Top 25 Casinos that Accept Bitcoin → [Complete list 2022]


From complete anonymity, safety and privacy to unique games, Bitcoin casinos make a lot of promises. But to they live up to them? We’ve considered all the risks players are exposed to when gambling with Bitcoin and also all the perks it comes with. Is it safe to play at a No KYC casino? Is it even legal to gamble using cryptocurrencies? Players may find out below what they need to be aware of and how to minimize risks on their Bitcoin gambling journey.

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The birth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin History & Overview – what is it and how it started

The birth of Bitcoin

In 2008, a paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was sent to a cryptography mailing list only two months after the domain name appeared online. The paper is linked to the name Satoshi Nakamoto. However, only in 2009 Bitcoin was launched with 30,000 lines of code and people started mining it through a lottery-based system. 21 million coins will be released over the next 20 years from that moment.


In 2020, the number of Bitcoin wallets that hold at least 0.1 is over 3 million. The last decade, the cryptocurrency has gained around 8.9 million percentages, maintaining its position as the most popular and sought-after digital currency.

Here’s a table of the most popular cryptocurrencies’ market cap:

Bitcoin Cash1.32%
Binance Coin 1.17%
Bitcoin SV0.92%

Its mysterious origins

When Satoshi Nakamoto announced the release of the Bitcoin mining software, Hal Finney, a console game developer and crypto enthusiast, offered to mine the first coins. He was sent 10 original bitcoins from block 70 as a test. However, both of these men denied being the creators of Bitcoin and Nakamoto completely vanished from the web. Over the course time, many names have surfaced and were attributed the creation of the biggest cryptocurrency, including Elon Musk, but no one knows for sure who is the man behind it.

Buying real-world goods using cryptocurrency

In 2010, merchants of all types started accepting Bitcoin with the first tangible item ever purchased with the cryptocurrency being pizza. Today, as one Bitcoin is worth more than C$10,000, the amount paid for those pizzas is valued at C$100 million.

The Silk Road, an anonymous black market filled with illegal items, was launched in 2011 and its primary currency is the untraceable Bitcoin.

The online war against Bitcoin

In 2018, Facebook banned advertising that promoted cryptocurrency products and services, claiming this measure protects its users from scams or deception. It targeted mostly ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). These encourage people to buy cryptocurrency before they are launched, promising profit for buyers. Many have simply disappeared, leaving their users with no way to get their money back.

Right after Facebook, the next online giant to ban crypto ads is Google. Their reason is that many of the such financial products being advertised have a speculative and unregulated nature, posing great threats for their users.

Owned by Google, Youtube has made a similar move in 2020, removing a huge number of videos on cryptocurrency topics. Even though these were deleted for violation reasons, they were unsuspended afterwards. Many crypto channels were getting “strikes” for their videos and once three of those have been received, the channel is removed. This is not the first time this happened. In 2019, YouTube removed cryptocurrency related channels, but later claimed it was an error.

Bitcoin Casinos and how they work

Bitcoin Casinos and how they work

Bitcoin has been embraced by both online casinos and gamblers all over the world. Many online casinos appeared that accept Bitcoin along fiat currency such as Canadian Dollar. Also, some gambling websites work exclusively with cryptocurrencies.

This digital currency is now used as both a deposit and a withdrawal method by many gaming platforms. These can offer traditional casino games, sports-based betting, lotteries, and more.

Most of these platforms run games developed by their own team, while some use purchased or rented versions of popular games. They customize these by adding certain extra features that make them unique. 


Make sure Bitcoin is also available for cashouts, as many casinos only offer it as a deposit method!

No KYC Casinos – The costs of full anonymity

Since Canadian Bitcoin casinos are popular thanks to the high level of anonymity the cryptocurrency transactions offer to players, the KYC is still required in most.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a procedure necessary for most online casinos as well as other websites. This asks every customer to identify themselves, offer personal information such as phone number, address, and email. The procedure is simplified for registering at a Bitcoin casino, but for withdrawals, the team may ask for additional verifications. For these, customers must send copies of personal documents such as ID, bank statements, utility bills, etcetera.

Cryptocurrency gambling is all about remaining anonymous, so Bitcoin gambling in Canada became available on casinos that require no KYC. Even more, a small fraction of gaming sites don’t even require registration.

With the KYC process lacking and no legislation regarding cryptocurrencies, the player may be exposed to a variety of risks. These procedures are required for age verification, prevention of money laundering, protection of player’s funds in case the account is hacked, and others. Without them, users of such gaming platforms can be underage, they can have their account hacked, and in some cases the very platform vanished along with their players’ money.  

How to minimize risks when choosing a No KYC casino

Given all the information above, one can conclude that often times, these platforms are not legit. However, some do function properly and quite fairly. A way to tell if such a website is a scam or not is to look for licensed software providers.

If the players find games from famous developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and others, there are good chances that the gaming site will offer a fair experience. For Microgaming fans, we have compiled a list of new offers from various Canadian casinos that accept both fiat and digital currencies.

Both the player account and funds in it are exposed to hacking and other issues when no KYC is performed!

Bitcoin casino payments – processing time, fees, and exchange rate

Cryptocurrency transactions are well known for the fact that they are almost instantaneous. However, every payment made from a casino to any of its users has to be processed by the gaming site’s team. Even more, when gambling with digital currency, most platforms prefer to perform transactions manually for security reasons. This means that the casino’s standard payout time applies. This can be from a couple of minutes, to hours, and even up to five business days. Also, unlimited daily transactions are also usually allowed on these gaming platforms.

Most top Bitcoin casinos come with zero transaction fees, unlike traditional currencies and payment options which come with either a fixed fee or a percentage of the sum that is being handled. This is definitely a selling point for these platforms. Nonetheless, some sites do apply both fees and cashout limits, and players usually gravitate away from them.

The Bitcoin exchange rate is very important when making payments. Due to its volatility, one Bitcoin may be worth more or less from one minute to another. In case a player deposits using this cryptocurrency, it will have a certain value at the time of deposit, and possibly a different value at the time they cash out any winnings.

Players are exposed to a high volatility risk when exchanging Bitcoin to Canadian Dollars!

pros, cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin gambling, as good as it may sound to some, does come with both good and bad aspects. Here’s what players should keep in mind before opting for gaming with this cryptocurrency:

It’s private
since no personal data needs to be submitted for Bitcoin transactions, users are always protected against identity theft.


the value of one Bitcoin can rise or drop thousands of Canadian Dollars in a single day

It’s fast

generally, all Bitcoin transactions are performed almost instantly

It’s not always fair
a concerningly high number of casinos operate without a license issued by either a regulatory authority or even a software provider

It’s decentralized

your account and all the Bitcoins cannot be frozen or taken from you, since there is no bigger authority than you with access to it.

Software providers limitations
since most Bitcoin casinos use their own games, products from well known providers often cannot be found on these platforms

No taxes

thanks to lack of regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, the user does not have the legal responsibility to pay taxes.

No chargebacks or refunds

in case of any mistake made by the user when transferring Bitcoin to an online casino, this cannot be fixed since no refunds or chargebacks can be made when using cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies are neither controlled or backed by any bank or federal government. This means that they cannot be deemed legal or illegal. Any resident of Canada may purchase Bitcoins and use them on any online casino that accepts them.

Online gambling in Canada is itself in a gray area, since the government does not issue licenses for Canadian online casinos. However, players may access, from within the country’s territory, casinos that operate outside the borders, since this activity is not yet regulated.

How to choose the right Bitcoin casino

Considering all the risks related to starting fresh at a new Bitcoin casino, players need to look for a couple of things when selecting their new adventure:

  1. License – licensed gaming websites offer the highest level of security for both players and the casinos themselves. Malta Gaming Authority and United Kingdom Gambling Commission are very strict authorities that only license platforms after thorough verifications. Picking one with a license from any of these regulatory bodies will add to the level of safety one can enjoy while gambling;
  2. Well-known software providers – the industry giants among software developers work with trustworthy platforms. Their presence on a gaming website further shows that it can be trusted;
  3. Payout processing time – payout processing is important because some websites have their players waiting for up to 5 days, so choosing one that performs these in a couple of hours adds to a better experience for the player;
  4. Offers available – some Canadian online casinos that accept Bitcoin will even create exclusive offers for users who prefer this cryptocurrency. Aiming for those would give newcomers a chance to test the website using extra benefits right from the start.

Here is how many such platforms we have in our collection and a Bitcoin casino list of the top 5 brands chosen based on our players’ ratings:


Casino NameRating
7bitCasino          3.65/5            
Joy Casino3.2/5
Cleopatra Casino3/5

Even if these are the most liked by our users, all the Bitcoin gaming websites we placed on our lists have been checked by us, in order to ensure a positive experience for each user who decides to sign up.

What types of games and offers can one enjoy on a Bitcoin Casino Canada

Having a wide variety of games to play on an online casino is a very important aspect for all players. Whether they look for a certain software provider, a certain type of game, or simply to have many options to choose from, the collection of products they can enjoy is a decision factor. Offers are no less important, as being able to start off with extra funds can completely change the player’s experience for the better.

 We’ve analyzed our player’s preferences when it comes to the games and offers they choose from our website. Here’s what we discovered:

Slot machines33%
Video Poker9%
Live Casino6%


Welcome Package57%
First Deposit Bonus31%
No Deposit Bonus12%

Based on our research, we may conclude that our Canadian players usually select Welcome Package deals, as they offer more benefits for multiple deposits. With that, they often go for the best bitcoin slots and enjoy their features and wide variety of themes.

Aside from the classic games that one may find in most online casinos in the industry, when playing on an online casino with bitcoin, some special games might be available. These are Bitcoin Dice and Bitcoin Crash.

Bitcoin Crash is a game with simple rules, but mastered by few. Its rules are the following:

  • Players place their bets before the round starts;
  • When the round starts, a graph with a multiplier starts increasing;
  • At any given moment in the game, the multiplier may crash;
  • Those who hit Cash Out before the graph crashes, will have their bet multiplied.

When it comes to Bitcoin Dice, the player simply needs to choose any number between 1 and 100. Then, they may place a bet on whether the dice roll above or below the number they have selected.

Whenever possible, choose Bitcoin casino bonus to improve your gaming session from the start!

Conclusions on Bitcoin casinos

Based on our research and analysis we can clearly state that even gambling at the best Bitcoin casino comes with certain risks. After taking into account all the pros and the cons of such platforms, we may conclude that in most cases, the benefits do not match the disadvantages. Even if Bitcoin transactions are free, most platforms still apply fees for processing payments and they may take as long as traditional payment options due to manual approval.

The volatility aspect is also very important, as it may put the player in the place of losing money during the exchange even if they won a casino jackpot. Now Canadian gamers may choose if they wish to begin their crypto gambling journey aware of everything it comes with or just stick to the traditional ways.

Methodology and References 

All the information in this article comes from research, analysis, and tests conducted by our experts on various online casinos in Canada. We have also used our website data to analyze the types of games and offers our users choose from the lists we present to them.

Below, users may find all the external resources used:

Top-rated Bitcoin Bonuses

Read more

Canada flag
Code: extremoo
Just added

★ 110% up to 1 BTC at Rocketpot

You are up for a bonus going up to 1 BTC at Rockepot. Here’s what you should do:

  • Follow the redirection link to Rocketpot from our website;
  • Register (the extremoo promo code will already be inserted for you);
  • Deposit more than 0.0002BTC at once;
  • Claim the offer.

The rollover requirement for this bonus is 45x the promotional amount.

The casino’s general and promotional terms may come with additional details.

Fresh Casino logo
Fresh Casino
Canada flag

★ 200% up to C$50 + 75 Free Spins

Introducing Fresh Casino:

This real money casino wants to provide a holistic experience, with slots, live casino, and sportsbook side by side. It operates under a Curacao license.

Pros: Around 100 live dealer options; minimum deposit is as low as C$5 for most methods.

Cons: Some bonuses may require deposits as high as C$200.

The promotion you’re about to enter:

As a new player, you are up for a five-deposit offer:

  • 1st: 200% up to C$50 + 75 spins (or one of another two alternatives);
  • 2nd: 100% up to C$300 + 50 rounds;
  • 3rd: 50% up to C$400 + 40 rotations;
  • 4th: 50% up to C$500 + 30 turns;
  • 5th: 25% up to C$750 + 25 extra rounds.

Do not forget:

You have different wagering and cashout limits according to your deposit. The online casino will ask you to complete personal details before depositing. When you ask for a cashout, you must also verify your phone number.

Canada flag

★ 200% up to C$2000 + 200 Free Spins on Pink Elephants at Casino X

No deposit bonus

When you enter Casino X from our website, you will be eligible for a C$20 cash bonus. To claim it, enter the BONUSCA promo code upon registration. It imposes a 30x staking requirement, and you cannot withdraw more than C$90 from this offer.

Match bonus

Casino X comes with a 200% up to C$2000 promotion on your first deposit, as long as it exceeds C$20. The cash funds and deposit are subjected to 25x staking for deposits below C$500 and 30x for amounts exceeding that before you can withdraw any of your winnings resulting from them. The max conversion rate stands at 10x your initial bonus.

200 free spins

Your first deposit will also bring 200 rotations, available on Pink Elephants. Their winnings require 20x wagering.

Pledoo logo
Canada flag
Just added
New casino

★ Welcome Package up to C$3000 + 225 Free Spins at Pledoo

Pledoo has a four-deposit package consisting of:

  • 100% up to C$200;
  • 70% up to C$500;
  • 50% up to C$800;
  • 150% up to C$1500.

To activate each match offer, you must deposit over C$50. Keep in mind that each offer has a different wagering requirement. There are no max withdrawal limits.

Up to 225 free spins

On each deposit, you will also get extra rotations, totaling 225. They work on Bushido Ways xNudge by Nolimit City. The winnings from them are subject to 75x staking requirements.

Casitsu logo
Canada flag

★ Welcome Package up to C$1000 + 50 Free Spins at Casitsu

C$1000 welcome package or 5 BTC

During your first four deposits with, you are up for four match bonuses, totalling C$1000:

  1. 100% up to C$300 or 1,5 BTC (code: SHODAN);
  2. 50% up to C$200 or 1 BTC (code: NIDAN);
  3.  50% up to C$200 or 1 BTC (code: SANDAN);
  4. 100% up to C$300 or 1,5 BTC(code: YONDAN).

You must deposit more than C$20 each time to claim these offers. All promotions come with 50x wagering requirements. The maximum you can withdraw from this incentive is C$4000.

50 free spins

You are also up for 50 rotations on Avalon: The Lost Kingdom when you first deposit. The extra spins come with 35x wagering requirements, applying to their winnings. Find the spins in your account and activate them.

If you want to find out more, please consult Casitsu’s Terms and Conditions page.

PlayFastCasino logo
Canada flag
Just added
New casino

★ 200% up to C$200 at PlayFastCasino

If you’re a new member at PlayFastCasino, you may redeem a 200% up to C$200 first deposit match. All you have to do is create an account and fund it with an amount exceeding C$30.

Keep in mind that the bonus plus the initial deposit amount must be wagered 50 times before withdrawing any winnings. This requirement must be fulfilled in 30 days. Otherwise, the bonus will expire. Moreover, the maximum cashout is 4 times your initial deposit. Further information about this promotion can be found in the casino’s terms.

Slotozen logo
Canada flag
Just added
New casino

★ Welcome Package of up to C$1050 + 327 Spins at Slotozen

20 Sign-up spins

When you join Slotozen, you can receive 20 free spins on Cherry Fiesta. They must be activated within 24 hours and come with 40x wagering.

Bonus funds

When registering at Slotozen, you may redeem the following:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$300;
  • 2nd deposit: 125% up to C$250;
  • 3rd deposit: 77% up to C$300;
  • 4th deposit: 150% up to C$200.

Each deposit requires more than C$20 to be claimed. Moreover, the bonus carries a 40x wagering requirement.

Bonus spins

As part of the same package, you will receive:

  • 1st deposit: 100 spins on Lucky Dama Muerta, Mechanical Clover or Miss Cherry Fruits;
  • 3rd deposit: 77 rounds on Dig Dig Digger, Spin and Spell or Journey Flirt;
  • 4th deposit: 150 spins on Lucky Sweets, Hawaii Cocktails, Slotomon Go, Desert Treasure or Aztec Magic Deluxe.

Remember that the spins must be activated within 7 days and used within 3 days. Also, any winnings related to them must be wagered 40 times before cashing out.

Rocket Play logo
Rocket Play
Canada flag
Just added

★ Up to C$4500 bonus at Rocket Play

Free spins

After becoming a member at Rocket Play, you may claim 20 free spins. These must be activated and used within one day. Moreover, the wagering requirement is 50x, and the maximum cashout is C$75.

Bonus funds

When depositing for the first time, you may redeem:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$1500;
  • 2nd deposit: 200% up to C$3000.

To claim the first bonus, you must deposit more than C$30. As for the second one, the deposit should exceed C$75. Remember that the funds must be wagered 40 times before cashing out, and the maximum withdrawal is C$3000.

Bonus spins

As part of the first deposit offer, you will also receive 100 bonus spins. These will be granted as sets of 20 per day, for a period of 5 days. Any spin winnings must be wagered 40 times. Don’t forget that the rounds are valid on Aztec Magic or Fire Lightning. Additional information about this promotion can be found in Rocket Play’s terms and conditions.

Canada flag

★100% up to C$1000 Bonus + 100 Bonus Spins at Casino Days

20 registration spins

The spins are available on Book of Dead only. To qualify for them, you only need to sign up. In order to make a withdrawal, you have to complete a 35x wagering requirement.

100% up to C$1000 bonus

Place your first deposit over C$20 to activate the offer. Once the offer is activated, it will expire in 7 days. There is a 35x wagering requirement that you have to complete. Deposits made with ecoPayz or Skrill are not available.

100 deposit spins

The rounds can be used on Book of Dead. While playing with the spins, you can place a maximum bet of C$5 per round.

Jet Casino logo
Jet Casino
Canada flag

★ 150% up to C$2000 + 50 Free Spins on Starburst at Jet Casino

Registration spins

When registering with Jet Casino, the CASINOBONUSCA promo code can help you unlock 50 rotations to use on Pragmatic Play’s 8 Dragons. You must wager their winnings 45x to withdraw; know that there’s no max cashout limit.

Welcome Package

  1. 150% up to C$2000;
  2. 100% up to C$200;
  3. 50% up to C$250;
  4. 50% up to C$350;
  5. 25% up to C$700.

The wagering requirements for these bonuses stand at 40 the funds you received. However, the max cashout varies from one offer to another.

50 Starburst spins

The 50 Starburst rotations you may get have a 35x staking requirement applying to the winnings. The maximum you may take out from them is 20 times the initial bonus.

Enter this Canadian online casino from us and read the T&Cs before claiming a promotion!

Canada flag

★ Welcome Package of up to C$3000 + 200 Free Spins at Tsars

Up to C$3000

After depositing more than C$20, you will be granted a welcome package consisting of the following:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$450
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to C$450
  • 3rd deposit: 40% up to C$600
  • 4th deposit: 25% up to C$1500

The sum between the bonus funds and initial deposit amount must be wagered 25 times before cashing out. The maximum bet allowed while playing with the first and second deposit bonuses is C$3 per round. Yet, the third and fourth deposit bonuses allow up to C$7.

200 Bonus Spins

You will receive 100 bonus spins on Rocket Stars upon making the first deposit, and another 100 rounds on Manhattan Goes Wild for the second deposit. Spin winnings will be granted in bonus funds and must be wagered 45 times.

Canada flag

★ Up to C$1500 Welcome Package at Spin247

100 free spins

The second spin will bring about up to 100 rotations on Viking Lightning Spins. You can start using them when you open the slot. The winnings are capped at C$80.

Welcome package

After depositing more than C$10, you may enter a four-deposit scheme, containing:

  1. 200% up to C$200;
  2. 100% up to C$300;
  3. 50% up to C$500;
  4. 50% up to C$500.

The wagering requirement stands at 40x the promotional funds.

To get a clearer view of these deals, we recommend visiting Spin247’s Terms and Conditions page.

Sol Casino logo
Sol Casino
Canada flag

★ 150% up to C$1500 + up to 500 spins

Discover the casino:

Sol Casino is a versatile gambling site, with a variety of slots, live casino, and sports titles.

Pros: Over 2,000 slot games; VIPs have higher withdrawal limits.

Cons: Licensed by Curacao Authorities

Learn about the offer:

Here, you are up for a five-deposit promotional deal:

  • 1st: 150% up to C$1500 + 50 free spins on Phoenix Forge;
  • 2nd: 100% up to C$450 + 50 Temple of Nudges rounds
  • 3rd: 50% up to C$600 + 40 spins on EggOMatic and Golden Grimoire
  • 4th: 50% up to C$750 + 30 turns on Fruit Shop and Hotline
  • 5th: 25% up to C$1000 + 25 rotations on Starburst

Be aware:

The promotion imposes 40x wagering requirements for promo funds, and 35x staking for extra rotations. You are eligible for only one offer of each kind – attempts to circumvent this will result in the end of your subscription. You must verify your phone number before cashing out from casino play, promotional or otherwise.

Lucky8 logo
Canada flag

★ 100% up to $300 + 200 Spins on Big Bass Bonanza

Spin the wheel at Lucky8 online casino

At Lucky8, you get a great range of Live Casino Games conducted by professional dealers, along weekly promotions and special responsible gaming tools!

Pros: over 1500 games, themed promotions, many responsible gambling tools

Cons: the Live Chat has a fixed schedule

What you will get:

1st deposit: 100% up to C$300 + 200 slot rounds on Big Bass Bonanza;

2nd deposit: 50% up to C$300;

3rd deposit: 25% up to C$400.

Lucky8 is the place where:

  • The free spins are available only on the game: Big Bass Bonanza;
  • You receive the first 20 free rounds after you make the first deposit and the rest subsequently, within 9 days;
  • You must use your bonus within 14 days or else it will expire;
  • Canadian players get to enjoy more than 1500 games from over 10 providers;
  • There are 3 options to get in contact with the customer assistance team: chat, telephone or e-mail;
  • You have many payment methods at your disposal.
Canada flag

★ Welcome Package up to 6 BTC + 350 Free Spins at FortuneJack

Welcome package

At FortuneJack, you may redeem a four-deposit promotional scheme up to 6 BTC. It consists of the following promotions:

  • 110% up to 1.5 BTC;
  • 100% up to 1.5 BTC;
  • 100% up to 1.5 BTC;
  • 100% up to 1.5 BTC.

All these offers require a deposit exceeding 0.001 BTC (approx. C$50). The promotional funds are subject to 30x wagering.

350 free spins

On your first deposit, you may also qualify for a 250-spin bundle, but only if you fund your account with more than 0.005 (C$250). On your second transaction, you shall get 100 extra rotations by depositing over 0.005 (C$250). Both sets come in daily batches of 50. Also, you must wager each batch’s winnings 30 times to withdraw any funds.

Canada flag

★ 100% up to C$150 + 100 Bonus Spins at Winning Days

10 registration spins

Join the casino and receive 10 spins on registration. The rounds can be used only on Book of Dead slot. The offer comes with a 40x wagering requirement and a max cashout of C$30.

100% up to C$150

The minimum deposit accepted must start from C$20. To make a withdrawal, you have to complete a 40-time wagering request. The maximum you can bet while using this bonus is C$3.

100 bonus spins

With the first deposit you’ll also receive 100 bonus spins on Book of Dead that will be credited in batches of 25 per day.

Press the visit button if you want to create an account!

Canada flag
New casino

★ Welcome Package up to C$1500 + 150 Bonus Spins at Cazimbo

Welcome package up to C$1500

  • 100% up to C$600 on first deposit;
  • 50% up to C$300 on second deposit;
  • 75% up to C$600 on third deposit.

To activate the offer, you have to make a minimum deposit of C$30. The bonus comes with a 35 time wagering requirement on the bonus and deposit.

150 Bonus spins

With each deposit you make, you’ll be credited 50 spins. To make a withdrawal, you must wager the winnings from the spins 40 times. The winnings are capped at C$120.

Canada flag

★ Up To C$750 Welcome Package + 50 Spins at VegasPlus Casino

C$10 no deposit

When joining Vegas Plus, you will receive C$10 registration bonus. This doesn't require a deposit to be claimed, and you wager it 150 times before cashing out. Remember that no more than C$150 can be withdrawn from this bonus.

C$750 welcome package

After depositing more than C$10, you will get a 100% up to C$250 bonus. The second deposit will grant you an additional 50% up to C$500. In this case, don't forget to meet the 60x wageering before cashing out. Keep in mind that placing bets on table games will not count towards fulfilling the wagering requirements.

50 bonus spins

On the first deposit, you will also receive 50 bonus spins. These will be granted as 10 per day, over a period of 5 days. The validity period and the games you can use the rounds on will be announced after receiving the offer. Any winnings will be added to the bonus balance and must be wagered 60 times prior to cashing out.

Canada flag

★ Up to C$8000 Welcome Package at Cleopatra Casino

Create an account at Cleopatra Casino and take advantage of a welcome pack that consists of:

  • First deposit bonus: 100% up to C$4000;
  • Second deposit bonus: 50% up to C$2000;
  • Third deposit bonus: 50% up to C$2000.

You have to make a minimum deposit of C$15 to activate the promotion. The offer comes with a 35x wagering requirement. Keep in mind that only slots contribute 100% to the wagering requirements.

The bonus is available 7 days after being credited.

Club Riches logo
Club Riches
Canada flag
Just added
New casino

★ Welcome package up To C$3000 at Club Riches

20 free spins on Book of Dead

After registering at Club Riches, you will be granted 20 free spins on Book of Dead. Remember that spin winnings must be wagered 30 times within 7 days of redeeming the promotion. Moreover, each spin is worth C$0.1.

100% up to C$3000

After making your first deposit exceeding C$5, you’ll be able to claim a welcome package of up to C$3000, consisting of 3 deposits. For each one of them, you will receive a 100% up to C$1000 deposit match. Keep in mind that the bonus amount and initial deposit must be wagered 25 times before cashing out. The wagering must be met within 30 days after claiming the offer. Also, the maximum amount you’re allowed to bet per round is C$5.

StayCasino logo
Canada flag
Code: bonusca200reload
Just added

★ 200% up to C$300 at Stay Casino

You may claim an exclusive offer of 200% up to C$300. What you must do is:

  • Visit Stay Casino from our website;
  • Create a new account;
  • Get the bonusca200reload;
  • Deposit more than C$20.

The promotional funds are subject to 40x staking conditions. The maximum you may wager while having an active bonus is C$8 per bet.

Remember to check the casino’s Terms and Conditions page for full coverage.

Wolfy Casino logo
Wolfy Casino
Canada flag
Code: BOOST51

★ No Wagering: 100% up to C$200 + 51 Free Spins

Get to know Wolfy Casino:

The Curacao-licensed casino belongs to Mirage Corporation, a Cypriot company.

Pros: Over 4,000 slots from providers popular among Canadians; multiple payment methods, including favourites Interac and Instadebit.

Cons: The casino is crypto-friendly, and these are not the safest means to pay.

The available promotion:

When you register, you may claim a package consisting of four deposits, totaling C$1,000, as follows:

  • First: 100% up to C$200 with code WELCOME;
  • Second: 50% up to C$300 with code TWO;
  • Third: 50% up to C$400 with code WOLFYPACK;
  • Fourth: 100% up to C$100 with code GOODLUCK.

You are also up for 51 extra rounds – go to live chat and type the BOOST51 code after your first deposit. The rotations are available for Wolf Gold or Starburst.

Something to remember:

The promotion has no wagering requirements. Still, if you do not wager your deposit funds at least once, the casino will apply a 10% fee to your balance. You can reverse deposits, but only if you had no gameplay in the meantime.

Canada flag
Code: CANADA300

★ 100% up to C$300 + 100 Free Spins on Book of Dead at Arcanebet

Match bonus

At Arcanebet, your first deposit may come with a 100% match percentage up to C$300. Enter the CANADA300 promo code when depositing to ensure that the offer gets to you.

There’s a requirement to wager the promotional funds and deposit amount 17.5 times. You get 30 days to fulfill this condition.

100 spins on Book of Dead

Your first deposit will also bring about 100 rotations on Play’n Go’s Book of Dead. Every spin worths C$0.15. Their winnings impose 35x wagering – you also get 30 days to complete this requirement.

Further information can be found at Arcanebet’s Terms and Conditions page.

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★ Welcome Package up to C$4000 + 300 Spins at LuckyDreams Casino

Welcome bonus

The welcome package consists of four deposits:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to C$500;
  • 2nd deposit: 100% up to C$500 with code LUCKY2;
  • 3rd deposit: 50% up to C$1000 with code LUCKY3;
  • 4th deposit: 25% up to C$1000 with code LUCKY4.

The bonuses are active for 7 days and must be wagered 40 times in order to unlock the winnings.

300 bonus spins:

The spins will be granted for each deposit in this order:

  • 100 on Lucky Lady Moon
  • 50 on Lucky Lady's Clover
  • 50 on Safari Sam 2
  • 100 on Four Lucky Clover

The rounds related to the first deposit will be granted in packs of 20 over a period of 5 days. Moreover, spin winnings must be wagered 40 times before cashing out.

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★ 100% up to C$100 + 100 Free Spins

10 No deposit spins

When you register, you may redeem a 10-spin bundle to use on Elvis Frog in Vegas. The incentive comes with 50x wagering requirements and a withdrawal cap of C$50.

Welcome package

By depositing qualifying amounts, you may enter a four-deposit welcome package. Know that you must fund your account with a sum exceeding C$20 each time, and what you’ll get is:

  1. 100% up to C$100;
  2. 75% up to C$100;
  3. 50% up to C$200;
  4. 100% up to C$100.

Each promo requires 45x wagering. There are no max cashout limits for this promotional scheme.

100 free spins

On your first deposit, you shall also receive 100 rounds to use on the following games:

  • Platinum Lightning Deluxe;
  • Wolf Treasure;
  • Caishen’s Gifts.

Their wagering requirement stands at 50x the winnings, and you can get as much as C$100 after staking it.

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★ Welcome Package up to C$1500 + 100 Free Spins on Book of Dead at Spin Away

20 Registration spins

Once you become a Spin Away member, you may get 20 extra rotations to use on Book of Dead. Their winnings come with 40x wagering.

Bonus up to C$1500

When you sign up with Spin Away, depositing more than C$20 for three consecutive times may result in the following welcome package:

  • 100% up to C$500;
  • 100% up to C$500;
  • 100% up to C$500.

Each bonus in this package comes with 40x wagering requirements. The maximum stakes allowed while playing with a bonus is C$5.

100 free spins on Book of Dead

The first deposit also lets you claim 100 Book of Dead rotations. They come in batches of ten for ten consecutive days. Like bonus funds, their winnings are subject to 40x staking. These will be valid for 7 days.

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★ Welcome Package up to C$2500 + 100 Bonus Spins on Book of Cats at Casion Rocket

Welcome package up to C$2500

Place your five first deposits and take advantage of a 100% up to C$500 bonus for each payment. The minimum deposit you have to make the first three times is C$10. As for the last ones, you must deposit and amount over C$15.The offer comes with a 45x wagering requirement.

100 bonus spins

  • 1st deposit - 10 spins;
  • 2nd deposit - 15 spins;
  • 3rd deposit - 20 spins;
  • 4th deposit - 25 spins;
  • 5th deposit - 30 spins.

The spins are available only on Book of Cats. To make a withdrawal, you must wager your winnings 45x. Deposits made with Neteller or Skrill are not eligible. When playing with a bonus the maximum bet is C$7.5.

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★ Welcome Pack up to C$1200 + 75 Bonus Spins at Spin Samurai

Welcome pack up to C$1200

  • 1st deposit: 125% up to C$150;
  • 2nd deposit: 100% up to C$300;
  • 3rd deposit: 80% up to C$750.

To activate the bonuses, you must place deposits over C$15. The offer comes with a 45x wagering requirement.

75 Bonus spins

  • 2nd deposit: 25 bonus spins;
  • 3rd deposit: 50 bonus spins.

The additional rounds are available only on Deep Sea or Four Lucky Clover games. They will expire in 7 days after activation. You have to activate them within 3 days since being credited. These come with 45x requirements.

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★ Welcome Package up to C$4650 + 150 Bonus Spin on Book of Sun: Choice at CatCasino

50 Sign-up spins

When you join CatCasino, you can claim 50 rotations without any deposit. Mind that every spin has a value of C$0.25 and come with a 35x wagering on their winnings.

Welcome pack up to C$4650

  • 100% up to C$2250 bonus on first deposit;
  • 50% up to C$600 bonus on second deposit;
  • 25% up to C$750 bonus on third deposit;
  • 50% up to C$600 bonus on fourth deposit;
  • 100% up to C$450 bonus on fifth deposit.

The first deposit you have to make must be over C$50. As for the rest of the offers, you must deposit over C$30. The promotion comes with a 35x wagering requirement. The bonus expires within 7 days of activation.

150 bonus spins

With the first deposit made, you’ll also receive 150 additional rounds that are available seven days after activation. You can use them only on Book of Sun: Choice.

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★ Up to C$2000 + 200 Free Spins

Promotional info:

Joy Casino has a match deal and 200 extra turns for first depositors as follows:

  1. 200% up to C$50 for C$20 – C$49;
  2. 150% up to C$300 for C$50 – C$499;
  3. 100% up to C$2000 for deposits of C$500 or over.

How to claim:

Enter the casino from this site and sign up. Make the deposit of your choice and activate the deal from your account.

Remember these rules:

There's a 30x or 25x wagering that applies to your bonus and deposit combined. On the other hand, winnings from rounds must be wagered 20 times. These will come in batches of 20 for the 10 days – the first will arrive as soon as the offer activates. Each extra round values C$0.10. The winnings from the promo are capped at 10x B.

Visit the casino from our website and check out the T&Cs.

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