All You Need To Know About Blackjack Surrender

Joseph Havens

Casino expert

Blackjack Surrender

What does surrender mean in Blackjack? Our comprehensive guide will present everything players should know about this betting option. We’ll explain when to surrender in Blackjack and how to do it properly. Moreover, after going through this page, you’ll understand what game types offer this feature and what are its basic rules.

What Surrender Means In Blackjack?

What Surrender Means In Blackjack

Blackjack surrender is a strategy that allows players to fold their hands at half their initial stake. This method is carried out by players who do not want to lose their total wager based on the assumption that the dealer has the winning hand. Hence, rather than continuing with the round, a player can surrender.

You can only use this strategy after you are dealt two cards during the game. Thus, you won’t be able to surrender if you have opted for any of the other moves like Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down. The latter is one of the most popular Blackjack moves. So, take your time to decide what option to go for depending on your hand.

However, keep in mind that the surrender option is not available in most Blackjack variations. You can primarily use it in Blackjack Surrender, a Playtech-powered game dedicated to the strategy. You’ll find plenty of sites that offer Playtech products, as well as bonuses tailored to them.

How Can You Play Blackjack Surrender?

How Can You Play Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender shares the same rules and basics as standard Blackjack. The only difference is the additional surrender rule. So, there are no major differences when playing this version online.

It is easy to use the move online. Select one of the numerous Blackjack casinos available on the market and pick the variant that offers this rule. You will see a button in the game’s layout to use the feature.

Opting to play at an Evolution Gaming casino would be a wise choice for both beginners and experienced players, since users have the guarantee of fair gaming, given the great reputation of the provider involved.

However, apart from knowing when to carry out basic Blackjack moves like splitting and standing, you also need to learn the perfect time to surrender your hand.

Blackjack Surrender Options Available

Blackjack Surrender Options Available

Early Surrender

This option allows you to fold up your hand immediately after receiving your cards but before the dealer checks their hand. It requires you to forfeit half of your original bet.

It is the best surrender option available because you can use it whether the dealer was dealt a natural or not. It also reduces the game’s house edge by 0.62%.

Late Surrender

Like the early option, players can give up their hands at the price of half your initial bet with late surrender. However, you can only use it after the dealer reveals their cards. You only get half your bet back if the croupier does not have a Blackjack.

Blackjack Late Surrender Rules

If not used right, late surrender can make you lose your total wager. You should only go for this move when:

  • The player holds a total of 15 against the dealer’s ace except if they can hit on soft 17;
  • The player has a hand total of 16 against the croupier’s ace or 10;
  • The player holds a total of 17 against the dealer’s ace.

You should not use this strategy when:

  • The dealer stands on soft 17 with a 9, 10 or Ace total against the player’s hand total of 15-17;
  • When the player holds a hand rank of 16 against a dealer’s 9.

When Is It Best To Surrender In Blackjack?

When Is It Best To Surrender In Blackjack

Now that you know the essentials of this option let’s see when to surrender in Blackjack! Two factors can affect the use of this method: the number of decks used in the game and whether the dealer stands on 17 or not.

Since most online Blackjack games use six decks, we have compiled the list of instances when you can use the surrender option, whether the croupier stands or hits on 17s.

When the dealer stands on all soft 17s

You should surrender when:

  • You have a total hand consisting of a 10 and a 6 or a 9 and a 7 against the dealer’s face-up card of 9, 10 or an Ace;
  • You have a hard 15 versus the dealer’s 10 face-up card.When the dealer hits a soft 17

It is best to surrender when:

  • You have a hard hand of 15 against dealer’s 9,10 and Ace;
  • You have a hand featuring a pair of 8s versus the dealer’s ace;
  • You have a 17 hard total against the dealer’s ace.