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Starlight Casino Review

Our review of Starlight Casino covers everything you could possibly want to know about the popular Edmonton casino.

Starlight Casino Ratings

Overall Rating 3.8/5

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Rating and Review Process for Starlight Casino

When reviewing physical casinos like Starlight Casino, our team physically attend the casino and participate in at least two types of games. This first-hand experience is the only possible way to provide an honest review which is based on a recent visit to the casino with no need to guess or leave out any gaps. If you have a question about Starlight Casino, we’ve almost certainly got the answer.

In the end, there is no substitute for hands-on experience if you really want to review a casino like Starlight, and so our team are provided a budget to try casino games first hand. This gives us a chance to mingle with both the players and the staff, and find out what they think of the casino – especially if it’s undergone any significant changes in recent years. For instance, a casino may have a bit of a bad rep online, but has completely changed in the last year or two and is now well worth a visit.

How we inspected Starlight Casino

  • Date of visit: 10/06/2023
  • Time of visit: 9h-11h
  • Initial bankroll: $150
  • What we played: Blackjack, slots
  • Final bankroll: $0
  • Next visit: 19/04/2024

What we looked at

When we reviewed Starlight Casino we began by checking out the website and online reviews for a general feel, then went to Edmonton armed with that knowledge. We fact-checked their reported number of games, found out if all the information was up to date, and paid particular attention to common comments from online players to see if they checked out.

In addition to just casino gaming, we also ate at a couple of the restaurants and took diligent notes of the non-statistical stuff, like how we felt we were treated by the staff.

What we found


Starlight Casino, #2710, 8882-170 Street, Northwest Edmonton, AB T5T 3J7

Open hours

09:00 – 05:00


Required (free to join)

Minimum age


ID checks


Game types

Slots, table games, poker



Slot machines


Gaming terminals



Cash, card

Average betting range

$5 – $100

Free drinks (Canada)






Poker tournaments


Slot Machines – 3/5

The number of slots at Starlight Casino is well over 750, which means plenty of choice – but not as much as some other top casinos in Canada. Interestingly, they do find space for a high-rollers slot area named the Starlight Room, which seemed fairly quiet at the time of our Starlight Casino review.

Slot machine providers

  • AGS
  • Aristocrat
  • IGT
  • Lightning Box
  • Microgaming
  • SG Digital
  • WMS

Local progressive jackpots

There are plenty of software providers among the 750+ slots at Starlight Casino and that includes big names like Microgaming, meaning you will have options to try and hit a progressive jackpot on selected slots.

How many slot machines does Starlight Casino have?

There are over 750 slot machines you can play at Starlight Casino, as of the time of our latest review.

Do the slot machines accept coins?

No, you cannot use coins on slot machines at Starlight Casino. Instead, you can pay by bills or with the ticket system.

Casino Games – 3/5

A big refurbishment took place at Starlight Casino in 2018 at a cost of $57 million, so the games here have massively expanded since it first opened.

Despite this, it is not the biggest casino in Canada. There are around 40 tables, which is good enough for most players, and 750+ slots. We also saw a lot of action on the gaming terminals in an area which is signposted as the ‘Replay Arena’.

Speaking to management, it seems they’re trying to appeal to millennials, and see the Replay Arena as a way to introduce new games to new players. It seemed to be working, and gives that part of the casino a fresh atmosphere which is fun to be a part of, although we only counted 18 terminals.

We’ve seen more variety at some of the other Canadian casinos we’ve reviewed, but there’s still plenty to enjoy – especially if you enjoy spinning the reels.

Can anyone bet the highest limits or do you need special VIP access?

Starlight Casino is located in a mall and therefore doesn’t have as much room to play with as some rival casinos, but it does have a special section called the Starlight Room which offers high-stakes slot games.

Starlight Casino poker tournaments

Bizarrely, there’s no mention of poker on the Starlight Casino website yet they do have poker available. We found eight poker tables with access long into the night. It’s strange that this isn’t advertised more, so we’d count this as a bit of a hidden gem.

Staff & Service – 3/5

At the time of our Starlight Casino review we noticed that no area was ever understaffed, which is a nice touch for a casino of this size. They’re friendly as well, but you can’t expect the kind of top-class service you’ll find at some of the bigger casinos in Canada and the U.S. like free drinks and other perks, which lost Starlight Casino a couple of points in our review.

Food & Drinks

At the specific time of our Starlight Casino review, the buffet was closed along with a place called MATCH and also Halley’s Club. We can therefore only judge based on the options available to us, which were Atlas Steak & Fish, Nova Bar, and CHOW Lucky Noodle Bar.

Disappointingly, Atlas Steak & Fish is only open Thursday to Sunday, leaving CHOW as the only dedicated food spot which is always available – although Nova Bar offers tasty options like dirty fries ($10) and a Philly steak flat bread pizza ($14). CHOW itself is a good option if you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, but we’d have liked to see more variety for players who visit during the week.

How much do you tip at Starlight Casino?

There’s no set expectation on how much to tip at Starlight Casino, so we went with the 10-20% range.

Does Starlight Casino offer free drinks?

No, there are no free drinks at Starlight Casino, although they do run ‘happy hours’ from 10:00 – 19:00, Thursday to Sunday, where you can pick up draft beer for under $5.

Is there a buffet at Starlight Casino?

Yes, there is a buffet at Starlight Casino simply called The Buffet. However, at the time of our Starlight Casino review, it was temporarily closed.


All customers agreed that the free parking at Starlight Casino was a highlight, which is one of the perks of being based in a mall.


There’s no accommodation provided specifically by Starlight Casino, but there are plenty of nearby options such as Fantasyland Hotel and the West Edmonton Mall Inn.

Are there smoking areas?

Starlight Casino is located in West Edmonton Mall which is a non-smoking venue, so players will have to use the smoking areas located at the entrances.


Security was ramped up after the pandemic hit, meanings the staff here are now very well-prepared for all eventualities. We didn’t find them to be too obtrusive, though.

Loyalty & Rewards – 4/5

The loyalty scheme at Starlight Casino is the Winner’s Edge program. You may have heard of this before, as it’s used all across Alberta and includes welcome bonuses, free spins and more.

To be eligible for these perks, you can join the My Club Rewards program for free when you visit Starlight Casino.

How does the Starlight Casino rewards program work?

Visit Starlight Casino and head to Guest Services to sign up to the rewards program. It’s free to join and you’ll receive the chance to unlock cool perks every time you play.

What you get

  • Welcome bonus
  • Birthday gift
  • Weekly and monthly free spins
  • Boosted points on selected days

How to claim rewards

  1. Go to Starlight Casino and visit the Guest Services desk
  2. Tell them you’d like to join the My Club Rewards program
  3. You’ll receive a membership card
  4. Swipe your card at the kiosk when you enter to earn points
  5. Redeem your points for bonuses and perks

Casino Atmosphere – 3/5

Because the management has a focus on targeting millennials, and because it attracts a lot of casuals from the mall it’s located in, Starlight Casino has a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. At the same time, it struggles to match the ambiance at some of the larger casinos in Canada, or those with amenities that it simply can’t offer.

View from the inside

Starlight Casino is located inside West Edmonton Mall, but a big refurbishment in 2018 means everything looks fresh and exciting. The Replay Arena is a clear highlight, as that attracts a lot of the energy and action from newer players.

Design experience

The entrance is sleek but fits the style of the mall, and Nova Bar’s circular design makes you feel like you’re in a club. Meanwhile, the main floor is much more traditional with slots, tables and carpeted floors – a classic setup.

Are you allowed to take photos in Starlight Casino?

Cameras are not allowed while playing games at Starlight Casino. But, being just steps from other shops in the mall, we found phone use in general to be more relaxed than it is at some Canadian casinos.

Location and surroundings

Because it’s located directly inside West Edmonton Mall, Starlight Casino is not able to offer the types of stunning views you’ll find at other casinos in Canada, like the Fallsview Casino which overlooks the Niagara Falls.

Do you need a passport to visit Starlight Casino?

Yes, you’ll require government-issued I.D. to enter the Starlight Casino and must be 18 years of age.

While conducting our review of Starlight Casino we actually spotted some people who were clearly over the age limit being asked for I.D., so make sure you bring yours.


Some casinos in Canada host big names in music and entertainment, but Starlight Casino doesn’t have any venue for such events. They do have a stage near Nova Bar with live performers which helps create a fun atmosphere, but it’s much more low-key than you’d expect from bigger casinos.

House Rules (T&Cs) – 4/5

We really didn’t find any rules which were out of the ordinary at Starlight Casino, and our whole experience was pretty relaxed. From speaking to the staff, it sounds like things did get quite strict around the time Covid broke out – which is to be expected – but things have now relaxed a bit and the security are not overzealous.

When is Starlight Casino open?

Starlight Casino is open from 09:00 until 05:00. It would be good if it were open 24 hours a day, but the location – being inside the actual mall – means certain restrictions are in place.

Does Starlight Casino charge entry?

No, you can walk right in from the mall to Starlight Casino for free.

Do you always need a reservation to play at Starlight Casino?

Starlight Casino is certainly a casino which is aimed more towards the casual player, and as such there is no need to make any reservations ahead of time.

Starlight Casino membership details

Government-issued I.D. will be required in order to join the My Club Rewards program at Starlight Casino.

Dress code

The dress code at Starlight Casino is laid back, with most players opting for smart casual attire.

Standout rules at Starlight Casino

  • Restricted camera use
  • No smoking

Player Feedback – 3.5/5

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to online reviews of Starlight Casino, but it’s worth noting that the low rating on TripAdvisor is in part due to the low number of reviews.

Starlight Casino player reviews

Google – 3.9/5

Glowing reviews from guests who enjoyed the child-friendly food options, and plenty of players who really enjoyed speaking with the friendly bartenders.

TripAdvisor – 3/5

Reviews aren’t too strong for Starlight Casino on TripAdvisor, with a handful of complaints about the staff or losing slots. However, issues from losing players should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

Most common issues

  • Some issues with staff
  • Claims of low-paying slots

Operator – 4/5

Starlight Casino is run by one of the big boys in Canada, with plenty of experience managing a large portfolio of successful Canadian casinos.

Who owns Starlight Casino?

Starlight Casino is owned by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, who operate a total of 31 casinos in the Canada area, many of which go by variations of the same name.

Other casinos by the same operator

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  • Cascades Casino – Delta
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Contact info


Email address

[email protected]

Telephone number

(780) 444-2112



Who Are the Top Competitors of Starlight Casino?

Edmonton has a lot of options for avid gamers hunting down a casino. Here are a couple of Starlight Casino’s biggest competitors:

Starlight Casino vs River Cree Resort and Casino

With a modest 405 slots and 14 tables games, River Cree Resort and Casino has still managed to become a bit of a fan favourite with players in the Edmonton area with everything from entertainment and hotel stays to conferences.

River Cree Resort and Casino is best for poker

Unlike some poker rooms, the 12 tables at River Cree Resort and Casino are treated as a highlight of the casino, and you can even join the waitlist via the Poker Atlas app.

Starlight Casino vs Grand Villa Casino Edmonton

One of two Grand Villa Casino Edmonton properties – and from the same operator as Starlight Casino – this casino looks slick and sophisticated but also has a carefree fun side, complete with a funky grabber machine!

Grand Villa Casino Edmonton is the best for high-stakes baccarat

Head to the main floor any time from 15:00 when the high-limit baccarat table opens to see some big-stakes action.

What sets Starlight Casino apart from its competitors?

It’s very rare to find restaurants in a casino which are child-friendly, but that’s the case at Starlight Casino. Perhaps being found in a mall, rather than an isolated building, has helped guide the direction here, which makes it the perfect spot for people who wants to play a few games and enjoy a drink or two in a casual, relaxed environment.

Pros and Cons


  • Good loyalty scheme
  • Accessible location
  • Poker available
  • Family-friendly restaurants
  • Cool Replay Arena


  • Not as many slots as some Canadian casinos
  • Not quite open 24/7

Should You Gamble at Starlight Casino?

Starlight Casino might not suit the most serious gamblers who want live craps or thousands upon thousands of slots, but it will appeal to the vast majority of players – especially given its $57 million renovation in 2018.