PURE Casino Calgary Review

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PURE Casino Calgary Review

PURE Casino Calgary has been one of the hottest gambling destinations in Calgary for years now and is one of the most highly regarded gaming experiences too. But does PURE Casino Calgary still provide an unforgettable experience?

Read our expert-driven analysis to find out what games you’ll be able to play, learn how to get free dining discounts, and get unique details about the atmosphere you can expect at PURE Casino Calgary.

PURE Casino Calgary Ratings

Overall Rating 4/5

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Rating and Review Process for PURE Casino Calgary

Our expert testers use our specialized review system to provide insights and analysis of Canadian casinos in ways other reviewers simply cannot. Rather than just scan a website, we visit every single casino we test and spend hours playing games, dining, spending time at the bar, and speaking with the staff.

This is how we can analyze PURE Casino Calgary as a genuine player which ensures you can make an informed decision as a fellow player.

How we inspected PURE Casino Calgary

  • Date of visit: 01/13/2024
  • Time of visit: 6 PM – 1 AM
  • Initial bankroll: C$100
  • What we played: Roulette, Blackjack & Slots
  • Final bankroll: C$174
  • Next visit: 01/25/2025

What we looked at

To properly explore a Canadian casino, our reviewers need to take an objective and subjective approach. We accomplish this by looking for certain features such as specific game types and jackpots. Additionally, we consider the overall atmosphere, the strictness of the rules, and the history of the operator.

What we found


1420 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2N9

Open hours

Mon – Wed: 10 AM – 5 AM

Thurs – Sun: 10 AM – 12 AM


Not required

Minimum age


ID checks


Game types

Slots, table games, VLT



Slot machines


Gaming terminals



Cash, Card, Chips

Average betting range

Slots: C$0.01 – C$10

Table: C$0.50 – C$500

Free drinks (Canada)






Poker tournaments

Texas Hold’em and Omaha

Slot Machines – 5/5

PURE Casino Calgary has hundreds of slots from several providers which means you’ll see tons of variety and can chase plenty of massive jackpots. You can also enjoy high-limit slots in the dedicated high-limit room.

Slots we played at PURE Casino Calgary

We went straight for Alberta Gold, looking for that massive jackpot, but we were unsuccessful. Fortune Teller was our next stop and we landed hit after hit before cashing out. After playing an hour or so at the tables, we returned to a row of classic WMS slots which included Great Wall which features multiplier free spins.

How many slot machines does PURE Casino Calgary have?

The casino has over 850 slot machines including penny slots and high limit machines.

Do the slot machines accept coins?

No, the machines do not accept coins. You can only use cash notes or swipe your rewards card to use free play.

Slot machine providers

  • IGT
  • Aristocrat
  • Konami
  • WMS

Local progressive jackpots

The casino has numerous progressive jackpot slots that are part of the Alberta progressive jackpots network. This is a range of slots with a jackpot powered by the bets at several casinos that could drop at any time.

For example, there are several Alberta Gold machines at PURE Casino Calgary and the jackpot starts at a huge C$20,000.

Casino Games – 4/5

PURE Casino Calgary boasts over 25 live dealer tables with low minimum bets and there are several high limit tables for high rollers. You can play poker 24/7 and there are a few VLT machines for a fast and simple table gaming experience.

Game types

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Pai Gow
  • Chase the Flush
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • VLT

Betting limits

Standard tables offer low minimum bets and reasonable limits. Straight roulette bets were C$0.50 during our visit and a hand of blackjack only cost C$2, C$5, or C$1 depending on the table. Table limits were between C$200 and C$500 but the high limits room sufficiently raises the limits.

Can anyone bet the highest limits or you need special VIP access?

If you can sit at the table, you can bet the limit.

The VIP tables in the High Limit Room are not always accessible, so you’ll sometimes need to arrange a seat with a VIP host.

PURE Casino Calgary poker tournaments

The casino has a 24-hour poker room with 8 tables offering regular games and major tournaments. The PURE Poker Tour has several stops at PURE Casino Calgary throughout the year. Tournaments cover No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Buy-ins vary and we’ve seen them as low as C$40 and as high as C$1,500.

Staff & Service – 3/5

Food & Drinks

There is only one substantial dining option at PURE Casino Calgary. Although there is a secondary option in the form of the poker room – players can order a wide variety of meals ranging from salads to brisket and cheeseburgers.

Meridian Central is the main sports bar and restaurant. The menu covers classic casino food including steaks, burgers, several Asian-inspired dishes, and numerous smaller bites like chicken wings and pepper prawns.

Pricing is fairly moderate – for example, a braised beef brisket is a reasonable C$16 – but using a PURE Rewards card, which is free to register, will reduce the prices by 10-25%. For example, that brisket is reduced to only C$12. Drinks are reasonably priced with local and international beer costing between C$6.75 and C$8.50, and cocktails are around C$7.

Meridian Central

  • Opening hours: 9:30 AM – 2 AM

How much do you tip at PURE Casino Calgary?

A standard tip is 15-20% in Calgary, but you certainly won’t want to go lower than 10%.

Does PURE Casino Calgary offer free drinks?

No, players won’t get any free drinks at the tables at PURE Casino.

Is there a buffet at PURE Casino Calgary?

While there isn’t a regular buffet, buffets have featured in dining promotions offered at PURE Casino Calgary over the years.


There is free parking located at the front and rear of the casino building, as well as a few spaces along the sides too. Parking is entirely free but unsecured as it is just an open space.


PURE Casino Calgary does not offer a hotel but there are options nearby, including eight hotels right opposite the casino. Pricing is moderate with a late booking for one night costing between C$50 and C$85.

Are there smoking areas?

Calgary casinos are almost all smoke-free at this point. You’ll need to simply step outside to smoke.


Security checked our IDs and appeared to be doing so for every player. We noted the CCTV cameras discreetly fixed into just about every corner which ensured every angle was covered.

There didn’t appear to be any CCTV covering much past the doors when you’re outside, which means your car is largely unprotected.

Loyalty & Rewards – 4/5

How does the PURE Casino Calgary rewards program work?

There are two programs to use. PURE Casino Rewards is a free and simple membership that provides food & beverage discounts and access to exclusive promotions.

The Winner’s Edge rewards card is an Alberta-wide casino rewards card that sees you earn points by playing games that can then be redeemed for free play.

What you get

  • Exclusive time-limited offers and coupons
  • Free play
  • Access promotional draws
  • Discount on food & beverage purchases

How to register in the program

PURE Rewards

  1. Head to Guest Services when you go to PURE Casino
  2. Complete the registration forms and provide your ID when requested
  3. Grab your rewards card

Winner’s Edge

  1. Go to winnersedge.ca and fill out the simple signup forms
  2. Next, go to the Guest Services kiosk when you enter PURE Casino Calgary
  3. Provide your ID to receive your rewards card

Casino Atmosphere – 4/5

Inside PURE Casino Calgary

Our experts provide their analysis and findings about the interior design, entertainment options, what you can do near the casino, and the overall atmosphere at PURE Casino Calgary.

Design experience

PURE Casino Calgary is clean, modern, and certainly provides a glamorous feel, especially at night. The high ceilings make the casino feel huge while the layout of the casino floor ensures the casino feels extensive too.

Are you allowed to take photos in PURE Casino Calgary?

Yes, you can but you can’t take photos of or near the gaming tables. In fact, you won’t be allowed to take out your phone when you’re at the tables.

Location and surroundings

The immediate area isn’t much of an entertainment district. You’re actually on the Trans-Canada Highway and basically surrounded by hotels, car dealerships, auto shops, and other similar businesses. However, you’re only a 12-minute drive to downtown Calgary which boasts bars, clubs, restaurants, mainstream shopping, and several landmarks.

Do you need a passport to visit PURE Casino Calgary?

No, the security team will accept any government-issued photo ID card such as a driver’s license or national ID card. However, if your local ID as an international visitor may look difficult to understand, using your passport might be the better choice.


All the different shows you can take in happen at Meridian Central Station – the casino’s sports bar and restaurant. We noted that about two events per month is the norm but you might see more in the summer.

Events range from tribute bands to local musicians, and exciting dance performances. These events are usually ticketed and can be a touch expensive with prices around C$25 to C$45.

House Rules (T&Cs) – 4/5

When is PURE Casino Calgary open?

PURE Casino Calgary has a variety of opening hours. Firstly, the poker room is open 24 hours a day. The casino floor is open from 10 AM to 5 AM on Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, the casino remains open until midnight on Sunday. However, while slots are available during the opening hours, table games close at 3 AM.

Does PURE Casino Calgary charge entry?

No, entry is free.

Do you always need a reservation to play at PURE Casino Calgary?

No, a reservation is not needed. Some poker tournaments may require players to register for a seat at a table though.

Is membership required at PURE Casino Calgary?

No, membership is not required to enjoy PURE Casino Calgary. However, getting a free rewards card does offer many perks.

Dress code

The casino does not have a set dress code, but we understood the etiquette of being “casual”. You can’t wear rude or gang-related clothing, and nothing violent. This means you can wear shorts and a T-shirt. However, we’d always recommend dressing “smart casual”.

Standout rules at PURE Casino Calgary

The rules at PURE Casino Calgary are all very standard and you won’t notice anything surprising or extraordinary.

Player Feedback – 3.6/5

More than 1,900 people have experienced and reviewed PURE Casino Calgary on Google and TripAdvisor.

PURE Casino Calgary reviews are mostly favorable and much of the praise is consistent across the sites.

PURE Casino Calgary player reviews

Google – 3.8/5

Many reviewers commented on the exciting events, quality slots, and tasty food options. However, reviewers went back and forth regarding the service which could be excellent or slow.

Tripadvisor – 3.5/5

Players commented on the ample parking, wide range of slot games, and overall atmosphere. There were several bad reports about average food service and quality, but many of those reviews were from several years ago.

Most common issues

  • Inconsistent service

Operator – 5/5

Who owns PURE Casino Calgary?

The chain of PURE casinos, including PURE Casino Calgary, is owned and operated by PURE Canadian Gaming which is an Alberta-based company that has an extensive history in the province dating back to 1973.

PURE Canadian Gaming doesn’t own the property anymore though, as all four PURE properties were sold to New York-based and S&P 500 investment trust Vici Properties in January 2023.

Other casinos by the same operator

Contact info



Email address

[email protected]

Telephone number

(403) 248-9467


Facebook and Instagram

PURE Casino Calgary Competitors

You’ll find more than a dozen casinos in Calgary which each offer a variety of entertainment and gaming options. Additionally, PURE Casino Calgary will always be competing with popular online casinos in Canada too.

PURE Casino Calgary vs Elbow River Casino

Just around the corner is Elbow River Casino, a rather dated and gloomy-looking casino that offers 600 slots, off-track betting, and great poker games. The casino boasts live music every Friday and Saturday night too.

Elbow River Casino is best for off-track betting

You can bet on more races at Elbow River Casino than any other competitor in Calgary. The racing theatre has loads of screens to watch races and form guides are readily accessible to aid in their picks.

PURE Casino Calgary vs Cowboys Casino

Known for its late-night entertainment with local DJs after every Flames game – and weekends – Cowboys is a locally understood night spot. You can also bet at more tables than PURE Casino Calgary and there is an exciting VLT pit.

Cowboys Casino is the best alternative for an intense atmosphere

The gaming tables in the Centre Bar provide a seriously immense atmosphere, especially when the Flames are playing. Jerseys adorn most players and there are multiple stadium-like TVs to watch from every angle while you play.

What sets PURE Casino Calgary apart from its competitors?

PURE Casino Calgary stands out as a genuinely elegant casino experience. While other casinos in Calgary have a certain theme, PURE Casino Calgary looks and feels like a grand casino you would find in Vegas.

PURE Casino Calgary Pros and Cons


  • Convenient location, 12 minutes from downtown Calgary
  • 24-hour poker room with several types of poker
  • High Limit Room offering high roller slots, baccarat & blackjack
  • Major Alberta progressive jackpot slots offering massive awards


  • Limited dining options
  • Expensive live music ticket prices

Should You Gamble at PURE Casino Calgary?

Yes, you should gamble at PURE Casino Calgary. We felt this casino provided one of the purest casino experiences we’ve ever enjoyed in Alberta. There are plenty of different table games with variable limits – including high limits – a valuable rewards program, and the opening hours support late-night gaming.

We did find the entertainment to fall short compared to several other big casinos in the region and the dining experience is far from unique or memorable. Ultimately, the quality of the games ensures serious bettors will see value in sitting at the tables, while casual players have a plethora of games to choose from.