PURE Casino Lethbridge Review

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PURE Casino Lethbridge Review

Are you looking for a classic casino experience with casual-friendly limits and plenty of games? Could PURE Casino Lethbridge be the hidden gem of Alberta?

Our experts thoroughly examine every square inch of this casino and provide vital insights into the gaming, dining, and entertainment experiences you can expect.

PURE Casino Lethbridge Ratings

Overall Rating 4.3/5

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PURE Casino Lethbridge Rating and Review Process

Using our specialized review system, our experts analyze every corner of PURE Casino Lethbridge. We visited the casino and provided insights from first-hand experience.

That is why our findings ensure you can make an informed decision.

How we inspected PURE Casino Lethbridge

  • Date of visit: 04/20/2024
  • Time of visit: 6 PM – 1 AM
  • Initial bankroll: C$100
  • What we played: Slots, Roulette
  • Final bankroll: C$221
  • Next visit: 04/21/2025

What we looked at

To make sure our experts thoroughly cover every feature of this casino, we consider both subjective and objective criteria.

For example, we objectively check for progressive jackpot slots and other game types. Subjectively, we review the casino’s atmosphere and rate other forms of entertainment on offer.

What we found


3756 2 Ave S, Lethbridge, Alberta, T1J 4Y9

Open hours

9:30 AM – 5 AM


Not required

Minimum age


ID checks


Game types

Slots, VLT, Live tables, Poker



Slot machines


Gaming terminals



Cash, Card, Chips

Average betting range

Slots: C$0.01 – 5

Table: C$2+

Free drinks (Canada)






Poker tournaments

Regular No Limit and Bounty Hold’em

Slot Machines – 5/5

The casino offers hundreds of slots from numerous providers. This is why the casino floor is full of substantial variety.

Slots we played at PURE Casino Lethbridge

We thought we’d keep things old school to begin and played slots like Way To Go. Next, we moved on to modern favourites including PowerShot Freedom. The casino offered tons of branded slots, so we also spent some time playing the Marvel Iron Man slot.

How many slot machines does PURE CasinoLethbridge have?

Our reviewers confirmed over 400 slot machines are active on the casino floor.

Do the slot machines accept coins?

No, slot machines do not accept coins. You can only use cash notes, casino vouchers, and Winner’s Edge free play.

Slot machine providers

  • Aristocrat
  • Konami
  • Everi

Local progressive jackpots

The casino floor is littered with local progressive jackpot slots.

PURE Casino contains Alberta-wide progressive network slots including Diamond Millions, which starts at C$1 million.

Casino Games – 4/5

The casino has 11 tables that facilitate several popular casino games including poker, blackjack, and roulette. In addition, 28 VLT machines feature virtual table games.

Game types

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Chase the Flush
  • Free Bet Blackjack

Betting limits

The cheapest roulette table we sat at offered C$2 minimum straight bets. Blackjack starts as low as C$5 and boasts maximum bets of between C$200 and C$500 during our visit.

Can anyone bet the highest limits or you need special VIP access?

Yes, any player can bet the highest table limits.

PURE Casino Lethbridge poker tournaments

The casino regularly hosts poker tournaments throughout each week covering No Limit Hold’em.

Buy-ins are typically around C$50, and PURE Casino Lethbridge is one of the stops on the PURE Poker Tour.

Staff & Service – 4/5

Food & Drinks

Dining is available at the Stage Coach Grill, while drinks are available almost around the clock via the Buffalo Bar.

Buffalo Bar offers cocktails, beer, and wine with loads of TVs for sports and the Buffalo Showroom features live music.

Stage Coach Grill provides reasonably priced handhelds, soups, salads, and casino classics. Their dessert selection is excellent.

While most items are fairly priced, some are excessive – for example, the C$22 Bridge Burger left us underwhelmed considering the cost.

Opening hours:

Stage Coach Grill

  • 9:30 AM – 10 PM

Buffalo Showroom

  • 9:30 AM – 2 AM

How much do you tip at PURE Casino Lethbridge?

A standard tip at the bar and restaurant in Alberta is between 15-20%.

Does PURE Casino Lethbridge offer free drinks?

No, we could not find a complimentary drinks station and drinks were not offered to table gaming players.

Is there a buffet at PURE Casino Lethbridge?

Yes, PURE Casino Lethbridge does run buffet promotions throughout the year.


A large free and unsecured parking lot surrounds most of the casino. Each nearby hotel also has a free parking lot.


PURE Casino Lethbridge does not have a hotel. However, five hotels surround the casino, including 3-star hotels such as Hampton Inn and Best Westin.

Are there smoking areas?

No, you’ll have to step outside to smoke.


The ceilings are filled with CCTV cameras, and we noted a comfortable number of security personnel located around the casino.

Loyalty & Rewards – 5/5

How does the PURE Casino Lethbridge rewards program work?

The PURE Rewards card is free and boasts numerous rewards.

Additionally, since PURE Casino Lethbridge is an Alberta casino, you can also grab the free Winner’s Edge reward card.

The Winner’s Edge reward card lets you earn points when playing games, which can be redeemed for free play.

What you get

  • 10% food & beverage discount
  • Exclusive rewards
  • Member promo draws
  • Free play
  • Special coupons & member offers

How to register in the program

  1. Go to Guest Services at PURE Casino Lethbridge
  2. Request to sign up for both Winner’s Edge and PURE Rewards
  3. Complete the registration forms
  4. Provide your government-issued photo ID
  5. Collect your rewards cards

Casino Atmosphere – 4/5

Inside PURE Casino Lethbridge

Our experts provide their insights into the casino’s décor, ambience, atmosphere, and alternative forms of entertainment.

Design experience

PURE Casino Lethbridge has a classic casino vibe. Lots of regal timber pillars that feel like you’re at a regal theatre, elegant carpets, and wonderful high ceilings maintain that vibe.

Are you allowed to take photos in PURE Casino Lethbridge?

Photos are allowed but you cannot photograph the live gaming tables.

Location and surroundings

The local area is mostly car dealerships, auto businesses, and the like, but just around the corner is Henderson Lake Park which features a Japanese garden, a large lake, plenty of green space, and a golf course.

Do you need a passport to visit PURE Casino Lethbridge?

No. Any form of government-issued photo ID should be just fine.


Free live music is held in the Buffalo Showroom every weekend. Expect talented local bands and cover artists who’ll often play both nights.

House Rules (T&Cs) – 4/5

When is PURE Casino Lethbridge open?

The casino is open every day between 9:30 AM and 5 AM.

However, the slots don’t open until 10 AM and table gaming is available between 2 PM and 3 AM (12 PM – 3 AM on Friday & Saturday).

Does PURE Casino Lethbridge charge entry?

No, there is no entry charge.

Do you always need a reservation to play at PURE Casino Lethbridge?

No, but you may need to call ahead to book a seat at some poker tournaments.

Is membership required at PURE Casino Lethbridge?

Membership is not required. However, membership is free and provides several great benefits.

Dress code

There is no strict dress code at PURE Casino Lethbridge. You can be casually dressed but wear appropriate clothing.

So no flip flops, opened-toed shoes for men, or anything promoting violence, gangs or anything rude.

Standout rules at PURE Casino Lethbridge

There are no extraordinary rules at PURE Casino.

Player Feedback – 3.7/5

With over 1,500 reviews across Google and Tripadvisor, it was easy to get a read on how real customers felt about PURE Casino Lethbridge.

PURE Casino Lethbridge player reviews

Google – 4/5

Google reviewers consistently rate the breakfast highly and seem to thoroughly enjoy the overall atmosphere. Several customers did note some rather slow service.

Tripadvisor – 3.5/5

Players were happy with the price of the food but did make note of slow service as well. Many players also commented on the quality of the slot selection.

Most common issues

  • Slow service

Operator – 5/5

Who owns PURE Casino Lethbridge?

The casino is owned by PURE Canadian Gaming and New York-based property investment firm Vici Properties.

Vici is an S&P 500 experimental real estate investment trust listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Other casinos by the same operator

Contact info



Email address

[email protected]

Telephone number

(403) 381-9467


Facebook and Instagram

PURE Casino Lethbridge Competitors

Online casinos in Canada continue to contend with land-based operators. There are also over 50 gambling facilities including dozens of casinos in Alberta providing exciting gambling options.

PURE Casino Lethbridge vs Northern Lights Casino

Northern Lights Casino offers more slots than PURE Casino Lethbridge, but fewer live gaming options.

It’s a Saskatchewan casino, so you can choose from the usual Kookum’s Kitchen and Deli & Bar for dining.

Northern Lights Casino is best for smokers

The casino has a Smoke Room filled with over 200 slot games. You can smoke and enjoy your favourite games without having to step outside.

PURE Casino Lethbridge vs Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino

Located at the foot of the Rockies, Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino might be the most picturesque casino in Alberta.

You can also enjoy over 250 slots, bet on horse racing, and try your hand at live gaming.

Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino is the best alternative for a weekend trip

Did we mention that locale? The casino has a great hotel and you are minutes away from a variety of activities that explore the Rocky Mountains.

What sets PURE Casino Lethbridge apart from its competitors?

PURE Casino Lethbridge has such a great mixture of gaming options that is truly hard to beat. There are more than enough slots and there are plenty of table games that ensure you won’t be sitting around waiting for a seat.

PURE Casino Lethbridge Pros and Cons


  • Free live entertainment every weekend
  • Wide selection of games including progressive jackpots
  • Casual friendly minimum betting limitations
  • Reasonably priced dining


  • No VIP or high stakes tables

Is PURE Casino Lethbridge Worth a Visit?

We think the answer is a resounding yes.

There are hundreds of slots and loads of gaming tables, and casual players won’t ever be overwhelmed by the table limits. We felt the dining options were well-priced and free live music is always a wonderful addition.

However, serious gamers might want to look elsewhere if they get their thrills from higher stakes.