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Did you even know you can claim VIP casino rewards to boost your gambling experience? VIP online casinos are the place for you. Here is how it works! Read more


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VIP Online Casino

How to Spot a VIP Online Casino

VIP online casino is another name for the cream-of-the-crop gambling platforms you may use. This is why:

It is true, VIP casinos are just another type of premium online casino. Their programs, however, work similarly as they would do for other businesses – they offer various benefits to loyal players.

The special treatment’s purpose is to create advantages for both the casino and selected players.

What’s in it for a VIP online casino?

It gets to retain customers and turn them from regular players to truly loyal ones. Also, a good VIP program often attracts new players who aim to become part of the program.

Why should you, as a player, care?

Your benefits come in various forms, such as real-life prizes or perks that help you in gambling.

It is a win-win situation.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs come in different forms:

  • Comp point scheme

It is the least attractive of them all, although some players seem to like it.

Some VIP online casinos give one comp point for a set amount of money you bet. When you have enough comp points, you may exchange them for cash, but it usually is a small amount.

For example, a platforms may give you one comp point for every C$10 you wager on casino games. When you accumulate 1000 points, you have the possibility exchange them for C$1. Therefore, you get back only 0.1% of the money you’ve invested, and it takes a long time to reach that amount of points.

  • Multi-tiered VIP club

A better option, as it offers from 3 to 7 tiers, you can advance to as you play. Of course, each level is harder to attain than the previous one, but it does come with better benefits.

These can have many themes, and the tiers can have many different names to match the theme. Some name them after precious metals and stones, while other platforms simply call them “levels.”

  • Game-like VIP program

Although similar to the previous, this one is a lot more fun and caters to players who want to invest time in advancing through the levels.

The entire system looks more like a game, with different competitions and tasks you need to complete to level up. It usually has a theme, and each level brings something new and exciting, aside from the perks. New challenges, new things to do can make you feel even more eager to reach the next rank.

If you truly want to have fun with your advancements, not only VIP casino rewards, go for the game-like system. Steer away from comp points systems. They are not as rewarding as the others and may seem dull!

Find Your Perfect VIP Bonus Fast

We’ll give you a helping hand with browsing for VIP casino bonuses: Filters!

Here is how it works: instead of going through the entire drop-down menu of VIP casino rewards, select the filters you desire and sort the best-fitting offers.

What filters can you apply?

You can quickly browse through new, top-rated or newly added casinos. An alphabetical listing is also available.

That’s not all. Filters change depending on your preferences. Your perfect VIP casino bonuses are just at a click’s distance.

VIP Casino Bonuses

Why are VIP Casino Bonuses Better than the Rest?

Bonuses are great, but VIP casino bonuses are better. The reasons are simple.

They prove really helpful when you want to extend your playing time without spending more money, or even when you want to accrue funds into your account balance or cash out some winnings.

VIP casino bonuses can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Match Bonus Deals

Example: You make a C$10 real money deposit. A 100% match deal will reward you with C$10 to your bonus balance.

The match deal awarded sum can be subject to wagering requirements.

  • Cashback

Example: Say you received a 10% weekly cashback offer, and you played through C$100 in a week. Then, the VIP system will return C$10 to you, which generally has no turnover obligations attached

There is a nigh endless list of cashback bonuses. You can sort through quickly and read clear and concise descriptions for each promotional offer.

  • Free Spins

Example: If a VIP casino rewards you with 30 free spins, this means that you will play 30 rounds without spending a dime and maybe earning some.

Winnings, however, have a specific wagering condition and free spins generally apply for only one title.

You don’t have to be a VIP player to take advantage of the many free spins offers. Browse through the definitive list and see what fits your playstyle.

  • No Deposit Money or Spins

Example: This is straightforward. Simply put, you receive rewards, such as spare rounds or bonus funds, with no transaction obligations.

These either come upon registration or on a daily or weekly basis.

If you’re a long-time casino gamer, you know how varied these prizes are. You don’t have to search endlessly for the right promotion. We have got you covered with our no deposit bonus list. You should find it easy to sort through all the offers and understand their implications.

  • Free Chips for Table Games

Example: Instead of playing slot games for free, when you get 30 free chips, you can use them in any table game, such as video poker games and other card games, and reap the rewards.

VIP casino rewards usually come with better requirements than the ones available for all players.

Sometimes, they come with no requirements at all. That is when they are a real catch!

VIP casino bonuses can have no wagering requirements, higher cashout limit, low or no minimum deposit required. They can even be available for a more extended period.

Always go for a casino with a program packed with benefits, especially VIP casino bonuses. These are the ones that can help you most in your gaming sessions and push you even further towards the next tier!

VIP Casinos rewards in Canada

What Rewards to Expect from VIP Casinos in Canada

So, you decided to go for the best gambling platforms out there. Get ready to get your VIP casino rewards.

All loyalty programs come with certain rewards, with some bigger than others.

What programs to look for?

A good program offers a variety of rewards.

The comp points system’s only reward is that you get to exchange the hard-earned points for an often insignificant amount of money. However, the multi-tiered and game-like programs have way more to offer.

The VIP casino rewards a program can bring you may fall in any of the following categories:

  • VIP casino bonuses

Many programs offer you bonuses that get bigger and better as you level up. Often, these bonuses come with lower requirements, or they provide more money or free spins, making them an excellent thing to look forward to.

  • Faster withdrawals

Just like at a restaurant, you get to skip the line and get your table faster as a VIP client. The same goes for VIP programs when it comes to withdrawals. Instead of waiting the standard time all other players wait through the cashout request process, yours will be pushed ahead and processed faster as you move up the VIP ladder;

  • Higher comp point redemption rate

For the programs that still work with comp points, you may be able to win more comp points for the same amount of money or get more money when redeeming the same amount of points.

  • Personal VIP Account Manager

Some online casinos have a hard-to-reach customer support team and make you wait to be connected to an agent. Additionally, the agent may turn out to be less helpful than you’ve expected. Personal Account Managers will always be there when you need something. They should be able to help you quickly with whatever you need.

  • Birthday Gifts

To establish an even closer connection with you, the casino will even reward you with birthday gifts that may come as a special casino promotion suited just for you.

  • Exclusive competitions

If you love tournaments and wager races, you should know that some VIP online casinos have exclusive competitions only the high-tier players can take part in. They come with bigger prizes than their usual ones.

  • Higher deposit and cashout limits

You may eventually obtain higher limits for both deposits and withdrawals as a loyal customer. These are very helpful, especially since low cashout limits are a real issue for higher-activity players.

  • Real-life rewards

This is where things get really interesting.

Some online casinos offer you real-life prizes such as invitations to exclusive events, gadgets, jewelry, and some even have huge prizes like cars or all-inclusive trips.

These are maybe the most exciting ones as you may benefit from the VIP status you’ve attained outside the online casino sites, in real life.

Each online VIP program comes with its own Terms and Conditions, and so does every prize you get along the way! Make sure you read them and respect them to be able to fully enjoy the benefits you gain!

VIP Casino Member

Become a VIP Casino Member in No Time

Each VIP online casino has its own rules, so chances are your player experience and playstyle will depend on which platform you choose.

A Guide to Becoming a Member:

  1. Join a VIP online casino. Some platforms make you part of the Elite club right after registration, starting at the lowest level.
  2. Start playing and adding funds, as you will advance with each bet and
  3. You may level up to the higher tiers with no extra effort on your part.
  4. Some VIP casinos in Canada require that you receive an invitation from the customer service team for higher tier eligibility. Nonetheless, being an active player will attract their attention.
  5. Use fair and consistent play patterns as these qualify you for VIP membership.
  6. In some situations opting in is how you join a VIP service. Internal verifications of playtime, style and money investments still decide your eligibility.
  7. Keep trying and keep playing. In many instances, VIP membership requirements are opaque but remember that high rollers always have higher priority.

Many online casinos do not give out any information on their elite members’ selection process. In these cases, it is safe to assume you will be invited if you are a Highroller or have wagered a large amount of money over a longer time.

Choose Our VIP Casinos

Why Should You Choose Our VIP Casinos?

We understand that becoming a VIP member is a commitment on your part. That’s why we employ both our expertise and experience in each VIP casino review.

We know how tempting it is to dive right into the gambling experience, but we stress that, especially when it comes to VIP programs, you should read casino reviews first. The guide should bring light to why our condensed findings are key to your gambling activity.

We spend enough time with online gambling platforms to understand how difficult it is to figure out the rules that dictate a service’s decisions. We often see lack of transparency on casinos’ side regarding offers and practices, although, granted, this should not be the case. This is the reason why we keep you informed regarding shady and dishonest actions.

Such issues also motivated us to take a long and hard look at the industry of VIP casinos from Canada. Our research qualifies us for sharing the best VIP casino bonuses, programs and platforms, with you.

Our guide provided you with:

  • An understanding of what VIP online casinos are.
  • Reasons to opt for a VIP platform instead of the run-of-the-mill services.
  • What rewards you should expect from such programs.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to become a VIP member.
  • A top list of platforms that, based on our VIP casino review, are worth your time.
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