Will the apocalypse happen? – 105 weird things you can bet on

Iasmina Bunea

Casino expert

Will the apocalypse happen? – 105 weird things you can bet on

Maybe… But if this bet is indeed true, who will be there to collect the winnings? If you feel like broadening your gambling horizons, you may give novelty betting a go! Here, you will find 105 weird bets you probably didn’t expect to spot online.

Some are funny, some are strange, others we don’t even know how to describe. Take a look for yourself!

What are novelty bets?

They are classified as unique opportunities that allow betting on interests that lay outside convention. As the term “novelty” suggests, this is not your average type of wagering. Instead, it involves betting on non-conventional events that have nothing to do with sports or casino games.

So, if you are tired of placing wagers on classic alternatives, this is something entirely different, which you must try at least once in your lifetime. There are plenty of topics to choose from! Some weirder than others.

Where can you find them?

Because they are still part of the gambling sector, novelty bets can be found at online casinos. It’s true; not all of them dispose of this category. Usually, newer Canadian platforms offer novelty betting opportunities.

Anyway, we know that researching hundreds of sites on the Internet is not something you would enjoy doing. But don’t worry! You can save a lot of time by reading our trusted casino reviews. You will find everything you need to know there.

Let’s explore some of the weirdest bets on the market!

Is environmental betting the new thing?

We all know that our planet is more vulnerable than ever. From global warming to natural disasters and even biodiversity loss, we certainly don’t lack environmental issues. We cannot say what the future holds, but we can have fun forecasting events and placing bets on them. You probably didn’t think you could bet on such topics!   

1.     Is the universe infinite?

Although scientists have uncovered many secrets of the universe, this question hasn’t been answered yet. So, you may have a go and wager the possibilities. The only available options are obviously “Yes” or “No.” No complex astrophysical theories! But keep in mind you might have to wait a while to find out the outcome of your bet. Possibly an infinity…

2.     When will we run out of natural resources?

Researchers are pretty sure that the inevitable will eventually happen. The question is “When?”. Well, if Earth’s natural resources continue to be exploited at the current rate, it might happen in less than 50 years. But it’s hard to make exact predictions. Currently, 2060 has the highest odds in the online betting environment.

3.     Weather predictions

Weather predictions

Believe it or not, you can now bet on what the weather is going to be like. Some online casinos might integrate weather forecasting in the sports betting category, as this factor may also affect the outcome of certain events. Moreover, there is more than one type of weather bet you can make. For example, there are highs and lows of temperature, wind or precipitations bets. And depending on where you are in Canada, certain sites might offer local or regional wagers.

4.     Christmas snow

As you can tell, this is related to the weather bets. Will it snow on Christmas day? Again, a “Yes” or “No” question, with no other alternatives. It is something that Canadians wager on almost every year. So, don’t worry about missing such a bet. There will always be a next time! However, having snow on Christmas from previous days doesn’t mean you won the bet. It must snow on that particular day. That’s the rule!

5.     The extinction of polar bears

Despite being a sad topic to think about, it is also quite popular among novelty bettors. As much as we want this moment to be further away, the probability of witnessing it in our lifetime is pretty high. Thus, the wagers are not placed on whether polar bears will go extinct but rather on the year this will happen.

6.     The Deepwater Horizon oil spill

The Deepwater Horizon disaster happened in 2010. Yet, the infamous oil well is still leaking and will continue to do so for several years ahead. So, online gambling sites saw a novelty bet opportunity by allowing punters to wager on the first marine animal species to be wiped out by the oil spill. A bit weird, right?

7.     When will the Great Barrier Reef come to an end?

This natural world wonder is on the verge of extinction due to severe climate changes. But again, apart from a tragic event, this is also a betting opportunity. So, people are trying to predict the exact year the coral reef will officially be declared extinct. Both 2048 and 2050 have high odds.  

Strange occurrences

This is probably the weirdest category on our list. Although these situations are not impossible, they are, in our opinion, highly unlikely. Yet, very intriguing and thought-provoking. So, it is in our nature to be curious and try to find the answers to certain questions. But can we also place bets on such events?

Of course!

8.     The apocalypse

The world didn’t end in 2012, but that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods. Nobody knows if or when this will happen, but we can at least try to guess. What year do you think the world will cease to exist? Many Canadians have already placed their bets on the event. But there’s only one problem. If the apocalypse will indeed happen, who will be there to collect winnings from online casinos? Or maybe they will be transferred to the afterlife…

9.     How will the world end?

This is yet another famous betting topic. Suppose the world will end one day. How will this happen? Among the popular betting options, we have sun explosion, black hole, nuclear missiles, bioweapons and natural disasters. The more unrealistic ones include an alien invasion, robot uprising, zombie plague or ape uprising. The power of imagination is indeed surprising!

10.  The rise of zombies

Rise of zombies

We all know The Walking Dead TV series, which depicts an apocalyptic world full of zombies. But is that scenario realistic? Not really. Yet, not entirely impossible. Who knows what the future holds? All we know is you can bet on whether a zombie apocalypse will take place.

11.  Asteroid hitting Earth

Maybe… After all, this is how dinosaurs were wiped out. Many bets are placed on the likelihood of an asteroid sweeping away humans in the near future. But again, if this unfortunate event were to happen, how will you cash out your winnings? Let’s hope there is Interac available on the other side. 

12.  Alien existence: myth or reality?

This is a question humanity has been trying to answer for decades. Even centuries! There are several signs pointing towards the existence of life somewhere else in this vast universe. However, scientists haven’t been able to confirm that yet. So, whether you believe aliens exist or not, you can now debate the possibilities online with fellow novelty bettors.

13.  Extra-terrestrial life confirmation

We are shifting the tables here by assuming that alien life will definitely be confirmed in the future. But will it be the near or the distant future? Everybody is eagerly waiting for proof of intelligent life on another planet. So, might as well pass the time by trying to guess the year this will happen.

14.  Alien invasion?

Alien invasion

Let’s suppose aliens exist. Will they invade our planet or study us from afar? The possibility of an alien invasion is indeed intriguing. However, we hope that won’t be the case. Anyway, whether you are excited about this or not, you may place a bet on the event and patiently wait for the outcome. But beware! It might take a while…

15.  The first human on Mars

With so many accomplishments in the aerospace field, all that remains is conquering Mars. So, after the Perseverance rover was successfully placed on the planet’s surface in early 2021, people wonder when the first human Mars landing will take place. Bets are already being placed on years as close as 2025.  

16.  Stealing the Monalisa

Why is a possible theft so exciting for bettors? We don’t know. But what we know is that the famous Monalisa is the most guarded painting in the world. No wonder why everyone wants to know if it will ever be stolen or not. According to novelty betting sites, the odds incline towards “Yes”. But if you ask us, we doubt that Louvre’s security will ever let its guard down.

Historical enigmas and conspiracy theories

What do Canadian gamblers do when they get tired of playing Poker and betting on sports? They try to solve the world’s mysteries, of course! This unique betting category revolves around enigmatic events and conspiracies.

Thus, the only options you can place wagers on are “Yes” or “No”. There are no in-betweens, so choose wisely!

17.  Is Elvis Presley still alive?

As much as we would want the King of Rock and Roll to hold one last concert, he is sadly not alive anymore. Or is he? A lot of his fans claim he set up his own death just to get away from the hassle of public life. If you believe that too, you can even bet on it!

18.  Is Michael Jackson still alive?

Another mystery, surrounding the King of Pop this time. This theory is like the one mentioned above. But given Michael Jackson’s unmistakable looks, do you think he could really go unnoticed for so many years? Maybe one day we’ll find out. Until then, you can only place a bet and hope for the best.

19.  Is Hitler still alive?

Let’s say the Nazi führer didn’t actually commit suicide in 1945. That might have been true, but if he were to be alive today, he would be over 130 years old. Still, a lot of Canadians opt for “Yes” when placing bets on Hitler’s current living state. Quite surprising, right?

20.  Is Osama Bin Laden still alive?

The former al-Qaeda leader’s death made headlines all over the world in 2011. The famous military operation, code-named “Neptune Spear”, was ordered by then-president Obama. Because of that, many believe it was actually set up just to strengthen his future re-election campaign. Could that be true? We’ll let betting sites find out for us.

21.  The JFK assassination: an inside job?

Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory surrounding Kennedy’s death is that it was actually plotted by the government. Why? Well, we don’t really have the time to list the presumed reasons. Let’s just say this theory comes with some plausible arguments. So, would you go for “Yes” if you encountered this bet online?

22.  The moon landing doubts

The moon landing doubts

If you were around in the late 60s to watch the moon landing, you know it was really spectacular. However, the complexity of the mission added to the not-so-advanced technology of that time makes some believe it was fake. And because this conspiracy stood its ground for so many years, it even became something to bet on. One small step for man, one giant leap for oddsmakers!

23.  Does Atlantis exist?

Historians have not been able to confirm the existence of Atlantis. But one thing is certain: the curiosity surrounding this ancient city is still present in our times. And we can tell that just by exploring novelty betting websites! How will the outcome of the bet be determined? That we don’t know yet.

24.  Is Walt Disney cryogenically frozen?

Novelty bets never fail to amaze us! Yes, you can now place a bet on whether Walt Disney is cryogenically frozen. We are not sure how this rumour started, but many people believe this story. Although Disney’s grave is in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, some say he is actually frozen and buried under Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland.

25.  Marilyn Monroe’s mysterious death

Suicide or murder? This was one of the 60s’ greatest mysteries. And apparently, not much has changed since then. People are still intrigued by Marilyn Monroe’s death, and many believe it was actually a murder. If you are one of them, hop online and place your bets on that!

Stirring the political pot

Just like religion, politics can be a controversial subject. But everything is allowed in the betting world, right? For years, this has been something Canadians love to bet on. And we’re not only talking about political matters concerning Canada but the whole world! Here’s are some of the weirdest political bets you can place online:

26.  North Korea nuclear war

North Korea nuclear war

We can say we were pretty close to a nuclear war happening at the beginning of 2020. Luckily, that bullet has been dodged. But that doesn’t mean it is completely out of the question. After all, North Korea is an unforeseeable country. As far as we know, bets are being placed on whether this will happen and not on a specific year.

27.  Third world war

After two world wars, another one doesn’t seem that impossible. Indeed, the world has changed a lot since 1945, but old habits die hard, right? Another “Yes” or “No” bet type. If it really were to happen, several other betting propositions will probably appear after that. Like “Who will hold the victory?”.  

28.  The end of the Kim Jong-un era

The North Korean communist leader has been the subject of many debates. And because it’s already been ten years since becoming the country’s Supreme Leader, many wonder when he will cease to be in power. Currently, the year 2031 has the highest odds. But things can change any minute now.

29.  How will Kim Jong Un cease to be in power?

This betting proposition is directly linking with the previous one. So, besides guessing the year, you can also try to guess how the Kim Jong-un era will end. According to betting sites, a natural death has the highest odds, with assassination following close after.

30.  The next country to abolish communism

It seems like everything in this section is related to North Korea. We must admit, it is indeed an interesting subject to debate. However, North Korea is not the only country that still has a communist regime. Although it has the highest odds, some other betting options are China, Vietnam, Cuba and Laos.

31.  Another world leader assassination?

John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Franz Ferdinand were just a few world leaders to be assassinated. But can this tragic death lay upon another leader? We certainly don’t exclude this possibility. And neither do bettors, who have already put their money on “Yes”. Let’s just hope this doesn’t start a third world war.

32.  Presidential elections

Presidential elections

Not quite as weird as the others, but a popular bet type for sure! Every time a presidential election takes place, there will also be thousands of bets placed on the possible outcomes. And don’t worry if you don’t reside in that country. You can still bet on the next president of whatever nation.

33.  The next Canadian prime minister

Justin Trudeau was and still is one of the most appreciated Canadian prime ministers. However, his approval rating is starting to drop, and the 2023 elections are quickly approaching. So, Canadians have already started to place bets on the next prime minister. Andrew Scheer has the highest odds, but Trudeau comes right after. Will he aim for a second term?

34.  The death of the current Pope

Not exactly related to politics, but we can say the Pope is considered the “president” of the Vatican. So, it might actually fit this section. Given the fact that Pope Francis is 84, we can assume he’s not going to outlive any of us. It might seem weird betting on someone’s death, but things like this are inevitable. What year do you think the Pope will die?

35.  Who will be the next Pope?

When the current Pope dies, the cycle continues, and another one will be named by the Vatican. But who might it be? Well, most online bets are currently placed on Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana, Cardinal Luis Antonio from the Philippines and the Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Betting on royalty

Keeping up with the British Royal Family is like keeping up with the Kardashians. The drama and curiosity surrounding this beloved family never end. You know what that means! That there are also plenty of bets you can place! And since Queen Elisabeth II is also the Queen of Canada, a big part of these wagers come from Canadian gamblers. Here’s what you can currently bet on:

36.  How long will Queen Elizabeth’s reign last?

This seems a nicer way to ask when the Queen will die. But as we all know, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in history, and she broke multiple other records over the years. Thus, it’s natural to wonder how long her reign will last. Since now, it’s been 69 years. So, bets are starting from 70 years up until 82.

37.  Is Princess Diana still alive?

Most signs indicate “No”. However, this is one of the conspiracy theories created after the death of the beloved Princess of Wales. And many assume that she set up her death to escape the burden of royalty. Believe it or not, bets are still being placed on this possibility.

38.  Royal murder?

Another conspiracy theory that resulted from the same tragic event is that Diana was murdered. Yet, this is somehow more plausible than the previous one. Some people believe that the princess’s infamous car crash was plotted to seem like an accident. Bets are still open on this one. But we’re not sure when or if the truth will ever be uncovered.

39.  The next royal wedding

Royal weddings are a reason to celebrate. Not just for the British, but for the entire world! Everyone is eagerly waiting for another one to happen. While we cannot really predict who will marry who, we can at least make predictions on the year the next royal wedding will take place. What are your bets?

40.  The first royal death

Despite being a morbid subject, it is very much of interest for many novelty bettors. Some assume that the Queen will be the first one to leave the Earth, while others place more wagers on Prince Phillip or even the Queen’s son, Prince Charles. We don’t mean to be disrespectful. But whenever this happens, it will be a sad day for humanity and a happy one for those who placed the winning bet.

41.  The colour of the Queen’s attire

Queen's attire fashion icon

Queen Elizabeth is known to be a fashion icon. You will always see her wearing colourful apparel and never black or white. Every event she attends means another colour to wear. You will rarely spot her attending two consecutive events wearing the same colour. So, get ready! Because every major event the Queen attends represents a new betting opportunity to guess what colour she will be sporting. 

42.  The first royal baby to go bald

Perhaps the weirdest royal bet you can place, this one had us scratch our heads. You are probably wondering what this is about. Well, people have a guess on whose son will go bald first. We are talking about Prince Harry’s son and Prince Williams’s youngest son, Prince Louis. Why is the hair of these two babies such an interesting matter? We haven’t figured that out yet.

43.  Who’s the smartest of them all?

Here’s another bet placed on royal babies. This one refers to the one who will score the highest mark on the GCSE exams. If you haven’t heard about these, they are a set of exams British students take when finishing secondary education. Until now, Princess Charlotte seems to have the highest odds.

44.  Another member renouncing royalty?

After Prince Harry and his wife announced they wouldn’t be honouring their royal duties anymore, people started wondering who’s going to leave next. Although they are not the first ones to do this, the controversial event didn’t only spark rumours but also encouraged bet placing. Who do you think might be next?

45.  Will Harry and Megan lose their titles?

That’s the question that’s been on everyone’s lips lately. Especially after the interview that became a worldwide phenomenon. Will the Queen revoke Harry and Megan’s titles? At this point, anything can happen. So, better be quick placing your bets!

46.  The name of Megan and Harry’s daughter

In the same interview mentioned above, Prince Harry and his wife announced they are expecting a daughter. As soon as this information leaked, novelty betting sites started updating their platforms. The name Diana has the highest odds so far, followed by Isabella and Allegra. And if you feel like placing wagers on multiple names, perhaps you can start by claiming a bonus to help you with that.

Venturing into the world of celebrities

Venturing into the world of celebrities

Canadians do not only enjoy reading tabloids and keeping up with the latest celebrity rumours, but they also love betting on their private lives! Yes, this topic is one of the most popular amongst oddsmakers. Why? Because everyone enjoys good celebrity gossip.

And why not make money out of it, too?

47.  Hollywood weddings

Celebrity relationships seem to be among the fans’ favourite topics. Naturally, long-term relationships end in marriage. But that’s not always the case of celebrity couples, which are usually more unpredictable. After all, we witnessed plenty of singers or movie stars getting married shortly after meeting someone. As it is a never-ending story, bets on celebrity proposals are always open.

48.  The next famous baby

What comes after the wedding? That’s right, a baby! Well, not quite how things work in Hollywood, but let’s leave it this way. Another popular betting topic is what celebrity will be the next one to announce a pregnancy. Given the ever-changing Hollywood environment, these betting propositions change all the time. Usually on a yearly or monthly basis. So, there’s always a chance to wager on such an event!

49.  Celebrity death pools

The cycle of life is, of course, completed by death. But why would someone want to wager on a celebrity’s life? That’s not clear yet. However, given our long list of weird bets, what do people don’t wager on? If you dive deep on the Internet, you may find several options to choose from. These are often called “celebrity death pools”. The most common type of wager is selecting the year your chosen celebrity will die.

50.  The next Kardashian baby

The Kardashian “empire” is getting bigger day by day. Not to sound rude, but the people in this family are breeding like rabbits. Yet, that’s a good thing for oddsmakers that are taking advantage of every opportunity! Why? Because the new trend is wagering on which Kardashian will become pregnant next. Although they are technically not “Kardashians”, the younger sisters, Kylie and Kendall, have the highest odds.

51.  Who will Kim Kardashian date?

The divorce rumours surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no longer rumours! The TV personalities have officially confirmed their split. Do you know what that means? Dating season is right around the corner for Kim. And betting season too! Get ready to wager on who she will date next! As far as we are concerned, the highest odds are currently on Drake.

52.  Elon Musk becomes the richest man in the world

Believe it or not, Elon Musk’s staggering fortune of over $172 billion doesn’t make him the richest man in the world. That title is held by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO. But the tables can turn any minute now. Most punters are estimating that Musk can dethrone Bezos as early as 2022.

53.  The next Oprah interviews

Many saw Prince Harry and Megan’s interview as a huge comeback for Oprah Winfrey. After a break from the public eye, the famous TV host hit the jackpot of interviews. And now everybody is wondering who she will interview next. Will it be the Queen herself? What are the odds?

54.  Is Lady Gaga transgender?

We are not exactly sure how this rumour started, but it is certainly very weird. What’s weirder is that you can even place a bet on it. How far do you think betting platforms will go to determine the outcome of this wager? We bet nobody will send Gaga an email asking her to reveal the truth!

Diving into movies and TV shows

Driving into movies and TV shows

Who says only actors and producers can make money from the movie industry? If you are an avid gambler who also loves the show business, you can now combine these two and get the best of both worlds! Stay tuned to find out what you can bet on in this industry.

55.  The Big Brother winner

We were all disappointed when Big Brother’s eighth season was discontinued. However, the ninth season comes in stronger than ever. We expect it to be a wild ride! So, tune in and get ready to place your bets on the possible winner.

56.  Who gets the last rose from The Bachelor?

Occasionally, a new bachelor comes around to steal everyone’s hearts. And when this happens, everyone breathlessly awaits a proposal. What’s more, diehard fans can even place a bet on their favourite contestant and wait for the bachelor to fall for her. The sooner the bet is placed during the show, the larger the pot will be.

57.  The future Dr Who

Although the series originally aired in the UK, it soon became highly popular in Canada. And because it has been running for more than five decades, it is understandable that multiple actors have played the leading role. In 2017, Jodie Whittaker became the first woman to play Dr Who. But who’s coming after her? Will it be another woman, or will the show return to male casting?

58.  Tiger King’s protagonist

The controversy surrounding the Tiger King documentary series had fans asking for more. The story is so captivating that it deserves a fictional spin-off based on real events. Thus, demand has been met, and there is no secret that such a series is already in production. The only mystery remains the actor who will play Joe Exotic’s role. Bettors are currently debating between Brad Pitt and David Spade.  

59.  Game of Thrones remake?

The Game of Thrones series is a worldwide phenomenon. However, fans were disappointed by the final season, many of them expecting a totally different ending. The disappointment was so strong that online petitions were created, demanding a remake of the last season. But will this really happen? Besides signing petitions, people have also started placing bets on the possibility of a remake. It’s crazy what a dedicated fanbase will do for their favourite show!

60.  Oscar winners

The Academy Awards is probably the most awaited award shows of the year. Not only do millions of people tune in to watch it, but they also place bets on the possible winners. Usually, each award category has a corresponding betting category. So, you don’t have to limit yourself to placing only one Oscars-related wager per year. There’s plenty to choose from!

61.  Golden Globe winners

Yet another popular award show, the Golden Globes also comes with multiple betting options. Moreover, unlike the Oscars, which only focus on movies, they award both films and television programmes. To this extent, we can say that it offers a wider variety in terms of wager types.

62.  The Young and the Restless comes to an end

This widely known TV series has been running for almost 50 years. So, it is fair to say that it has become a little outdated. And the fact that people are placing bets on the year it will end makes us believe that they also consider it quite boring. After all, nothing lasts forever, and we should get used to this idea. Yet, producers seem to be having a hard time letting go.

63.  The next Simpsons prediction

We witnessed quite a few predictions from the famous Simpsons series. Trump’s presidency was probably one of the scariest ones. But how are the producers accurately predicting the future? Do they have some sort of superhuman powers? We don’t know. What we know is that Canadians love watching this series! And as a result, they also enjoy placing bets on the next “prophecy” dictated by the show. Pretty exciting, right?

Bets that sound right

Bets that sound right

After discussing movies and TV shows, we shall dive into more musical wagers (insert link for ultimate casino playlist). Yes, oddsmakers have also thought about the music industry, and they have plenty of prop bets to offer. So, pause what you are listening to right now and let’s explore some of the most popular options available on the market!

64.  Spice Girls reunion

The entire world was heartbroken when Spice Girls announced their official split. After that, all members went their separate ways, some of them pursuing completely different careers. Since the big breakup, the famous girl group had a brief one-year comeback and a few reunion concerts, but nothing long-lasting. Therefore, fans are desperately waiting for an official reunion. Until then, we can just place wagers and hope for the best.

65.  One Direction reunion

After mentioning the most famous girl group of all time, we should, of course, talk about a boy band. How can we forget about One Direction? The famous group is often considered to be the modern-day version of the Beatles. Sadly, the band is no longer performing together. But we can always hope for a reunion! Just like the Spice Girls bets, the One Direction ones are coming in strong. We cannot wait for the huge announcement!

66.  Is Zayn Malik out of the question?

This betting proposition is directly linked with the previous one. Suppose the band will indeed reunite. Many believe that Zayn Malik will not return as a One Direction member. Why? Because he was also the first one to leave the group and pursue a solo career. So, bettors predict he will not change his mind anytime soon. What do you think?

67.  Who will win the Eurovision?

Despite Eurovision featuring participants representing European countries, people from all over the world enjoy watching this beloved music contest. And since viewers outside Europe cannot vote for their favourite contestants, what else can they do? Place bets, of course! After all, why take part as a simple spectator when you can also win money from it?  

68.  Who has the X-factor?

Another famous music contest, another betting opportunity! If you are familiar with the show, you know that it has multiple stages. The X-factor wagering season usually starts right after the boot camp, when the final teams have been formed. Some sites may offer separate betting options for each stage of the contest. However, the big pot is on the final winner!

69.  The Voice winner

Thi is a similar contest, but with a different format. The Voice and X-factor may seem very much alike, but don’t let yourself fooled! The show is structured in three phases: blind auditions, battle rounds and live performances. Usually, the last two are subject to bets which can be placed every week before the beginning of the episode. In this way, nothing can spoil the outcome.

70.  Who takes a Grammy home?

For those who don’t know, the Grammy Awards is an award show that recognizes outstanding achievements in the music industry. And just like the Oscars, it features multiple award categories. You know what this means, right? Multiple betting alternatives! You can try to guess the winners of several categories or just stick to one if you are more comfortable this way.

71.  The next album launches

The music industry is quite unpredictable. You never know who’s going to drop the next hit or what controversy may arise from it. However, predicting what singer will be the next one to launch an album might be a bit easier. Will it be Drake, Rihanna, Justin Bieber or a new artist? Don’t forget to place your bets!

72.  Music video indecency  

What do we mean by that? Well, nowadays singers are doing everything they can to sell their music. Even if that implies appearing fully or partially naked in a music video. Yes, we’ve seen that before multiple times. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Adam Levine are just a few singers who exposed themselves in from of the camera. But who will be next?

73.  Kurt Cobain: suicide or murder?

The news of Nirvana’s lead singer’s death shocked the entire music industry in 1994. At that point, everyone knew the artist was struggling with addiction and mental health problems. Yet, many believe that Cobain wouldn’t have taken his own life. Especially after just becoming a father. Some fans are even convinced that his wife, Courtney Love, was somehow involved in his death. To this day, bets are still being placed on whether the tragic event was a suicide or a murder

Not your typical Super Bowl wagers

Super Bowl wagers

This series of bets related to the famous Super Bowl is so weird that it deserves its own category. Besides placing wagers on the actual sports event, spectators also like to predict funny or strange occurrences that might take place during the game.

Here’s what we found:

74.  Halftime show performers

The halftime shows became a Super Bowl tradition. They are not only very entertaining, but they also help broaden the television audience. So much so that they even spark a lot of interest for bettors. How? Well, every year, they enjoy predicting who the headliner of the show is going to be. Multiple other bets start from there!

75.  How many songs will be played?

This is another intriguing matter concerning the halftime show. While some artists perform only 5 or 6 songs, others may hold a mini-concert. We are not sure if the setlist is entirely decided by the singer, but it is surely unpredictable. That is why bookmakers choose to stay away from exact numbers. For example, the 2021’s odds were on under/over 7 songs.

76.  The colour of the microphone

Standard microphones are normally black or grey. Nothing colourful about them. But some artists like to step out of the crowd and bring some colour to their performance. Who can forget Beyonce’s golden microphone at the 2013 Super Bowl? Usually, these prop bets are launched right after the official performers’ announcement. Would you bet on such a thing?

77.  National anthem singer

Not to be confused with the halftime show headliner! Most of the time, they are two completely different singers. In fact, the artist singing the national anthem has never performed on the halftime show in the same year. You know what that means, right? Two separate betting opportunities!

78.  Forgetting the lyrics?

Singing the national anthem before the game starts is an emotional moment. Not only for the players and the spectators but also for the singer. The adrenaline of the moment may cause the artist to forget or confuse the lyrics or even omit a word. A regular viewer may not notice, but bettors will surely pay attention to every detail. After all, their money is in the game!

79.  Caught lip-syncing?

Sure, there is a lot of pressure on the person singing the national anthem. What if they get nervous, forget the lyrics or choke? Something can go wrong at any minute. Because of that, some have been speculating that the national anthem is actually pre-recorded, and the artist uses playback. If that’s indeed true, will the artist be caught lip-syncing?  

80.  Hardcore fans

There have been several occasions when an overly excited fan decided to take matters into his own hands and interrupt the game. Because of that, the event’s security strengthens every year. However, hardcore fans seem to be a step ahead of them and still find a way to enter the field. Will this happen again next year?

81.  Animal cameo? 

As it is America’s biggest sports event, the Super Bowl takes place on huge stadiums, which are usually located in more remote areas. Thus, the possibility of a wild animal making its way on the field is not excluded. After all, this has happened before! However, birds don’t count. So, remember that when placing your bets.

82.  Commercial madness

For one reason or another, Super Bowl adverts are a matter of interest for viewers. Why? We cannot tell… But each year, thousands of bets are placed on the number of commercials that will air during the game. The Super Bowl is notorious for featuring million-dollar-ads. So, maybe that’s why so many people are intrigued by them.

83.  After-game proposal

Winning the Super Bowl is indeed a huge accomplishment. But for some players, this can turn into more than that. There have been several occasions when players from the winning team have proposed to their girlfriends after the game. Whether it is planned or happens in the heat of the moment, it is surely something to be excited about. So, every year, bookmakers come up with new proposal odds.

84.  The Gatorade shower

Another popular Super Bowl tradition is dumping Gatorade on the winning team’s coach. The tradition is honoured every single year, so there’s no doubt about it happening again. But the question is, “What colour will the Gatorade be?”. We all know that the famous drink comes in many shades and flavours. There are plenty of betting options!

Most iconic bets of all time

Although we mainly talked about weird bets you can currently place, we couldn’t end this list without mentioning some of the most iconic novelty bets of all time. The wagers on these ones are long gone. Yet, they will always hold a special place in our hearts. We gathered past bets from all the categories mentioned until now and came up with this memorable section:

85.  Obama’s assassination

Why did people place wagers on such an event? Well, Barack Obama was one of the most appreciated US presidents of all time. So, we are not really sure why… However, many believed that JFK’s fate was upon him. Luckily, he “survived” the potential assassination and successfully ended both of his presidential terms. Trump’s assassination

Let’s just say that we understand where this one came from. Unlike Obama, Trump wasn’t exactly the most loved president. He made plenty of mistakes along with his term and had some “enemies.” Still, an assassination didn’t quite make sense. And, of course, it didn’t happen. This, however, resulted in some resentful bettors.

86.  Trump vs Hillary election

The 2016 US presidential election was probably the most awaited political event of the decade. Why? Because we were about to witness a historical premiere: the first-ever woman president. Hillary Clinton did not only win the popular vote but also bettors’ “vote”, having the highest winning odds. Unfortunately, this didn’t matter, and things took an unexpected turn as Trump won the electoral vote. Maybe the horoscope was on his side that day!  

87.  Fast food fueled summit?

Fast food fueled summit

Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un was indeed a historical event. Not only for the political field but also for bettors. Why? For some strange reason, bookmakers assumed that then-president Trump would share his fast-food love with the Korean leader by bringing some “traditional” American dishes. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. But imagine if it did! What a memorable sight it would have been…

88.  The first country to leave the EU

When this betting proposition was first created, the word “Brexit” didn’t even exist. Little did we know what was going to come a few years later. The UK was the first-ever country to leave the European Union. But will it also be the last one? There will always be new betting opportunities!

89.  Will the UK exit EU?

We all know what the outcome was. The UK is no longer part of the European Union. If only we knew what political drama would arise from this event. Although it was quite predictable, a lot of people were shocked by the outcome. But who can blame them? After all, no country has ever done this before.

90.  The 2012 end of the world

Who can forget this iconic prediction? Many were convinced that the world shall end in 2012 due to some weird speculations surrounding the Mayan calendar. So, naturally, betting sites were monopolized by this event. Fortunately, we are still here! However, 2012 was indeed a wild year. Some people went as far as building underground bunkers to potentially save themselves. Better safe than sorry, right? 

91.  The area 51 raid

The top-secret military base became the center of attention in 2019 when a group of people decided it would be a good idea to raid it in search of aliens. Thus, a Facebook event was created, and the rest is history. Everybody started wondering whether the raid will really happen. Bets were being placed in wait for the big event. Yet, on that day, no one succeeded in entering the site. What a shame…

92.  How many people will storm area 51?

Area 51

This was another important question related to the iconic event. How many people will show up? Well, according to Facebook, more than 2 million people responded: “going.” Of course, this was a bit unrealistic, so bets were placed on “over/under 10,000”. Sadly, only 150 people actually showed up on the day of the event. Not even enough to raid a supermarket!

93.  Does Hugh Heffner admit to being a virgin?

This rumour was absurd in so many ways. Where should we start? Maybe by mentioning Hefner’s children? … who look exactly like him! If you think that is still an invalid argument, we don’t know what else to add. Anyway, the famous Playboy publisher passed away in 2017 and never confirmed the rumour. So, all those bets were placed in vain. But at least bettors had some fun with it!

94.  Jeff Bezos’s employee rebound

After Jeff Bezos’ 2019 divorce from Mackenzie Scott, tabloids took into consideration the possibility of an employee rebound. So, oddsmakers stole that idea to make a profit out of it. And it worked! What a silly assumption to make! Yet, it could have happened. Sadly, for those who wagered their money on it, it didn’t.

95.  Jeff Bezos’s future girlfriend

After the outcome of the previous bet was revealed, another betting proposition was born. Who will Jeff Bezos date next? The options didn’t include actual names but rather the occupation of his future love affair. For example, you could wager on CEO/entrepreneur, model, singer and many others. Unfortunately, “journalist,” the occupation of Bezos’s current girlfriend, was not on the list.

96.  Kim and Kanye’s divorce

The marriage of these two celebrities sparked many rumours over the years. A lot of people predicted they were eventually going to divorce. And it was just a matter of time, as the inevitable finally happened, and the two announced their split in early 2021. We hope all those who won the bet spent their winnings wisely.

97.  Luis Suarez bites again

This bet is related to Uruguayan football player Luis Suarez’s questionable actions. During previous matches, he ended up biting two players on the field. Quite weird, right? His controversial behaviour led many to believe that he will do it again. So, bookmakers decided to offer odds on the likelihood of the incident happening again during the 2014 World Cup. Interestingly enough, Suarez repeated his actions

98.  Who will be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? 

This question was on everybody’s lips in early 2019. Supposing you watched Game of Thrones, you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, there’s a lot to catch up to. This was probably one of the most awaited finals in TV series history. And certainly, a huge betting opportunity. Surprisingly, Bran Stark, the one who ended up sitting on the Iron Throne, wasn’t even among the options. That’s what we call a profitable prop bet! For the bookmakers, of course!

99.  The last of the Avengers

Endgame was the movie that ended the beloved Avengers series. So, fans were expecting an epic final. And although they are technically superheroes, death was not out of the question for any of the characters. Many assumed that Captain America or Thor wouldn’t make it out alive, but in fact, the tragic event was upon Iron Man.

100. The 2021 Batman

Right after another Batman movie was announced, fans started speculating who will get the leading role. Oddsmakers also took notice! So, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kit Harington and Jon Hamm made the top of the betting lists. But things took an unexpected turn when producers officially announced that Robert Pattinson would play Batman’s role in the 2021 upcoming movie. Maybe it wasn’t a lucky day for gamblers.

101.  James Bond’s successor  

James Bond's successor

The beloved Bond series will make a comeback towards the end of 2021 with the “No Time to Die” movie. This time fans were pretty convinced that Daniel Craig will retire and hand over his famous role to another actor. Rami Malek, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hiddleston were among the bettors’ favourites. However, Craig got the role once again! After all, retirement doesn’t suit him…

102.  Royal wedding guests

Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s 2018 wedding was the subject of many online bets. But perhaps the most iconic one was related to the official invitations. Bettors had to choose between Barack Obama and Donald Trump on who has the highest chances of being invited to the royal event. As he was the USA’s president at that time, Trump had more odds. However, none of them ended up being invited, and all bets were lost. What a pity…

103.  Walking down the aisle

Another wager involving the royal wedding was “Who will walk Megan Markle down the aisle?”. Usually, this task falls to the bride’s father. However, Megan’s father couldn’t attend the wedding due to medical reasons. So, Doria Ragland, Megan’s mother, had the highest odds. Yet, the outcome was quite surprising, as Prince Charles was actually the one who walked the bride down the aisle. What a plot twist!

104.  The Queen’s Royal Ascot hat  

The Royal Ascot is a prestigious horse racing event held in England. But what seems to be more important than the actual event is what colour the Queen’s hat will be. This bet is so famous that it became an annual tradition. However, something unusual happened in 2019, when someone accidentally disclosed the hat colour, and all bets had to be cancelled. That must have been a disappointment for the entire nation!

Do you want more?

There you have it! Our ridiculously long list of weird bets you can place online. While some were quite predictable, others made us scratch our heads or laugh out loud. Whether or not you’ve tried novelty betting before, the next time you play will probably catch your eye. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like it more than you expected. We surely enjoyed creating this list!