Event 2

    Club Brugge – RB Leipzig

    3.65 / 3.80 / 2.04


    Event 3

    Man. City – PSG

    1.50 / 4.75 / 5.75


    Event 4

    Sporting – Dortmund

    2.37 / 3.40 / 2.90


    Event 5

    Barcelona – Benfica

    1.57 / 4.25 / 5.80


    Soccer fans are not left out of placing such wagers. Using the realistic match listings above, you can place a wager. The five games we listed were real Uefa Champions League 2021-2022 Matches. We were able to obtain the exact odds of the matches played by checking the history on flashscore.

    Now how would you place a super Yankee bet on these available games? First, you have to stake on all the five wagers. For instance:

    • Real Madrid to win in the first match @ 1.25
    • RB Leipzig to succeed in the second event @ 2.04
    • Man City and PSG to draw @4.75
    • Sporting to achieve @ 2.36
    • Barcelona and Benfica to draw @ 4.25

    The results

    From our example and the outcomes, you can see that we got four results out of five right. If we had staked $10 on each selection, our total wagers would have been $260 ($10 x 26). However, for winning four matches out of 5 with their specific odds, we would have gotten a win of $837.58. Add it to the initial wager of $260, and the total returns would be $1097.58.

    Don’t forget that you only need two selections to achieve a return.

    So let’s say only the first and last event won; our total return would have been $53.13. Well, we may have gotten a loss of $206.87 but remember that standard betting wouldn’t have yielded any returns.

    For a faster and easier calculation of your Super Yankee bet, ensure you use a betting calculator.

    What is an each-way Canadian bet?

    • For this type, every Super Yankee wager is an each-way wager
    • The unit is double the stake of a Canadian wager
    • This means that the total number of wagers here is 52 (26×2)
    • The main advantage of this wager is that you get a return for each selection that places and ones that win

    When to place Canadian bets?

    When to place Canadian bets

    Now that you know how to place these wagers on your favourite sports, here comes the million-dollar question, when do you stake these?

    Before placing any wagers, consult the top sports betting websites such as Bet365 which is included in our top online casino page.

    Below are several scenarios when you could wager a Super Yankee.

    • When you can afford to play 26x your regular stake, it should also be the amount you can afford to lose
    • You are wagered to succeed if you trust at least 3-4 games. This will ensure you get a sizable payroll and won’t lose your entire bankroll
    • You can wager a Super Yankee after understanding how to calculate or access a betting calculator