Beyond the Buffet: The Best Food at Canadian Casinos

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Beyond the Buffet: The Best Food at Canadian Casinos

While gambling obviously takes center stage, dining forms a massive part of the overall casino experience. With that in mind, we have researched the top casino restaurants throughout Canada to bring you the top 10 dishes. As you will discover, we have catered for all culinary tastes and dietary requirements.

A Gastronomic Journey: How We Assessed the Dishes

Assessing food

To find the best casino food, we’ve traveled the length and breadth of Canada and considered all budgets and dietary requirements. From budget bar food to swanky steakhouses and veggie delights – you’ll find a good mix in our top 10 list below.

While culinary merit has been at the core of our considerations, we have also looked at the casino where the dishes and restaurants can be found. In this respect, you will find a diverse range of venues, including the big-name hotels and resorts, as well as smaller local casinos.

Note that pricing is correct as of March 2024.

Ten of the Best Dishes to Be Found at Casino Restaurants in Canada

1. Steelhead Trout – Kihiw Restaurant, Golden Eagle Casino, SK

Trout on plate

First on my search for the best food at casinos in Canada is a local delight from the Kihiw Restaurant in the Golden Eagle Casino in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The North Saskatchewan River and nearby lakes are well-known for good trout fishing.

It’s therefore no surprise that we’ve picked the Steelhead Trout, which is served with seasonal vegetables and wild pilaf rice. However, what really makes this fish dish pop is the butter, lemon, and caper sauce, which is a bit indulgent, but absolutely to die for. You can chow down on this plate for a reasonable C$31.00.

2. Veggie Choy Sum – Noodle Bar, Fallsview Casino, ON

Fallsview Casino

We couldn’t venture too far into this list without covering some Niagara Falls restaurants. At Fallsview Casino, the fine dining experiences with breathtaking views of Niagara Falls rightly get all of the plaudits.

However, if you’re looking for a good Asian vegetarian meal at a reasonable price point, you can grab the Veggie Choy Sum at the Noodle Bar for just C$19.00. Reviewers always hail the Golden Lotus as the best Chinese food at this casino. But we found the Noodle Bar has better flavors and more vegetarian options overall – it just doesn’t have the view.

3. 16 oz Australian Wagyu Striploin – Neor’s Steakhouse, Caesar’s in Windsor, ON

Wagyu steak

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and elegant meat-based experience, the best casino food can be found at Nero’s Steakhouse at Caesars in Windsor. This award-winning casino is renowned for the quality of its meat and its excellent fine wine selection.

All of the premium cuts and bone-in options are melt-in-your-mouth material here, but if you really want to push the boat out, we recommend the 16 oz Australian Wagyu Striplion. This will set you back a cool C$154.95, but it’s worth every penny.  Make sure to ask your server for the ideal red wine pairing to maximize the experience.

4. Beer & Steer – Blue Dolphin, South Beach Casino & Resort, MB

Steak and beer

The South Beach Casino & Resort on the banks of Lake Winnipeg is one of the coolest local casinos thanks to its retro feel and design. It has four dining options in total, with the Blue Dolphin being the standout for the best casino food. The bar has a relaxed atmosphere where you can watch sports and enjoy live music most nights.

If you ask me, it’s best to go on a Wednesday when you can grab the Beer & Steer for just C$21.95. This consists of a 6 oz sirloin steak cap topped with crispy onions and served on a grilled panini with a side of creamy mashed potatoes. The icing on the cake, however, is that it comes with a 16 oz draft beer of your choice.

5. Breakfast Sandwich – Rock House Burger & Fries, River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond, BC

Sourdough breakfast sandwich

Now, let’s move the dial a bit and take a look at the best food at casinos on the West Coast, starting with the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC. We’ve changed tact a little bit here and we’ve looked at the first and most important meal of the day – breakfast.

The famous Breakfast Sandwich at Rock House consists of Canadian bacon, a fried egg, Havarti cheese, and tomato served on either sourdough or multigrain bread. This simple, but amazingly tasty way to start your day is the most budget-friendly option so far at just C$10.00.

6. Congee – Pure Poker, PURE Casino Calgary, AB

PURE Casino Calgary

At the PURE Casino in Calgary, you can receive quick and easy food directly to your table while you’re playing poker. What’s more, it’s the best casino food you can find on a budget in the whole of Canada, especially if you get a membership for an extra 25% off of selected dishes.

We’ve tried just about everything on the menu during long nights spent at the poker table, and recommend the Congee (rice porridge) above all else. At C$8.88, chicken or seafood congee is served with hot Chinese donuts and is already astoundingly cheap. However, if you are a Pure Rewards Member, you can grab it for just C$6.66!

7. Pétoncles Poêlés (Pan-seared scallops) – Le Montréal, Casino de Montréal, QC

Scallops in pan

We couldn’t cover the best food at casinos without going to the Casino de Montréal, the biggest casino in Canada. Since we’re the biggest, we’re also going to go for the finer things in life at Le Montréal Seafood & Grill.

From the a la carte menu, the Pétoncles Poêlés (Pan-seared scallops) are a must-try at a mid-to-high price point of C$49.00. These scallops are always cooked to perfection and are topped with pancetta, onion, poultry jus, and a parsley vinaigrette. The accompaniments are naked oats, cauliflower puree, and roasted florets.

8. Nasi Goreng – Casual, Great Canadian Casino Resort, Toronto, ON

Nasi goreng

Moving back to some of the reasonably-priced casino restaurants, we have Casual at the Great Canadian Casino Resort in Toronto, Ontario. This gastropub is a must-visit for beer lovers, thanks to its amazing selection of craft beers from local breweries, and the food ain’t half bad either.

All dietary requirements are catered for in this establishment, and the Nasi Goreng is my tip as the go-to gluten-free option. These chicken-and-beef skewers are served with Indonesian-style fried rice and a fried egg alongside a flavor-rich sweet chili sauce. You can get all of this for just C$23.00.

9. Big Island – Casino Moose Jaw, Moose Jaw, SK

Casino Moose Jaw

If you’re looking for a flexible veggie dish at a reasonable price point, try the Big Island from the “Fresh Greens” menu at Union Station. This is undoubtedly the best food at Casino Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, and probably the most healthy too.

The basic dish is 100% vegetarian and consists of roasted corn, avocado, black beans, sesame seeds, goat cheese, pea shoots, and honey-lime crispy wonton strips. This will cost you C$18.00, but you have the option to add chicken, salmon, or prawns for an added cost of C$4.00 to C$5.00.

10. Gnocchi Di Tartufo – Noodle Bar, Fallsview Casino, ON


With more than 20 casino restaurants, it was impossible to finish this blog without returning to Fallsview in Niagara Falls. Last time we recommended some quick-and-easy noodles, so now we’re going for the Italian fine dining option at Ponte Vecchio.

You could choose just about anything from this menu and be wowed, but the best dish we tried was the Gnocchi Di Tartufo for C$39.00. This homemade gnocchi is served with rapini in a creamy truffle sauce that is extremely rich and oozing with flavor.

In Conclusion: Follow Your Tastebuds

Casino restaurant table

All of the dishes covered in this article are based on our personal tastes and opinions, but there are plenty of other options to be explored. You can check out all of these casino restaurants and more on your next Canadian casino road trip.

Don’t have the time or the budget to hit the road and head to a land-based casino right now? Then why not order takeout and claim one of these great online casino free spins offers this weekend?