Best 25 Online Gambling Real Money Sites in Canada→ 2021


This is the ultimate guide created by our experts regarding the gambling sites, who they are, and their bonuses. We will walk you through chapters that cover a broad image of this industry, followed by explanations made from our expertise and analytical point of view. 

What is online gambling?

It is an online website that offers a variety of games and promotions that can be combined with. Usually, a gambling site provides its members with a wide variety of entertainment forms from which they can select. Such forms can include but are not limited to live casinos, sports betting, lottery, Bingo and online slots.

Now, let's be honest.

We know that it might be hard to understand each gambling category's meaning, as it includes various and different types of entertainment. Hence, in this chapter, we shall guide you through each form by explaining them and offer some tips which can prove to be useful. Furthermore, we shall put some of the best gambling sites at your disposal that provide various types.

Best online gambling sites on real money

Brand NameLive CasinoOnline SlotsSports BettingBingoLottery
William HillYesYesYesYesYes

Live Casino

What makes a gambling site with live casino to be the best?

Using our knowledge from the iGaming industry and the gambling websites that we've analysed so far, we firmly believe that a good gambling site with the live casino collection incorporated should have more than 30 live tables available.

We have explained the meaning of gambling platforms, but you might wonder how live casinos are different. At first, you might think that these types of entertainment are similar, but actually, there are a couple of differences.

The key difference between them are:

  • Gambling sites usually work with RNG, which states from the Random Number Generator. Most gambling sites use it in order to determine a random outcome of each thrown dice, card, draw and wheel spin.
  • Live casinos work with live streaming links where live dealers or croupiers sit at a table in real-time. It is similar to brick and mortar casinos.

Our specialists have dedicated their time and knowledge to create the ultimate advanced guide about live casino sessions. After reading it, you will:

  • Know what a live dealer is and how it works;
  • The difference between it and brick-and-mortars;
  • How to use the bonuses selected by our specialist to increase your chances of winning;
  • And more.

Now that you know the main image of what it means live casino at gambling sites let's take a look at how rare or common do platforms offer dedicated bonuses

Which are the best promotions for live casino?

Type of offerRareCommonBrand Name
Welcome Bonus-YesExperts choice
No Deposit BonusYes-         -
No Wagering BonusYes-         -
Cashback-         YesSpin Samurai

This type of activity can be further separated into three main categories.

Let's take a look:


There is more to gambling sites than simple table games or slot machines, and Roulette is one category that stands out. It is true that in the past, this type of title hasn't received so much attention, with at least 5% of users selecting this type of title in 2015.

Nevertheless, the gambling platforms are continuously updating their collection with various forms of Roulette, be it live or a simple table game, and moreover with dedicated bonuses.

real money gambling

This title's game rules are easy as players must place bets on either single or various groupings of numbers and on the colours red or black.

Fun fact: Roulette is a type of game that means little wheel in French.

The above explanation is easily and straightforwardly. Suppose you want to receive an extensive database that contains advanced strategies about Roulette. In that case, we recommend reading our complete guide about it. For gamblers that are interested in using the presented tips in their gameplay, a list of bonuses have also been specially handpicked by our specialists from legit platforms.

Here's the deal:

  • On that page, we shall dive into the history of Roulette;
  • We will explain how can a new player start its session without any risk;
  • Our experts' strategies can be used on gambling sites to win real money;
  • And more tips & tricks.


How can Blackjack influence whether a gambling site is worth it or not?

As a casino member, you must have at disposal a vast collection of gaming choices to have a smooth session and to have the chance to increase your gaming balance. Hence, for a gambling site to be worth it, it must cater a wide variety of Blackjacks, from classics to live croupiers and from various gaming suppliers. Besides this, it must also provide the players with an extended range of stake limits.

Fun fact: The first reference to this type of game can be found in the Don Quixote book by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. Hence, Blackjack is considered to probably be of Spanish origin.

Let's talk briefly about how to start playing this title:

  1. First and foremost, select a trusted platform from our list.
  2. Choose the game and buy chips to place a bet;
  3. Two cards shall be dealt face-up while the dealer will have one card face up and one down;
  4. After the cards have been dealt, decide how you want to play your hand. There are five simple ways regarding this, and they are Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split, and Surrender.
  5. Last but not least, the payouts.

As you can see, it is a simple type of game that doesn't contain many and complicated rules. Furthermore, the ways about how you can play your hand are intuitive.

For example:

  • The Stand means that if the first two cards you have received are acceptable, you can remain with them and let the dealer move on to the next player.
  • Hit can be used when you want more cards, which can help you improve your hand. When selecting such a way, grant that one card at a time will be dealt.
  • Double Down is used when you have a right hand, but you need only one card to be dealt by the dealer. Plus, you may double your initial stake with it.
  • Split in Blackjack is used when you have two cards of the same value. Thanks to this option, you will have the possibility to split the cards into two separate hands and be granted an additional card for each hand from the dealer.
  • Surrender – as the name implies, you can give up the initial hand with this option if you consider that is not advantageous. But it will be in exchange for half of the initial bet.

Tips: Strategies to beat the dealer:

  • Draw a hand that has a value higher than the dealer.
  • Draw a hand value of as much as 21 using the first two cards.
  • The dealer will draw a hand value of more than 21.


Why is Baccarat important for a gambling site to be considered the best?

To have the ultimate gaming experience, an online platform must combine the suave sophistication of online Baccarat with unique promotions. This combination is ideal for any gambling site that wants to be characterized as the best place for a player to use their fundings on.

If in Blackjack, the aim of the game was covered by the number 21, in Baccarat is 9. When we say this, we mean that you, as a player, must get as close as possible to 9 points.

To understand better how this type of entertainment can be played, we've broken it into three quick and easy steps:

  1. Place a bet on either the Banker's hand, Player's hand or on a Tie.
  2. After the first step is completed, a total of four cards shall be dealt.
  3. The hand closest to 9 points shall be considered the winner.

Tips: In case there is a tie, neither hand will win or lose.

But there is one thing that you must pay attention to when choosing to play such a game. An additional card may be dealt in case neither hands total 8 or 9 points. So, one may receive no more than three cards.

Online poker

The most common question that Canadian ask is: What are the online gambling real money sites with poker?

After a thorough investigation, we've finally come with an answer:

Top 3 gambling sites with online poker

RankName of Casino
#3Poker Stars

The reason why we've selected these gambling sites is not only because they've incorporated in their gaming catalogue online poker, but also thanks to the fact they offer a safe environment, multiple bonus choices, user-friendly interfaces and many other perks.

However, online poker is not as standard as the categories mentioned above. Hence, it can be hard to find a top website with this type of title. We've understood this situation very well, and because our primary purpose is to come to an answer to all your questions, we've done everything to come to you with a solution.

Using a survey made by Statista in 2015, we've discovered that if a player wants to access online gambling sites, only 5% of them choose to always play this type of game, which is the same situation as Roulette. Furthermore, as much as 59% of them stated that they have never chosen it as a form of entertainment.

online gambling

Poker has been around since the early 19th century. Even though its popularity increased as late as 2003-2006 due to the fact that poker has been broadcasted on TV, Canadians still do not prefer this type of game.

However, for those who wish to know which are the best gambling sites that provide online poker and want to start their gaming session on them, we've thoroughly selected the below-gambling sites.

1.     Online slots with real money

When you want to gamble for real money, the first game type that you choose is, without any doubt, the online slot machine. It is understandable, as these come from various top-notch software providers, and there is not a single gambling site that doesn't have them in their catalogue.

Searching for gambling sites with slots might be quite tricky. We know this aspect well as the iGaming industry is continuously evolving, and various software providers and online gambling casinos are being launched.

Our team made sure to offer you:

  • Insights regarding the best slot sites for payout.
  • Information about what providers offers what slot machines.
  • The true meaning of online slots with real money.
  • Strategies that can help you boost your winning chances.

Before you begin your session with such a title category, we must ask you a question.

Do you know the difference between regular online slots and progressive jackpots?

Let's take a look at the main differences that can influence your gameplay:

Regular Online SlotsProgressive Jackpots

Fixed Jackpots

Have a higher RTP usually above 96%


Every time you bet, the Jackpot will increase

RTP is lower by 10% than the average slots

Have medium-high volatility

Even though there are differences between the two of them, all the sites that we offer come with both types. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits you better.

2.     Sports Betting

Which are the best gambling sites with sports betting?

Brand NameType of BettingType of LicenseOffer
888sportsSports betting, esportsUKGC, MGAWelcome bonus, no deposit offer, others
BetsafeSports betting, esportsMGA, Sweden licenseWelcome offer, others
BetwaySports betting, esportsMGA, UKGCNo deposit promo, cashback, weekly bonus, others
LV BetSports betting, esportsUKGC, MGAWelcome bonus, weekly bonus, others
William HillSports betting, esportsUKGC, MGAWelcome offer, others
Bet VictorSports betting, esports Welcome promotion

The gambling sites that we've presented in the above table are some of the best in the industry. When we have realized it, we have taken into consideration the type of betting that it has, the licenses and what promotion can be combined with the betting catalogue.

We must emphasize that when we've mentioned sports betting, we've included various categories such as betting on horses, football, tennis, NFL, dogs, politics, handball, rugby, snooker, GAA hurling, golf and many other forms of sports.

You should know that sports Betting games are not as familiar on gambling websites as live casinos or online slots. Nevertheless, most Canadian players do choose this type of activity.

Using the report made by Ipsos in 2016, it can be clearly seen that Canadian have come to select gambling sites with sports betting rather than a Bookmaker. Furthermore, from the 39% of the gamers, as much as 70% of them are using a gambling platform via desktop or laptop, which is a high increase compared to the 9% who choose a Bookmaker.

real money casino bonus

A question that might pop in your mind now is why is betting online better than offline. To answer this, first and foremost, we must point out once again that our mission is to guide you in a vast industry. Everything that we state is entirely based on our expertise and our knowledge we managed to acquire up until now.

Now, to answer your question:

Sports betting: Worth it or not?

  • Unlike the offline version, you will have access to a wide array of promotions from different bookies.
  • You will have access to the best odds on a daily basis.
  • It's more convenient as you can start betting from the comfort of your home.
  • Online sports betting comes with variety compared to land-based bookmakers.

What gambling platforms offer the best bonuses for sports betting?

Type of offerRareCommonBrand Name
Welcome Bonus-YesWilliam Hill, Melbet
No Deposit Bonus-Yes888sport
No Wagering BonusYes--
Cashback-YesBetway, Melbet

Besides sports betting, players have at their disposal other three betting types:

In this section, we shall provide you with further details about each section. When we say this, we mean that we shall create a quick and simple guide which will contain:

  1. What is the meaning behind each sports betting type.
  2. Tips & tricks.
  3. How to play them.
  4. Reasons why these are worth playing.


How common are eSports games in gambling sites?

In general, most gambling websites that offer sports betting will also have incorporated eSports. Even though these are not as usual as the online slot types or live casinos ones, you can still find an impressive list of platforms.

What is eSports?

To put it simply, it is a form of an organized sports competition which is made using video games.

If we're talking globally, this type of entertainment has reached in 2019 billions of dollars, and it still continues to grow. In the Canadian market, the most popular esports game is Counter-Strike and is certainly of the most common on gambling sites. 19 professional teams have won as much as $1,480,362.

While we're talking about the elite players, we must mention the Quebecer Stéphanie Harvey, who is a five-time world champion in the first-person shooter Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Tips for how to successfully bet on eSports

  1. Play the game before betting on it.
  2. Understand the odds and how the payouts are calculated to bet smarter.
  3. Make yourself proper bankroll management.
  4. Having good and relevant information about who you want to bet is essential.
  5. Keep a record and analyze the performance of the games, players and tournaments.
  6. Do thorough research and compare odds.

Tips: Betting on gambling sites with the eSports category is all about understanding the game you want to bet on.

Since this form of activity has become so popular, some gamers might want to switch from the traditional bets on sports to esports. For such players, we have compiled the above guide, which can help them understand the system behind it.

Is it legal to bet on eSports in Canada?

Esports bets are allowed on offshore platforms that are legally operated, just like in the case of online casino betting.

real money sites

There are no domestically licensed esports websites. Thus, you have to pick one running from another country.

Tips: Many such websites are operating from the United States of America. Most of them also offer an odds guide that you can consult before making your bet.

Fun fact: Due to the current trends in esports, the most loved games, by Canadians and non-Canadians, are Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

real money gambling canada

Fantasy sports

As the name implies, this game category consists of participants who gather imaginary or virtual teams of real-life players from a professional sports team. The assembled teams will compete using the statistical performance of those players.

Fun fact: This concept has been around since shortly after World War II has ended.

Who plays it?

You might think that this type of game is usually popular among the younger generation. You are not wrong. In North America, 56 million play it, and from it, 10 million are teenagers. However, according to STATS Inc., 19% of men adults are also playing it.

4 ways about how to play Fantasy sports?

  1. First and foremost, you must join a league. Still, you must understand the type of league you enter because there are ones who play for fun, which typically are beginners and the ones who play for real money.
  2. Make research of the available players and scout your team. A bulletproof strategy is to understand your league's scoring system.
  3. Build your team.
  4. Compete through tournaments with other teams.

The legality of fantasy sports in Canada

Betting on fantasy sports is legal in Canada because there is no law criminalizing them. Thus, fantasy sports wagers have the same legal status as online gambling and sports/esports betting.

So far, we have not seen or found any prosecutions towards folks who engage in such luck-based activities.

Tips: The leading US fantasy sports sites allow Canadian IPs, but they do not accept Quebec residents.

Want to know the reason why?

The Quebec exception is not tied to this situation only. Instead, the control institution regulating such activities, and others, the Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ), has very strict rulings.

Fun fact: According to the Fantasy Sports Trading Association, the average enthusiast will reserve almost C$100 annually for fantasy sports wagers.

Future betting

As it sounds, future betting means that you will have to make a bet on an event that will happen in the future. It doesn't mean that it is restricted to the current day or even week.

Usually, these bets are made when it comes to end-of-season results.

As a way of example:

  • You can bet on which team will win a championship.
  • The number of wins of a team throughout a season can also be used to bet on.
  • Betting on a player that receives an award.

Betting game category advantages & disadvantages

Betting CategoryAdvantagesDisadvantages
Sports Betting

It is a versatile field

Lower commissions

Good source of entertainment

Various platforms

 You won't always be successful

It can be addictive


Good odds

 Most sites come with no lower limits

Increased prize money

Improves decision-making skills

Choosing the right team can prove to be difficult

 Grey legal areas

Fantasy Sports

 Includes various types of sports

The shorter the season, the faster the payouts

There is no limitation on players

Player versus player and not on the House

 You must have knowledge about each sport and players

Commissions can be higher

Odds can be deceptive

There is no diversity when it comes to gambling sites with fantasy sports

Future Betting

Potential of good payouts

A good form of entertainment

Includes various uncertainties

You must wait a long time for payouts

 It can be varying and fluctuating

Each type of betting category comes with pros and cons. Because we want you to make an informed decision which can be beneficial for you, we have come to your aid with the above table. Thanks to it, you can have a broad idea of what to expect from each type.


Which are the best promotions for Bingo?

Type of offerRareCommonBrand Name
Welcome Bonus-YesWilliam Hill, Jet Bingo, BingoCafe
No Deposit Bonus-Yes888bingo
No Wagering BonusYes--

This kind of entertainment is known to have its roots in Italy when the Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia state-run lottery started back in 1530. However, online Bingo is slightly different from the original one as most players usually played it to socialize.

You might wonder what exactly is the difference between the original form and the online one.

The answer is quite simple.

The offline Bingo uses original balls whether the online one works with a Random Number Generator, which is understandable.

Who plays it?

You might think that the online Bingo sector is chosen only by the older generation. However, there is no stereotype about this game, mainly since it has grown in popularity in the online sector.

More than 28% of people between the ages of 25 and 34 years old have come to understand the beauty of this form of entertainment since it has come to be played online on gambling sites. On the other hand, only 26% of people with ages that range from 35 to 44 years old enjoy this type of game online.


Do all gambling websites in Canada have lottery?

Unfortunately, no.

While investigating the iGaming industry and the types of game categories it offers, we have discovered that this form of entertainment is not as common as sports betting, for example. Nevertheless, there are still some platforms that do offer them, such as William Hill.

What are the most common bonuses for lottery?

Type of offerRareCommonBrand Name
Welcome BonusYes--
No Deposit Bonus-YesLottogrove, Crazy Scratch, Prime Scratchcards
No Wagering BonusYes--

How to play online lottery?

There are five easy steps:

  1. Select a site that has this form of entertainment.
  2. Select the type of lottery you want to play.
  3. The most crucial part that needs your attention: Pick your numbers.
  4. Check the results.
  5. Receive your winnings.

Did you know that five regional organizations administer lotteries in Canada?

These are:

  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which has in its jurisdiction Atlantic Canada
  • Loto-Québec
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation that serves Western and Northern Canada, and excluding British Columbia
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation

All of these are known members of the consortium Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. It is an organization that has been established in 1976 and administrated joint lottery across Canada. There are four types of games that it administers today, and these are:

  • Lotto 6/49
  • Lotto Max
  • Daily Grand
  • Celebration, which is a special event.

The short answer is yes! Canadians can play at online casinos both as a hobby or as a job, without risking anything on the legal side.

But do you know why?

It is because no person has ever been prosecuted for wagering their cash on casinos or sportsbook bets. The Criminal Code of Canada does not register online gambling as an offence.

However, operating a casino without a granted license is illegal. That is why remote gambling happens on offshore websites.

Who regulates online gambling in Canada?

If an online casino operates outside Canada, they are most likely licensed by an international authority.

Some examples include:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Swedish Gambling Commission
  • Gibraltar Remote Gambling

Each region regulates physical gambling and sports/race betting in its own way. That is why you should keep in mind to check your local authority for guidance when you are in doubt.

Each province and the respective authority

Fun Fact: Canada has an internal authority that can, in fact, license casinos. It is called the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and it came to light in 1999. International authorities dominate the field, nonetheless.

Provincial sports betting laws in Canada

Let us backtrack a bit from online activities to real-life events.

Betting on sports matches and races is permitted under Canadian law. Notably, each province handles the issue independently.

Again, we advise you to revisit the table above and contact the authority that is your jurisdiction.

We want to help you as much as we can. Check out the 4 pocket-sized points below!

Do you know these Canadian sports and betting facts?

  1. Ice hockey (NHL), basketball (NBA), curling (World Championships), and horse racing are the most popular Canadian sports.
  2. The front-runner of decriminalized gambling was charity bingo, at the turn of the 20th century, then horse racing followed.
  3. In the 70s, lotteries gained a lot of traction, as they were organized to raise money for the Canadian Olympic
  4. Depending on the province, people must be either 18 or 19 to be able to bet legally.

Recommendation: During our previous investigations, we have found that certain areas technically allow sports betting; however, there are no events organized in the area.

Thus, even though you could bet, you have no real, palpable opportunities.

Are online gambling winnings taxable in Canada?

Generally, your winnings from online casino wagering do not have any taxes attached to them.

This is quite the catch for Canadian gamblers, as compared to other situations in Europe or the South of the border in the US.

But since gambling is a relatively complicated affair, specific scenarios will require you to pay a tax. See the list below for details.

Cases that require special cases for taxes

  1. Suppose you are the owner of a gambling business or any other similar venture. In that case, you will have to pay taxes on your business profits.
  2. If you are a professional gambler, you will have to file your taxes accordingly. If a vast part of your annual income is derived from skill sets pertaining to luck games, you will have to pay a tax on your income.

This state of affairs also comes by with the opposite fact

real money casino fact

 Suppose you lose a certain amount of money while pertaining to a legally operated gambling activity. In that case, you will not be able to deduct your wins in the annual tax form.


There are several instances where tax values differ from one province to another.

To be able to have a clean tax record, use Canada's official website for more information on income taxes, forms required, and deductibles.

Fun fact: This principle of taxing the gambling house rather than the gambler has its roots in the English Commonwealth. Canada preserved it over the years.

How to be successful: Our 3 tips

In the above chapters, we've presented and explained each game type. We've pointed out how common or rare are their promotions. We've also offered elucidations regarding the legality of online gambling in Canada.

We must now point out how you can use the information above to make real money while gambling online.

This section will include a quick and easy to follow guide where we shall point out some tips that will surely come in handy.

Let's dive right in!

How to make real money gambling online

  1. Select a trusted Canadian site

To make sure you select an online gambling platform that is trusted, you must first look for the logo of the gambling authority. It usually appears in the footer of the site.

  • UKGC
  • MGA
  • The Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • The Danish Gambling Authority
  • The Swedish Gaming Authority

Another way is to look for the icon with a close padlock.


Because it means that that specific website uses SSL encryption. Ut will be located in the address bar before the http://.

  1. Pick a bonus to increase your winning chances.

Recommendation: Search for a promotion that has a significant value.

  1. Use a payment method that has a fast payout.

We advise you to look out for:

The reason we've selected these banking options is that they have a fast processing time. Moreover, you can ensure that your funds will be safe and secure.

By clicking on each method, you shall be redirected to that specific option's dedicated page. Our specialists have compiled a list of the gaming websites that have these methods, and they've also selected the best promotions.

Recommendation: Check our top online casinos with real money for an extensive list with platforms that have all the three points mentioned above.

Protect yourself during real money gambling: Our solutions


  • Use additional protection software.
  • Read our experts' reviews.
  • Check out the casinos' terms and conditions.
  • Use longer passwords or a password manager to generate better and safer passwords.
  • Check the platform's security information.
  • Verify if the customer support can offer relevant information.


  • Disclose your financial details.
  • Download unnecessary software that can have pirated content.
  • Share your casino account login information.

How we can help you

Our team consists of experts. They do not only have knowledge regarding the iGaming market but cover various other domains. Each and everyone contributes to analyzing, reviewing and verifying a gambling site and the bonuses that comes with it.

The reason why we're doing this?

Because we want you to have at your disposal all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Interested to know what we take into consideration when rating gambling websites?

Let's take a look:

  • The transparency of informational pages such as terms & conditions, privacy policy and so on.
  • The platform's interface quality and security.
  • The efficiency of the support team.
  • Financial aspects of the gaming operator.
  • And more.

For an extensive database, we invite you to check out our complete review system.

Online Gambling Sites: A timeline of events

How the industry got to what it is now

Gambling has not left our social life since Prehistoric times. In fact, it is so deeply embedded in who we are as people that some cultures even perform gambling for religious purposes, a thing called divination.

So, it is relatively easy to understand how it appeared and gained a lot of momentum in the online world. Since the Internet introduced us to social media, it also brought up a new type of gambling, virtual gambling.

This remote type of play keeps the feeling from classic times and allows the players more freedom and comfort. Please continue reading our section for a timeline of how these virtual casino sites evolved to what you can see now.

We've explained everything there's essential to know about the gambling sites in Canada. Now it's time to show you exactly how this type of entertainment has evolved.

A chronological view of online casino evolution

This section is divided by the years where memorable moments happened that shaped the situation like it is today.

Let us guide you through time, and for some of you, through memory lane, and remind ourselves of the industry's beginnings.

**Theoretically, the year can have an embedded link to the H4s below, but it does not work here for some reason**


In the territories of Antigua and Barbuda, the local governments passed a bill that started all.

The Free Trade & Processing Act allowed international companies to come locally and apply for operating casino licenses.

At roughly the same time, Microgaming, one of the giants in the industry, of which we talk more below, was operating its first basic gambling software.

This Isle of Man-based company slowly evolved into the colossal provider it is today. What happened next?


Microgaming continued to improve upon its product. Not only did the gameplay become more intricate, but other two significant aspects were added:

  • The website management options became more complex, making it easier for the support center to improve upon the product.
  • The site got an update that permitted it to track players and their activity. This arguably improved upon the safety and fairness of casino gambling.


Moving forward to a Canadian event.

In 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was first established under the Canadian legislation of the time. Its initial goals were to give operating licenses to land-based casinos, following the longstanding tradition between the native people and gambling. The goals evolved into verifying online websites as well, a rare occurrence at the time.

In the same year, InterCasino came to light as a prominent business. They were the first to allow real-money transactions strictly operated online for gambling purposes.

Fun fact:

Nowadays, InterCasino is owned by WagerLogic, which is a subsidiary of CryptoLogic.

According to sources like Talk Business, there were around 15 sites of this kind at that time.


In this year, the trend that started one year before became more apparent and richer. This made the number of casinos rise from 15 to almost 200.


The financial reports of the time said that the total international revenue was over 830 million dollars.

As compared with the current year numbers, which are in the billion, it may not seem as surprising. However, for the time and the number of operating businesses, the sums are enormous.


Using the rapid evolution of the Internet, 1999 saw the integration of multiplayer options in the online casino game rooms.

That is one of the most important moves that opened the road to the state of online gambling as we see today.

Fun fact: The first type of luck-based games was played with primitive stone tools in the Palaeolithic times.

The present

Currently, the state of gambling in revenue is impressive. Are you not convinced?

In 2021, the market goes up to 66.7 billion dollars (USD). We do not go further into details, as readers can see the industry's present image through all of our site's pages.

online casino evolution

Canadian online casinos: the latest research

Almost 40% of Canadians have participated in some sort of gambling, either table games or in front of a slot machine. However, just a tad over 10% gamble constantly.

When talking about geographical hot spots, Ontario is more active than other places; generally, more urban areas are more inclined to gamble.

Fun fact: Casino visitors are more socially inclined in all life aspects than those who do not gamble.

39% of the total Canadian players also place bets in the online environment. See the mini table below for the usage of devices.

What are the most used devices for online gambling

PCs or laptops70%

It is evident that at least in 2016, the people loved to use their fixed or mobile computers and then the other options.

Top casinos starting in the 90s

Until this point, we talked about the history of the matters quite generally. But we would like to remind our readers about the first successful online casinos that emerged, some even existing as brands today, in some form or another.

Long-term surviving casino brands

Casino brandYear of establishmentLicensingNumber of gamesNumber of bonuses
Microgaming1994UKGC, MGA1500+-*
The Gaming Club1994Kahnawake500+4
Intertops1996No info200+4
English Harbour Casino1997ClosedClosedClosed

This table is meant to present you with the oldest online casino brands, as can be seen from the column with the year of establishment. We also give you a glimpse into its current situation by telling you its existing licenses, the number of games in the lobby, and its promotion variety.

*Microgaming has transformed from a casino to a premium game provider. For this reason, we cannot pinpoint the exact number of bonuses they have. Each partnered casino decides that internally.

Fun facts:

  1. Microgaming now has a portfolio of over 1500 games.
  2. An Ohio businessman established InterCasino.
  3. Microgaming powers the Gaming Club lobby.
  4. Intertops hosted the first international virtual sportsbook.
  5. English Harbour Casino is not available anymore; however, its sister site Cherry Jackpot can be accessed.

The leading authorities that concern Canadian gamblers

National and international authorities appeared to make sure that a large majority of online play is kept safe. This was a natural consequence of the growth of the industry, with hundreds of casinos appearing yearly.

We are going to show you just three examples of institutions that are acknowledged in Canada. For a full list of licensing sources, please click through to our legit casino analysis.

License-offering establishments

Full title Year of establishmentNumber of employeesPart of what branch
United Kingdom Gambling Commission2007250Independent UK authority
Malta Gaming Authority2001169Independent Maltese authority
The Curacao Gaming Control Board1999No infoPart of the Curacao Government

This is a straightforward table that is meant to illustrate the state of affairs in gambling authorities. Follow the link above for a more comprehensive text.

Shortcut to our advanced guide

Let's summarize what you've acquired from reading our extensive database about gambling websites:

  • You now know what is the meaning behind it and what online casino games for real money are at your disposal.
  • You have the ability to select the best promotion according to each type of title.
  • We've answered all your worries regarding the legality of online gambling in Canada.
  • You now have the necessary means to protect yourself while enjoying your session.
  • Using our tips, you can choose the best site for you.
  • You've acquired knowledge regarding these platforms when they have appeared and, moreover, their evolution.

Due to the fact that this industry is continually evolving, more and more websites are being launched. We know that this aspect might become challenging when you want to try a new platform.

Still, we come to your aid with a compiled list of safe and unique new casinos with real money.


Impressive list of real money gambling platforms

Read more

Canada flag

★ C$1000 Welcome Package + 10 Free Spins at Royal Panda Casino

Launched in 2014, Royal Panda Casino was granted a Malta Gaming Authority license and provides the possibility to play in numerous languages.

Pros: Prize pools, a wide range of game suppliers, various promotions offered.

Cons: The Royal Panda Casino app is only available to iOS users.

Once you register an account, you shall receive 149 Loyal Panda points. Afterwards, you may opt-in to receive the welcome package that comprises:

  • First deposit – 100% up to C$200 + 10 free spins for Book of Dead;
  • Second deposit – 50% up to C$300;
  • Third deposit – 50% up to C$500.

Note that you may claim the first and second deposit deal for a minimum of C$10, where the third requires above C$20 deposit.

In order to withdraw, the initial bonus amount and winnings from free spins must be wagered 35 times. There is no cap on winnings. The maximum bet allowed while the bonus is in play is C$7.50.

Book of Dead spins are valued at C$0.20 per spin with ten active paylines. Free rounds expire within seven days, while bonus funds in 90 days from the time they were awarded.

Canada flag

★ 10 Free No Deposit Spins + up to C$1300 Welcome Package at 21Prive

21Prive is managed by a white label company, White Hat Gaming Limited. The latter provides market-leading content, and over 100 top games providers.

Pros: The casino offers an exclusive VIP club, SSL encryption, and multilingual customer support, available 24/7.

Cons: Few promotions available, Idebit and InstaDebit are not available for payments.

This platform will supply new Canadian customers with 10 free spins available after registration, and a welcome package that comprises bonuses for the first five consecutive deposits, in the following way:

  1. 125% up to C$300 + 200 free spins;
  2. 75% up to C$300;
  3. 50% up to C$300;
  4. 25% up to C$300;
  5. 100% up to C$100.

However, this deal comes with certain conditions that you should be aware of:

  • Deposit spins will be credited as 40 per day, over five days and have C$100 maximum cashout;
  • Winnings from the registration spins are credited in the form of casino bonus and will be available for a maximum cashout of C$50, once a deposit is placed;
  • Wagering requirements for this offer are 35 times the bonus value;
  • Bonus funds must be wagered within 30 days, and bonus spins in 10 days.
  • Both types of free spins are available on Gonzo’s Quest or Starburst.

The maximum bet per spin allowed during bonus play is C$5.

Loki logo
Canada flag

★ Welcome Package at Loki

Loki is a gambling platform with over 1300 games available and many competitions available.

Pros: Live Casino games available, tournaments ongoing, live chat available

Cons: no cryptomoney accepted and no VIP program

The deposit offers are as follows:

  • 100% deal up to C$1400 for your first deposit of over C$36;
  • 50% deal up to C$1000 for your second deposit of more than C$72;
  • 25% deal up to C$1000 for your third deposit of over C$140.

All these come with a wagering requirement of 40 times the bonus and the deposit amount combined. For example, if you deposit C$100, you will receive C$100, making your account balance hold a total of C$200. This means you'll have to wager C$8000. This money can only be played on slots. Max cash out is the sum between the bonus received and the deposit you've made.

Canada flag

★ 10 Free Spins on Sign-up + C$500 Welcome Package + 50 Free Spins at Hello Casino

Hello Casino was established in 2014 and comes with a wide range of games from famous providers and 24/7 customer support.

Pros: many games, multiple languages, Live Chat available

Cons: few promotions, basic loyalty program

The platform offers 10 Free Spins on Fortunium right after registration and a welcome package which consists of:

  • 100% first deposit bonus up to C$100 + 25 Free Spins on Immortal Romance;
  • 50% second deposit bonus up to C$250;
  • 50% third deposit bonus up to C$150 + 25 Free Spins on Fortunium.

For this offer, the minimum payment required for each deal is C$10 and the wagering requirement is 35 times the sum of the bonus and deposit, and also 35 times the winnings from free spins. You can withdraw up to C$100 from the extra rounds. The maximum bet with promotion money is C$5. Both extra money and free spins will expire within 30 days from the date they were credited. Processing payouts may take the casino 48 hours or more.

Canada flag

★ 500 Spins on Sign-up + up to C$1000 Welcome Package

Casino Details:

SlotJoint runs on a custom-developed platform with in-house payment processing, relationship with game providers, and customer support, additionally offering numerous Responsible Gaming tools.

Pros: 2000 games available, various promotions, loyalty program available.

Cons: Only a few gaming providers are specified, the wagering requirement for the free spins is high.

The C$1000 welcome package comprises:

  • 1st deposit - 200% up to C$40;
  • 2nd deposit - 50% up to C$400;
  • 3rd and 4th deposit - 25% up to C$250;
  • 5th deposit - 50% up to C$60.

The exclusive 500 free spins are available 14 days since registration and are awarded on Book of Dead, with a C$0.01 value per spin. The maximum amount to cash out from them is C$100, once the wagering requirements of 100 times the bonus amount are met. The cash bonus requires a minimum deposit of C$20 and a wagering of 40 times the bonus.

Note that once the rollover has been completed, the casino will process your withdrawal request within 24 hours. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Canada flag

★ 20 Free Spins on Sign Up + C$7000 Welcome Package + 120 Free Spins at Dream Vegas

Dream Vegas is an online gambling platform, that owns three licenses, from MGA, UKGC, and also SGA. It displays over 1200 games from various providers and offers multiple bonuses as well.

Pros: Package also includes free spins, good wagering requirements, many games.

Cons: Spins can only be used on certain games.

When signing up, players get 20 Free Spins with no deposit required. Their winnings must be wagered 35 times and are limited to C$50. The casino will also reward you for the first three deposits over C$20 made here, as follows:

  • 1st – 200% up to C$2500 + 50 spins on Book of Dead;
  • 2nd – 40% up to C$3000 + 30 spins on Legacy of Egypt;
  • 3rd – 60% up to C$1500 + 40 spins on Golden Ticket.

You should know that the bonus is available for 30 days and the spins for 10 days, after which they will expire.

Cashing out the winnings can only happen once you’ve wagered the bonus sum 35 times. For the free spins, the requirement will be 35 times the winnings and maximum cashout is C$100.

Dream Vegas has 24/7 Live Chat support, a VIP program with multiple tiers and benefits, and tournaments with lifestyle rewards. However, the weekly cashout limit is of only C$5,000 and withdrawals are processed in 1-2 days.

Canada flag

★ Up to C$2000 + 200 Spins on Pink Elephants

Promotional info:

Joy Casino has a match deal and 200 extra turns for first depositors as follows:

  1. 200% up to C$50 for C$20 – C$49;
  2. 150% up to C$300 for C$50 – C$499;
  3. 100% up to C$2000 for deposits of C$500 or over.

How to claim:

Enter the casino from this site and sign up. Make the deposit of your choice and activate the deal from your account.

Remember these rules:

There's a 30x or 25x wagering that applies to your bonus and deposit combined. On the other hand, winnings from rounds must be wagered 20 times. These will come in batches of 20 for the 10 days – the first will arrive as soon as the offer activates. Each extra round values C$0.10. The winnings from the promo are capped at 10x B.

Visit the casino from our website and check out the T&Cs.

Canada flag

★ Up to C$6,500 + 125 Spins as Welcome Package

The casino:

Casimba is a White Hat Gaming Limited white-label. It is licensed by three institutions and come with 1500 games.

Pros: 24/7 support; games filtering options available.

Cons: There are few table options.

What you may get:

The offer consists of a welcome package spanning three deposits. Each deposit triggers a match bonus and extra rotations on specific games, totalling a maximum of C$6,500 and 125 turns.The rotations work on three preselected games.

Remember that:

Each promotion is available only once per account. You’ll need to wager your deposit, promo funds, and winnings 35 times. You can’t bet on more than 20% of the promotional amount. Furthermore, any unwagered bonus credit will disappear from your account 30 days since its activation.

LiveCasino logo
Canada flag
New casino

★ Live games and secure gambling session at LiveCasino

LiveCasino is a stand-alone platform new on the iGaming market, licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority since 1st August 2018. It is managed by LeoVegas, a Swedish company with over 1,000 employees and revenues of €327,800,000 in 2018-2019.

Pros: Numerous payment options provided, world-renowned game suppliers.

Cons: The live chat is carried out by a chatbot; complicated questions are not likely to receive answers.

This gambling website was built in the name of the player experience; therefore, it provides a selection of live games such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat. The numerous games are provided by renowned suppliers, like Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, and Quickspin, to name a few.

Any personal data in transit to LiveCasino is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer, which makes it safe to deliver payment and other sensitive information. Questions or queries are handled by the support team, that can be reached via email, live chat, or message.

In case you choose to try out this new casino, we recommend reviewing the Terms and Conditions page first!

Canada flag

★ 100% up to C$300 Welcome Bonus

William Hill is operated by the renowned William Hill company established in 1934 in the UK. It runs on a Playtech software, providing the players with Live Casino, Macau, Scratchcards, Poker, and Bingo games.

Pros: Various deposit and withdrawal methods provided, customer support can be reached via live chat, email, and phone number.

Cons: Small number of games and game providers.

Upon a deposit of minimum C$10, William Hill will provide you with a bonus of 100% up to C$300.

However, pay attention to the rules:

  1. You must opt in to receive this welcome bonus in the registration form;
  2. The bonus amount must be wagered 40 times within seven days since it was issued;
  3. After wagering requirements are completed, you may cash out a maximum of C$2000.

Stake contributions for this offer will be provided within the bonus Terms and Conditions.

Canada flag
Code: BOOK75

★ 100% up to C$300 + 75 Free Spins as Welcome Bonus

Slots Magic runs on a white label platform developed by SkillOnNet and delivers a wide variety of titles.

Pros: Fast payout processing, various payment methods, numerous promotions available.

Cons: Larger wins will take longer to be processed.

New customers that deposit higher than C$10 and use the promo code “BOOK75” shall receive 75 free rounds on Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. After using the spins, they will also be able to use the match deposit of 100% up to C$300.

If you are interested in this offer, do remember that:

  1. You must wager the deposit plus bonus amount received 30 times;
  2. Free spins winnings must be rolled over 60 times, and the maximum amount available for withdrawal will be C$100 or two times the bonus received. The larger amount applies;
  3. Wagering requirements must be completed within 30 days;
  4. The maximum bet allowed while the bonus is in play is 10% of the free spins’ earnings and bonus value or C$5. The lowest amount applies.

If the account holder does not log in for 180 days, the account will become inactive and will be subject to C$5 administration fees.

Canada flag

★ 100% Welcome Package up to C$500 + 20 Free Spins on Melon Madness Deluxe at PartyCasino

Boasting an impressive selection of games, PartyCasino is ready to welcome you with several treats. Register now and you will be pampered with a 100% welcome package up to C$500 and 20 Free Spins. 

In order to benefit from this offer, you just have to:

  • redeem the bonus from our page;
  • open an account.

You will then receive a 100% bonus of up to C$200 + 20 Free Spins. Your second and third deposit will each be rewarded with a 100% bonus up to C$150.

You have to wager your bonus and deposit amount 35 times and your Free Spins winnings 10 times. Don't forget that all free spins claimed as part of your welcome bonus are valid for 3 days.

We've provided you with all the information on this offer. Now is the time for you to ponder and decide.

Canada flag

★ 100% up to C$1500 + 100 Free Spins Welcome Bonus at Casino Room

Casino Room runs on a custom-developed platform, in an attempt to provide the user with an improved experience and beautiful design.

Pros: 24 hours payout processing, good wagering requirements, 1000+ games.

Cons: There are few withdrawal methods available and no VIP programme provided.

The welcome bonus delivers 100% up to C$1500 + 100 free spins, as:

  • 30 spins on Starburst;
  • 10 spins per day during 7 days on Viking Voyage.

This offer can be claimed on a minimum deposit of C$10 and has wagering requirements of 35 times the bonus received + deposit made. The bonus credits must be used within 7 days since they were credited, or else they will expire. Free spins have a maximum cashout of C$100.

Bonus money can only be spent and wagered on the titles listed in “Bonus Games”. Any winnings accumulated from other titles during bonus play will be deemed void. The maximum permitted bet per round is C$5.

Do remember that any deposited amount without being wagered will lead to the termination of the account!

Canada flag

★ 150% Welcome Bonus up to C$200

Lucky Nugget is an online gambling site that’s been around since 1998. It hosts over 600 titles from Microgaming, Ezugi, and Evolution Gaming. Canadian players registering here will have the possibility to join Live Casino matches as well as Tournaments.

Pros: mobile casino available via iOS and Android app, the player can choose the games he wants to use the bonus money on, loyalty program and tournaments available;

Cons: Only the first deposit is awarded, the wagering requirement is high, it doesn’t come with free spins.

Following the registration, you’ll be able to make a deposit. The first one is awarded here as part of the 150% up to C$200 welcome bonus and has to be higher than C$10. When you want to cash out, remember there’s a wagering requirement that must be met, more precisely 70 times the bonus sum. Remember, the winnings are capped at 6 times the deposit sum. You can only bet up to C$8 per round and C$0.05 per line.

This online casino puts at player’s disposal payment methods preferred by Canadian users, such as Interac and iDebit. If you sign up here, you should know the site tries to grant everyone a new promotion every day.

The minimum cashout allowed is C$50.

Canada flag
Code: BON1

★ C$1000 Welcome Package + 1000 Free Spins

At, Canadian gamers get a welcome package of up to C$1000 + 1000 spins for their first four deposits.
Pros: many providers, numerous promotions, Canadian payment methods available
Cons: doesn’t accept cryptocurrencies
The welcome package consists of the following deposit deals:
• 1st – 100% up to C$100 + 1000 free spins on Vampires vs Wolves – 10 per day for 100 days (BON1);
• 2nd – 25% up to C$500 (BON2);
• 3rd – 50% up to C$100 (BON3);
• 4th – 100% up to C$100 (BON4).

Important facts:
Mind that the minimum you must deposit for each is C$25 and you have to use the bonus codes above when making each payment. Also, the wagering requirement is 50 times the bonus sum and must be completed in 21 days.
The online casino comes with a variety of software providers and popular payment options in Canada. It lacks phone support, but the Live Chat is available 24/7.

Canada flag
Code: 29915

★ 100% up to C$1800 Welcome Package

Betway overview

Betway owns an MGA license and is part of the Betway Group, a company that entered the iGaming industry in 2006.

Pros: Various payment methods provided, Prize Reel, mobile app.

Cons: There is a small number of games, and they cannot be played in demo mode.

The welcome package contains:

100% up to C$1800 for your first four consecutive payments, as follows:

1st and 2nd – 100% up to C$500 each;

3rd and 4th – 100% up to C$400 each.

Good to know info:

  • You must use the promo code ‘29915’ to activate the offer;
  • Each offer must be wagered 60 times within seven days after activation;
  • You can only claim it until 25th July 2021;
  • The games available are supplied by Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, and others;
  • Betway Canada may incur charges for your payments.
Canada flag
New casino

★ Welcome Bonus of 100% up to C$200 + 100 Free Spins at Caxino

Caxino is a colourful gambling platform that is accepted on the Canadian market. They offer a few bonuses to players, including this welcome bonus viable for new players.

Pros: accepts Interac, tournaments and competitions, live casino

Cons: no cryptocurrency, no phone support

The welcome offer is made of two parts: a match up 100% bonus up to C$200 and 100 spins on 10 different slot games. To qualify, the player needs to make a deposit of just C$1 and they can access all the casino feature. The spins will be given for 10 days, 10 at a time of these games: Book of Tut, Piggy Riches Megaways, Book of Dead, Razor Shark, Ramses Book, Starburst, Book of Cleopatra, Money Train, Book of Oz, The Falcon Huntress. The wagering requirements are 35 times the bonus for the cash and 35 times the wins for the spins.

There is only one bonus claimable at once. This online casino has the smallest possible minimum deposit in the industry. The maximum bet while playing with bonus money is C$5.

Canada flag

★ C$550 + 150 Free Spins Welcome Package

CrazePlay is an online casino offering players the possibility to enjoy over 1000 games. All Canadian players can claim a welcome bonus up to C$550 and 150 free spins.

Pros: many games, plenty providers, mobile-compatible interface.

Cons: French language not available.

This bonus is granted to those willing to make their first 3 deposits here. Each one will be awarded, offering:

  • 150% up to C$150 + 25 free spins on Starburst for the 1st deposit;
  • 50% up to C$100 + 25 spins on Twin Spin for 2nd deposit;
  • 25% up to 300 + 100 bonus spins on Northern Sky for the 3rd deposit.

You must deposit more than C$20 each time to claim this deal. Winnings may be withdrawn once they have been wagered bonus and deposit sum was wagered 40 times.

The free spins winnings must be wagered 40 times before being cashed out. Please remember they are capped at C$100. The site comes with over 1000 games and some can be played in demo mode even without logging in. Withdrawal processing time is 2 business days and the maximum one may cashout per week is C$5,000.

Canada flag
Just added

★ 50 No Deposit Free Spins + Up to C$1,500 Welcome Bonus

The casino:

All Slots Casino is a brand from Digimedia Ltd. It is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Pros: Live games from Evolution; Interac and iDebit payments available.

Cons: The FAQ page is lacking in information.

What you may get:

Firstly, you will get 50 extra rotations, no deposit required. Then, after making qualifying deposits, you will unlock a three-part welcome package. It consists of three match bonuses, each valuing 100% up to C$500.

How to handle the offer:

For the free spins, the maximum winnings are C$20. To activate them, you must deposit C$10. You must wager both the winnings from rounds and the bonus funds 70 times. Different games will contribute differently to your wagering. All withdrawals go through a 24-hour pending period, during which your account needs to undergo verification.

Canada flag

★ Up to C$1500 + 150 Extra Rounds Welcome Package

Casino information:

SlotV is a casino that, besides standard payments, also offers cryptocurrency options.

Pros: 24/7 telephone support, adventure log, tournaments available.

Cons: Few promotions, withdrawal can incur fees.

What the offer gives you:

Matches and rotations for your first three top-ups, as follows:

  1. 150% Bonus up to 500 CAD and 50 spins in Dragon's Fire Megaways;
  2. 100% Bonus up to 500 CAD and 50 rotations in Hotline 2;
  3. 100% Bonus up to 500 CAD and 50 rounds in Valley of the Gods 2.

Important aspects:

  • The casino started in 2017, and it is licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority;
  • To redeem each match round, the minimum top-up required is C$10, while, for the turns, you must add at least C$100 to your account each time. Rotations will be given as 10 per day for 5 days;
  • The maximum allowed withdrawal on this platform is C$100,000 per month. You may cash out twice per day without incurring any fees, but starting from the third, you will have to pay 10% of the transaction;
  • Due to regulation, you may, at times, be unable to cash-out to MasterCard bank cards;
  • The wagering requirement is 25 times the offer plus the match and 35 times the extra rounds' winnings. This applies to each promotion, besides the first match and afferent top-up, that have a wagering requirement of 27;
  • You may only redeem this offer the first 30 days after registering. The maximum bet allowed with an active promotion is C$5.
Canada flag
New casino

★ Welcome package: Up to C$450 + 150 Rounds

Information about Beem Casino:

At Beem Casino, you can play 6000+ games from a vast range of game providers.

Pros: 24/7 live chat support, numerous games, user-friendly interface.

Cons: No phone support.

The offer provides you:

  • 1st deposit of 100% up to C$150 + 75 rounds;
  • 2nd deposit of 50% up to C$150 + 50 rounds;
  • 3rd deposit of 120% up to C$150.

You must know that:

  • Slot rounds are only available on specific games;
  • Bets over C$5 will make you lose your promotion.
  • Requests for withdrawals are processed within 60 minutes;
  • In case you need any help, you have 24/7 live support as well as email support at your disposal.
Canada flag
Just added

★ Welcome Bonus: 20 Free Spins + up to C$1,500 + 300 Extra Rounds

The casino:

Sloty Casino, self-titled "City of Slots", is a Genesis Global brand. It operates under an MGA licence.

Pros: All three support methods are available; over 100 live casino games.

Cons: The FAQ page could be more comprehensive.

What you will get:

20 rotations on Starburst when you register. When you deposit, you will also qualify for a four-deposit welcome package. Besides the match bonuses summing 1,500, you will receive 300 extra rounds, which come in batches of 30 for ten days. These are available on Fire Joker.

Be aware:

Both the no-deposit and deposit spins will last 72 hours. Make sure to use the codes when making the deposit. These can only be used once. For the first deposit promo, you must head to cashier and select the offer from dropdown box.

The maximum bet limit while having an active offer is C$5 per line. Also, different game categories will weigh differently to your wagering requirements, with slots having a 100% contribution and Blackjack only 5%.

Canada flag

★ Welcome Package up to C$600

Euro Palace Casino is an online gambling platform owned by Digimedia Ltd. It was established in 2010 and hosts games exclusively from Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Players will still find various games, from slots to cards, Roulette, and some others.

Pros: There’s more than just one deposit awarded, users choosing this platform will have multiple linguistic options, it is also available on the mobile app.

Cons: Free spins are not granted for any deposit, the wagering requirements are quite high.

Gamblers willing to claim this deal have 7 days since they’ve signed up to make their first deposit of C$10 or more, and unlock it. This is the lower limit for all three deposits. Once the transaction is complete, the player receives, in each case, 100% up to C$200.

So that the winnings are converted into real funds which can be cashed out, the bonus sum must be wagered 70 times. However, not all games have the same contribution. Players are advised to consult the Promotional Terms to see the percentages. Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the max bet allowed per round is C$8 and per line C$0.50.

Don’t forget that the maximum you can withdraw is 6 times the deposit sum.

The loyalty program gamblers will find here is not providing a lot besides converting points to money. This may not get the user’s attention. However, they will appreciate the iOS app. The cashout time is 24 hours and per day, a player may withdraw up to C$10,000.

Canada flag
Code: NEON
New casino

★ 500% up to C$500 Welcome Bonus

Players that go to Neon Vegas can enjoy table games, slots, and a live casino, totalling more than 1500 games to try out.

Pros: Canadian payment methods accepted, live chat support, a vast number of game providers.

Cons: No phone support available.

You can start your journey with Neon Vegas by getting a bonus of 500% up to C$500. When you enter the bonus code “NEON” and make a deposit, you will receive five times the amount as a bonus.

The only thing you must do to benefit from this offer is to deposit and wager the bonus amount 20 times within two days after you have signed up. Once you have completed the wagering requirements, you may claim or withdraw the bonus amount. Multiple deposits are accepted in order to meet the wagering requirements.

For more information about this casino, you can also check their T&C which are updated periodically!

Canada flag
New casino

★ Up To C$1500 + 100 Free Spins on Starburst Welcome Package

Spin Away is an online casino that incurs no fees on transactions for its members.

Pros: SSL encryption, mobile casino, 800+ games.

Cons: Support is not 24/7 available.

New members of Spin Away can enjoy a welcome package that consists of 100% up to C$500 deposit matches the first three times they fund their accounts with a minimum of C$20. The promotion includes 100 free spins in Starburst awarded after the first deposit as 10 per day for 10 days.

The rules of the promotion are:

  • The match offer expires in 30 days and the spins in 7 days of not being redeemed;
  • The actual bonus funds and deposit, as well as winnings from free spins, must be wagered 40 times their amount;
  • Not all games can be played with bonus credits (check terms for the whole list);
  • The maximum amount allowed to gamble with an active bonus is C$5.

Deposits made via ecoPayz are excluded from the offer.

Canada flag

★ 100% Welcome Bonus up to C$500 at Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is here to entertain its gamblers with only the best things in the industry!

Pros: different types of promotions, VIP club, 24/7 support.

Cons: slow processing time for payouts.

If you’re a new player to this site, take the 100% welcome bonus up to C$500, combine it with your favourite games and you’ll surely have a blast! In case you want to claim it, smash the blue button and register on the gambling platform.

Take a look at:

  • The wagering requirement is set at 20x the deposit plus bonus amount;

  • Fund your account with more than C$20.

Now that you have all the necessary information at your disposal, you decide if you claim it or not!

Canada flag
Code: BONUS1
New casino

★ C$500 Welcome Bonus + 600 Free Spins

Casino information:

JustSpin is an online gambling platform operated by BETPOINT GROUP LIMITED displaying over 1300 games. It has been founded in 2019 and owns a Malta Gaming Authority license.
Pros: Many games, mobile-compatible interface, Live Chat;
Cons: Low maximum bet while using bonus money, 72h payout processing time
Canadian users that choose this platform will receive a welcome bonus up to C$500 and 600 free spins. All spins are credited for the Fire Joker slot machine.
The welcome bonus is granted for the first 4 deposits, as it follows:
• 1st – 100% up to C$100 + 600 free spins on Fire Joker with code BONUS1;
• 2nd – 50% up to C$150 with code BONUS2;
• 3rd – 50% up to C$150 with code BONUS3;
• 4th – 100% up to C$100 with code BONUS4.

Keep in mind:
The minimum deposit of C$10 is available for all 4 bonuses. Withdrawal is possible only after the bonus sum was wagered 50 times within 21 days. The free spins will be credited 10 per day for 60 days after the first deposit. Winnings from them can be withdrawn once they’ve been wagered 50 times. From the extra spins, you may win up to C$250.
This online casino has a maximum cashout per day of C$5000 and Live Chat is not available 24/7. However, customer support is available in multiple languages.

Canada flag

★ 100% Welcome Bonus up to C$200 + 11 No Wagering Free Spins on Starburst at Videoslots

If you just opened a new account, Videoslots has a bonus for you.

The welcome bonus consists of 11 wager free spins on Starburst and a 100% bonus up to C$200. They will be both credited after you register and make your first deposit over C$10. Please use the spins in the first post-deposit 24 hours and the money within 60 days of activating the bonus. The deposited money has to be wagered 35 times. For max cash out, contact support. Your bonus will payed to your account in 10% increments. Progressive slots can’t be used with this offer.

Come claim the bonus now!

Canada flag
Code: 20BD

★ 20 Sign-Up Rounds + 100% up to C$200

Know your online casino:

Dream Palace has over 1,000 games provided by high-end names in the industry such as Pragmatic Play, Play N GO, Lightning Box, Lucky Streak, Microgaming, Netent, and Neon Valley Studios.

Pros: exhaustive list of providers, the casino is also available on mobile for iPhone and Android users, fast 24/7 live chat.

Cons: sometimes payments may incur fees, there is no phone number to ease up customer support.

What’s your welcome deal?

  • 20 Book of Dead spins on sign-up;
  • 1st deposit deal of 100% up to C$200.


The maximum withdrawal limit allowed by Dream Palace Casino is C$3,000 per week and a monthly C$6,000. However, bonuses usually have a winnings cap of three times the bonus amount.

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Code: bNEW

★ Welcome Package up to C$1200 + 100 Free Spins at bCasino

bCasino is an online casino that offers a hefty array of games and they can be a lot more fun if you decide to benefit from their Welcome Package. It contains the following bonuses:

  • bonus up to C$500 + 50 free spins;
  • bonus up to C$200;
  • bonus up to C$500 + 50 free spins.

In order to benefit from these, you have to enter promotion code bNEW on each of your first three deposits and to make deposits of more than C$20. Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz users cannot receive this bundle so pick any other payment option. The package remains available for 7 days for you to complete the wagering requirements of 30 times the bonus and deposit amount and 25 times the winnings from spins. You can win up to C$100 from the additional rounds and they can be used on Fruit Zen and Legend of the Nile. C$5000 is the maximum sum you can withdraw from this promotion.

Come and enjoy it if it matches your style and preferences!


Please Note:

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