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We all know that gamers fall into several categories. The VIP title is probably the most honourable rank one can receive. Any reputable casino needs to feature a VIP program. Know that this is designed only for a selected few, so not everyone gets in. But once you do, it’s paradise. You can benefit from all sorts of perks through this program such as:
  • Bespoken Deals;
  • Faster Payouts;
  • Lower Wagering Requirements;
  • VIP Pass;
  • Special Gifts;
  • Designated VIP Account Manager;
  • Higher Deposit Limits.
We can say from the start that you haven’t been a true player until you are a VIP member. Throughout this program, the casino will figure out your pattern and feature your very own promotions. You can enjoy exclusive bonuses, vacations, invitations to exclusive events, deals, and so on.

What is the VIP Program?

To put it into a simple form, this type of program is aimed at rewarding exquisite gamers. They’re chosen based on deposits, playing patterns or wagering. Also, the time invested in a certain online casino can matter sometimes. Nowadays, VIP programs operate on a system in order to motivate gamers to climb the ladder to the ultimate title. However, they can change according to your activity. We can easily say that there’s a similarity between the system in the gambling industry and other industries. Therefore, operators plan on keeping both regular players and high rollers by their side as much as possible. 

I Want to Be Part of the Elite, What Do I Have to Do?

Everyone wants a piece of the action. You can become an elite member by following three simple steps:
  1. The easiest way would be, of course, to join a casino. Plenty of newborn gambling websites offer this title right from the first bet and come with many levels you can reach as you play more.
  2. Another simple way of participating is by being recommended. The only catch is that another VIP player has to do this for you. Casinos motivate existing VIP members to recommend their friends to take part in the program by offering them a reward. Afterwards, an evaluation process begins in order to determine whether the candidate is eligible or not.
  3. Last but not least is the most common procedure. Canadian online casinos analyze a gamer’s longevity, gaming patterns, and routines. After, it decides if he will be granted the VIP membership.
High Rollers are by far the easiest to pick, as they can be spotted based on how much they wager and deposit. The online casinos will take extra care of the high roller gamblers. They will shower them with gifts and invite them to unofficial events. What makes this program remarkable is the fact that only a handful of players can experience it. You’re probably wondering now about the types of VIP programs powered by online casinos. They split into three main categories as follows:
  1. Tiered VIP programs;
  2. Unofficial VIP programs;
  3. Prize VIP programs. 
The first category, also known as the classical casino VIP program, is the most extended as it comes out divided throughout 5 distinctive levels:
  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Diamond/ Black.
It’s important to know that they come in different shapes and sizes, from one casino to another. They can have different themes to match the casino’s or feature different names for each level. According to the earned title, members will be able to benefit from several rewards such as money, cashbacks, free spins, and plenty other great perks. The unofficial VIP program is aimed at High Rollers. Casinos make sure that these players get the special treatment. In order to benefit from all sorts of unique promotions, a tight connection is established between the player and the account manager.  Coming fast from behind is the award VIP program which is comparable to the other types. The only difference would be that your progress depends on the awards you are given throughout your play. You advance as you level up. How do you level up? By wagering as much as possible and becoming the leader of the pack. Please note that every casino has its own system of rewarding VIP points. Some are based on wagering and others are based on deposits. The wagering system states that you’ll receive points according to the amount you are willing to toss during your play. For example, for every $10 wagered, you’ll get 1 point. But that’s not necessarily a rule as the sums can vary depending on the level. Moreover, it can differ according to the type of game you choose to play. Table games or casino games can have a lower contribution than slot games. But this is decided by the operator. One thing to take note of regarding the deposit based system is that the players earn the VIP status depending on the total deposit sum they have made. Time is a tiebreaker as only a certain period is taken into account. We can honestly admit that, like in any other industry, every side has pros and cons. A massive plus for the deposit system is that you will not be affected if you are a casino gaming enthusiast. The wagering system, on the other hand, enhances the excitement through the transparent progress.   

What Should I Expect from a VIP Programme?

After examining several Canadian gambling websites, gave its verdict. The types of VIP bonuses are based on loyalty towards the casino. We have put together a list that contains the most common VIP bonuses used today:
  • Match Bonuses - as expected, this is a similar approach as if you were a normal player. They can come in forms of: High Roller Bonuses, Monthly or Weekly VIP Bonuses. Keep in mind that they’re nothing more than a reload match bonus you may have already come across. The difference would probably be that the VIP bonuses are usually more generous and probably have better wagering requirements.
  • Free Bonuses - these are free rewards courtesy of the online operator. Whether they’re in the form of Free Spins or Free Cash, you’ll find them waiting at the finish line. They can come as performance bonuses, level up bonuses or level maintenance ones.
  • VIP rewards - simply put, they’re freebies provided by the casinos. They have no connection to your actions in the deposit of wagering department. So let’s take a sneak peek and see the most popular such bonuses among Canadian casinos!
  • Cashback Offers - among the desired elements when it comes to the privileged program. They have an incredible retention power and that’s why they represent some of the favourite incentives for High Rollers. It offers back a certain percentage of your aggregated loses. After examining several platforms, we’ve come to realize that some online casinos don’t carry wagering requirements. It’s best to check the terms and conditions every time, as these might change.
  • Gifts – you can expect something remarkable on your birthday, when you level up, weekly, or even monthly. All in all, they can even be given on a regular basis as every day needs to be celebrated. The best thing is that these presents take form only after discussing with your personal account manager. The target is often set pretty high so you can expect something massive like electronics or maybe you’ll win a special trip. That’s what’s so great about gifts, you’re always in for a surprise! Note that this target is set on wagering or deposited amounts predetermined per week or month. High Rollers usually go after this type of offer as they prefer high-stake games.
In conclusion, the best casino VIP Programs can be determined by examining the deals set up for members. High Rollers are always looking for faster money withdrawals, cashback offers, and a personal account manager to guide them through the best promotions. Remember that practice makes perfect. So the best way to get the most out of everything is to play and discover the incentives along the way. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride! Best of Luck!

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