2022 Gambling Horoscope: The Year's Luckiest Signs

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

2022 Gambling Horoscope

It’s time to cast your horoscope, and we’re giving you the best 2022 gambling horoscope on the market.

Aries 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Have patience with your game chances; rewards come slow.

Overspending will be detrimental to you, even if you have a steady cash flow.

Persist on your goals as long as you can budget your spending well.

Avoid the most common 19 roulette mistakes and perfect your play.

Practice a more organized financial life, generally and specifically for online gambling.

Don’t get too stuck on one game; rather, give yourself the leisure of exploring new games.

Starting mid-February, the Sun will enter Aquarius, which means that you will gain more casino income than before. You need to be careful in managing it, especially later in the year.

Your luckiest times for wins might even be in late November and the first half of December when we all enter Sagittarius season.

Besides your overall luck when it comes to online casino sites, you might have several positive opportunities to change professions.

Possible misfortunes in September

When the Sun enters the sign of Virgo, for you, that means a period that can include adverse effects, both towards health and finances.

As per the 2022 gambling horoscope predictions, you shall benefit greatly from staying away from any type of gamble from late August to the first half of September. That means casino games, risky investments, sudden changes, or plans not entirely thought through.

May 10th to June 3rd and September 10th to October 2nd will be times of legal and technological miscommunications. Thus, be careful with your decision making during that time.

Things that attract luck towards your sign

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Deep red, Beige


10, 17


Online Keno, Dragon Tiger Baccarat


13th of February, 17th of October


“The biggest mistake is to deprive yourself of proficiency” – Luc de Clapiers, marquis de Vauvenargues

As a hot-headed individual, the colours you choose to wear and surround yourself with need to match your personality: red to signify your passion and beige to calm you down when you’re in your natural rush.

17 is a number with positive outcomes for your bets, so it can be a productive bet on lottery tickets or betting slips. Similarly, due to the nature of your 2022 gambling horoscope transits, you’ll need to try out Canadian Baccarat and change the pace of your usual casino favourites.

And according to your motto, don’t forget to pair your rush with strategies!

Aries gambling horoscope 2022 in a nutshell

You need to learn how to turn your strengths into your weaknesses this year. Make use of your creative energy but don’t bet too much, even if you are in a winning streak. Stay on the wise side of life!

Taurus 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Give a chance to slot sites; they are your best option this year.

If you are too stressed, stay away from any type of gamble.

Jump in on every opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Getting stuck on one single path will be detrimental. Switch it up!

Take more risks, your calculated nature will know which ones are worth it.

Avoid being too much of a loner, this year will be beneficial in your social and family circles.

2022 starts with a boom, lending you a lot of luck from the year’s first day to February 13th. Then, the transits will open more opportunities in your career rather than bets.

Gains on casino games come back in March, quite significantly, since the Sun transits your 11th House, bringing you new sources of income. The sources can extend to stock trading or other volatile means of passive income, like Bitcoin.

Long-term partnerships, be them business inclined or more personal, will develop in late April. They might involve moving, travelling, or any kind of foreign affairs, so you need to keep your mind open. Due to Saturn’s influence, these might even help some past financial troubles.

Stay clear of these maleficent aspects!

Your business plans will be fruitful as long as you invest in something that has positive potential in the long run. Looking to make a quick buck will be detrimental and deepen other problems.

You likely accumulate negative karma if you hoard your casino gains to yourself. Venus’ influence will give a path to charity donations or simply investing energy in projects meant to help others more than yourself. Don’t kick away such opportunities!

During some weeks in summer and fall, you won’t be able to properly balance work and life. Thus, you’ll feel a sense of exhaustion that you’ll look into clearing using old habits. Try to take breaks and remember that preventing is easier than treating.

Charms, good signs, and more!

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Forest green, gold


1, 76


Online lottery, Progressive slots


August 17th, September 17th


“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.” – William Shakespeare

You know what you like better than other Sun signs. In these months, you need to practice a balance between what makes you have fun and what gives you real satisfaction. Learn and follow your limits.

17 is 2022’s luckiest number, and it sure won’t avoid shining its good energy towards you. If you are a gambler with experience, you know how to proceed with slots or lottery tickets, and it’s best to continue with those.

Your monetary flow will be prosperous, so you will be able to reap past years’ investments and save some money on the side if you play your cards well enough.

Taurus 2022 gambling horoscope summed up

Get out of your shell your way: devise a plan and use all the possibilities you have to open up new ones. A more organic, multi-lateral approach will positively impact your casino income.

Gemini 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Allow the forces of the Universe to expand your knowledge and casino luck.

Do not get discouraged with the potential mishaps in May.

Be open to new opportunities, especially to your hobbies and career.

Try to avoid the toxic pattern of not lending others patience.

Believe in the new opportunities given to you through Saturn’s transits.

Don’t take your love luck for granted.

Sure, for passionate casino players born with a Gemini Sun, their luck will stay consistent more or less throughout the entire year. They might even venture to other events, like national and international sports championships and their subsequent bets.

Aries season, spreading from March to April may be quite benefic with financial gains from your main sources of income. That means that you can budget well for your casino sessions.

You are, by nature, an action-oriented individual and you can get bored quite easily. Turn these Mercury-dominated features to your advantage and be more strategic in the way you handle cash flows.

Warnings that come in the current year

When Venus moves in Retrograde, you have to be careful about your close interpersonal relationships, especially the romantic ones. If you have trouble, don’t think about making any bets.

Jupiter’s motion will be on the fixed side of Aquarius, which means a positive outcome, generally speaking. But you need to exercise patience to see its results.

Saturn will bring you uncertainty at the beginning and the end of the year. Even though you take risks, ignoring the uncertain ground you stand on, we recommend caution.

Get lucky with these suggestions & advice!

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Sunflower yellow, pastel pink


5, 60


Video poker, Classic slots


June 15th, November 16th


 “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

Your aura of joy and openness shines well with bright colours like yellow and pink, which we recommend as part of your casino dress code.

However, if you prefer to move the plays from land-based to online, then you can try out free spins with no deposit since slot games will be a favourable choice for you in 2022.

Our main advice to all Gemini natives is not to work against their nature. You need to transform your curiosity and need for knowledge into an information bank. However, you need to work against your instinct of jumping ahead.

Pocket-size Gemini 2022 gambling horoscope

You can see success in multiple areas of your life, from relationships to casino wins and many more. To enjoy these opportunities fully, make room for novelties and stay disciplined. 2022 is a prosperous time.

Cancer 2022 gambling horoscope




Embrace all rapid changes that come to you unsolicited.

If your year starts slow, don’t give up! Massive success awaits you starting September.

Invest in your health, especially mental rest and well-being.

Trading in classic or new markets will not be your successful results list.

Late in spring, there will be a chance to expand your knowledge. Take it!

If you think too much about grandiose plans in business, you’ll be disappointed. Be practical.

The stars expect you to change your ways and make your decisions more sustainable in the long run. In terms of how you operate on casinos, that means that you must learn how to outsmart slots and not spend what you’ve won.

Venus and the Sun will interact in your energetical realms and, during April and onwards, you will likely have to spend more than expected in other areas of life, those related to household income or health issues.

Even though it is not within your nature to stick to things that are not flowing constantly, you will be able to bloom financially from freelancing if you employ the skills you’re good at.

What rough spots may appear in 2022?

February to the middle of March, you might feel some uncertainty in your life, particularly from self-doubts. However, you need to learn how to handle these moods; we don’t recommend you gamble during those times.

Partnerships may have a slow beginning, but tensions will calm down once spring comes. Don’t try to borrow money from your family or peers because that will most likely cause arguments.

In October, there might be a period of two weeks or so where more losses appear than previously expected. Thus, our best advice is to stick to minimum deposit casinos because they automatically shrink your expenses.

Lucky charms for this new year

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Silver, baby blue


4, 67


Online Bingo, Video Poker


May 17th, August 10th


“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde

In March, you will see good fortune coming your way, and if you play your cards right, the energy will continue for most of the year, most likely popping back in full form in August.

In June, your Cancer 2022 gambling horoscope indicates situations that relate to foreign casinos, maybe even booking a trip to one of the 12 most famous casino destinations in the world! You will most likely get the income in May.

Games that strictly rely on chances, like Bingo, will seem beneficial to you this year. If you want to combine a little bit of skill, you can try your hand at Video Poker, a hybrid game that combines the elements of slot machines with the classic playing cards instead of the original symbols.

Advice for Cancer 2022 gambling horoscope

You need to find new strengths and start to believe in yourself more! You have a lot of potential, and the year will be overall positive. Just trust the Universe in the process, and yourself, of course.

Leo 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Adjust all the things in your life that don’t work just right.

If you have to make some tough decisions on occasion, abandon all fear.

End the things that make you tired or feel useless. You need new karma.

Risky money investments will most likely not go through. Avoid them!

Unleash your creativity and seize all the opportunities coming from there.

Don’t get discouraged by the challenges that might appear in the first half of the year.

The Sun, your ruler, might be giving you headaches in the first 4 to 6 months because it transits signs that are opposed to your character. However, the closer we get to your season, things will get better.

September will be marked by moments where your wealth will be affected in a positive way. This may come up in two ways:

  1. Possible jackpot wins from slot machines (land-based or online).
  2. Unexpected inheritance from distant family wealth.

In March and April, you might feel the need to be competitive. However, the Mars transits on your chart will not allow you to have your best outcomes anyway. So, don’t get too stubborn and know when you have to get up from a session.

What about the bad moments of the year?

Sometimes, it’s not a single transit that might mess up the joy of life, but a whole season where the energies contrast with yours. Thus, in Capricorn and Cancer season, you might be closer to financial troubles and wins.

July 16th and the surrounding days might be particularly problematic. We advise you to use one of the main methods of responsible gambling and take a short break during that week.

Even though you have a spirit of entrepreneurship that you want to employ for secondary income purposes, you need to be warned that not all business plans will end up being fruitful.

Make fortune come your way with:

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Seafoam green, gold


8, 60


Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette


August 17th, September 17th


“Courage is found in unlikely places.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Your aura may be manifested with things that are outside you as well as the things within. If you want to channel energies that are beneficial when you make real-money bets, take into account your associated colours and numbers.

Contrary to popular belief, and most likely contrary to your previous experiences, the times of Retrograde Mercury movements may open up new knowledge for you. So, pay a closer look at the truth unfolding in:

  1. May to June;
  2. September to October;
  3. The last days of December;

As for the games that will be likely to present good outcomes, classic table games are your best choice in the current year. Make sure to follow the basic rules and the specific casino rules when you play.

Leo 2022 gambling horoscope top hint

You need to take of yourself and not refuse yourself pleasures after a long day of work. Be honest in all the interactions you have, whether we talk about conversations with others or your inner monologue.

Virgo 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Be very happy that you will be one of the luckiest signs of 2022.

You might get tensions in your close relationships, so don’t get too aggressive.

Plan well and start investing because that will be fruitful.

Your work life may make hardships pop up, but don’t get discouraged.

Trust your decision making, you have the right information needed.

Strict diets are not for you this year.

Your personal planetary movements will stimulate your growth and intellect even more than before. As a gambler, knowing details about games, such as the Blackjack split move, is essential.

You can expect positive moments when the Sun exalts in Aries season (March to April). Casino wins are likely then, and since you know how to handle your finances, your usage of the profits will work well.

In June, there will likely be changes in your career, followed by moments in July when you will see gains from these changes in Cancer season.

Worried about bad luck?

When Mars will transit Aries around the beginning of June, you might feel an increased dose of uncertainty. Ideally, you shouldn’t gamble much then.

As usual, the apparent Retrograde of Mercury may affect you more deeply than other signs since Mercury is your ruler. We recommend that you replace real-money bets with studies about bets or slot’s history and wait for better energies.

Similarly, when Mercury transits Scorpio, you will see facts and information being hidden from you. If you want to play casino games, you should learn how to identify scam casinos from safe ones!

Amp up your energies with positives

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Earth brown, ivory


1, 16


Casino Craps, Live Gameshows


August 10th, October 17th


Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you are numbers.” – Shakuntala Devi

We have investigated your personal transits, and it turns out that the colours usually associated with you may attract luck if you wear them while gambling in land-based environments.

Your mind is quick to say something witty and works a few steps ahead anyway, so taking a step into Live Gameshows might be a good idea.

In Virgo season, in the weeks around your birthday, you will feel like you are holding the world in the palm of your hands.

Brief statement on Virgo 2022 gambling horoscope

In the first half of the year, you will gradually become more faithful to your lucky star. Even in the hardships that come naturally in life, you see that the world shines brightly for you.

Libra 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Trust your gut when it tells you to expand to other domains.

Self-doubt is your worst enemy, so abandon thoughts that don’t give you the credit you deserve.

Plan your finances and manage them as you initially intended.

Even if you are tempted to spend recklessly, it’s a better idea to make a list of reoccurring payments.

If you feel like you have enough money, you are encouraged to pamper yourself.

By nature, you panic when you feel like you miss opportunities; let that go, the divine plans are much better than you’d think!

The Moon’s South Node will leave your wealth areas after April, leaving other planets to come in that position and offer you monetary opportunities. Don’t fight back these waves of energy!

In August, the planet’s generating powers will give you patience and information to budget well. Considering all the other positive aspects, you will likely have an open lane to use top sign-up casino bonuses.

You must practice patience in ventures that you hold close to your heart because, even though they may feel like they have a slow start, they will slowly but surely progress to success.

What will make you feel unlucky?

Even if this isn’t fully a negative experience, the first three months of 2022 will make you very rational. You might feel an impulse to tame your urges which will bring you emotional baggage later.

In March, when the Sun is positioned in Pisces, that may manifest in negative experiences with health issues or interpersonal relationships. Don’t gamble much then!

In September, the last decade of Virgo, you might experience losses in your sessions. To make sure that your budget is not affected, you can give no deposit bonuses a try and play without spending any money!

Trinkets and concepts for prosperity

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Blush pink, baby blue


6, 75


Jackpot slots Canada, Online Roulette Canada


May 15th, November 16th


“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu

Besides the things we indicated in this table, certain stones will also attract good luck. So, when you want to play a game, you can have Opal (your sign stone) or diamonds around you or on you.

You will have clarity of mind to figure out strategies on a card game in your lucky days. Obviously, besides these two days, Fridays will be lucky since your ruler is also the day’s ruler (Venus).

Slots are always a game type that suits you. But we also know that a part of Libra natives want to play other things, like Roulette. Thus, it is favourable to bet on these numbers:

  • 6;
  • 7;
  • 15;
  • 36.

Libra 2022 gambling horoscope concluded

The stars are on your side for most transits this year. Your challenge is to accept the things you cannot change and channel your energy on new ventures even if you feel anxious about them at first.

Scorpio 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Plan your finances well and learn about gambling myths vs gambling facts!

Doubting yourself will no longer serve you, so let it go!

Take time to be by yourself whenever you feel like you need it.

You ought to be careful with your health, don’t ignore your body’s signs.

Big material purchases may go better than expected initially.

You will have unexpected sources of income this year, so there’s no reason to stress too much.

We recommend care in the way you tread regarding your income. You’ll have two main phases:

  1. June through July, you may get to the point of unexpected capital flow.
  2. November through December, things may get shaky in this sector, so make sure to save up from times where you have an overflow.

Another favourable period of time is brought to you by Jupiter transits, making your sign activated in the property and health houses. The main points will be in April and May.

Unfortunate moments you may live through

In the first quarter of the year, you will have a few moments where you’ll feel like it is hard to communicate with others. Even so, if something is bothering you, we advise you to reach out to someone you trust.

Since some aspects indicate a high level of anxiety, we recommend you don’t overwhelm yourself socially and have time to recharge.

If you have the feeling that your gambling habits are turning into something negative, we recommend locating the gambling addiction facility which is closest to you and tackling the problem as soon as possible!

Looking for luck? These charms will help!

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Deep purple, silver


8, 89


Stud Poker, Keno


May 15th, September 17th


“Everything alters me, but nothing changes me.” – Salvador Dali

You will shine in 2022 if you play your cards right at certain Table Games. Of course, your play will be improved by knowing the rules through and through and budgeting well.

You can amp up the flow of the positive Jupiter and Mars aspects if you wear or channel your favourite colours.

During your season, Venus will transit your own sign, lending you creative forces that will stay on your side until the end of 2022. Make sure you use these energies wisely!

Scorpio 2022 gambling horoscope in a few words

You have the right climate to take things easy in 2022. However, it all depends on you and the way to make your decisions. If you decide to put yourself first and take care of yourself, then the future is bright.

Sagittarius 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Even if you like what to do, invest time and money in vacations to clear your mind.

If you decide to go to a gambling hotspot, avoid these horrible hotels and accommodation points.

Use your financial ups to play your games on safe sites.

Don’t shy back from trying to solve the moments of crisis that come your way.

Invest in markets that are on the safer side of uncertainty.

In Scorpio season, you are advised to lay back and risk less than you’re used to.

The year’s first quarter will be marked by a strong combination of good family and peer social vibes and wealth derived from that. You might get an inheritance out of the blue.

You will have random moments of extreme clarity and rationality during spring and fall, making you the right person to make the right money moves. Learning the probabilities of your games, like Baccarat odds, will be helpful then.

When the Sun exalts, you will have great moments to shine during Aries season. However, as gambling experts, we say that you should budget first and party later.

Star setbacks and how to avoid them

In August, you will feel the need (even more than before) to make some speculative financial decisions. As much as you’re blessed with good energy this year, we advise caution.

You like to travel; it is simply part of your nature. You will continue to manifest that, but you will most likely live through some difficult times (like losing luggage or money) if you don’t plan enough.

A good influence of the stars mostly covers casino plays. But, as always, we are strong advocates of playing responsibly and taking pauses between your sessions.

Casino amulets & other positives

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Deep blue, shiny silver


5, 84


American Roulette, Texas Hold’Em


April 5th, August 9th


“There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having Fun and being Smart.” – Hunter S. Thompson

As always, you will have the best moments of your casino play at the most famous Table Games, as they fit well with your way of being and perceiving the world.

April and August will have several movements in your skies that will make you clear-headed in your betting approaches, bringing good opportunities.

You will remain a bold person with lots to show the world; thus, wearing powerful colours will be to your overall advantage.

Sagittarius 2022 gambling horoscope recap

You are one of those individuals that seem to be always blessed and carry it well. This year will just confirm that to you and others. The only possible tough spot will be in May, but nothing too serious.

Capricorn 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Make sure that your plans are completed.

If you feel like you are overstressed, take some time to relax.

Investments will go well for you mostly.

It is not advised for you to give a lot of information to a lot of people.

Save some of the money you work for or win in an online casino!

Some of your friends and peers may try to use you, so be careful of who surrounds you!

There are no perspectives that announce a lack of success in your bets. Most likely, towards the middle of the summer, you will get a substantial win in June or July.

We advise you to put a pause on your gaming session if you decide to switch jobs or even careers. You need time to focus on the more important things then.

Even though you are more inclined to traditional casinos, we know that there is an alternative for everything. For instance, Microgaming casinos, which we have gathered, give the feeling of authentic gaming but are strictly for online gamblers.

Advice on the negatives of the year

Since 2022 will not be completely a smooth sailing journey, the stars say that you are naturally driven to put a lot of pressure on yourself and push yourself into exhaustion.

However, such an approach will be detrimental even if we are talking just about gambling or looking at the general picture of the year. Our advice is to take a break by using responsible gambling tools.

Also, there is a need for you to be more confident in your forces and, most importantly, your overall sense of worth.

Protection & luck givers

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Baby blue, earthy brown


7, 38


Craps, Keno


April 14th, October 17th


“Luck is believing you’re lucky.” – Tennessee Williams

Whenever the Sun transits a dual sign, like Gemini or Pisces, you will be able to access a problem-solving mindset that will be useful in skill-based games.

The stars say that you will have a more concentrated focus on domestic affairs in July and August, like family events, house preparations, and even real-estate business. Then, bets will be and should be slowed down.

As you are very rational, you do not pay too much attention to what are considered positive superstitions. Even so, you will benefit from working on maintaining a positive mindset that might translate into your 2022 future.

Concise 2022 Capricorn gambling horoscope

You have the right resources to make the most out of the following months. When and where you have the expertise, then you need to trust your judgement; when you’re in a new space or situation, experiment and see what pops up.

Aquarius 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Keep your social skills sharp and see what opportunities spring.

Ideally, don’t dive into anything head-first. Instead, think it through and then act.

Your mind will be sharp enough for you to explore Poker casinos and play well.

Getting stuck up in pride will be detrimental!

Be wise with money won until March and try to make them move in the proper flow.

You might tend to refuse some spending at times, but not all of these tendencies are beneficial.

Considering the Jupiter transits that we will take place in your chart, 2022 will be profitable overall. Even if your mind overthinks certain payments, you will have the clarity to proceed right.

In terms of casino preferences, you will remain quite constant in your love of card games over other things. But certain jackpot online slot games might bring you unexpected gains.

Just like Capricorns, some Aqua natives will feel the sudden urge or need to switch careers during the height of summer. Don’t let go of opportunities like these!

Fight problems prior to them appearing

The main cause of your stress will be challenging yourself too hard regarding achievements. While this is a complex life issue, we want to remind you that casino play always comes with highs and lows.

You might get headaches or joint pains during this year. You need to prioritize your health in those times and leave any hobby you have in a secondary plan.

In Gemini season, you will get some issues in the plain of one-on-one communication. Even if this is not related to financial aspects, we recommend caution with your spending then.

Here’s how to feel and be lucky

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Olive green, dusty beige




Online slots, Poker


May 15th, October 11th


“One fails forward towards success” – C. S. Lewis

2022 shows you that Venus sign seasons, namely Taurus and Libra seasons, will be the most advantageous for you when talking about income and gains.

There is no reason why you should stray away from games that you know through and through. Stick to the known paths that allow more complex strategies and better budgeting results.

Natives of your sign, be them Sun signs or Moon signs, are known to be tough when it comes to facing discouragements. It is preferable to continue on that path and stand out even when the going gets tough.

Aquarius gambling horoscope 2022: short & sweet

Your best approach will be to mimic the energy of fire signs this year. Be bold like you are and try to inspire others through example and leadership. Stay humble in the process.

Pisces 2022 gambling horoscope


Do’s Don’ts

Being sociable and vulnerable with others will be beneficial.

Even if feels good, avoid getting stuck in a rut.

You will get more money than expected from your usual income sources, so save a little!

Some tough moments may arise, but don’t let panic get ahold of you.

Listen to that impulse of exploring new situations and places!

You will feel the urge to refuse or fight certain changes. Let that go!

Your moments of vital and good energy will be seen and follow-through in:

  1. Spring will have a good outlook on the way you interact with your family and friends.
  2. In May, the transits that Mars completes will make you progress in your decision making.
  3. In November, you will invest time and effort into presenting yourself and your ideas better.

We recommend caution when you find yourself in situations that you are not familiar with. You might tend to want to go with the flow, but you might end up losing money when we look at the gambling aspect.

You will see that you will feel good and have a better outlook over the world during the June part of Gemini season.

When will unpleasant moments arise?

While Saturn transits your own sign, you need to be more aware of the way you spend your money. Don’t pay up bets you can’t afford!

You will feel the impulse to get into speculative assets and investments until June. It won’t work as you envisioned, so the best route is to stop any risky money dump.

You have to be careful to not show any resentment or even rude behaviour to the people you are in partnership with. That sort of negativity will feel unhealthy.

Charge the good energy pulse with:

Sources of luck Your personalized needs


Sapphire green, mauve


9, 57


Live gameshows, slots


April 14th, July 16th


“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order” – Virginia Woolf

Maybe a little different than what you are used to normally, 2022 brings you a more ardent desire to interact with others. In terms of gambling, Live Casinos that have real dealers streaming the game is the optimal solution.

You will need to recharge in-between moments when life gets too hectic. Then, digital detoxes will be useful and have larger effects on your well-being.

If you want to add a little bit of colour to what you wear when you go out and gamble in land-based casino locations, then we recommend wearing green jewels.

Pisces 2022 gambling horoscope clipped short

You have to balance a lot of things unfolding in your inner and outer world. The stars say that you have all the resources to do so effortlessly. Making the right decision will allow you the opportunity to enjoy life’s luxuries.

2022 gambling horoscope overview

Sign element Representatives Will you win? Our advice


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Chances are on your side, but you must be balanced.

Use the power of your success for good!


Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Your reserved nature will get you closer to gains.

Don’t be too afraid to take risks you can afford.


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Luck is on your side this year!

Make use of the blessings you are given.


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Maybe not like you expected, but yes!

Power through every challenge and become stronger!