Compare the best online casinos in Canada 2021


We compare the most competitive online casinos in Canada, to bring you a full list of safe casinos, free of charge! Our canadian comparison list is updated regularly. 

  1. What are top online casinos?

  2. How we choose which brands make it to our top online casinos Canada list

  3. Gambling awareness and how to be safe from gambling addiction

  4. Quick guide to picking the top casino that suits you

  5. Our final thoughts, methodology, and references

  6. See here our list of top online casinos in Canada

What are top online casinos?

A top online casino in Canada must have licenses from the best and strictest authorities, fast-replying and helpful customer support, and many payment methods available. Even more, these have to offer a great experience through complex and rewarding VIP programs and collaborations with the best software providers.

Online casinos are websites that offer gambling products such as slot machines, virtual table games, sports betting, and more. These are in constant competition to provide better content and products to attract more players and make more money. That is how the top online casinos came to life.

top online casinos

Most of these high-quality online platforms are veterans in the industry who had time to improve and enhance everything from how they look to the products and features they offer. However, some brands available here are relatively new in the industry but learned from the best to come on the market fully armed with the best for their players. Further on, we present you with how we choose these sites, what you need to pay attention to, and how to pick the one that suits your needs and style.

How we choose which brands make it to our top online casinos Canada list

Only casinos that offer a complete and great user experience get to appear on our list of top online casinos in Canada. We take our time to test and verify each aspect of the platform, we research everything about the company that owns the casino and make sure they can fulfil the needs of any Canadian player.

Security & legal

Security is the most important when it comes to online gambling, as large amounts of money are transferred between the casino and its players. This includes how safe the website itself is, what authorities license it, and how clear and transparent its Terms and Conditions are.

Online casino security protocols

Top online casinos have many ways to protect both their own website and assets and its customers. We make sure that all platforms presented here have:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL Encryption) is a standard security measure used by most websites regardless of their purpose or activity domain. This encrypts all information transferred by the customer, such as payment information, social security numbers, address, confidential documents, etc. This way, hackers will not be able to intercept the data and use it in any way;
  • Privacy policy – via the privacy policy, online casinos protect their users' information and keep it confidential. This includes data usually collected by most websites such as IP tracking and personal information;
  • Firewalls – a firewall is a network security system in charge of filtering the traffic between networks, and it can be configured to block access for untrusted networks. Online casinos use this to keep hackers from accessing their servers.

online casino security

Fact: Top online casinos have top-tier security technology such as special anti-fraud detection systems and more. These are meant to protect both the players and the casino.

Important: Third-party assessors are essential, and ECOGRA is one of the most reliable ones. If you see their badge in the casino's footer, you may check their certificate and be sure it is indeed a secure platform.


All the online casinos we recommend are fully licensed and regulated. However, not all licenses are the same, and not all casinos have the same number of licenses. Of course, the more, the better. If multiple authorities have licensed an online casino, it means they have all verified the website and made sure everything is fair and safe for Canadian users.

Some licenses are harder to attain, so when an online casino has them, it shows it does offer a high level of both security and fairness.

Top online casinos must own licenses issued by, but not limited to, the following authorities:

  1. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA);
  2. United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC);
  3. Kahnawake Gaming Commission;
  4. Gibraltar Regulatory Authority;
  5. Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Be aware: The licensing authorities are not all equally strict, therefore, not equally trustworthy. Head to our Legit Casinos page to find out more about licenses and the rights of the gambler.

Terms and Conditions clarity and transparency

Every top online casino in Canada needs to have clear and fully transparent Terms and Conditions, allowing its customers to understand the rules and requirements imposed by the casino quickly.

In some cases, the Terms and Conditions section of an online casino is the same as for other jurisdictions and has not been adjusted for the Canadian market. Here, players find other currencies than the Canadian Dollar and may find software providers and payment methods mentioned that are not available in Canada. These casinos do not make it here on our list.

online casino terms and conditions

All players should know exactly what the casino has to offer and what it asks of its players in return. This information can shape the gamer's experience as it regards the promotions, payment methods and timeframes, KYC, and other such essential aspects.

Payment methods, fees, withdrawal time and limits

The ability to make payments quickly, easily, with low to no fees, and using your favourite banking method is what a top online casino should offer. Therefore, we tested every platform to make sure you get to enjoy all that and more.

Payment options and fees

When it comes to payment options, we make sure the top casinos in Canada check the following boxes:

  • Variety – for a casino to truly stand out, it needs to cater to everyone. This means having payment methods that range from credit and debit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrency;
  • Canada's most popular payment methods – in the casino's list of options, you should find Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Instadebit, and iDebit. These are the most popular and trustworthy methods used by Canadians;
  • Low fees or no fees – we strive to add only brands that will not charge a fee on payments, but some might charge a small one. If we add it to our top online casinos list, it means the small fee is worth it compared to the experience and features you get to enjoy.

Tips: Paying with e-wallets is easier and safer than paying directly with your card, as you do not disclose your card information!

Cashout limits and processing time

The payout processing time may vary from one casino to the other. For an online casino to be considered top-quality by us, it must have a fast payout processing time. This means 12 hours or less.

fast processing time - cashout

Most casinos impose a specific payout limit per day, week, or month, making it hard for you to withdraw large amounts of money. Most players end up betting the money in other games instead of cashing out in monthly increments because it takes so long. This is precisely what online casinos want.

What we want is for you to get all your winnings in a reasonable time. For that, our top online casinos in 2021 have either high limits or none at all.

Be aware: The withdrawal time also depends on the chosen cashout method! E-wallet payments are processed faster, while payments involving a bank, such as credit and debit card payments, take longer because the bank has to verify and allow the transaction.

Games and software providers

The game collection is utterly crucial for any online casino, as that contains the primary products players are there for. Everything else is secondary. This means that the games have to be of very high quality, they must be of many types to suit every taste, and they must come from top-tier software providers.

Games and software providers casinos

With this in mind, we checked to make sure that you may enjoy a variety of products, from slot machines to virtual table games and Live Casino. The platforms presented below offer a wide range of titles created by famous software developers such as:

  1. NetEnt;
  2. Microgaming;
  3. Playtech;
  4. BetSoft;
  5. IGT;
  6. Evolution Gaming;
  7. Yggdrasil Gaming.

Important: Some top online casinos offer Live Casino games in French, allowing the French-speaking Canadians to gamble in their preferred language.

Promotions & tournaments

Casino promotions have to be plenty and varied when it comes to Canada's top online casinos in 2021. However, the most critical aspect of these deals is the wagering requirement, which has to be as low as possible.

More entertaining than these promos are the tournaments and wager races you can join. These offer a great experience and a nice dose of adrenaline and competitiveness among gamers. They last longer than regular promotions, and they keep you involved and interested while also having the capacity to give you big rewards if you finish them first or in the top 10.

VIP Program

The VIP Program of an online gaming platform shows what type of experience the user will have in the long run on that platform. This makes it very important, especially for players who intend to spend more than a couple of days on a single website. If you want to become a loyal customer, one of the top online casinos on this list is the best choice for you.

In our years of researching the gambling industry in Canada, we've concluded that there are three types of VIP programs, each better than the other. On our selection of top-quality gambling platforms, you may only find casinos that have advantageous and entertaining VIP Programs.

The comp point redemption system

Some online casinos go for the simple version of a VIP program – a complementary points redemption system. This means that the casino sets an amount for which one comp point is awarded. This usually is C$10, but it can be different from one casino to the other. Then, after reaching a certain number of points, you may redeem them and get money you can use in the casino. The conversion rate is low, which means you may get C$5 to C$10 for maybe a thousand points.

This system is the least rewarding and fun, which is why online casinos that have this did not end up on our selection.

The multi-level VIP scheme

The VIP scheme with multiple levels is a lot better than the comp point redemption system. It gives you a real sense of progress as you move from one level to the next. Each level comes with its own perks and benefits, these being more and better as you level up. The best part is that the benefits are not only related to money and gambling but also to your experience on the website. These include:

  • Faster withdrawal times;
  • Personal Account Manager;
  • Cashback deals;
  • Birthday gifts, etc.

Important: Some of the top online casinos here also offer lifestyle rewards in their VIP program! These may be gadgets, luxury items such as clothing or jewelry, invitations to exclusive events, and even cars or tips.

The game-like VIP program

Turning a VIP program into a game is probably the best thing an online casino can do. This adds a lot more entertainment to it and makes you get more involved. Game-like programs can have many shapes and forms. The levels may be represented by isles, worlds, or titles you will advance to. Each of these comes with different challenges and requirements as well as benefits and rewards.

All programs are based on how much time and money you invest in the platform. Therefore, at their very core, they are similar. However, the way they are presented is essential. This is why we've paid close attention to what type of VIP program our top online casinos offer, making sure you get both the rewards and the fun!

Be aware: Regardless of the type of VIP program the casino has, the points expire after a certain period of time! Make sure you check the Terms and Conditions for more information on that matter.

Customer support

Being able to get in touch with the customer support quickly and conveniently is very important. That is why all the top online casinos in Canada must offer the main three communication methods: email, phone, and Live Chat. Some online casinos even add more such as social media, Skype, and others.

While some platforms only have Live Chat support between certain hours of the day, the top online gambling websites have it available 24/7. This way, you can get in touch with their team at any given moment, whenever a problem arises, or a question has to be answered.

customer support from top casinos

Aside from being available 24/7 and via multiple communication ways, the customer support team must be helpful and available in numerous languages, including French. We always contact them and ask for guidance or clarification on certain aspects to see how quick and reliable they are. That's how we make sure every platform that appears on this list is ready to help you at any time, with any problem you may encounter.

Fact: Live Chat communication is the most used by Canadian players.

Company information

When we review an online casino, we don't only look at the website but also at those that stand behind it. We bring you information such as which company owns the platform, how big it is, how many employees it has, stock market value, market cap, etc. These details may not mean much for some players, but they show if the company is big enough and powerful enough to pay large amounts of money to is winning customers.

casino company information

Some companies are way smaller, and they are usually the ones who impose a maximum cashout and pays jackpot winnings in monthly increments. The bigger companies have the money to pay every player right away.

Mobile availability

Most online websites are now also accessible via mobile devices, including online casinos. For a casino to be a top online casino in Canada, it has to offer full mobile compatibility. This includes flawless performance on mobile web browsers and various games that can be played on mobile.

Mobile availability- top online casino

Some brands in this list even have an advantage – an app. Apps offer you an easy way to access the platform and everything on it. Even more, some online casinos have dedicated apps for their slot machines and the Live Casino section, which is excellent for players who only prefer one or the other.

Gambling awareness and how to be safe from gambling addiction

When you are gambling, it's not only about your money. It is also about your life. That's why it should remain a leisure activity that brings you joy and entertainment. However, gambling is known to be highly addictive, especially for people who take it more seriously than needed. Players who look at it as a source of extra income or even the primary income source might eventually face gambling addiction.

Fact: The 2014 Problem Gambling Prevalence Study showed that in 2008, there were 159,000 problem gamblers in British Columbia, which represents 4.6% of the population. By 2014, the number dropped to 125,000, which is 3.3.% of the population.

What are the signs of gambling addiction

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition (DSM-V), there are nine signs of risky gambling behaviour that you may see in yourself or others:

  1. Gambling often or thinking about it often;
  2. Increasing the amounts of money you gamble with for more excitement;
  3. Gambling when sad, stressed, or angry;
  4. Experiencing restlessness or irritability when gambling less;
  5. Efforts to cut back or stop gambling are unsuccessful;
  6. Have ruined or jeopardized a significant relationship or career opportunity because of gambling;
  7. Lying to others about gambling;
  8. Returning to gambling to regain lost amounts of money;
  9. Borrowing money from others to gamble.

Tips: If you meet more than four of the criteria above, get in touch with professional help such as Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centers. They offer free and confidential consultations 24/7 via telephone.

 How to gamble responsibly and avoid addiction

Gambling is a fun activity, and it should remain that way. Most of the time, players don't even realize they are slipping into the risky gambling side. That should not happen to you, and here is what you need to do to make sure you gamble safely and responsibly:

  • Set a budget and stick to it;
  • Use the casino's features to limit your gambling sessions, add reminders that will pop up after a set time has passed;
  • Be prepared to lose and consider this money the cost of your entertainment. All winnings are a bonus, never a certainty;
  • Never gamble on credit or borrowed money;
  • If you lose a certain amount of money, do not gamble more to get that money back. You might end up losing even more;
  • Do not choose gambling over social interactions, friendships, work opportunities, or education;
  • Do not gamble to cope with emotional or physical pain.

Quick guide to picking the top casino that suits you

The casino that genuinely suits you is the casino that brings you most of the things you like, be it a specific type of games or a memorable experience. Since you can find only the top online casinos in Canada on this page, you may not know which one to pick.

If you are a player who likes fast-paced action, challenges, and competition, go for a platform that offers a variety of game types, many temporary promotions, as well as tournaments and wager races. Aside from these, you should check the VIP program and make sure the rewards are exciting for you. A VIP program with more casino-related rewards would be great for a fast-paced gaming style, especially one that gives exclusive deals and higher cashout limits.

For new players or the ones who like to enjoy every step of the gambling experience, a classy, simple casino would be best. If you are one of these gamers, you might pay more attention to how the platform looks and the available table games. Choose an online casino with a user-friendly and straightforward visual design, low wagering requirements, and a game-like VIP program.

Important: Always check the Terms and Conditions as well as the Bonus Rules sections of any casino you want to sign up on! Make sure you understand and agree with the terms before proceeding.

Our final thoughts, methodology, and references

The top online casinos in Canada are here for you to enjoy after plenty of research and testing. They offer the best of the best, starting with the user interface and features and down to their security levels, rules and requirements, and even the company that owns them. Everything is checked and verified to ensure that you will be able to enjoy a top-tier experience at any of the platforms listed below.

The information in this article comes from extensive testing of a wide range of online casinos, as well as the following websites:

See here our list of top online casinos in Canada

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Canada flag
New casino

★ 20 Rounds on Sign-Up + 100% Up To C$300 and 100 Extra Rounds

Information about Wheelz:

At Wheelz casino, you can access around 1600 games from a vast number of game providers.

Pros: Live chat support, numerous Canadian popular payment methods available.

Cons: No phone support.

The offer gives you:

20 rotations on sign-up, plus 100% up to C$300 and 100 extra rounds.

The things you must know:

  • The 100 rotations will be given as 10 per day for 10 days, on games at the casino’s discretion. Every allocated batch will expire after 24 hours;
  • The available currencies for transacting on this platform are EUR, NOK, CAD, INR, JPY, NZD, and USD;
  • Bonus money awarded may be wagered within 60 days;
  • Among the awards that this casino offers to its members is cashback, which is given periodically to loyal members;
  • You are not allowed to stake more than C$5 per bet or C$0.50 per line before completing the wagering;
  • To ensure that you gamble responsibly on this platform, you may apply limits, time-outs, or even self-exclude yourself.
Canada flag
New casino

★ 100% up to C$200 First Deposit Bonus + 100 Free Spins at Caxino

Caxino offers new players a 100% up to C$200 first deposit bonus and 100 free spins, credited over 10 days, 10 spins each day for 10 days. The usual Caxino wagering requirement, appliable here, is of 35 times the bonus and 35 times the wins from the spins. The minimum amount that is required to claim this bonus is C$1. To exemplify, if someone deposits C$50, the casino will offer C$50 on top of that. Hence, a new account will have C$100 to wager. The real money will be spent first. Claiming it is easy, just do the following:

  1. Create an account on Caxino;
  2. Make a deposit between C$1 and C$200;
  3. Receive the money immediately and the spin throughout 10 days;
  4. Meet the wagering requirements before cashing out.

A spin is worth C$0.10. The rounds for each day are to be used on the following games, in order: Book of Tut, Piggy Riches Megaways, Book of Dead, Razor Shark, Ramses Book, Starburst, Book of Cleopatra, Money Train, Book of Oz, The Falcon Huntress.

Canada flag
Code: welcome1

★ C$88 Free Sign-Up Bonus + Welcome Package up to C$1500 at 888casino

888casino has been around since 1997 and has won many awards along the way. Over 200 brands are currently operating under 888 Holdings.

Pros: iDebit, Instadebit, and Interac payments, multi-tiered VIP program with multiple benefits

Cons: only has 200+ games in its collection

The gaming platform offers C$88 for free after registration and a welcome package up to C$1500. This package contains:

  1. 100% first deposit bonus up to C$100 using the code welcome1;
  2. 4 other consecutive offers of 30% up to C$350 each using the codes welcome2, welcome3, welcome4, and welcome5.

Keep in mind that:

  • Each deposit must be over C$20;
  • Deposits 2-5 need to be wagered 3 times within 7 days for the bonuses to activate;
  • Bonus amounts received need to be wagered 30 times. In case you make your payments with Neteller, you must wager the bonus 40 times;
  • The maximum cashout from the no deposit bonus is C$500.
Canada flag
New casino

★ Deposit and get C$1000 + 200 Free Spins on Starburst

Canadian players who decide to register at Vegas Kings will be able to enjoy a variety of games for renowned software providers along with a selection of promotions.

Pros: 24/7 customer support, Live Casino games, VIP program

Cons: only over 700 games, support only available via email

Promotion details:

You can enjoy a welcome package up to C$1000 along with 200 rounds on Starburst across three deposits, as follows:
1. 100% match up to $400 CAD + 40 spins on Starburst on First Deposit and 20 free spins on Starburst for 8 days upon Daily Login.
2. 100% match up to $200 CAD on Second Deposit
3. 200% match up to $400 CAD on the Third Deposit
Keep in mind that winnings from spins, cash bonus, and your deposit must be wagered 40 times before cashout. The maximum withdrawal allowed from this deal is 5 times the value of the bonus credited.

 You may cash out a maximum of C$50,000, per month.

Canada flag
New casino

★ 200% up to C$350 + 55 Rounds on Starburst

The promotion:

200% up to C$350 + 55 chances on Starburst.

Remember the following:

  • Spins must be used before the promotional funds;
  • You must wager the funds and rounds’ winnings 60 times within 30 days;
  • The maximum bet allowed is 10% (minimum C$0.10) of the rounds’ winnings and bonus amount or $5. The lowest amount applies;
  • Only Slots and Scratch games count towards rollover requirements.


  1. Press the visit button;
  2. Create your LordPing account;
  3. Deposit C$20 or more.

If you plan on joining, note that this platform offers over 3000 titles!

Canada flag

★ Latest Bonus Pack: 100% up to C$100 & C$10 on Sign-Up

Europa Casino established in 2004 and provides over 900 online casino games that have been verified by the Gaming Laboratories International.

Pros: Numerous deposit methods, weekly loyalty bonus, bigger maximum cashout for no deposit deals than other platforms;

Cons: Customer support is not available 24/7, the account will be deemed inactive after only 180 days of inactivity.

The welcome offer will provide C$10 free sign-up bonus + 100% up to C$100.

Keep in mind that:

  • The welcome bonus requires wagering of 30 times the bonus and deposited amount;
  • Signup offer needs 50 times the bonus value wagering, and a minimum deposit of C$20 before a maximum cashout of C$200 will become available;
  • The free bonus will expire after 1 hour since it was delivered;
  • Withdrawal before completing the rollover requirements will void any bonus and winnings;
  • Games have different contribution towards the wagering requirements;


You’ll continue to receive this bonus for a full year, whenever you make your first deposit of each new month.

Once claimed, the welcome bonus can be received every month for a full year upon the first deposit of each month. Additionally, the player can collect a minimum of C$25 weekly loyalty bonus.

Canada flag

★ 200% up to $350 + 55 Spins

The Offer:

First Deposit Bonus of 200% up to $350 Bonus and 55 turns.

How You can Claim it:

Once registering, you can deposit a minimum of C$20 and just as that, you are entitled to get the promotion.

Just be aware:

  • There is a wagering of 60x of bonus amount and turns winnings.
  • You’ll need to use up your rotations before deposited funds.
  • You have a maximum bet of either C$5, or 10% of the Bonus amount and turns winnings – the lowest will apply.
  • The spin value and minimum bet are C$0.10.
  • Make sure to validate your email address.
  • The maximum amount you can receive from the rotations is C$100 or double the bonus amount – the larger one applies.
  • You can claim the bonus only once every 72 hours across all casinos.
  • You’ll need to use it within 30 days.
  • The bonus applies only to Slots.

Pay Mega Casino a visit and start enjoying your bonus benefits today.

Wild Fortune logo
Wild Fortune
Canada flag
New casino

★ Welcome Package

Wild Fortune is an online gambling site hosting over 1000 games from well-known providers. It allows its visitors to contact customer support any time, as it is available 24/7. Moreover, it has a six-tired VIP program.

Pros: 3 deposits awarded, the first two also come with free spins, site works with plenty providers.

Cons: Short bonus availability, the deposit limit is relatively high.

After you’ve created an account here, you may start depositing. The first three deposits you make will qualify you for the welcome package, which will award you with cash and free spins, according to the following scheme:

  • 1st - 100% up to C$150 + 100 spins on Wolf Gold or The Hive;
  • 2nd - 70% to C$150 + 70 spins on Aladdin and the Sorcerer or Fire & Steel;
  • 3rd - 100% up to C$150.

To qualify for this deal, your deposits must be of over C$30. To cash out your winnings, you must wager the bonus sum and free spins winnings 40 times. There’s no maximum withdrawal limit. You just need to complete the playthrough.

The bonus is available for 7 days. Free spins activation period is 3 days, but you have 7 days to use them.

This online casino doesn’t host tournaments, yet players can enjoy Live Casino. The interface seems quite plain at first sight, yet it’s very user-friendly.

Canada flag

★ 200% First Deposit Bonus up to C$400 at offers all Canadian players an exclusive first deposit bonus of 200% up to C$400.

Pros: many promotions, mobile compatible, live chat is available 24/7;

Cons: few withdrawal methods.

To claim this deal you need to:

  • Click the button on this site;
  • Register at;
  • Make a deposit higher than C$1.

You will have to wager 40 times the bonus sum to withdraw your winnings.

If you decide this is the offer for you, please also check out the Terms and Conditions section!

Canada flag

★ 200% up to $350 + 55 rounds

What you get:

The Ice36 casino is offering you a First Deposit bonus of 200% up to $350 and 55 rounds. You’ll use your rounds solely in the Starburst game.

How to get it:

  • Complete your registration for Ice36 casino’s service.
  • Make a minimum deposit of C$20 into your account.
  • Wait for the registration check to complete.

If you receive no further notice via email, you’ll find your award in the active bonus tab.

What to have in mind:

The first deposit bonus can be claimed once every 72 hours across all casinos. You’ll need to use up your spare rounds before your real money. These have a value of C$0.10 with a wagering of 60x the winnings earned from rotations. The bonus amount must be also played 60x. You’ll have to complete your wager requirements within 30 days, and only slot games will count. Your maximum bet is set to the lowest amount among 10% of your generated turn winnings and bonus sum at C$5.

If this sounds like your type of deal, visit Ice36 casino’s website and reap the rewards.

Canada flag

★ 20 Free Spins on Sign-up + C$600 + 180 Free Spins on Book of Dead Welcome Package

Dunder was built and launched in 2016 by two Swedish casino aficionados, in the aim of providing customers with great gameplay in a secure environment.

Pros: 1800+ titles, numerous game providers, 24 hours payout processing.

Cons: There is only a small number of payment options available and no VIP programme.

This Dunder deal will provide customers with 20 spins upon registration and a welcome package that comprises 180 free rounds, plus three bonuses for the first three consecutive deposits, as follows:

  • 1st – 200% up to C$50;
  • 2nd – 50% up to C$150;
  • 3rd – 25% up to C$400.

Both types of free spins will be available on Book of Dead, and the winnings resulted from them have a wagering requirement of 25 times. Winnings from the registration spins will be capped at C$100.

Once the first deposit of a minimum C$20 is placed, 20 bonus spins will be offered every day for nine days. If they haven’t been activated within 24 hours, they will be forfeited.

The deposit offer has a rollover requirement of 25 times the bonus received plus the deposited amount. Bonus money will expire 30 days after being awarded.

The welcome bonus must be activated either from “Home” or the deposit page.

Canada flag

★ Deposit and get 80 Wager-Free Spins on Gonzo's Quest

Access PlayOjo and you shall receive 80 free spins on Gonzo's Quest, after your first deposit of over C$10. A set of 50 free spins will be automatically credited after funding the account. The rest of 30 free spins must be claimed from the Kicker section of the casino. In addition, you will receive 1 free spin on Prize Twister, with a guaranteed prize.

Bear in mind that no turnover requirement applies. Moreover, you may withdraw as much as you want, since there is no limit set. The spin value is set at C$0.10.

Follow the below steps to claim the free spins:

  • Access PlayOjo from this page;
  • Open an account by filling the blanks with your personal information;
  • Make a payment;
  • Use the spins on Gonzo's Quest.

Before claiming the free spins, check out the casinos T&C thoroughly.

Canada flag

★ 50 No Deposit Spins + Welcome Package up to C$1600 + 50 Spins at JackpotCity Casino

Since 1998, JackpotCity Casino has entertained all Canadian players with games powered by Micrograming and Evolution Gaming and various types of promotions and tournaments.

Pros: Demo Mode available for games, mobile interface, Canadian payment methods

Cons: Live Chat is not available

After creating an account, 50 free spins, that do not require a deposit, will be automatically credited on Boom Galaxy. After making the first deposit of C$10 or more, you will unlock the 100% match bonus up to C$400. Plus, 50 free spins will be granted in a set of 10 for 5 days on Wild Scarabs. The package also contains 3 additional deposit offers, each of the same value as the first deposit bonus.

The following conditions apply for the above-mentioned offers:

  • The winnings from the deposit spins are capped at C$100 and no deposit spins at C$20;
  • To be eligible to withdraw the sign-up free spins a payment of more than C$10 is necessary;
  • The playthrough requirement contributes with a different percentage on each game category.
Canada flag
Code: BON1

★ Deposit and Get 1000 Free Spins & 100% up to C$100

Canadian players can now claim a 100% first deposit bonus up to C$100 and 1000 free spins on Vampires vs Wolves at The spins are granted once you’ve deposited more than C$25, and you’ll get 10 per day for 90 days. The maximum sum you may withdraw is C$250.

The wagering requirement is 50 times the bonus sum and 50 times the winnings from spins. This must be completed within 21 days for the money and 24 hours for the free spins.

Claiming this deal can be done by accessing the casino via this offer and registering on the platform. Use the code BON1 when you make the first deposit in order to get the promotion.

If you feel like you’ve found the perfect deal for you, feel free to claim it!

Canada flag

★ Up to 100 Free Spins on Sign-Up + Up to C$1600 + 100 Free Spins Welcome Package

Spin247 is operated by InTouch Games limited, providing unique in-house games to the players.

Pros: Canadian payment methods available, various bonuses provided, including Refer a Friend.

Cons: Small number of games.

As soon as you register an account, you shall receive up to 100 free rounds, that will be decided by a feature game. Additionally, on a deposit higher than C$10, the welcome package with bonuses for five consecutive deposits will become available, as follows:

1st – 200% up to C$200 + 100 free spins;

2nd – 100% up to C$300;

3rd – 50% up to C$300;

4th – 50% up to C$350;

5th – 50% up to C$450.

If not used, the sign-up spins will expire within seven days since they were received. The 100 spins from the first deposit will be released 10 a day for 10 consecutive days and will expire within 24 hours after being issued. All spins winnings are capped at C$80.

If you want to request a cashout, you must first wager the bonus amount received 40 times, for each offer.

Canada flag
New casino

★ 300% up to C$3000

New members of Bets724 can redeem a bonus that will award them for their first deposit.

They can choose from two options:

  1. 300% up to C$3000 for a deposit higher than C$20;
  2. 100% up to C$300 on Sports Betting for a minimum deposit of C$1001.

The rules of the promotion are:

  • The bonus must be used within seven days, and it has a rollover requirement of 50 times, to be completed in 30 days;
  • Only slots can be played with bonus funds;
  • The winnings of the offer are capped at five times the bonus amount.

How to redeem this offer:

Push the visit button, register a casino account through it, and place a deposit according to the desired bonus option. Then, you must request it via customer support within 72 hours after deposit.

If you choose to claim it, know that the platform's bonuses cannot be used in conjunction!

Canada flag

★ Deposit and get up to C$1200 Welcome Package

Lottomart casino information:

This online casino is licensed by Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission and provides in-house customer support.

Pros: Phone support, VIP programme, mobile app.

Cons: Few payment options provided.

What the offer contains:

For the first three times you place a payment, you shall receive 100% match up to C$400 for each.

Be aware:

  • Wagering must be completed within 10 days. Only one bonus can be claimed at a time;
  • Bonus and real money are in separate balances. Wagering occurs proportionately from both. Winnings are returned in the same proportion;
  • Only rewarded funds contribute to the playthrough requirements. If your balance drops to C$1 or below, the offer expires and the remaining cash will be transferred to your real balance;
  • You can’t use bonus funds on lotto, scratch cards, and a list of other specific games that can be found in the terms and conditions;
  • Each offer has C$2000 cap on winnings, but in general, winnings are capped at C$250.000 per day.
Arcanebet logo
Canada flag
Code: CANADA300
New casino

★ Up to C$300 + 100 Free Spins

Presenting the incentive:

Get 100% up to C$300 + 100 extra turns.

How to get it step-by-step:

  1. Complete the registration for an Arcanebet account if you haven’t done so.
  2. Use the bonus code CANADA300 on your deposit page, prior to founding your account.
  3. Deposit at least C$20.

Take note:

  • The free rounds are set to a bet value of C$0.10, and can be used solely on the Legacy of Dead slot game.
  • You must complete these wagering requirements:17.5x for bonus and deposit amounts; 35x for extra turns.
  • You need to perform the wagering requirements within 30 days.
  • You must claim your deposit deal in the first 7 days of registering.
  • Your winnings will also be relative to the bonus amount used.
  • The maximum bet allowed using your bonus is C$5 per rotation and C$0.5 per bet line.

Consider checking out both the offer and its requirements on Arcanebet casino’s website.

Canada flag

★ 50 Free No Deposit Spins on Mahiki Island + up to C$750 Welcome Package

Ruby Fortune established in 2003, providing over 450 titles from the renowned providers Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution.

Pros: 24 hours payment processing, various currencies accepted, 24/7 live chat.

Cons: Customer support cannot be contacted via email or phone call.

After registration, Ruby Fortune will provide players with 50 free spins with no deposit required on Mahiki Island. Upon a deposit higher than C$10, they will also receive a match bonus up to C$250 on the first, second, and third deposit.

However, these bonuses come with certain rules:

  1. The Bonus amount is subject to a minimum wager of 70 times before it can be transferred to the Cash Balance;
  2. In order to activate the winnings from free spins, a minimum deposit of C$10 is required;
  3. The maximum amount to win from the free rounds is C$20;
  4. New players have seven days from the date their account was registered to claim the sign-up bonus;
  5. While the bonus is actively being played trough, bets higher than C$8 per round and C$0.50 per line are not allowed.

Wagers placed with the gamble feature or Multi-Player Tournaments will not count towards the rollover requirements.

Canada flag
New casino

★ Up to C$500 + 100 Free Spins on Starburst

Newly joined members of Spin Away casino can benefit from a 100% up to C$500 deposit match the first time they fund their accounts. Moreover, this promotion also includes 100 free spins on Starburst, rewarded as 10 per day for 10 days.

The offer’s rules are:

  • The matched funds expire in 30 days and the spins in 7 of not being used;
  • Bonus money plus deposited money, and winnings from spins must be wagered 40 times;
  • Some games can’t be played with bonus money (see terms);
  • You can’t place bets higher than C$5 when you have an active bonus;

If you’d like to redeem this offer for yourself, you can do it by clicking our link and registering an account through it. Then, make a deposit higher than C$20 and enjoy the promotion.

In case you plan on following the steps from above, note that Spin Away casino incurs no fees for transactions!

Canada flag

★ 200 Free Spins + 100% up to C$500

Claim a welcome bonus now from Wildz, which consists of a 100% up to C$500 match deal and 200 free spins.

Pros: many providers, mobile compatible, plenty of offers;

Cons: no phone support.

How to redeem: 

  1. Tap the button on this offer;
  2. Register at Wildz;
  3. Make your first deposit.

Be aware: 

The minimum deposit required in this case is C$10. The spins will be granted as 25 per day for 8 days, for the following games, in this order: Book of Dead, Starburst, Eastern Emeralds, Fire Joker, Gonzo’s Quest, Vikings go Berzerk, Reactoonz, Twin Spin.

The wagering requirement is 35 times the bonus sum. You must as well wager 35 times the winnings resulted from the free spins. Maximum bet allowed per spin is C$5. Cashouts from this online casino are processed within 30 minutes and the platform collaborates with many famous software providers. Not many payment options are available, but the list includes Canada's favourite options.

Canada flag

★ 200% up to C$2000 + 200 Spins on Sign Up

Casino X provides Canadian players with a first deposit bonus of 200% up to C$2000 + 200 free spins on Pink Elephants.

Remember these rules:

  • The match offer must be wagered 30 times the deposit plus bonus received;
  • Free spins winnings must be wagered 20 times;
  • Maximum amount to withdraw from the cash offer is 20 times the bonus amount.

To redeem this offer, just tap the button next to this promo, register an account, and deposit C$20 or more.

If you plan on tapping the button, keep in mind that there is no phone support!

Canada flag

★ C$1000 + 100 Free Spins on Wheel of Wishes Welcome Package at Spin Casino

Casino Information:

Spin Casino has been on the market for many years and provides Canadian punters with 600+ games from in-demand industry leaders, such as Microgaming and NetEnt.

Pros: Wide selection of deposit methods, mobile casino, the loyalty points can be exchanged for bonus credits.

Cons: No phone support, T&C are not available while logged in.


This opening deal will provide the players with:

  • 1st deposit – 100% up to C$400 + 100 bonus spins on Wheel of Wishes (minimum deposit C$20);
  • 2nd and 3rd deposit – 100% up to C$300 each (above C$10 deposit).

Be aware:

Bonus opt-in required. In order to withdraw, the customer must play through this bonus 70 times. Free Spins winning will be capped at C$100. Wagers placed using the gamble feature and gameplay on Multi-Player Tournaments do not count towards the wagering requirements.

The maximum bet allowed until the rollover requirements have been met is C$8 per round and C$0.50 per line.

Canada flag
New casino

★ 50 Wager-Free Rounds + 1000 Diamonds

The offer:

1000 diamonds + 50 free rounds of C$0.20 on Kingdom of Gold: Mystic Ways.

Keep in mind:

  • The rounds are available for seven days and do not have any wagering requirements;
  • Your 1000 diamonds will allow you to purchase High 5 Casino promotions from the Diamond Store;
  • Diamonds will not expire and cannot be directly exchanged for real money.

How to claim:

  1. Sign-up by pressing the visit button;
  2. Deposit C$20 or more;
  3. Claim your offer.

If you plan on becoming a member, note that you may deposit via MuchBetter, Credit Card, and Interac, among others!

Canada flag

★ 20 Free Spins on Sign-up + Up to C$2300 + 75 Free Spins as Welcome Package

Jackpot Village is licensed by three of the most renowned authorities, the UKGC, MGA, and the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Pros: 70+ software suppliers, 1200+ games, mobile app available.

Cons: The VIP club is invitation-only.

This online casino delivers to all new Canadian players a welcome package that comprises 20 free rounds on Book of Dead, with no deposit required, along with the additional bonuses:

1st deposit – 200% up to C$1000 + 30 free spins on Book of Dead + 500 loyalty points;

2nd deposit – 25% up to C$800 + 25 spins on Starburst;

3rd deposit – 50% up to C$500 + 20 rounds on Book of Dead.

Like any other offer of this type, there are some conditions:

  • Earnings from no deposit spins are capped at C$20 and are credited as bonus funds;
  • Wagering requirements for the cash funds are 40 times the bonus plus deposited amount, and 40 times the winnings from both types of rounds.
  • Unused bonus funds expire after 30 days, while unused spins, after 10 days;
  • Deposit spins winnings are capped at C$100;
  • While the bonus is in play, the maximum bet allowed is C$5.

The minimum deposit required for this offer is C$20.

Canada flag

★ 150% First Deposit Bonus up to C$150 + 25 Free Spins on Starburst

First deposit bonus up to C$150 and 25 free spins can be claimed by all Canadian users at CrazePlay.

This bonus is offered to all users that deposit more than C$20. When it comes to withdrawing the winnings, you should know that is possible once the bonus and deposit sum were wagered 40 times. The free spins winnings have to be as well wagered 40 times before withdrawing, and they are also capped at C$100.

To get this deal, you must:

  • Hit the blue button on this promo;
  • Register at the casino;
  • Make your first deposit.

If you like how it sounds and you feel ready to meet the requirements, you should consider claiming this bonus.

Canada flag

★ 50 No Deposit Spins on Mega Diamond + Up to C$350 Welcome Package

Gaming Club has been awarded the eCOGRA Seal of Approval, providing its players with in-house customer support and numerous games from the renowned supplier Microgaming.

Pros: Up to 48 hours payout processing, loyalty boost upon first deposit, a wide range of payment methods accepted.

Cons: High wagering requirements, inactive accounts incur C$10/month administration fee.

Upon registering, you shall receive 50 free spins with no deposit required on Mega Diamond. After depositing higher than C$10, you will be able to activate the free rounds winnings. In addition, you will automatically be granted the following welcome package:

  • 1st deposit will provide a match bonus up to C$200;
  • 2nd deposit placed will offer up to C$150.

The bonus amount received and the winnings from spins must be wagered 70 times. Earnings from the 50 rounds are capped at C$20.

Note that wagers using the gamble feature or gameplay on Multi-Player Tournaments will not count toward the wagering requirements. You will not be able to cash out any amount from your account until the wagering requirements are met or you have played through all funds in the Bonus Account.

The maximum bet while the bonus is in play is C$8 per round and C$0.50 per line.

Canada flag
Code: NEON
New casino

★ 500% up to C$500 First Deposit Bonus

New players that sign up to Neon Vegas casino get to receive a 500% bonus for their first deposit, up to C$500.

To qualify for this offer, you need to wager the bonus amount 20 times in two days. So, for example, if you add C$100 to your account, you will receive another C$500 after you wagered a total of C$10,000. Multiple deposits can be made to complete the requirements.

As this is a real cash bonus, once you obtain it, you may use it to continue playing or withdraw it immediately.

If you have decided to redeem this offer, click our link and use the promo code "NEON" after you sign up.

Some games are excluded from the wagering requirements. Make sure you check them out in the Terms and Conditions before playing!

Canada flag

★ Wager Free Bonus up to C$300 + 20 Starburst Rounds

The casino:

4StarsGames is a Soar Malta Ltd brand, operating under a MGA license.

PRO: Over 1,000 games, ranging from slots to live options; one of the few no wagering casinos on the web;

CON: The minimum withdrawal is rather high.

The claimable promotion:

Welcome package consisting of two deposit bonuses without wagering requirements. The first one results in a 100% up to C$100 deal, plus 20 rotations on Starburst. The second offers 50% match up to C$200.

Be aware of these rules:

These are no wagering promotions, meaning that all your winnings go directly to the cash balance. The second deposit incentive will only apply to Bombagames products – you can find them by pressing the search bar and selecting this provider only. You can redeem this offer only once for your account, household, and IP. The casino may change the promotional terms at its sole discretion.

Canada flag

★ 100% First Deposit Bonus up to C$200 + 11 No Wagering Spins on Starburst at Videoslots

Making your first deposit at Videoslots will be a wise move. Here’s why:

Pros: Live Casino, MGA license, Jackpot games.

Cons: Free spins have a 24h availability.

After you make your first deposit over C$10, you will be credited with 11 free spins (no wagering) on Starburst and 100% cash bonus. You have no limit on the amount you win from spins, but make sure you use them in 24 hours after you deposit money. The cash bonus wagering is 35x deposit amount and you can activate the bonus in 30 days. Max bet for cash bonus: 50% of the bonus amount or C$20. Progressive jackpots do not count towards any wagering requirements.

It’s time for you to get your hands on this bonus, so register and deposit now!

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