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Quick guide for playing free Craps

Based on our experience, free Craps is one of the simplest casino games. While it won’t take you more than a few minutes to get the grasp of the basic mechanics like “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” line, you should know that there are over 40 Craps bets available, all having different complexities.

But what if you’re a complete beginner?

Don’t worry! If you’re a newbie, you should initially focus on understanding how the game works and the craps terminology. Over time you will master all the advanced wagers and strategies, primarily if you practice a free version before you embark on a real money adventure.

Once you feel confident with your skill level, you can jump to our live Craps casino page, where you shall find an in-depth analysis of the latest Canadian bonuses from top-tier gambling platforms. By picking one of the promotions from our lists, you will be able to get an enhanced gaming experience and have increased chances of landing a winning roll.

A quick step-by-step guide that will help you get on the right track with craps:

  1. The game begins with a pass line bet;
  2. The designated shooter throws the come-out roll;
  3. Getting a 7 or 11 (natural outcome) means you instantly win, while 2,3 or 12 (called craps) represent instant loss;
  4. Rolling any other number than those mentioned above will become the point, meaning that the shooter will roll another time;
  5. Now, more wager types become available;
  6. If the shooter rolls the point again (or any other points rolled), he wins. However, if he rolls a 7, he automatically loses;
  7. A new come-out roll will be rolled if the shooter makes the point;
  8. If the shooter rolls a seven before rerolling the point, they lose, and the dice are passed to the next shooter.

Now that you have an overview of these basic rules of free craps, it’s time to move on to more advanced mechanics. Any reputable Craps player knows that there are two types of bets available – multi-roll and proposition. Below, we will explore how these bets work and the optimal situations in which you should use them.

Let’s find out!

Multi-Roll bets

  • Pass/Don’t Pass bets – essentially, you bet with or against the dealer on the come-out roll. The Pass bet is won if the outcome is natural and automatically lost if you crap out. If you get a point number, you get another throw. The Don’t Pass bet is the exact opposite of the Pass bet.
  • Come/Don’t Come bets – you can place this bet after the come-out roll if a point number was previously rolled. If you lose the point, you lose, and you win if it’s a winning point. Don’t Come bets are the same, but wagered against the shooter.
  • Lay Odds – this wager is placed against the point after a Don’t Pass bet. This bet has no house edge and has a 2 to 1 payout.
  • Free Odds – these bets have no house edge and can only be played in combination with other wagers, such as the Come or Pass bets. If you wager on six on the next roll, there are three possible combinations that sum up to 6, so the payout will be 2:1;
  • Hardways – you win this bet if the next dice roll shows a number made of matching numbers (for example, a hard six is a six made up from threes on each dice);
  • Place Bets – these wagers are placed on point numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. You can make a Place bet any time, and if the number you wagered on lands before a 7, you will win. The thing about this bet is that it can be increased, decreased, or removed at any stage.

Single-Roll/Proposition bets

  • The Field – betting that the next roll will show 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12;
  • Any 7 – this single-roll wager pays if the sum on the dice is 7. The possible combinations are 1-6, 2-5, and 3-4;
  • Hi-Lo – this bet is won if the dice shows 2 or 12 on the next roll. In Craps slang, the two is called “snake eyes,” and the 12 is “boxcar.”
  • Any Craps– commonly called the Three-Way bet, this wager can be won by rolling a 2,3, or 12 (crap out);
  • Crapsand 11 – this bet is a combination between the Any Craps bet and a bet on eleven that slightly increases your winning odds.
  • Boxcars – you win if the outcome of the next dice is 12. This bet has many names, including Midnight or Cornrows;
  • Hop Bet – similar to the Hardways bet, you wager on a specific combination. However, the hop bet is placed on non-matching combinations;
  • Ace Deuce – you can win this bet by getting an outcome of 3 on the dice, made up of a 1 and a 2;
  • Horn – to win this bet, you need to get a 2, 3, 11, or 12 as a point number after the come-out roll;
  • World or Whirl – a combination bet between the Horn and the Any 7 bets.

While you might be tempted to go for the Proposition bets often, we recommend avoiding them as much as possible. That’s because the house edge for most of these bets is exceptionally high, meaning that they will quickly drain your balance.

Reasons to play free online craps

Based on our expertise, we’ve noticed that a large number of newbies start their Craps journey with real money, without even understanding the core mechanics and bets available.

Our experts suggest placing your wagers at a free Craps table first to learn the basics. While Crapsis a relatively simple casino game, being good at it takes practice. Instead of going all-in with your money from the beginning, try placing bets and using different strategies on a demo free Craps version until you start noticing a slight improvement in your win rate.

Even if you play Craps for free and your balance is substantial, it’s essential to start with small bet values. That’s because bankroll management is a crucial skill to have in your arsenal, especially if you plan to become a pro Craps player. Avoiding bets higher than a tenth of your total balance is an efficient strategy for scaling your results.

What are the best tips for playing Craps?

Now that you have a thorough understanding of the basic rules, you will need some insights to help you take your gameplay to the next level. Our team has created a list of actionable craps bets and tips that you can try on these free games:

  1. Start easy and avoid huge bets – Even if you play Craps for free, the energetic atmosphere is still present at the table. By keeping track of your balance and setting budget limits, you will be safe from blowing all your money on a single wager.
  2. Don’t bet on Big 6 or 8 – Beginners might think that they will receive huge payouts by placing “Big” bets. That’s wrong since the Big 6 or 8 bet has 1 to 1 payouts if you roll them before a 7. On top of that, the house edge for this bet is 9%, which is relatively high, compared to the 1.5% house edge on “Place” bets.
  3. Go for the Come Rolls– With a house edge of approximately 1.41%, the Come and Don’t Come bet is considered a premier wager. This is one of the primary bets you can make, and the rules are simple – you win on a roll of 7 or 11 and lose if a Craps number(2,3 or 12) is rolled. If you get any other number(like 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) can be the “Point” for the next roll.
  4. Know your odds before you play – From our experience, most free online Craps tables come with similar odds. However, there might be some small distinctions that can make a difference in the outcome. Thus, it’s essential to pay attention to the odds and special features before you start placing bets.
  5. Use a betting strategy – There are a lot of viable free Craps strategies that you can use, and some of them are quite simple to understand. If you take your time learning how to use a statistically proven system, you will get better odds. The most straightforward strategy is to only bet on pass, don’t pass, come, and don’t come, which come with a low house edge of around 1.4%, which will boost your winning chances in the short run.
  6. Don’t fall into the trap of Gambler’s Fallacy – Gambler’s Fallacy is a psychological bias that leads players to believe that previous rolls influence the outcome of the dice roll. However, it’s been mathematically proven that the “winning streak” concept is pure coincidence. Avoid getting too excited after winning a few rounds, you’re probably just fortunate.

By mastering the free Craps tips and tricks, you will be prepared for a real gambling experience. However, due to the variety of online platforms, picking a reliable casino can be a daunting task. Read on to learn how to find a trustworthy gambling site.

How to join a real-money Craps table?

Once you’ve trained with free online Craps games for a while, you might feel ready to go out in the real world and wager some real cash. That’s great! Still, there is one problem – How can you choose a secure gaming platform?

The casino analysts at Casinobonusca have been testing all the gaming platforms available and curated a list of the top Canadian casinos. You can’t go wrong if you choose a platform from our list since all the gaming operators we’ve mentioned are regulated by industry-leading regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Commission, meaning that you shall gamble in a secure environment.

Final thoughts

Free Craps is a great way to learn the game’s ins and outs, and most inexperienced players can greatly benefit from training on a demo version. While Craps is a casino game with a negative expectation value, by using different strategies and betting systems, you will be able to turn things in your favor, at least in the short run.

Of course, another quintessential factor of successful Craps gameplay is keeping control of your emotions. By approaching losses with patience and positivity, you shall be able to avoid chasing your losses and over-betting because you’re discouraged by your previous results. Good luck!


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