Salon De Jeux Quebec Casino Review

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Salon De Jeux Quebec Casino Review

When it comes to atmosphere it is very hard to look past Salon de jeux de Quebec. Possibly the smallest of the Loto-Quebec facilities, this casino boasts more gaming credentials than you might think.

Read on as our experts reveal the full extent of the myriad of games you can play and we reveal what other forms of thrilling entertainment you can enjoy at Salon de jeux.

Salon de jeux Casino Ratings

Overall Rating 3.3/5

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Rating and Review Process for Salon de jeux Quebec

Any old review site could look at the homepage and make a rough assessment but we have a team of experts that utilize our review system while actually visiting Salon de jeux de Quebec. Our team of reviewers look at the casino from every angle and provides insights about the gaming offering, and the quality of service, and we deeply analyze the record of the operator.

By rating and reviewing every aspect of this Canadian casino, you’ll have all the knowledge to make an informed decision about where to play your next gaming session.

How we inspected Salon de jeux

  • Date of visit: 09/15/2023
  • Time of visit: 7 PM – 2 AM
  • Initial bankroll: C$100
  • What we played: Slots, VLT
  • Final bankroll: C$132
  • Next visit: 10/21/2024

What we looked at

We aim to give you every bit of a heads up before your arrival at Salon de jeux de Quebec. That’s why we thoroughly examined all the different slot games that cover the casino floor and tested as many VLT machines as possible in a single night. We considered the overall atmosphere and analyzed the casino house rules so you don’t have to.

What we found


Mega Centre Beauport

847, rue Clémenceau

Québec, QC G1C 2K6

Open hours

9 AM – 3 AM every day


Not required

Minimum age


ID checks


Game types

Slots, VLT



Slot machines


Gaming terminals



Cash, Card, Chips

Average betting range

Slots: C$0.01 – 25.00

Free drinks (Canada)






Slot Machines – 5/5

Boasting hundreds of slot games from several top-tier providers, Salon de jeux has loads to offer a wide variety of casino players. The progressive jackpots are plentiful and nearly every bay of slots seemed to offer one. We noted a myriad of themes and game features including free spins and mini-games.

Slots we played at Salon de jeux

After a quick drink at Bar Ludo, we sat down at Artic Diamonds which has an optional Extra Reward feature when you place ante bets. Next, we sat at Hex of Gems, a progressive jackpot slot climbing past C$20,000. We didn’t win the jackpot and moved on to the VLT games.

How many slot machines does Salon de jeux have?

There are over 300 slot machines at Salon de jeux de Quebec which includes a variety of game types including summer slots, penny slots, and loads of jackpot games.

Do slot machines accept coins?

No, the slot machines only accept cash notes.

Slot machine providers

  • IGT
  • Konami
  • WMS

Local progressive jackpots

We found loads of progressive jackpot slots with prize pools that start at a minimum of C$50,000 and local progressive slots that boast prize pools in the tens of thousands. These prize pools can drop at any time, or you’ll need to meet certain in-game requirements – it all depends on the game you choose to play.

Casino Games – 3.5/5

Salon de jeux doesn’t offer any real dealer live tables and instead has opted to use VLT machines. The machines feature 8 games in a single machine.

A dozen of these machines are located in a section called “The Zone” which features a live dealer host who creates a high-energy atmosphere while hosting casino games between 7 PM and 2 AM.

Game types

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Craps
  • Baccarat/Sic bo

Betting limits

You can bet as low as C$1 for most games, except blackjack and baccarat which have a minimum bet of C$5.

Can anyone bet the highest limits or do you need special VIP access?

There are no restrictions on who can bet the highest limits. Whether you’re a high roller or a newbie, the limits are the same.

Staff & Service – 2/5

The casino boasts an incredibly lively and atmospheric bar which provides exciting cocktails and numerous beer and wine options. Parking is free but shared by several other businesses on the lot. It’s a shame there is no restaurant and the main collection of hotels to stay overnight at is a 10-minute drive away.

Food & Drinks

Salon de jeux does not have a restaurant but you can get a wide variety of drinks at Bar Ludo. The bar offers reasonably priced beers but some of the cocktails can get a little pricey. It was too busy for us to even get near a menu, but we did note that Bar Ludo offers a small selection of snacks such as pastries and sandwiches.

The atmosphere is electric at Bar Ludo though, with regular events and even special cocktail nights.

Bar Ludo:

  • Mon – Sun: 9 AM to 3 AM

How much do you tip at Salon de jeux?

The average expected tip in Quebec is 15%. This is usually quite easy to calculate because the GST and QST taxes on your bill at the bar will typically add up to around 15% of the total bill, which can be handy for those who don’t like math.

Does Salon de jeux offer free drinks?

No, there are no complimentary drinks at the tables. The closet you’ll get is a vending machine which provides tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for about C$1.

Is there a buffet at Salon de jeux?

No, with no restaurant Salon de jeux does not offer a buffet.


There is plenty of free parking available right out in front of the casino. However, it is not secure parking as it’s an open lot and you’ll be competing with nearby businesses such as the Cineplex Odeon next door. The casino was busy during our visit, and we still saw quite a few spots available.


Salon de jeux Quebec is a small casino and as such, it does not offer any accommodation.

The nearest hotel is the Hilton Inn & Suites by Hilton which can average around C$200 per night.

However, there are plenty of cheaper options by the St. Lawrence River which is only a 10-minute drive, 2-minute bus, or roughly 45-minute walk away.

Are there smoking areas?

Yes, while you can’t smoke in the casino, there is a small glass smoking section located at the front of the casino that can accommodate around five to eight people at one time. You can’t miss it – it looks like a small, enclosed bus stop by the casino entrance.


You can expect fairly standard casino security at Salon de jeux. Our IDs were checked even though we were well over 18 and we noted CCTV in most corners of the casino.

Loyalty & Rewards – 0/5

Unfortunately, the Casino Privilèges rewards program provided by Loto-Quebec is not available at Salon de jeux Quebec, despite working at all other locations including Sale de jeux Trios-Rivieres.

Casino Atmosphere – 3/5

The interior of Salon de jeux isn’t amazing but it does have a modern feel and the atmosphere is fantastic. We found tons of things to do on the casino lot and there is even more within a 5-15 minute drive away. With three music events each week, there is another reason to hang out at Bar Ludo.

Inside Salon de jeux

So that you can get a feel for what the inside of Salon de jeux will feel like, we made sure to take note of the interior, and what you can do and see near the casino facility, and thoroughly checked the event schedule.

Design experience

Loto-Quebec does classify this facility as a gaming hall, rather than a casino and it is evident in the interior design. The ceilings are open so you can see the struts which do have an interesting industrial feel. Otherwise, the carpets and walls are reasonably plain in colour.

The casino is rather small, but it actually lends itself to an exceptional atmosphere where the casino floor has a tremendous buzz.

Are you allowed to take photos in Salon de jeux?

Yes, you can take photos almost anywhere in the casino. You do not have permission to feature other people without getting their permission first.

Location and surroundings

The casino is about a 15-minute drive north of Quebec City and is right by the A. Felix Leclerc. It is located on a lot with numerous businesses, restaurants, shops, and a massive cinema. There isn’t much else to see but you are within minutes of a golf course and the St. Lawernce River.

Do you need a passport to visit Salon de jeux?

No, any government-issued photo ID will be acceptable. However, we always recommend international travellers use their passports if their local ID might be difficult to authenticate.


You can enjoy free live musicians at Bar Ludo on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This includes a variety of live bands, singer-songwriters and DJs. The artists go on at 9 PM and you can find the schedule on the casino website.

House Rules (T&Cs) – 5/5

The house rules are available on the casino website and at the entrance to the casino.

You can take photographs within the hotel, including the gaming areas, but you can’t take your phone out anywhere near the gaming tables.

When is Salon de jeux open?

Salon de jeux de Quebec is open every day between 9 AM and 3 AM. The gaming floor and Bar Ludo are open during these hours too.

Does Salon de jeux charge entry?

No, entry into Salon de jeux is free.

Do you always need a reservation to play at Salon de jeux?

You can just turn up and play. All the VLT machines and slots are available for whoever gets to the seat first.

Is membership required at Salon de jeux?

Membership is not required to enter Salon de jeux, nor are there any membership programs at this time.

Dress code

The house rules describe the dress code as “appropriate” which is quite vague. It specifies that you can’t wear anything depicting violence or related to an organization that is violent. We took “appropriate” to mean smart-casual at a minimum.

Standout rules at Salon de jeux

There is nothing out of the ordinary and the house rules are all fairly standard.

Player Feedback – 3.1/5

There are just over a thousand reviews of Salon de jeux on Google and Tripadvisor and those reviews are fairly consistent. Most players thoroughly enjoyed visiting the casino but felt it was a little small and lacked real table gaming. But most players also commended the quality of the staff.

Salon de jeux player reviews

Google – 3.8/5

Google reviewers sang extensive praises of the casino staff and commented on their professionalism and excellence in service. However, a lot of players were disappointed by the lack of real table games and noted the overcrowding.

Tripadvisor – 2.5/5

There were only 10 reviews on Tripadvisor and it was quite clear that the negative reviews were not honest or legitimate. This did bring the casino’s score down quite a bit. However, most reviewers enjoyed themselves but felt a little underwhelmed.

Most common issues

  • A small casino that can get very overcrowded
  • Lack of live table games

Operator – 5/5

Loto-Quebec is the crown corporation that oversees all lottery and gaming in Quebec. The corporation is a government entity which offers many protections and benefits. Additionally, Loto-Quebec owns and operates the commercial casinos and gaming halls in the province.

Who owns Salon de jeux?

Salon de jeux is owned and operated by Loto-Quebec.

Other casinos by the same operator

Contact info


Email address

[email protected]

Telephone number




Salon de jeux Competitors

We still think online casinos in Canada are the biggest competitors of Salon de jeux. This is largely because the two closest land-based casinos in Quebec are roughly two hours away by car. However, if long drives are your thing or you’re not located all that close to Salon de jeux, there are a couple of excellent casinos to enjoy.

Salon de jeux vs Casino de Charlevoix

Located about 130 km east of Quebec City, Casino de Charlevoix is a five-star hotel with a casino. The casino floor boasts more than 700 slots and table gaming including blackjack, roulette, and poker.

Casino de Charlevoix is best for a hotel stay

The casino also features a golf club, spa, fitness centre, zip line, mini golf, and a variety of rooms and suites. This makes Casino de Charlevoix an ideal holiday destination where you can mix adventure and relaxation with a few gaming sessions on the side.

Salon de jeux vs Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivieres

Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivieres is very similar to the Quebec facility except you have an additional bar in the form of the Mise-o-jeu Sports Bar and the adjacent Hippodrome hosts harness racing every Sunday and Friday between May and November.

Salon de jeux de Trois-Rivieres is the best alternative for betting on horse racing

With the unique addition of a racing track, Salon de jeux Trois-Rivieres is a great alternative if you’re also interested in a day or night at the track. Conveniently located opposite the casino, you can always pop back over for a quick game of roulette or your favourite slots.

What sets Salon de jeux apart from its competitors?

That hectic atmosphere and incredible service from the casino staff are what truly sets Salon de jeux apart. While it does lack real dealer table gaming, it makes up for it with a bustling casino floor that fuels players with energy.

Salon de jeux Quebec Pros and Cons


  • Exciting moments playing casino games in “The Zone”
  • Numerous progressive jackpots starting at C$50,000
  • Weekly shows in Bar Ludo
  • Low minimum bet requirements that cater to all player levels


  • No real dealer live table games
  • There is no restaurant

Is Salon de jeux Worth a Visit? Or Another Creative Variation?

The casino may be small, but it certainly is mighty. There is a unique atmosphere that you can only get from having so many exciting casino games in such a small space. You’ll be able to almost feel the energy, especially when it’s after 9 PM and there is live music at Bar Ludo and the live host is well and truly warmed up at “The Zone”.

Serious gamblers might feel more than underwhelmed by the lack of live dealer gaming and lack of poker tournaments. However, this is very much a casino aimed at entertaining the masses and we think anyone can have a good time at Salon de jeux.